Birth Control (Nexplanon) Spotting

May 6, 2016

I had my birth control (Nexplanon) inserted at the beginning of March, and had somewhat normal periods, coming once a month. I did just have a regular period about 3 weeks ago, and then last week I had two days of spotting, and that was it, and then the spotting came back yesterday and is gone now. Sometimes they are accompanied by mild cramps, nothing too bad though. I've also gained 4lbs in the past week, and I've been the same weight for about 5 years now. I have been having unprotected sex since I've had it in, and I'm not quite sure why my symptoms are the way they are!

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Birth Control :: I Have Nexplanon, Can I Vape?

The e-juices I bought are nicotine free and I emailed the website to ask what the other ingredients are : Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and added flavors.

I most definitely do not want to put myself in any kind of danger. If anyone could help, that would be great, thank you.

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Birth Control :: Nexplanon And HCG Shot

I have the nexplanon implant for Birth control and I recently started getting weekly injections of HCG from my weight dr. Prior to this I haven't had a period but 2.5 weeks ago I had a small period and 2 days ago I started bleeding heavily. I want to make sure that there isn't a drug interaction between the two that would cause a failure in my birth control, and also of this is going to be a reoccurring thing, because if so I will stop the injections. I have been bleeding heavily and cramping very bad this time and I would just like it all to ca down. I also was also just told I have hypothyroidism and j saw that can cause irregular bleeding but the periods really just started not long after I started the injections

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Birth Control :: Nexplanon And No Period

I am on Nexplanon and it was administered to me last April 2015. since then, i haven't had my period. is this normal? or should i be alarmed?

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Birth Control :: Pregnant, While On Nexplanon?

I have had the nexplanon implant for a little over a year. Also, I have never had regular periods.

Last month(march)I had what I believed to be 3 separate periods. Almost exactly 11 days apart each. This month( April), I had one short 3 day period. And now my period tracker says im 11 days date for my expected period. I haven't had any menstrual cramps that I usually have.

Me and my boyfriend have been in a dry spell, these last couple months. but I believe the last time we had sex was January or February.

I have had heartburn like crazy, tender breasts, Lightheadedness, and am very fatigued.

None of which I really noticed, until the last 2 weeks.

Could I be pregnant?

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Birth Control :: Nexplanon And Bleeding After Every Sex

I had the Nexplanon put in Dec.2015. Everything's been great except for the fact that EVERY TIME I have sex with my partner of 10 years I end up bleeding. It never fails. Sometimes it lasts a day sometimes a few days there's never any knowing. I have an appt with my GYN to find some answers but I'm update on all my paps which have always been normal and no STDs. I figured before my appointment Id see if anyone else has this problem or had and does it ever go away?

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Birth Control :: Nexplanon Cramping

Ok so i got the nexplanon about.4 to 5 months ago . Everything went good i spotted for a month then it went away ... I have not bleed/had a period for 3 to 4 months.. Today i woke up n have really bad crampIng and bleeding.. Why am i cramping and bleeding out of nowhere . when ive been good these past 4 months ?

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Birth Control :: Nexplanon Opposite Effects

I've been using the implanon for a year now I've had it before and that first time I had no periods at all for a whole year got it removed due to weight gain. This time has been at the opposite I'll have my period and continue spotting the whole month until I get my period once again. Most of the time the spotting is really light but a few day ago I've had a lot of cramps not a lot of spotting but ones I go to the bathroom to pee I have notice little blood clots in the urine. I have made an appointment with my doctor next week for a regular check up. But I do feel a little bit worried it'll be somethings bad! Do you guy think is normal ?

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Birth Control :: Nexplanon - Hurt My Arms

I am ready to have kids, but my partner is not. Should I get the implant removed and be done with it? Also, the implant is causing me physical pain. I have had it since July of last year, and my arm hurts. I can't sleep on my left side anymore, and it just hurts. Especially if it's cold out.

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Birth Control :: Nexplanon And Light Bleeding

I've had the Nexplanon implant for about 2 months. So far the only issue I've experienced is some light bleeding. It's not a lot,more of a nuisance than anything. The kind where it's not enough for a tampon. I've heard bleeding can go on for months. My question is...should I wait it out and it out and see if it passes or call my Dr? It is a listed side effect,but it's been 2 weeks.

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Birth Control :: Nexplanon And Weight Gain

I've had Nexplanon for a year now and within a month of getting it put in, I've gained almost 30 pounds with no change to my diet, exercise or daily routines. I've tried dieting and exercising and can't seem to lose more than ten pounds.

I'm finally getting it removed but I'm having a hard time deciding what BC to use next because I really want to lose this weight and I'm scared the next BC I use is going to give me the same issue.

Has anyone else had this issue and found a BC that was better without the weight gain?

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Birth Control :: Nexplanon Expired But Still No Pregnancy?

I have had nexplanon since July 2012 as soon as I got it inserted my menstrual cycle completely went away. I had no cramping, or symptoms what so ever. I never have had to purchase feminine products as well. My nexplanon is coming up on its expiration date July 2016. Five weeks ago I started spotting and by the end of the week I was on an actual period. It will not go away I'm going on my sixth week. It's not easing away at all. I get an occasional cramping but nothing like before. I told my doctor and she mentioned to take at home pregnancy test but it came back negative. I'm not sure why she would have me What can I do for my cycle to end? Is my birth control still effective? Is this normal?

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Birth Control :: Nexplanon - Intense Lower Abdominal Pain

I am currently on nexplanon. I got it put in on June 2014. Ever since December 2014 I have been having intense lower abdominal pain. It hurts if I try to walk or sit up. It hurts to pee. It feels like a lot of pressure where my female organs are. It's more painful at night and when I'm suppose to have my period. I haven't had a period since September 2014. I spot dark brown/black stuff. I am always dizzy and have headaches I don't know what's wrong. I'm hoping my doctor will let me get an ultrasound.

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Correlation Between Implanon (nexplanon) Birth Control Implant And Panic Attacks?

Has anyone heard of the correlation between the birth control implant and severe anxiety and depression? I have had the implant place in Feb, and panic attacks have started with a vengeance, everyday and sometimes multiple times in a day for almost a month. I have read articles that it can cause an increase in anxiety and blood pressure (mine his been unusually high). Does anyone else have experience with this? 

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Birth Control :: Month Long Period After Year And A Half Of Nexplanon

I had the Nexplanon 3 year birth control implant put in February of 2013 when i was 16 years old. Up until early-mid June, I had not had any periods. Now, I have had my period on and off for almost an entire month. It is mostly spotting but enough to require the use of tampons and refrain from sexual activity. I have been pretty emotional lately and was up last night with bad cramps. Nothing in my daily schedule or eating habits has changed therefore I do not understand what could be causing this. ALSO, I have been experiencing extreme fatigue. Does anyone have ideas as to why this is occurring? I would hate to have the implant removed because this is the first time it has given me problems so far and I'm not even sure it is the cause.

*I have had the same boyfriend for 10 months so i do not think STD's would be of any relevance*

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Birth Control :: Spotting After 2 Years On Pill?

I have endometriosis and have been on continuous birth control for the past 2 years. In this time I haven't had any bleeding.

However, about a month ago I started spotting, then it turned to bleeding which has required the use of feminine hygiene products every day.

I want to take a break from my birth control and give my body a chance to refresh.. I just want to know - will I remain protected from pregnancy if I take a week off (as I have not at all)?

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Birth Control :: Constant Spotting On Microgynon

This is my third month on Microgynon 30, and I ran two packets back to back because of a party I was going to, but a few days after I started taking the second pack I had some slight bleeding. I didn't think anything of it because I was told this can happen for a few days. It's a few weeks later now and it's still happening. It's only very light bleeding (it does vary a bit, sometimes there's nothing, but it's never been enough to have to wear a pad). I think I've learnt my lesson that my body just doesn't accept two back-to-back so I probably won't do it again, I just wanted to make sure it was nothing to worry about!

Apart from this everything has worked fine for me on it so I really don't want to swap to another pill!

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Birth Control :: Nuvaring Spotting- Should I Take Ring Out?

I have been using Nuvaring for a little over 3 years in the 4 weeks in 1 week out method. I always take it out on a Friday, get my period Monday night or Tuesday morning and it is tapering off by friday.

However last weekend I forgot to take out the ring on Friday & didn't take it out until Sunday. I know the ring isn't approved for more than 4 weeks of use but my period did come exactly 2 days later than usual on Thursday. I put a new ring in on Friday anyway and my period stopped by Saturday morning. But this morning I woke up to more bleeding. I have only ever had breakthrough bleeding when I tried to skip the withdrawal week & just insert a new ring. This breakthrough bleeding lasted about a week until I just took the ring out 1 week early (3 weeks in) & had a regular period. So basically I bled off and on for 2 weeks or so. It was really annoying. It's a different kind of blood, a darker brown color (as it was the only other time I had breakthrough bleeding). My partner is uncomfortable having sex on my period (old school I know but I find it a little less romantic having to take out a tampon mid way through foreplay & put a towel down beneath you too!). So, that just kind of makes this even more of a pain for me. I really don't want to have breakthrough bleeding for this whole month, but since last time I experienced it it stayed until my withdrawal week I just get the feeling that's what will happen. Should I just take the ring out for another week &a use a backup form of birth control?

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Birth Control :: Spotting After Nuvaring - Could Be Hormones?

I've been on nuvaring for awhile now and i decided to get off if it because i've gained a lot of weight.. Anyways, i got off of it on the 21 day when I'm suppose to take it out and never put it back in a week later because that's the right way to get off if it.. so my question is i got my period that same week i was suppose to get it and now a week and a half later I'm starting to spot can it be that my hormones are all messed up from coming off nuvaring birthcontrol?

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Birth Control :: Spotting Instead Of Normal Menstruation

I have spotting instead of my normal menstruation but i'm taking a contraceptive pill and it's my first time,is it because of the pill i'm taking or what?

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Birth Control :: Cerazette - Spotting (no Longer Than 3-4 Days).

I've been on cerazette for almost 2 years. During that time I've pretty much had no periods but every now and then a little bit of spotting (no longer than 3-4 days).

Since December I have been spotting pretty much every day, every other day. I haven't changed anything about my routine.

I was wondering if this had happened to anyone else?

I spoke to my sexual health clinic and they said that I had no STIs and my cervix was fine so they didn't know why I all of a sudden have a problem. They said I can change my birth control but I was happy on cerazette until last month and not keen to use the coil or injection which are my only other options.

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