Head Pressure/ Tension Headache

Apr 26, 2016

Basically I have constant pressure in my head that makes me so nauseous and drowsy. It is very uncomfortable makes me wanna just faint. my brain MRI was normal and I went to a neurologist and he gave me muscle relaxant and anti depressants that made me worse. I went to the emergency room and they didn't help they gave me Fioricet (Butalbital, Acetaminophen and caffeine) it helps but doesn't cure the issue. I'm scheduled to see a new neurologist tmw I hope I find a solution Bcse it's been 6 months since I'm suffering with this condition

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Tension Headache - Unbalanced, Dizzy And Pressure At The Back Of Head

Banging my head on Sunday I have called the hospital 3 times and spoke with my own doctor also had an eye test down, I told them i'm concerned of bleeding in the brain they all said they don't think it is that as i haven't really got much symptoms except the following: feeling slightly unbalanced a wee bit dizzy, a sore head when I'm lying down like its pressure in the back of my head, pressure on my nose area, the last doctor I spoke with said that it sounds like a tension headache even if I went to the hospital the wouldn't do a scam as my symptoms are not bad my doctor have me ibuprofen,paracetamol, diazepam and to continue with them there's not much more I can do now.

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Migrain? Tension Headache? Terrible Head Pain

For over 2 years I have suffered from terrible headaches. There was no particular trigger that I can think of that began this concurring issue, just waking up one day and never really having it permanently  leave. My symptoms are as follows:-

1. Terrible head pain. The funny thing is, it never stays in one spot for too long. Sometimes I feel it in the back of my skull. At others on the top of my head. Still it will shift from left temple to my forehead. My jaws sometimes get tight, but no clicking noises on opening or closing them.

2. Sometimes lightheadedness comes with these headaches. Not always. Its more like a brain fog after waking up from a nap.

3. Sometimes I wake up with the headaches, other days I wake up feeling great for about 30 minutes.

4. Sometimes there is relief from getting up and moving around. Sometimes moving makes it worse or triggers it. It shows up with rest, or sometimes with physical activity.

There is no great pattern to this. Sometimes doing an action such as going for a jog will take away all the pain and I feel great, and other days it just is too unbearable to exercise. Pain meds don't really do a whole lot in terms of helping me. I have had CAT scans, blood work, PT, and so much more. I really have no idea where to even go from here. The headaches aren't always present, more like 80% of my day. I work out 6 days a week, even if the pain is there or not. It wasn't always that way, the first year of my headaches I didn't want to do anything and gained some unwanted weight, but I came to the conclusion that I can be fat with headaches or in shape with headaches. I work in the military, so half my day is at a computer and the other half is pretty physical. I am 33, male, 5'7" 155 pounds. I love life and would not call myself a victim of depression, although this headache stuff is getting pretty annoying.

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Tension Headache - Resonant Pain From Side Of Neck To Head

Suffered bad tension headache and neck ache for almost 3 months months does anyone else feel pain can resonate from the neck up the side of the head and onto the top of the forehead? It feels like a tight band around the top of my head?

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Headache :: Build Up Of Pressure Throughout My Head

I'm a 28 year old female who is currently suffering with a pressure feeling in head. Its like theres a build up of pressure throughout my head and when i move it as though there's a fluid build up. Sometimes there's a sharp pain and im always lightheaded especially when i move about and feel as though im spinning slightly. Its also making me feel really nauseous and when i breathe out its as though it pushes on the pressure. Is this some type of headache or more?

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Headache :: Head Pain And Pressure With Neck Stiffness For A Year

Started over a year ago with head pressure in back of head and upper neck causing nausea and dizziness. The symptoms also come with neck soreness and stiffness. Sometime it's a burning pain up the neck to where it connects to brain and radiates to forehead. It's so miserable. I have had sinus ct scans, Mri, mra, and tons of blood work and can't find nothing. The weirdest symptom I get and want to find someone with insight on is that during this my top of head and neck get ice cold to touch.

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Headache :: Tension Headache/prednisolone

I'm 27y,male,weight 44kg. I've started to have headache after having a very tough semester at college 2 months back and it become worse 2 weeks back when i visited a neurologist who diagnosed me with "tension headache".

He prescribed me a cortisone injection in addition to 9 days of prednisolone (3 days 60mg, 3 days 40mg, 3 days 20mg).

The tension headache has gone, however, I still have headache on the sides of my head and behind my eyes, some pressure in my ears sometimes.

During my prednisolone course,I had severe depression, mood changes, anxiety (i couldn't sleep), sweating & lose of appetite. (I didn't have any history with these weird side effects)

Now, it's day 6 after stopping the prednisolone and i still have some depression/worried but i think i'm getting better day after the other.

My questions:

1. How long does it take for Prednisolone to clear out from my system?

2. Since tension headache has gone, why am I'm still having headache (sides of head,behind eyes & sometimes pressure in ears).

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Migraine Along With Tension Headache

I am someone who suffers from tension headache as well as occasional migraine and I have found that any antihistamine with a combination of paracetamol induces sleep and controls pain.

Medications that control pain the best are:

Codeine 30mg (prescription only)

Solpadeine Max - contains paracetamol

Nurofen Plus - contains ibuprofen

Syndol - contains paracetamol

Those medications that cause sedation but don't necessarily control pain as well are:

Covonia 'Night time' cough mixture - contains diphenhydramine

Allergy relief (Chlorpheniramine Maleate)

The medicine that works best in my experience is Syndol, although it has less codeine than Solpadeine Max it is effective and non addictive.

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Tension Headache Or Possible Migraine

Has anyone ever experienced a burning sensation in your head from a tension headache or a Migraine? Or any kind of burning sensations from any kind of headaches?

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Best Tension Headache Remedies?

I have tension headaches on and off and this week I've had a lot of them. The muscles at the top of my neck/base of my skull on the right side and my right trap stay tight/knotted. I usually do massage therapy on a fairly regular basis that helps with this and usually keeps the headaches away. Because of a really busy summer remodeling our house, I haven't been able to do this and have kind of gotten "behind the ball". I'm having a hard time getting them under control. Anyone been in this situation and what works best for you?

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24/7 Tension Headache For 30 Years - Relief When Lay Down

When I lay down flat, my Head & neck quit aching

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Menopause :: Tension Headache In Perimenopause

I'm a little worried as I have had a tension type headache for approx 5 days during my period ? Anyone else had this please ? Should I be worried ?

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Tension Headache Or An Ocular Migraine?

In my jaw, it can sometimes be painful which seems to trigger neck pain and a headache that covers specifically the right side of my neck, the upper right-middle part of my head, and pressure on the right side of my face behind and under my right eye. My vision then goes blurry/hazy. On a side note, sometimes my jaw on the ride side makes a crackling noise when I open it slowly and focus on the area.

My symptoms started about 4 years ago when I woke up one morning to find that the vision in my right eye was blurred. The symptom would occur at random, day and night. I've seen multiple optometrists, an ophthalmologist, a general physician and a neurologist and no would has found anything wrong as of yet. I have found a few things though. (posting more below as i've run out of characters)

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Tension Headache - Workout And Lifting Weights

Been going to the gym and everything was ok for first few weeks but lately when I workout lifting weights when I push myself to do a rep the back of my neck at head just gets tighter and tighter like it's gonna explode and then soon after would bring on panic attacks stomach discomfort and feel anxious for the rest of the day . Gone that bad I dnt even wana go back to the gym I'm that afraid . Just wondering y this is hopping and what can I do to try prevent it from happening.

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Amitriptyline :: Tension Headache And Weight Gain

Does everyone gain weight on 20 mg amitriptyline - have been on it for 1 month 

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Tension Headache? Dull Annoying Ache

So today I've had a headache which is just a dull annoying ache. But also feel like it's making my face ache also, like my jaw and neck and cheeks a bit too. Anyone else get this?

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Tension-type Headache - Immune To Amitriptyline?

I have been diagnosed with tension-type headache and started taking Amitriptyline 25g since June 2013. This helped a lot and the dosage was lowered to 10 mg. My question is 'can you become immune to Amitriptyline' as my headaches have returned in the last 3 weeks for no apparent reason.

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Anxiety :: Tension Headache After Panic Attack?

One week ago I smoked weed for the first time after 9 months and something very strange happened which had never happened before. I felt like i was going crazy, everything felt strange to touch, I was having hot/cold flushes, was dizzy, every small sound was amplified and I just remember thinking it was permanent and I had caused myself to get brain damage from weed. Eventually after about what felt like an hour I dozed off feeling like I was dying. When I woke up about 3 hours later, I was feeling 90% normal but confused as to what had happened. After much research, the symptoms matched to an anxiety attack, which is strange because I haven't had any stress and I'm a really laid back person. No one else had any symptoms from the same weed, although they did comment that it was strong. But here's the real problem, from the day after I smoked the weed until now (1 week) I've had a constant pressure feeling in my head, just behind my temples on both sides. Paracetamol and nurofen have no effect at all but then again its not really pain, but its driving me mad. Nothing I do makes it better. What's happened to me? How long will this last? I can't go to the doctor because I'm not registered and living between 2 cities.

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Tightness In Scalp - A Tension/stress Headache?

I'm an 18yr male and I have this tightness in my scalp. It's like my hair is being pulled back. I got a haircut 2 days ago and this is when the tightness started. I don't style my hair or anything, just leave it towel dryed. My hairstyle is like Paul McCartney from the Beatles. I read that it's a tension/stress headache. I don't have stress just mild depression from time to time. It's really uncomfortable and I want it to go away. Anything I can do?

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Tension Like Headache, Neck Pain And Tiredness

Any one else experiencing the same? & any answer of what it could be?

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Tension Headache? Pain From Beginning Of Eyebrows To Behind My Eyes

I am not sure if what I have is a tension Headache or not so this may not even be the right forum but I figured I would see if anyone else has similar issues. I have been sick for some time now (brain fog, lethargy,muscle pain, stomach issues) a few months ago I started getting pain in my eyebrows (the bone) so I went to my Dr she had x-rays of sinuses done to check for polyps but nothing was found at that time she put me on doxycycline because all my symptoms pointed to lymes disease even though I didn't have the hallmark bullseye bite mark. A few weeks later I went to the eye Dr as my vision has seemed off (certain patterns were freaking my eyes out like when I was driving and shadows of trees would flicker I would start to feel weird) anyways he did a full eye exam and he said my eyes were fine so I went back to my Dr as the pain in eyebrows had grown worse. She checked my nose and said it was most likely sinus related and that the die off from the lymes was most likely causing inflammation in the sinuses and causing the pain to increase. She put me on methylprednisolone for 6 days which initially worked but a few weeks later boom the pain was back with a vengeance. She suggested I see an ENT which I did he checked everything and did a catscan of my sinuses and said there is no issue with my sinuses and I may want to see a neurologist(which I previously saw about a year ago when my symptoms started and she said she didn't think it was neurological. The pain is almost constant except in the early morning the pain starts at the beginning of the the eyebrows and travels to about the pupil it hurts to push on it and I feel like there is pressure behind my eyes.

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