Hiatal Hernia With Severe Heartburn And Acid Reflux

Mar 13, 2015

I have the worse heartburn and acid reflux ever....I have had many tests done and was told years ago that I have a hiatal hernia which is not an uncommon thing I am told....I take nexium twice a day, but they don't do anything for me anymore, I drink gaviscon also....I watch what I eat/drink because really there is not a lot that I can have of either without being bothersome to me....any suggestions/ideas....if you have it, what do you take for it?

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Acid Reflux/heartburn On NSAIDS

I have various back problems I have posted about in the back section but due to this I'm on 500mg of Naprosyn 2x a day. I also take 20mg of omeprazole 2x a day at the same time as the naprosyn as it was giving me heartburn. I started on 20mg but went up to 40mg because I was still getting the heartburn which is now acid reflux bringing me close to vomiting.

I've told my doctor about this and the latest thing I'm on is peptac liquid at bed time but I'm also taking it after meals if I have to.

It doesn't seem to be improving. My doctor said if it doesn't improve soon she will have to take me off it. The only reason she hasn't done yet is I am already in so much pain and the naprosyn is one of the few things that has helped.

I also have noticed I'm beginning to have difficulty swallowing hard or dense foods. Soft ones are fine but now I'm kind of afraid of and completely avoiding anything hard or dense. Could this be to do with the acid reflux?

I am going to ask my mum to help me raise the head of my bed (as due to my back problem propping myself up on pillows just makes things worse) but is there anything else I can do?

I'm really worried about developing a peptic ulcer.. it's the last thing I read right now. Can anyone tell me what the symptoms are I need to watch out for? If this carries will I end up with permanent acid reflux as well does anyone know?

I see my doctor again on the 4th of November so will discuss it all with her again then but I just am worried in the meanwhile.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Acid Reflux/Heartburn - Throat Itch And Deeper Voice

I am a 22 year old male. Along with my other issues I also suffer from the above. My endoscopy showed (Mild G1 reflux oesophagitis and minor duodenitis. Some bile reflux in stomach). I am currently taking Esomeprazole 40 mg per day which I believe is not helping. Everyone has said how my voice sounds much deeper and different than before, and the top of my throat is always itching. My teeth feel really bad, I know over time Acid can make them really bad. I have had several appointments cancelled by the Gastroenterologist at my local hospital and I am due to see him in September. I have tried all remedies etc but nothing seems to help.

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Acid Reflux :: Possible Without Heartburn?

This has been going on for about 3 months now, sometimes worse and sometimes barely noticeable.

I'm 24 years old, male.

I have no known allergies and i have tried different foods if possible for periods of time to no real effect.

The symptoms do not seem to point to a specific condition - it always lacks something to link it to a certain disease or problem.

Symptoms include:

Constipation/gas (usually feeling of fullness and the need to burp - which seems to help a little).

When worse, lumpy feeling in throat.

Sometimes feel as if its harder to breathe, tho actually i can breath just fine.

Eerie, empty feeling in left chest (seems to be generally wide spread hard to localize). Sometimes the feeling can click and get stonger suddenly.

Heart palpitations (not really sure if its actually due to skipping beats or just being strongly aware of heartbeat).

Rarely iv had pain radiate to my arm (can last longer, change location), or feel sharper pain in the left chest when breathing in (wont last for long).

When it gets worse, i seem to get some nausea - feeling the need to puke.

Rarely i may have mild heartburn.

The arm pain was worse during the first few weeks, haven't noticed it much anymore.

I do have somewhat "sitting" lifestyle and less physical exercise, i am not overweight, tho i may have few extra kg but overall its ok.

I gave up on coffee(for 3 months now), avoiding foods that might irritate stomach( acidic, spicy).

The arm pain, palpitations and eerie feeling in chest could be due to vagus nerve getting wrong signals together with potential anxiety (possibly developed early on - after all weird feeling in chest sends subconscious thoughts on heart).

I don't have any real pain - so can't be ulcers.

I lack constant heartburn - not a common GERD.

Gastritis of some kind? Tho no noticeable pain most of the time.

OH and PS! i am nonalcoholic 100% so alcohol cannot be the cause. Nether do i smoke. I don't eat junk food often.

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Why I Am Having Heartburn And Acid Reflux

Something very odd is going on with my body of late...

I am a 35 year old man whom most would consider to be generally healthy. I am 6 foot 2 inches tall and currently weigh in at 217 pounds. I enjoy weightlifting and mountain biking but spend a lot of time sat down in the office and at home. I probably exercise about 3-4 hours a week at present. I stopped smoking nearly 5 months ago and rarely drink alcohol.

Over the past 5-6 weeks I have cut out bread, refined sugar and refined salt from my diet and started to attend the gym on a regular basis. Over the past 3 weeks I have cut out all processed foods, GM meat and have introduced organic veg and fruit into my diet. I'm still eating meat but am very selective. Overall i've been feeling good about my change of lifestyle and people have been very complimentary as to the change in my appearance.

However, there has been a strange twist. On 2 occasions now i've felt ill after my favourite curry dish (a treat I would have once a week). At Nando's last week I experienced the most gut-wrenching and crippling stomach cramps 5 minutes after i finished eating - never experienced pain so intense before. Even when I tried to have my favourite rum n pepsi last Saturday, I didn't really enjoy the drink and also noticed a bit of discomfort in my esophagus. It seems that my body is rejecting all forms of junk food and sometimes violently so...

Last night I yet again had heartburn which prevented me from getting to sleep until after 2am. Sunday I didn't sleep until 3am. All in all I think i've had heartburn/reflux 7-8 times in the last 2 weeks... Today I'm at work n all of a sudden the pond water (spirulina) I drunk this morning has just come up to the back of my throat and I now have the sensation of this foul tasting liquid in my my gullet. Despite coughing, drinking and trying to clear my throat I can't get rid of this mucus-like liquid.

I've been super healthy of late. I'm eating extremely nutritious whole foods, I'm exercising regularly and sleeping well most nights. Generally I feel great, my skin is clearer, I've lost weight and I have more energy. So why the reflux?

What's weird is that I could probably count the number of times I've had reflux historically on one hand...

I'm wondering if this is just a temporary side-effect as I go through the process of cleansing my body. I am taking apple cider vinegar and probiotic yoghurt shots (not at the same time) so I wonder if the symptoms I am experiencing are a side effect of my gut flora coming back into balance...

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Surgery For Hernia And Acid Reflux - Feedback?

I have been diagnosed with 5cm hiatus hernia and reflux Gordon (Gerd)

Can anyone let me know more about the operation and the recovery they have experienced .

Mostly how long it took them to get back to work.

Any foods that you can suggest I get in for after operation.

you could let me know how you coped too.

If any one can give me a few pointer to how they coped and things to look out for. I will be seeing my surgeon Dr Neville Menezes on 28th April 16.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Acid Reflux And Heartburn

So as this pregnancy progresses so does my acid reflux and heartburn. At night is when it gets the worst and wen I wake up I still have it. Anything help cause milk isn't doing the trick for me :/ they always say that creates hair on your baby and I agree cause my first was the same way but only wen I ate spicy foods, this cravings are different and no spicy food but this acid reflux is killing me

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Pregnancy :: Acid Reflux And Heartburn

My gosh its 5 in the morning and I can't sleep because of my heartburn. I took zantac in the afternoon yesterday and I didn't take one before I went to bed. But man this is killing me it's horrible. And this baby is so freaking comfortable in my stomach. I feel like she's using my left rib as a blanket. Making mommy in pain.

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Pregnancy :: Acid Reflux / Heartburn

Im 37wks+4 and Im still having horrible heartburn!! When I starting dropping it eased a little but its back with a vengeance. Anybody else having this issue this far along? Everything I eat seems to cause it. It worse at night when I want to lay down of course.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Heartburn And Acid Reflux

My whole pregnancy i've had bad heartburn. I am now 37 weeks and 2 days and it's just gotten worse today where I keep almost throwing up.

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Menopause :: Bad Heartburn And Acid Reflux

I have heartburn very badly as perhaps you all know from my previous posts.

I am waiting for my ENT appointment. I take Lansoprazole twice a day before food. I also take ginger capsules and enzymes. None of this seems to work. As soon as I have eaten it starts to burn in throat and nose. I only eat small meals regularly rather than a big meal and am very careful what I'm eating.

I don't drink anything other than fruit teas and water.

I don't eat any fatty foods or tomatoes. Only a very slight amount of dairy ie semi milk with porridge in the morning.

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Acid Reflux :: Heartburn After Every Meal

So, about three months ago, i noticed my stomach started to feel weird between breakfast and lunch. It's like an anxious, nervous, acid-y almost jittery feeling that's hard to describe. Yesterday was one of the worst times of it yet! I had my usual breakfast of hot quinoa topped with almond butter, a little maple syrup to sweeten, and bananas and strawberries. It was a pretty small amount, but just enough to fill me up. However, a half an hour later, I started to get that terrible acidic, nervous, anxious feeling that feels like i had a ton of vitamins on an empty stomach or something. So I ate a bunch of bagels to absorb any acid, and i felt great. This morning, I had a heartier breakfast of a vegetable tamale and some baked beans. I got that feeling again! So i ate and felt better. I usually don't get this feeling any other time of day, however, a few nights ago, i couldn't go to sleep because i had that feeling, but accompanied by hunger, so i got up, ate, felt great. Most of the time when I get this feeling after breakfast, it's after i had had a HUGE meal the night before. Is it acid reflux? I get heartburn after practically every meal. I don't know, i'm just SOOOOO afraid this is something terrible! Is it GERD?

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Esophageal Achalasia / Spasm :: Acid Reflux From Hiatus Hernia

For a long time i suffered with acute pain from O S mostly brought on by acid reflux from hiatus hernia. I came across a sort of solution which works for me.

At the first sign(generally slight pain and a tightening of my chest around the base of the esophagus ) which generally happens during the night ,but not always I eat dry biscuits(digestives are good) they seem to force the stomach back where it's supposed to be.If that doesn't work then its a piece of toast and hot tea.

It seems to happen more when my stomach is empty,but that may be just co-incedence.It has helped me avoid the development of a more serious,painful problem.

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Acid Reflux :: Oesophagus Hiatus Hernia Throat Lumps

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and they said they could see barrett's oesophagus, however the biopsies came back negative. From then I was told I can never get barratts so don't need to go back and was given 40mg Nexium to take daily.

Since then it has helped a lot but I still get some very bad days of acid reflux, these have been getting worse so I have asked my doctor for another gastroscopy as I have worries about my stomach and chest.

For the last 6 months while I have been waiting for the appointment I have had a strange feeling in my throat, like there is something stuck in there, about an hour after eating lasting hours, it feels really uncomfortable. I have no problem swallowing or eating, it is just there afterwards, like a very large golf ball stuck there. I have also found some pink/red lumps, like flesh on my pharynx. They look sore but I don't have a sore throat, cough or any cold flu symptoms. Like everyone, googling it has produced the worst possible answer of cancer with diagrams similar to my throat.

I went to the doctors last week and explained my concerns and he felt the outside of my throat, said he couldn't feel anything and looked in my throat for literally 1 second, he didn't have a look around just glanced. He just said your fine and then he then told me to stop worrying about stuff because people my age don't get cancer or major diseases, it probably just reflux from the hernia.

It is hard not to worry, when I still don't know what this imaginary lump and the lumps on my throat are.

When I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia the consultant said it is the worst most inflamed hernia and oesophagus she had seen in 15 years as a consultant and I was only 20 at the time, she was in shock, yet I have never had a follow up appointment, my doctor has always said I will be fine so don't need one.

I am a 30 year old man who doesn't smoke and drinks about once a month.

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Worse Acid Reflux / GERD / Heartburn

I noticed around 6 years ago that I was getting heartburn on a daily basis, I didn't really know what it was at that time and soldiered for another few months before seeking medical attention.

The culprit at this time was regular ground black pepper so I cut this out.

For a while I hadn't had any problems until I came to Australia and changed my diet which now consists of nuts - Almonds, Walnuts and Peanut Butter and Oatmeal.

Over the last several weeks I have noticed my heartburn getting more worse and aggressive. Just seconds after eating peanut butter I get the symptoms and some 20-30 minutes after eating porridge or most cereals now I get the symptoms.

This change has only just happened to me and I do not wish to medicate, I would rather prevent. I do not want to see a doctor about this until I get healthcare insurance, then I will be happy to pursue medical treatment.

For now I would like to get information from people, preferably ones who are triggered by the same foods to see what I can do for my diet as it seems absurd to cut out cereals, wholegrains and peanuts.

Additional notes: I drink a lot of water, I rarely drink coffee or tea - if I do it is 1-3 cups a day, I drink alcohol a couple of times in a month, I exercise regularly, I keep my sugar low, I eat spicy foods which do not seem to affect my symptoms, I stay away from heavily processed carb or starchy foods, I only eat bananas as fruit and eat vegetables if I have them or they are served to me.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Without Heartburn - Taking Prevacid

My body weight is normal, am only 35, and having gerd symptoms. I have read about Gerd and LPR etc. Previously had acidity but under control, few weeks back was getting out of control, ate bad food, and wondering if I have caused some problem?

RIght now I am on a very strict diet and limiting acidic foods, even logging my foods to help identify my food.

However, I have noticed I will eat some lentils for example or even vegetables and then all of a sudden I burp and then have reflux it might happen once but I am surprised. I have noticed that if I drink water then I get it after even 2 hrs of dinner. I eat around 5 so I give myself time to digest.

Question: I am taking prevacid 15 MG, and have zero heartburn, previously I use to get heartburn but when I take prevacid then I get no heartburn. However I get a random reflux and then it leads me to cough and get that feeling in my throat as if something is stuck.

I am eating every 2 hrs, eating the right foods, just cannot figure out what could be causing the GERD? It no severe but still I want to get it in control before it gets complicated.

I heard about LPR, I am hoping that if I eat right then can it correct it self, right now I am eating perfectly and all the right foods, so even though it happens once in a day I am worried since I feel, I feel the lump in throat after it happens.... help!

NOTE: It got worse all of a sudden, before heartburn but never reflux, how it happens when I eat even a light meal Right now what I have done is eat nuts, fruit Apple and pear, and drink vegetable juice with pulp (no acidic fruits or juices) and then one light meal and I still get this reflux.

I am really worried about it getting worse so want to deal with it and find a solution. It is almost in control, but only when on a strict diet. So that tells me something is wrong it seems.

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Acid Reflux :: Gastritis And Heartburn/ H.pylori Infection?

So about two weeks ago I had Mexican food. 1 burrito (cheese, beans, rice, meat), 2 tacos (carne asada) with salsa (green/red sauce..spicy). The food wasn't really that good at all. Fast forward to 3AM later that night and I wake up to feel my heart pounding. Felt nausea, dizziness, had sweaty feet and hands. I try to take #2 but that didn't work so I rushed to the kitchen and squeezed a few lemons, mixed it with salt and that helped a little. It takes a long time for all this to go away. I hate the feeling of puking, so I always try not to.

So, just to tone down what usually happens to me...

After I eat and depending on what I eat, I ALWAYS get the urge to burp but I cannot! This worsens the situation and makes me feel helpless, and I start to feel the same way as I felt that night at 3AM. If I do burp, I feel relieved.

Heart rate increases and it feels TERRIBLE! I feel my stomach all mixed up, like if I went on a spinning ride from a caravel 10 times in a row. I get dizzy, sometimes lightheaded, and nausea. Feet and hands sweat and feel chill/cool. I start to salivate a lot too. I feel a burp coming out but it just "sinks" back down to my stomach. My stools are normal, no black/coffee bean kind. No blood.

had 3-4 serious occasions since October 13 to today.

-First one after the 3AM night was when I was having a heavy meal at Zankou chicken. It consisted of: Pita bread, hummus, garlic spread, salad, chicken kabab, ground meat, rice. I started to feel really lightheaded, dizzy, with nausea, so I rushed to the restroom and again, out of instinct tried to do #2 but that didn't help so I just washed my face, breathed in and out deeply and have no choice but to take it like a man. Luckily nothing happened. I just rushed home and laid down.

-Second time was in the morning (btw, it's worse in the morning). I had coffee and a P&J sandwich before going to class. During my test started to feel dizzy and that horrible feeling on my stomach and THAT need to burp!!! The stress over the exam didn't help either.

*Since this time, I decided to ask my father for help (he's a Doctor). He recommended I take prilosec for 14 days, take mylanta syrup at night. I also take TUMS when I start to feel it and wow do they help!

-Third time was a semi-serious given that my wife so happened to have TUMS in her purse. I had a Chinese chicken soup (the soup itself is pretty greasy just by the taste of it, lots of salt..). All I had was that and a boba milk tea. I ate really light and I still felt sick in the end. Again, that horrible feeling in the stomach, that need to burp, increased heart rate. Same thing as the above.Sorry if I type it out differently or forget to input the rest.

Fourth time was today. My wife was hungry and wanted to eat at P.F Changs. I already felt my body telling me "hell no, but if you must, get some tums!" We didn't have any on us, but I just ignored my intuition and went ahead. We had spring rolls (veggie egg rolls), almond/cashew chicken, and shrimp lo-mein. I literally had 10 bites before I drastically started to feel sick again. Same symptoms as the above but more like situation #1. Also, I felt pretty sleepy/tired. All of the sudden, I started to feel REALLY anxious like "Oh my gosh I'm dying" kind due to the high heart rate freaking me out, you could feel it! You could feel your heart racing, no? I thought I was going to faint. I went to the restroom twice and tried the same as situation #1. Didn't help, needed tums quick. As we left, we found a CVS/Walgreens and I bought tums. This time it didn't help me as much, but then again I only took two I usually have three. Oh, I also had Gas X prior. As we were on the freeway, it all of the sudden the frikken freeway shuts down for 5min due to CHP doing something, so I panicked. I was feeling all the symptoms as the above italicized. I swear, I was this close to get on the shoulder just to rest. As we got home, I started to feel hungry. Good riddance.

What the heck is going on with my digestive system?!

Any medical professionals or those who have experienced what I mentioned that can give me solid advice will be MUCH appreciated. I'm this close to doing a endoscopy but I want to know if this could eventually go away with some simple medication and perhaps eating lightly for a while.

I've never had any problems with food. I used to be able to take anything. I also don't eat unhealthy at all.

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Gallbladder :: Acid Reflux And Heartburn Post Removal

I got my gallbladder out two weeks ago. A week ago I started experiencing painful heartburn and acid reflux. I'm terrified of putting anything in my mouth for fear of setting it off again. The doctor prescribed me PPIs 40 mg and it's my end day taking with not much relief. I just want to know if others out there have experienced the same post op and will it get better? I had these issues prior to removal and the doctors blamed the gallbladder. Now I'm thinking it may not have been all along. I had gallstones and a 4mm polyp and the doctor said the gallbladder was inflamed when he took it out so I keep telling myself I did the right thing otherwise I'll drive myself crazy.

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Hiatal Hernia :: Citalopram And Mirtazapine Cold Turkey Due To Throwing Up Blood

Here is one for you, been told by doctor to immediately come off both as I am throwing up blood, I have a hiatal hernia but it has got much worse over the last month, I have taken citalopram for about 8 years on a 40mg dose, and mirtazapine on was a 30 for three years now 15mg for about 5 months, going cold turkey, is that wise? My doctor has refered me urgently to have a Endoscopy, will I get loads of withdrawal symptoms ?

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Probiotics/Yogurt Causing Terrible Heartburn

I have been suffering with acid reflux for the past 10 years. I also became lactose/ gluten intolerant all of a sudden like 8 years back. Then I took probiotics for some time and my lactose / gluten intolerance became better. After that i took probiotics only when needed.

2 years back I got food poisoning from bad milk and to get better I started taking probiotics again and my diarrhea improved a lot however after couple of days of probiotics I started getting very bad reaction to them like severe burning in stomach , chest , acid reflux .. ( which kept me awake all night ) . since then every time i take probiotics or eat anything containing them like yogurt / fermented stuff etc. even in smallest quantity . I get similar reaction.

When i go to the GI and tell him about my acidity issues , he suggests to take more probiotics. . which is actually the cause of the problem.

Everywhere i read it says that probiotics are good for acid reflux and GI issues. Why is it in my case I get such adverse reaction to them . ?

I also tried taking prebiotic fiber and then probiotic , i still get the same reaction.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Inhaling Acid Whilst Asleep - Acid Reflux

I have had acid reflux for 2 years and been on Lansoprazole 30mg once a day as a PPI

I am 42, male and overweight

Recently I have had the most frightening experience of waking up in the middle of the night choking and unable to breathe. It lasts about 60 seconds but feels like 10 minutes

The doctor says I could be inhaling acid whilst asleep.

Has anyone information or experience of this and know what can be done about it - its VERY scary.

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