How Long Does It Take To Conceive After Implanon

Sep 20, 2012

i have been on implanon since june getting it taken out next friday the 28th how long will it take me to conceive after i get it removed.

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Trying To Conceive :: Implanon Taken Off, How Long It Will Take Me To Get Pregnant?

I'm 18 and i have a 16 month old son . i got the bar in last yr in may after my son was born. and just got it taken out on the 4th of september i have my period now just wondering how long it will take me to fall pregnant.

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Trying To Conceive :: Implanon Removal To Conceive

We are trying to conceive baby number 4 i had my implanon removed on the 26th of April, I had a period a week before it was removed then I had another period on the 17t of may exactly 28 days since my last period, that was very very light and only lasted 2 day, I was due for another Period on the 14th of june and it still hasn't arrived I've done tests and im not pregnant, Is it normal to have a 28 day cycle then have an irregular cycles? This is all new to me in the 11 yrs i've been having periods i've ALWAYS been regular 28 day cycles.

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Trying To Conceive :: Getting Pregnant After Implanon

me and my partner have been together for 5 years now and feel we are ready to conceive our first beautiful baby. i have been on implanon for 2 years and wishing to get it out. i have heard that trying to conceive after implanon is extremely difficult, is this true? and if it does take time, how long?

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Contraception :: How Long Does Implanon Last

i've had implanon for all 3 years and it's suppose to end in august. i wanted to know if anybody know exactly how long implanon lasted.

does it last up to the exact date that you got it or is it just an estimated time.

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How Long After Implanon Removal I Can Get Pregnant?

I have had my implanon for 7 yrs and getting it out next month, Just wondering how long after removal I can get pregnant?

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Trying To Conceive :: How Long To Wait After Depo-provera

was on the depo shot for only a couple months from May 15 n I stopped taking it in October in 2015, I got my regular period now I'm just wondering how long I have to wait to get pregnant.

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Trying To Conceive :: Fallopian Tubes Tied For Long Can't Be Undone?

I am 32 & had my tubes tied 9 years ago. I hear after so long of them being tied that they can come undone. How true is this?

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Want To Get Pregnant After Implanon IUD

I am 18 year old. I got the Implanon inserted on May 19, 2010. I had a period for 2 months straight after having it inserted. After that, my period stopped. I had it removed Around the end of 2011. My period returned for a few days, and has been on and off since. I was put on the pill, but even that couldn't help straighten it back out. I just recently got married and we are wanting to have a child, I am really concerned that I am not able to conceive.

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NO Bleeding Since Having The Implanon

I have just recently had the implanon put in and was expecting my period shortly after, but it is a few weeks later and still no period. I'm wondering if anyone has had absolutely NO bleeding since having the implanon put in or is this something i should be worried about? i had read and all others have had a period shortly after or at least some spotting. but nothing here. anyone who can help me out here?

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Birth Control :: Getting Used To Not Having Implanon On?

I just got my period in Jan 9th and I ended it on Jan 19 which is when I got my implanon removed and was sexually active with no protection, I noticed I bled the following morning so would that be normal? Could my body be getting used to not having the implanon on. Should I be concerned?

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Implanon - Still There After 3 Years Expiry

I haven't had a period since I got implanon in 2010 I was suppose to get it out in august 2013 but I didn't have insurance but today I woke up feeling very nauseas and my boobs hurt a bit and mostly cramping in my lower abdomen so much that if anything including just a poke it very sensitive and hurts what should I do ?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Implanon And Pregnancy

I have been on implanon for four years and just got it replaced in July. I had sex in November and within the 15 weeks since, I have had every sign of pregnancy except for sore breasts. My tummy is hard above and below my belly button when I stand up and I feel a hard bump under my fat below my belly button when I lay down. Well, now I can feel movement inside of me. First it felt like five muscle spasms in the same place on my lower left side of my belly. And now it feels like fluttering along with the muscle spasms. I put my hand on my belly a few days ago and felt like a baby kicking me. Since then I've felt the same now and then I know it's not gas. I feel movement a bit during the day when I'm sitting or laying still. Only a few people at work see the changes. My love handles moving forward and breasts getting bigger and so on. But a few people think I forced my body to believe it's pregnant. I got four at home tests and they said negative and a blood test that says negative. But I feel all of this.

UPDATE: This morning I woke up at 3:00 am with my breasts leaking. Dripping all over. Sorry if that's tmi. But my question is, am I pregnant or am I just imagining things?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Pregnancy On The Implanon

I had the implanon for 19 months now and two weeks ago I been feeling dizziness and this week I been having cramping in my pelvic i took two pregnancy test and it came back negative but I don't know what to do this cramps been hurting and I don't know if I could be pregnant or not want to I need to do. I been pregnant before and I start feeling dizziness all the time but I don't want to feel or think that I'm pregnant because I'm on the implanon.

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My 7 Years Experience With Implanon

I have had the implanon since I was 17 (now 24) and it has served me well...most of the time. I am actually considering having it removed because I have headaches five out of seven days a week; have gained about four kilos, which I cannot lose despite a healthy lifestyle and diet; I am moody; and I have trouble sleeping.

Most of these things I thought were just normal women's behaviour, but after speaking with many other women who have since gone off various other contraception, it has been brought to my attention, this all might be a side effect.

I have not had a period since having it inserted -except when it was removed after the three years while waiting to have it inserted again- which has been great. Despite this my main concern are the constant headaches, so I am having it removed and staying off contraception like this for a while to see what changes may occur.

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Getting Pregnant After The Implanon Is Removed?

I'm getting my implant removed soon as me and my husband wants to have a baby. im 30 years old and have never been pregnant before.

is there anything special i can do to get pregnant after this is removed?

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How To Get Pregnant Once My Implanon Have Been Removed?

i've had the implanon for three years, then had it removed. Didn't have another one until two months later and now i've had it in for about six months. i've always found the implanon fantastic and has had no side effects.

But now me and my partner is thinking about having a baby and im arranging for it to be taken out soon.

I never got the implanon for contraception, i had it due to heavy and painful bleeding. ive also had unprotected sex with my previous partner in the past and never got pregnant.

im worried that i might not be able to have kids and want to know is there a way this can be tested? Also once the implanon is out, is there any medications that will help me get pregnant?

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Implanon May Have Some Affect On My Sex Drive

lately when i have been having sex with my boyfriend im finding it hard to orgasm. i think the implanon may have some affect on my sex drive, i mean i want the sex and im always turned on but never get to the big "O" during sex and then my boyfriend comes nearly every time we have sex.

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Birth Control :: Best? Besides Implanon, And Depo

what's the best birth control besides pills, implanon, and depo?

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Birth Control :: Bleeding Since Got The Implanon

I got the implanon April 1 2016 and I've been bleeding since I'm planning to get it removed Wednesday 4/27/16 will i stop bleeding right away or will it take a couple of weeks?

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Implanon - How Effective It Is For Birth Control

I'm 17 and I've been on birth control for an entire year. I've tried every type of birth control but me and my boyfriend have always used condoms. On September 18, the second day of my period, I had implanon inserted. We still used condoms for two weeks to be safe. We just started having unprotected sex. I've done the research and stuff but I could use some reassurance as to how effective it is. Have any of you been pregnant on it? I'm just a little unsure as to how good it is because I'm 17 and really am NOT ready for a baby. Also my period is expected October 16-ish, I'm not overweight and my rod implant was inserted correctly if this helps.

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