Hypertension During Or Around Menstrual Cycle

Sep 26, 2014

I have had high blood pressure since 2009. My medication will control it until around my menstrual cycle. I will have horrible headaches that turn into migraines and my blood pressure will jump to 180/110 and stay there for a few days. My doctor stated that it is stress related, but my question is: if it is stress related, why do I just have these horrific headaches and my blood pressure skyrocket just around my menstrual? I can't find the answer. I have researched it and have ask my physician, but no new light has been shed. Does anyone have any information?

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Hyperthyroidism :: Shortened Menstrual Cycle With Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding

I need to adjust my thyroid supplement therapy. I won't be able to see any of my doctors (GP, gynecologist, endocrinologist) for at least a month. Waiting list is that long.

I have PCOS and Hashimoto's (treated with T4 and T3). My periods have been regular (between 28 and 35 days) since I was 12. However, this month I had my period barely three weeks after the last one. It usually lasts for about 5 days, however today's my 7th day and it doesn't look as if it's going to stop. I've seen my gynecologist twice this august, and all the results were fine.

It's certainly due to overmedication. My endo increased the dosage of my medication 4 months ago. Since then, I tested my TSH and got bad result - 0,1. 

She has decreased my dose since, but the result remains the same - 0,1. I'm aware that I need professional help, but I must do something. I can't continue my therapy like this. Any advice on how to decrease the dosage from 50 mg levothyroxine (T3) and 50 mg euthyral (T4 and T3) would save me.

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Menstrual Cycle Twice A Month?

I got my menstrual cycle twice for the month. Just wondering what could cause it to occur and has this happened to anyone else on here?

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Menstrual Cycle :: Period Cramps From Mid Cycle To Period?

about 11 days into my cycle I get slight pink discharge for one day and then camping till my period comes I'm only cramp free about ten days does anyone else get this I'm not on the pill or anything I have two kids and all my smears are fine had scans for ovary cyst etc, could this just be ovulation problems that go on till I take my period? 

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Menstrual Cycle :: Dodgy Periods

Ok so last month my periods were a week later than usual, does this mean my periods will remain late all the time now? Or should they go back to normal?

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Nortriptyline Will Affect My Menstrual Cycle?

I've been on 100 mg Nortriptyline for months now for my chronic migraines and one night I felt like I was suffocating so I stopped taking them cold turkey. It's been about a week since I stopped them. Is there any chance it will affect my menstrual cycle? While taking them, it was never at the same time, it was always early or late so I'm not sure what to do.

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Menstrual Cycle :: Periods Every Day For Last 7 Months

I've been on my period for about 7 months now. However I've been on my period once before for a entire year. I don't remember when I started or when it stopped, considering remembering things isn't on the top of my to do list. I'm 20 years old and since I started 7 months ago, I've only had one day without a period. Since then, it's been a constant heavy flow.

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Menstrual Cycle :: On My Periods For 12 Days

I've been on my period for 12 days. I've been on birth control for 4 months now and the previous 2 months my period has come a week early, so I've just keep taking the pills as usual (so the first week of my period I was taking the birth control and the second week were placebo pills). This month it was a week and a half early and I'm still having heavy bleeding and clotting. What could be going on and what can I do?

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Menstruation :: YAZ - Abnormal Menstrual Cycle And Sex

I am 19 years old and was taking yaz (which worked very well in regulating my period). I happened to loose the pack of pills with two weeks remaining. Since then, I have had sex with him ejaculating and my menstrual cycle has not come in 6 weeks? Is there a possibility that i may be pregnant?

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Menstrual Cycle :: 8 Periods In 3 Months

I was wondering if anyone could put my mind at ease.. Since the 25th of march til today (2nd of june) i have had 8 periods. I'm 20 years old and have always had my periods pretty regular so this is very unusual. 

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Menstrual Cycle :: Have Had No Periods For 3 Months

I have had no periods for about 3 months now and recently been diagnosed with an overactive bladder about a week ago. I have had a lot of pain and been in and out of A&E several times in the last few months.

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Getting Pregnant? Sex Before OR After The Periods / Menstrual Cycle?

I'm confused about if your pregnant from the sex before or after your last cycle. I had unprotected sex a couple of days before my last cycle so would I be pregnant from that sex or from the sex that was a couple of days after my cycle? ?

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Menstrual Cycle :: 46 Years And Two Periods With 6 Day Difference?

I came on my period from August 28 until Sep. 3 and now 9 days later I am back on. Sep 12th. I am 46 years old, what is happening to me?

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Menstrual Cycle :: Its Been A Year And A Half Since I Have Had A Period?

I was quite late to start my periods- 16 and they lasted for roughly a year or so very irregular.  They went away to costa rica and by the time i returned about 3 months later and i had turned 17 my periods had stopped. I haven't had my periods since, i have however been to the doctors several times, they have taken my blood and seem to have found no symptoms- they just told me they will return soon. One said it was because i was too thin, i am quite slim but no more than some of my friends and i eat a lot. It took quite a bit of effort but recently gained a little weight- i travel quite a bit (asia, south and central America, af) and was wondering if it was possible i have some kind of parasite. I'm 19 almost 20- there must be something up.

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Menstrual Cycle :: 22 Year Old - I Have Period Pains When I'm Not Due

I recently went to my doctor because pretty much since I started my period at 14, I've experience really bad cramps. The issue however is not that, my problem is that throughout the month regardless if I am due or not I get period cramps, or what I can only explain as "period cramps" as that is the closest thing it feels like, its defiantly within that region. I was tested for any STD's or ovarian cancer which all came back clear and then sent to hospital for an ultra sound to see if I had ovarian cysts or anything like that, again it all came back clear. I've had regular smear tests as well and I've never had any irregularities. So now I'm really confused and although I guess relieved that its none of the above, I'm now left pretty anxious and confused as I still have no idea what is happening. I've a pretty high pain threshold but these are really uncomfortable and sore and I cant just ignore the issue. I don't get discharge, blood or anything, just a sudden shooting pain in that area and it lasts a couple of seconds, and then goes. It can happen at anytime of the month and I'm really scared at what it is. Anyone have any ideas or experienced the same thing? I just want to put a name to its scary face that i have created!

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Menstrual Cycle :: Hard To Hold My Pee Right Before My Period

A few days before my period I basically lose control of my urination. If I can't get to the bathroom as soon as I feel the urge I will wet my pants. I don't remember this before I had kids... if it did happen it was not as extreme as it is now. Anyone know what is going on?!

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Menstrual Cycle :: Mirena Coil And PCOs

hi there. just thought id see if anyone else has had or tried the mirena coil and if it worked or did not. just want some views on it please. i am considering it as i have pcos and i been told that i can't have children naturally only by ivf. but need to lose weight as they are very strict on the wight side of it. but i am struggling to do that  and i have not been well again been bad for 6 or 8 weeks so just need a break from all this and was told by my doctor that mirena coil might be the better option for now.

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Is It Normal For Menstrual Cycle (periods) To Change

is it normal for your menstrual cycle to change. my period is usual at the middle of every month but now it came early but it's not the same as my other periods its heavier, less pain and the normal signs that i use to get to tell me that my period was coming i did not get them this time around. is it normal or is there something wrong with me.

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Cutaneous Lupus Can Affect Menstrual Cycle?

I was recently diagnosed with cutaneous lupus. I was on prednisone and now I am on Plaquenil 400mg a day. I called my pharmacist and asked him if the Plaquenil can stop my menstrual cycle and he looked it up and told me no. So, now I am wondering if the lupus is the cause. I am 5 weeks late I haven't had my period yet and my husband had a vasectomy so I know I can not be pregnant. So my question is can cutaneous lupus cause me not to have a period?

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Menstrual Cycle :: Heavier Period Than Normal?

Last month, I had a very light period that only lasted two days. After that, I had bad cramps in my hips and pelvic area. They lasted for about two weeks or so. Yesterday, I finally got my period. But when I woke up today, I had leaked, and bled through my underwear and pants. This isn't really normal for me, I've never had a leak before. I'm guessing that my period is a lot heavier than it usually is. 

I'm 14, and I know that my period isn't supposed to regulate for about 2 or 3 years, but is this something I should be concerned about? I could just be working myself up over nothing, but anything that isn't normal terrifies me.

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Menstrual Cycle :: In Agony Every Month Due To Copper Coil

I got my copper coil fitted in January. Wasn't pleasant did get a bit ill but after I was fine and of course had heavy long periods and sore cramps for a few months. The bleed has eased a bit but the pain seems to be getting more intense. I have never had any children or been pregnant the only way I can describe it is like well labour pains. Only lasts a few seconds at a time and I find myself screaming in pain and panting as its unbelievably painful I think the girls in work think I'm at it as they see the pain I can get in. Comes and goes in waves this has been happening for a few months now it feels like a period cramp but 100 times worse and something stabbing me with a 1000 knifes in my uterus DX bit extreme I know haha. I was warned cramps can get worse but never knew they would be THIS bad and I thought they would calm down after a few months but only got worse. The only good thing is I haven't got pregnant and I don't think my other half wants to go back to using protection after this long having the coil.

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