Lack Of Sex Causes Inflammation Of The Uterus?

Feb 1, 2011

Can lack of sex cause inflammation of the uterus?

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Fibroid Over Uterus, Sigmoid Colon And Uterus Are Cohesive

Since last 01 year, I am suffering from acute pain around the vagina. MRI explained that Fibroid over uterus, sigmoid colon and uterus are cohesive with each other. Doctors have different opinion. Help me to diagnose the problem and find out the actual reason of pain.

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Penis :: Inflammation On The Tip

I have inflammation on my penis tip it don't burn when I urinate or discharge dont come out either I had it for 2 weeks I tryed hydrocortisone women's yeast infection creams it didn't help.

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Eye Inflammation Fly Flew Directly Into Eyeball

I've a question about eye inflammation. About a week and half to two weeks ago, while I was working in my yard, a fly flew directly into my eyeball and then flew off. Now here we are and my eyeball has been inflamed and sore for almost 5 days now. It doesn't feel like a scratch of the eye, more light sensitivity and pain along with being bloodshot. I'm just wondering what might be causing these symptoms now.

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Inflammation Mechanism In Asthma Vs. Pneumonitis?

What is the mechanism of action in inflammation in asthma vs pneumonitis?

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica And GCA :: Gum Inflammation Is Related?

I am wondering if gum inflammation is related at all to the PMR, GCA. I will see the dentist in a couple of days. Thanks.

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Kidney Inflammation After Exposure To Low Temperatures

can someone get kidney inflammation after exposure to low temperatures 

one day i was sleeping under the AC wearing very light clothes i woke up with right sided flank pain it felt like someone was taking a knife and pressing it against my back at the kidney area. i went to a urologist and he did tests and everything was normal except i had blood in urine can exposure to cold weather or exposing the kidney area to direct cold cause it to inflame cos we know the kidney is somewhat superficial at the back side and can a spastic bowel cause similar symptoms the pain stayed for approximately a week and a half.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Cannabinoids And Inflammation

Does anyone know whether cannabinoids have been clinically studied for PMR?  There has certainly been a study that shows they may be effective against the inflammation in other diseases.  Google:  cannabinoids and inflammation.

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High CRP And ESR Levels - Means Inflammation?

I got bloodwork done at the rheumatologist in March and the CRP and ESR levels were high which means inflammation. I got more done in May and its still high. My dr. says there's nothing i can do about it because the location can't be indicated for the inflammation. what do i do now? I need to lose about 30 lbs do you think this will help?

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Dental Health :: Gum Inflammation Around Tooth

I am 33-year old healthy woman with an extreme fear of the dentist. A few months ago, I had a horrible toothache that resulted in a root canal and crown. I have a temporary crown right now and go in for my permanent crown tomorrow. About a week ago, I started having some pain on the side that I have had a root canal on and have a temporary crown. My dentist was on vacation, but I was able to get in with another area dentist. He said he saw nothing wrong other than possibly cement or something stuck between my crown and gums. He removed whatever it was he saw. That was over a week ago. Yesterday, my gums on the inside of my teeth (not the cheek side) felt like I had burned the roof of my mouth. I tried to look with a mirror and the gums around the tooth in front of the crown look red. They are a tiny bit sore and seemed to get irritated if I eat anything salty of drink anything carbonated. I flossed and rinsed with mouthwash. I had my husband look and he said the gums are not swollen and there is no pimple like sore. He said the gums are just red. I am in complete freak-out mode. If I had an abscess, wouldn't things be getting worse instead of better?

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Sexual Health Men :: Inflammation With Erection

This is embarrassing but I've been dealing with a problem for about 15 weeks. It all started in a period where I received oral sex from one woman, and had protected intercourse with another woman the next day. The intercourse was vigorous and multiple times, but I had done this before. The next day, I had a weird dull sensation in my penis. It wasn't a burning or pain, but something didn't feel right. I assumed it was just sore and needed rest. This went away after a day or two, but I started to notice some redness with erection. This quickly escalated, and I now get tiny red dots/blotches all over my glans and the area below them that connects to the shaft. It occurs when I get any kind of erection but once it subsides so does the rash. Also, I developed some small darker spots on my glans around the very edge, that seem to be related to this issue (timing and look). I'm really not sure who to turn to at this point or what to think. I saw a Dr. and she didn't feel I needed any testing. She felt it was either physical irritation, contact dermatitis from the flavored condom I used (which I'll never do again), or a fungal infection. She prescribed a steroid/antifungal cream that didn't seem to help after almost 3+ weeks of use. I also tried many other creams, antifungal ointments, etc. etc. etc. I am considering seeing a dermatologist or urologist, but in Google searches it seems I don't live by any of quality. What do you guys think? Is it likely an STD? Penile Cancer? A skin disorder?

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Breast Cancer :: Granulomatous Inflammation

Last December I opted to have a core biopsy after finding a small size lump 12 o'clock position just above my nipple. The radiologist was able to take 6 samples. After the dreaded wait it was found to be benign and was diagnosed as granulomatous- inflammation. Has anyone ever heard of this? Also, I am currently 2 and half months post biopsy and I did a self examination yesterday and found the lump in the same place. Is this something that isn't going to go away and am I always going to need to remember that I have it for future exams?

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Penis :: Rough Skin/ Inflammation

I'm 16 and uncircumcised, but I've noticed some issues with the texture of my penis. The head is really rough and red and looks like it is keratinized (I've gathered that through some research) and the foreskin around it is also red. It is also really sensitive to the touch. I also occasionally get a slight burning sensation after I masturbate (I never do it more than once a day and I usually do it in the shower. *I don't use soap as a lubricant), but it always goes away in less than a half hour.

Recently I have gotten some anti-fungal Lotrimin 1% cream because one of the forums I followed said that it could be antifungal. I have also tried hydrocortisone and calamine cream and no improvement (no worse either).

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Bleeding After Intercourse - No Inflammation Or Swelling

I'm 17 years of age and I just recently got with this boy who's had a history of drugs and many sexaul partners. I've only had 2 others. But we've been having sex a lot using a condom and everything sometimes we wouldn't but we had sex while I was on my period and it made my urine burn. After awhile my period ended. For two days now I've been bleeding lightly with no inflammation or swelling just bleeding and a little skin fragments. I don't know what's wrong and I'm really scared.

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Autoimmune Disorders :: Positive ANA's Just Mean Inflammation

I was just told by an opthamologist I saw ystrdy for a new patient visit, that my blood work that's been coming up positive for ANA since 2012 just means there's inflammation in my body. Not an autoimmune disorder.

last week a vessel broke in my right eye and it felt weird under the lid. It disappeared the next morning. Then I noticed one a few days later in opposite eye in the morning putting on my mascara, So my husband told me I MUST see an eye dr.

I brought copies of my labs and said that I'm referred to see a rheumy dr.because of positive ANA's.

I had to write down my whole history upon a first patient visit so he knows I have osteoarthritis throughout my body in different parts.

BUT, I didn't mention the strange rashes and how I just out of the blue mopping a floor tore and blew out 60% of my knee meniscus and needed surgery. The right knee feels like something is growing in it. and it clicks when I go down the stairs as if it's catching on something. so when I saw my family dr. for my knees, he only ck'd out the injured one and said he doesn't think it's rheumatoid arthritis but thinks it may be lupus, and referred me to see a rheumy dr. but I can't get in right away. I had to wait 3 months, but the day I went my car didn't start which wound up being a dead battery. I called the office and told them what happened and they couldn't put me in for ANOTHER 3 months. so I'm now waiting almost 6 months to see this so called excellent dr.

I get strange pulls and inflammation in muscles or tissues, like out of the clear blue sky I had pain that radiated down the right side of my buttock and it got to the point where it ached all the time. My rheumy dr. who no longer is in practice, sent me for MRI and it wound up being the psoas muscle. I had to see a radiologist in my local hospt. to get a special injection put thru the hip to get to the psoas. IT HURT LIKE you know what!!!! next day too.
never had it come back. How on earth did I pull my psoas?? the largest muscle in the body. it keeps you from falling off your chair.

My left hip hurts so bad at night that it wakes me up and an old mri says there's a sprain in it??? plus arthritis.

I also have had raynauds syndrome which started during my divorce in 1998. plus numbness in hands, arms, fingers at night and even the scalp.
keep losing hair and breaking off at the edge of my scalp and going bald on sides of head. I have osteoporosis diagnosed many years ago which I refuse to take medication for cause of side effects. I just take calcium.
the list goes on. I used to have a lot of pain everywhere and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia back in 2004. but I don't get those symptoms any more like I used to. so did I actually have it or not? wouldn't I still have the symptoms?

My c-reactive protein level was positive one time only. but the ANA started in 2012 till now. I get blood work done each year.

So Is it just inflammation because of my osteoarthritis? do all people with osteoarthritis have positive ANA tests?

The opthamologist made me feel like I shouldn't even bother going to the rheumy dr.

am I just making a big deal out of nothing?

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Gallbladder :: Showed Temporary Inflammation And Sludge?

Had ultrasound on gall bladder and showed inflammation and sludge..had a second ultrasound a week later and found no inflammation or so called sludge. What can cause this?

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Sjogren's Syndrome :: Inflammation Of Skin Of Face?

Does anyone here experience inflammation of skin of their face?

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Diet / Nutrition :: Sugar Feeds Inflammation

I started a food diary and just wondering if what I am learning is common.

I have been told that many of my ailments are from inflammation. Ankle, hip, knee, back etc. I was told to start taking care of my gut and it would fix the rest of my body.

Anyway step 1 was to create a food diary. So what I am learning is that very quickly (like within 5 - 10 minutes) of eating sugar, my pain sky rockets.
And after taking an anti-inflammatory pill my pain goes away very quickly, like 5-10 minutes.

Yes I know that sugar feeds inflammation and I should avoid it.

What I am wondering is the timing odd?

I would not have anticipated sugar or a medication to have that immediate of results.

During my life I have taken anti-inflammatory pills a few times and really never found them to do much. Until today.

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Lupus Without Inflammation Showing Up In Blood Tests?

Is it possible to have Lupus without inflammation showing up in blood tests?

and ANA is high, he said 60 what ever that means. 1:60 I guess.

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Achilles Tendon Inflammation Not Due To Wear And Tear?

No diagnosis as yet but been told after an ultrasound that I have inflammation in the achilles tendon which "should not be there and not due to wear and tear".

Anyone had this and what was the cause for yours?

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Blepharitis :: Inflammation - Drops, Creams, Oils Or Ointments

Does anyone have any suggestions for anti-inflammatory drops, creams, oils or ointments of any type that has helped with your MGD/blepharitis? I do all the hygiene stuff which keeps the crusts absent and eyelashes from falling out which is amazing to a certain point.

My problem is constant inflammation of varying degrees to my eyelids (or to be more precise the Meibomian glands). when they are at their worst inflamed there is literally no oil getting through to my eye which is really irritating and my eyelids become reddened around the lashes which creates a really annoying self-image paranoia + the inability to converse with anyone without being distracted by blinking a million times and feeling like I would like to close my eyes altogether or rip them out lol. I have tried drops but the lubrication effect seems to wear off after 10 minutes and I just don’t have the patients to be doing it that often.

The only thing that has seemed to work well for me so far is a tiny amount of castor oil applied to the lids at night (takes a few days to adjust to it). I have not tried steroids yet or antibiotics with anti-inflammatory properties but right now I am using chloramphenicol drops which are hopefully doing something + bead type warm compresses regularly which are helping but only slightly.

I saw an American youtube video recently about a doctor prescribing androgen gel to patients with MGD/Blepharitis and after researching why I realised that it’s because it reduces inflammation in the body, for the MGD/Blepharitis type that I am sure I have it seems to work well for patients that have tried it. That said there is plenty other things on the market that would have the same effect on the eyelids but more localised and less side effects are preferred, I don’t like the idea of roid-rage, shrinking nether regions and pancreatic cancer etc. It seems like too much of a trade-off in my situation.

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