Lisinopril And Adizem Sr - Constant Noise In The Ears (tinnitus)

Jul 11, 2008

I take both lisinopril and adizem sr. Has anyone experienced extreme constant noise in the ears (tinnitus)?

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Tinnitus :: Weird Clicking Noise In Ear

I'm 23 and I've always had tinnitus in both ears but worse in my right. For about the last year I sometimes get this random light clicking noise in my right ear which sometimes happens once, twice or 10 times in very quick succession but then will just stop. It might not happen for a day or too and will suddenly come back again. There seems to be no pattern but happens more at work but might occur once or twice a day. The best way to describe it is a bit like a computer mouse clicking but a lot higher. I have no ear pain, blood or trouble hearing and any other symptoms. What is this? Can I cure it? Should I worry?

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Tinnitus :: Noise At Night Making Me Ill

I have been suffering from stress and anxiety over the last few months. I also have tinnitus which seems to be worse at the moment. At times the noise is so loud in my ears it makes me feel ill. . This is obviously worse at night time.

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Pulsatile Tinnitus, TMJ Dysfunction And Echoing Of Noise In My Head

I would be interested if anyone else has this. I've had what I think is Pulsatile tinnitus for a year or so. I only hear it when it's very quiet, when I'm lying in bed or reading quietly. I believe it can be associated with temporomandibular joint dysfunction. In addition I get episodes for one to three days when any external speaking be it face to face, TV, radio echoes round in my head and is amplified. I suspect the sinuses are involved too.

The GP isn't that interested but he did prescribe a nasal irrigation which can help along with inhalation of peppermint oil in hot water, that really gets up the passages! I can't seem to work out what causes the attacks of the echoing, tho twice it's happened when the weather has been v windy or cold.

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril With Tinnitus And Feeling Anxious

My partner has been on Lisinopril for the last 2 weeks, he has been suffering with feeling anxious and his Tinnitus has been a lot worse than usual also not sleeping like he normally does, we have our own BP machine and taking it at home it's fine often 120/73, but at the Doctors it can be 150/100 is this just white coat, my BP is almost the same at home and at the doctors as his, he has not taken one today and is going to see how he is over the weekend and try to get an earlier appointment, when speaking to a nurse recently she thought that he didn't have high BP, so why is he on them then?

Sorry I forgot to mention when on Lisinopril my partners BP is as low as 97/66, is this too low?

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High Pitched Buzz / Noise In My Ears

Over the past few weeks I have noticed a very high pitched buzz in my ears any ideas what it could be

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Anxiety :: Whirring Noise In Ears And Balance Issues

Does anyone get ear problems balance problems with their anxiety. I had a head cold ,after it left I was feeling a bit light headed then I noticed when I was walking I was kind of lurching to the side, It got worse and I would have to stop walking and balance myself or at other times the dizziness(not spinning ) would make me drop to the ground because I felt like I was falling ,my ears would ring and buzz and my adrenaline would roar through my body, I became terrified and the symptoms got worse, If I was sitting and moved my head that same jerky dizziness would happen, I am so scared of this my Doctor said it is anxiety but it is more then that, My ears make a whirring noise almost like the air is going inward instead of out.

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Tinnitus :: Ears Ringing With Mirtazapine And Sertraline

I've been suffering with anxiety for two year panic attacks nearly every day was on mirtazapine for 3 months then my doc put me on sertraline but like an hour after i took my first one i got white noise ringing in my ears then next day went to hospital it was that bad been took of sertraline back on mitrazipine but my tinnitus has got worse ....

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Tinnitus :: Thundering / Lightning / Explosion In Ears

I have tinnitus the buzzing in my ears everyday okay i can live with that but the worst feeling is when it  feel like thundering and lightning or  explosion in my ears my whole body shake i am so depress  the doctors have gave nothing that help me ...

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril - Constant Muzzy Head With Headaches

I have been on lisinopril for 5 days now. My bp has been high for the last 2 months (again - had episodes of high bp on and off for the last 8 years !) with readings of 160/100 - got a home monitor and have been monitoring my bp for a week with average readings of 170/105 (some readings being 183/110) Doc advised me to go on to lisinopril and although my bp has dropped to an average of 150/95 I'm noticing that I have a constant 'muzzy' head with an increase in headaches, a dull ache behind my eyes and a feeling of constant heaviness in them and I get a dull ache with slight pins and needles in my left arm, hand leg and foot. I had an ecg yesterday but still waiting on results. Does this sound normal to other users of lisinopril ?

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Child Has Constant Blocked Ears And Popping

Wondered if anyone can give me any advice. my 9 year old says that his ears have never cleared after a long haul flight over a year ago. he says that when they pop he hears clearly for a bit then they block back up again. he says that he feels like he's underwater and sometimes gets dizzy, he can also hear them crunching when he moves jaw. i've taken him to the doctors and she looked in ears and said they were both clear and that was that. so no solution ....

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Cardiovascular :: Head Gets Warm, Ears Red And Hot Strong Pulse In Ears

Hearing heartbeat in ears. Sometimes it gets stronger First symptom is face gets very warm no fever, ears get hot and red and sensitive (right one) and whoosh or tzzing hearing in ears like pulse. It subsides after 8 hrs or less. Impossible to sleep. If I sleep flat on back am awakened 2 hrs later by
very strong heart beat like its forcing a lot of blood thru. Subsides with exercise. Condition goes away for 48 hrs so heart system not fighting infection. If I sleep with upper torso at 45 degree angle still wake after 2 hrs but pulses not as strong. Then after I can sleep for hrs no problem. Dr checked ears ok, did all blood work ok, I'm male 67 yrs and in gen good health. Did ultrasound on abdominal kidneys bladder ok. Seems like some chemical command triggering heart to pump harder and faster not too fast. I tested things to try to determine what triggers the face heat, ears hot and harder beats, chocolate, caffeine, pepsi's, salt, coughing, cigarette smoking, stressful video games have no effect.  BP normal am taking Ramipril 10 mg Altace nothing else. Dont think its heart but something telling heart to work hard, feel it thumping in chest. Just repeated T3's blood test..and 24 hr urine special test..awaiting results. Reg urine test showed nothing, and abdominal ultrasound clear. No dizziness, nausea etc. Bowel and urine movement perfect, no pains or lightheadedness.

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Crackling Noise In The Ear And Dizziness

Several times a day in the last week, I have experienced a slight crackling noise in my left ear and straight away felt dizzy as if I'm going to faint.  Can anyone tell me what it could be.

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ENT :: Crackling Noise In My Left Ear?

I have been having a weird crackling noise in my left ear. It seems to come back when I wake up in the morning. Then it either fades away entirely later on or only gets triggered when I hear sounds (i.e. music, shutting doors, any noise).

I have been to the doctors and she looked into my ear, there was nothing wrong with it. I haven't been having any sinus problem. I have also cleaned my ear with a product called "Audiclean".

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Agoraphobia :: Sensitivity To Noise Which Is Really Bothering

i have been under extreme stress and anxiety for the past 7 months. taking xanax 1 mg per day on and off for this period. i am taking Klonopin 0.5 mg  regularly for the past 2 months at night as sleeping aid. since last week i was trying to lower the dosage to 0.25 mg and changed the time to 7 p.m. i have started tension headaches and now for the past week very sensitive to noises which is really bothering me. can this be related and also can i take paxil with klnopin on the same day.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Crackling Noise When I Breathe

I have noticed when i am in bed at night i can hear a crackling noise when i breath. Anyone else?

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Ear Problems :: Crackling Popping Noise When Sleeping

This has been happening for a year now. This ONLY happens when I am sleeping or laying down which is the same thing. When I go to sleep, one of my ears will make a crackling, popping sound. It will continue to make sounds until I get up. When I am awake and up, it doesn't happen. No sounds. Everything is okay. I already seen doctors and there was no explanation .... maybe etd. maybe acid reflux. This was not helpful. Has anyone ever experienced this before? Remember, this only happens when I am sleeping. It happens every night. When I go to sleep, my ear will make a crackling, popping sound until I get up.

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Anxiety :: Squeaky Noise In Your Head When Lying Down?

does anyone else hear crackling squeaky noise in your head when lying down? i feel like it's relieving some head pressure after stressing

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Cannabis Withdrawal Increased Noise Sensitivity?

I stopped smoking weed 8 days ago, i'm 53 and i've smoked it from being a teenager, very light smoker, 1 or 2 small single skin spliffs a night, but not every night, i'm experiencing anxiety mainly due to sound, sounds seem magnified! my partner may put her knife and fork down after eating and i nearly jump out of my skin, its not good.... i play in a band and iv always seen it as part of being a musician, playing loud music is ok its these random small noises that are grating on my nerves..  anybody else experienced this?

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Bunionectomy Causing Clicking Noise (toe) On Walking

I had a bunionectomy 2.5 years ago, the surgery went well and recovery was fast, now, for the last 6 months or so, my big toe makes an audible clicking noise when I walk, so much so that people have commented on it, could the bunion surgery have caused this? also, probably unrelated, I have recently been diagnosed with a plantar fibroma on the same foot

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Left Knee Cracking/popping Noise On Bending

My right knee is facing my left knee and when I bend it there is a cracking/popping noise which can be sore. My right leg seems to be bow legged now when I straighten it now. I can walk on the leg but gets sore after a while.....

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