Myomectomy :: Pins And Needles Pain

Dec 29, 2014

Ten days ago I had a robotic laparoscopic myomectomy to remove four large fibroids from my uterus. The surgery went great, and I've been recovering at home and have been waited on hand and foot by my husband a bit less each day.

The only problem I'm having is occasionally in one specific spot I'm experiencing a pins and needles type of pain - sometime like shards of glass - in my abdomen. Yesterday I thought it was the result of overdoing it so I rested yesterday and still woke up in pain. My doctor is an hour and a half away (closest one I could find who does the Da Vinci robot!) so I'd hate to schlep myself all the way there if I don't need to. Anyone have any insight about this kind of pain following surgery?

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Lansoprazole :: 4 Years Use - Severe Lower Back Pain, Pins And Needles

I have been using Lansoprazole for nearly 4 years, I am on 30mg daily, it works great, and I rarely get heartburn these days.

However I have for the past year been experiencing severe lower back pain, pins and needles, strong headaches and more recently dry mouth and dizzy blurred vision.

I stopped taking the Lansoprazole for couple of days, to see if side effects would go away, but the heartburn came back with a vengeance.

So I am having to choose between which is more unbearable, back pain etc. or the heartburn.

I have chosen at the moment to go back on lansoprazole, but if anyone knows of an alternative that works as well, but with no side effects, let me know.

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Sertraline :: 25mg - Getting Pins And Needles

Getting pins & needles in hands and feet, on 25mg for 5 days now. Anyone else had this? It's really annoying... IS it normal?

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Depression :: Venlafaxine - Pins And Needles

I've just taken my second tablet of the day about 20 mins ago and I'm having serious side effects. I've been on them since Thursday and have had a few issues with shaking, palpitations, insomnia and some mega weird dreams but nothing I couldn't cope with. in fact nothing I didn't have in one degree or another before.

Tonight I'm in serious pain with my chest. My heart feels like it's breaking out and breathing is hard. I'm light headed and dizzy when sitting but when I lay down my head starts pounding as if all the blood is being pumped in there. 

My legs feel numb and everything below the knee has pins and needles.

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Clarithromycin - Weakness In Muscles, Pins And Needles

I have been taking this medication for nearly 4 weeks , the first 2 weeks with prednisolone as a treatment for nasal polyps. I am spaced out most of the time , have had weakness in my muscles, pins and needles and numbness in my fingers. My stomach was painful so I have taken omeprazole for that which eased that pain altogether. Clarithromycin also have me insomnia and mood changes. They made my skin greasy,eventually spotty, and I have headaches and think I am sensitive to the light.

I finish them in 3 days time thank the Lord. At times I felt like passing out and unusually for me zonked out at unlikely moments during the day.

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Pins / Needles - Numbness And Tingling In Left Leg

I have numbness in my left upper leg once a week, to the point where I cant feel anything when I touch the skin on my leg. I also have pins and needles in the same leg. I don't have any pain. I also have a slight case of scoliosis. Its not visible but it might be a contribution to the numbness in my leg?

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Flexiseq For Sciatica - Pins And Needles In My Knee

This has left me with pins and needles in my knee which is very painful at times. I do have a bit of arthritis behind the knee, if anyone else has had this problem does the cream called flexiseq work ?

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Ramipril (cough) Vs Amlovasc (pins And Needles, Tiredness)

Been on Ramipril for 2 1/2 years, always suffered froma bad cough with it, most annoying. Saw new Dr few months ago whos took me off ramapril because of cough. New tablet (evil drug) called amlovasc terrible side effects, pins and needles to the face, legs, and arms, severe tiredeness, swelling to ankles and knees. Took myself off these tablets. Going back to GP tomorrow morning, prefer to put up with the cough

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Cerebral Palsy :: Exhausted / Fatigue And Gets Pins And Needles

My daughter was born at 32 1/2 weeks and has very mild cerebral palsy, she is now 17 and experiencing days when she can't get out of bed. She is just exhausted and gets pins and needles. The doctor suggested it could be ME but I wondered if its a result of her Cerebral Palsy. Every time she does something that requires more mental or physical input than normal she is then wiped out for 2 days. Her CP has never really affected her, she wore Piedro boots as a child but recent years has had a "normal" life. Would really appreciate some input, she is due to have an MRI next week.

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Gabapentin Tolerance? Pins Needles Sensations Are Back

I have been taking 1800mg of Gabapentin (600 3 times daily) for less than a year now to help with my nerve pain. It was working well however in the last few weeks, I have noticed that shooting pains and the pins needles sensations have started to return.  Is it possible I've built up a tolerance to gabapentin?  I wanted to check in here first before going to my Dr to see if anyone else had had the same experience.

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Simvastatin :: Tingling, Pins And Needles - Joint Stiffness

I have been taking Simvastatin for over two years. During this time I have got progressively worse. Started with tingling and pins and needles in hands and fingers, sore sole of the feet and a little bit of joint stiffness, lumpy legs, severe lethargy, tiredness and irritability.

NOW I have muscle wastage of the shoulder muscle, severe joint pain in spine, chest, hips, wrists and fingers. I have lost the grip and strength in my left hand, finding it difficult and clumsy to use. My sight is progressively getting worse, I feel as if I,m looking through a slight fog. My memory loss was becoming a real problem. Diarrhea, chronic muscle spasms - I was beginning to think I was going to die.

I have only just been made aware that the cause could be Simvastatin - stopped taking them 5 days ago and I am feeling a little better having good days and bad days.

My concern is that if these problems have been caused by Simvastatin - it looks like they could be irreversible!

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Numbness, Pins And Needles In Feet And Legs

I had a mini flare 10 days ago and went up from 8 to 9 and half.  The last two days I have had extremely uncomfortable numbness and pins and needles in my feet and lower legs.  The numbness is so bad that I scratched my leg on my zip and drew blood, but hardly felt a thing.  I have a bright red weal there now.

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Anxiety :: Numbness In Fingertips, Shaky Body, Pins And Needles

I've had anxiety for years and most of my family suffers from it. Recently I've been having pins and needles, burning feeling in my hands or feeling of numbness in my fingertips. When I wake up in the morning I feel very shaky inside and today I've felt my legs shaking throughout the day and feeling weak. I'm feeling so overwhelmed by it and convincing myself  I have MS. It's literally preoccupies my mind throughout the day and I feel like I'm driving myself crazy checking for symptoms. I've been seeing therapist for years and I've been fine for years but for some reason it hit me hard again beginning of this year. Does anyone have similar symptoms? 

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Anxiety - Fluoxetine :: Experiencing Tingling (mild Pins And Needles Sensation)

I have been on 20mg Fluoxetine for 6 weeks and the past week I have been experiencing tingling (mild pins and needles sensation) intermittently in my feet, legs and hands. I have had other anxiety related symptoms and this is just adding to my anxiety.

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Uterine Fibroids :: Myomectomy Pain After 10 Weeks

I had a myomectomy and signed off work for 10 weeks.  I'm now fully back to work but still experiencing some pains in my tummy.  I know that one fibroid was left behind (I had 14, largest measuring 10cms) because it was small and in an awkward place and just wondering if anyone in a similar situation still gets pains? My pains are generally in the ovary area, each side taking it in turns to hurt. Last couple of days it's been my left ovary area and now Im making frequent trips to bathroom to pass not that much urine and also have strong back pain just above lower back

Feel like almost my fibroids could have come back with these pains i'm having.  Can they come back so soon? Or perhaps it's just my insides are still sore and healing. Is it normal to feel all this after this length of time?

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Women's Health :: Myomectomy And Back Pain

I just had an abdominal myomectomy on 1/10/14. Recovery is going pretty well other than some tenderness, stinging/burning at the incision site, and discomfort sleeping/walking. What has been most troubling throughout my recovery is BACK PAIN! The aching and tightness of the lower/mid back muscles is excruciating. I still cannot walk completely upright, I often bend at the waist to relieve pressure, and the tightness is so painful at times, that I feel as if my legs will give out and I'll end up falling. Has anyone experienced this or have any idea what causes this? I mentioned it to a nurse a few days ago when I had the staples removed and she wrote it off as "those bad hospital mattresses." 10 days later, I'm thinking it's more than that and would appreciate any insight as I am miserable! Thank you!

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Uterine Fibroids :: Myomectomy - First Period, Worse Pain

It was 2 weeks yesterday since I had my open myomectomy and this morning I woke with the worst period pains ever!

My tummy hurts so much particular at the sides of my scar and my back....if it hurt before, now it's seriously hurting!!! Is this normal??? Did anyone else experience this? Is it a one off because my op is still fresh or will my period always be like this from now on? I'm in agony and keep bursting into tears.

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Uterine Fibroids :: Myomectomy, Still Feeling Pain 3 Weeks After

It's 3 weeks today since I've done my myomectomy. I'm still a little swollen and I get either sharp shooting pains or what feels like cramps in the area. I think maybe it's my bladder that's cramping ? because I feel a slight discomfort when I pee. I still get tired very easily, even if all I'm doing is walking around the house. I lost 1.3 litres of blood and my blood count's lot less than what it should be. Is that the reason why ? I was supposed to do a blood count on Monday 23rd but I didnt go because I wanted the boyfriend to come with me to bolster me. My biggest fibroid was almost the size of a football and the second biggest was the size of a grapefruit. I got lots of rest last week but I still feel tired..I don't understand why. I'm feeling just as awful as I did after the surgery. I thought the tiredness and pain would be gone by now. I have to go back to work tomorrow but my doctor said 6 weeks. I don't want to lose my job. My boyfriend says I'm fine. It's week 3 now. Also,my left lymph gland/groin hurts sometimes. I'm back to feeling the same discomfort as I did after the myomectomy. The scar area is a mixture of numbness and pain. Is this normal ? My sides and back hurt too. I've been using my abdominl muscles to get up, which I didn't do before, (I was using my hands to push up and my boyfriend would help me to get up), so now my abs feel sore. Is that okay ? My doctor had said that if my blood count doesnt go back up to normal I may have to do a blood transfusion. I don't want to do that. I've stopped taking the pain medication Voltaren, because I don't want to get addicted.

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Uterine Fibroids :: Post Open Myomectomy - Tenderness Like Pain

I am in Australia (this website is fantastic by the way) and have just finished my first week of recovery after having an open myomectomy to remove a 15x11cm fibroid.

The fibroid was on the outside right hand side of my uterus.

I feel like I am recovering quite fast (have been able to get up and active during the day). However, I have a constant tenderness like pain on the inside on the right hand side. I have been sleeping on my sides at night because I can't stand lying on my back for too long! I feel like this may be irritating my insides though, do you think I could do permanent damage by lying on my side?

What are your experiences 1 week in post op?

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Uterine Fibroids :: Sudden Pain Almost 3 Weeks Post Myomectomy

Hi just wondering if anyboy else had sudden pain 3 weeks after open myomectomy? I was recovering well and beginning to feel almost back to normal other than some pulling pain at the sides of my incision scar and being slightly uncomfortable sitting up normally for longer periods. I also feel less bloated and although my stomach is still a bit swollen it is back to being flatter without the pregnant bump look.

I didn't have a general anaesthetic opting for a spinal anaesthetic and sedation instead. Initially after the surgery I had some issues with pain relief due to not being able to take certain medications and also going to the toilet. My GP gave me some morphine and strong laxatives and all went back to normal. I stopped taking the morphine about 8 days ago and was able to cope with the pulling pain. The skin around the scar is still very sensitive and tingle.

Since yesterday I have a sharp pain almost in the centre of my belly but slightly to the left and it is very painful to press on that side. I should add that I've been doing quite a lot round the house as my husband is unable to do much due to hurting his hip while I was in hospital and is therefore on crutches. I have been trying not to carry anything and I feel that I am still very weak so not sure if I might have pulled or strained something. 

I have an appointment booked with my GP tomorrow anyway (actually to discuss something else) but was wondering if this was normal?

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Uterine Fibroids :: Laparoscopic Myomectomy - Lower Back Pain

Hi I am 3 weeks post laparoscopic myomectomy. Few days after surgery I started noticing my lower back ache. The pain is in the middle, by the tailbone. Pain can sometimes also travel to my right leg. And also the pain is a lot worse when I walk or sit for over 5 minutes.

Unfortunately I can't take anti-inflammatory because I get a lot of diarreah from just 200mg. So I've been using a heating pad and just sitting.

Anyone had the same experience? What is causing this? Will this go away? What can I do to make the pain subside?

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