Prescribed Steroids For Migraines

Nov 21, 2008

i have been prescribed Prednisolone a short course of prednisolone in order to wean me off the tablets i take for migraines. What i do not know is if the steroids will work in getting rid of migraines while i am taking them. Has anyone been prescribed steroids for this condition. Help please.

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Closed Angle Glaucoma - Prescribed Steroids For A Skin Rash - Safe

I have a rash on various parts of my body which is very itchy & I scratch which makes it worse occasionally it goes away but now it is really bad & my doctor has prescribed a short course of steroids. Is it safe to take them since I have closed angle glaucoma?

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Testosterone Levels Are Low And Testogel Has Been Prescribed

My routine follow up tests post tumour removal have flagged up an issue for the first time.

it seems my testosterone levels are low and testogel has been prescribed as a result. 

I have read some conflicting reports about it and its impact. Does anyone on here have any knowledge of it?

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Uterine Fibroids :: Esmya Prescribed?

My consultant has prescribed Esmya today and I had to give the prescription to my GP so waiting to see if she agrees it tomorrow.  In fact I am sure she will but has anyone had issues with their GP not agreeing?

Also I noticed that most of the women in this forum are taking Esmya in preparation for a hysterectomy.  Is there anyone else like me who does not want a hysterectomy and is just taking Esmya to shrink fibroids only?  Well I am sure my GP will agree to process the prescription.

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Anxiety :: Mirtazapine And Xanax Prescribed Together

Are these OK to take together and do they decrease the symptoms of anxiety? Please help I'm at my wits end and couldn't take it anymore so the gp prescribed me mirap and xanax together and told me that they would help bring my symptoms down..

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Menopause :: Prescribed Zoloft For Anxiety

Have any of you been prescribed Zoloft for anxiety and had any positive results? My GP prescribed it for me at 25mg. I'm a little apprehensive about taking it because of the side effects.

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Neurology :: Headaches - Prescribed Amitriptyline And Topiramate

I have been experiencing headaches since 2006. I have been to the doctor numerous times trying different prescriptions. I have absolutely had it with dealing with this. I went to the doctor this week because I am on my 13th day of this headache with no relief. She put me on nadolol and butalbital. On top of what the previous doctor prescribed months ago amitriptyline and to topiramate. After taking the new medicine my headache was so bad all day. It is the worst. It has only been three days on the new meds but I am wondering if I should take them because I feel worse than I have ever felt. I go back to the doctor in a month. Anyway I just wanted some opinions on this. I'm 36 and I am sick and tired of these headaches. I have them about 80% of the month since 2006. I am fed up. I need to get pain free.

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Substance Abuse :: Methadone Addiction - Prescribed For Someone Else

My boyfriend of 9 months who is an accident victim was prescribed Methadone and Opana just got out of rehab himself, but around Thanksgiving, I broke my finger and he was giving me his doses of Methadone... It's now June and I'm still on it. Only him and I know I'm on it, I refuse to tell my doctors or anyone because I'm also a Celiac and Fibromyalgia patient and I don't want to ruin my chances for getting help. I am down to taking a quarter of a tablet a day. I never really took that much to begin with. Most I took was 2 tablets a day so I wouldn't say I have it as bad as anyone else at all. I need to ween down by myself. I flushed all of his medications but I kept only three tablets that gives me 12 quarter pills to wean. I took a quarter this morning, what do you all suggest I should do with the other 11? You thing I should go with another quarter tomorrow and then cut the quarters in half by taking one of those slivers in the morning and a sliver at night? And then narrowing it down to just a sliver and then jump off? What are some supplements that have helped you? I'm allergic to anxiety medications so that's been my downfall. I am so ashamed of myself and guilty. This isn't like me at all since everyone in my family has some sort of addiction.

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Urinary Incontinence - Doxazosin Prescribed For Hypertension

Doc changed my BP tabs to Doxazosin recently as the amlodipine caused me dreadful muscle pain. However... since I've been on Doxazosin I have developed urinary incontinence. Not happy! It's worse in the morning after I've taken the tablet 2mg. Gets a bit better as the day goes on. Anybody else had this effect?

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Allergy :: Allergic To Weeds / Pollen / Trees / Prescribed Dexamethasone

I've been doing allergy shots for 3 years (immunotherapy). I'm mostly allergic to weeds, pollen, trees, dust mites and mold. Since January, I've been getting colds after my maintenance shots and had to be lowered down.

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Asthma :: Wheezing And Crackling - Prescribed Cefprozil, Tussionex And Albuterol

I am a 49 asthma only acts up when I get a cold. 3 weeks ago, got the flu. I coughed up thick green mucus, heavy night sweats,a fever 101-102. Saw doc on day 3.My heart rate was elevated so had an EKG. Was normal. I was very weak and had a very tight chest short of breath and wheezing. By the third day I was coughing dry. Felt couldn't get enough air in to cough. Prescribed Cefprozil, Tussionex and Albuterol. A wk later I felt more energy but doc said I was still wheezing and crackling. Talking makes me cough. I was given Azithromycin, Decadron, prednisone.3rd appt still wheezing and tight and now dizzy.Lost 8 lbs. 0appetite.Had chest x-ray and blood results yet. I now take Doxycycline,Clarithromycin Prednisone and Albuterol. Yesterday I was so dizzy I considered the ER.I don't cough at night anymore. Today less dizziness, + energy but pain in upper back & sides.Voice is different, still crackling sounds & tight chest and coughing. Is the asthma causing all this or just a bad bug?

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Steroids :: Is Anyone Else Taking Prednisolone For ITP?

Is anyone else taking prednisolone for ITP? I've been on 60mg for a month now and my doctor wants to start reducing my dosage, even though my platelts are still at 87k. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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Steroids :: Leg Pains And Prednisolone

I'm not sure if it's related, I'm on prednisolone - gradually reducing from 40mg per day, now on 30 and reducing by 5mg every week. However in the last few days I get very sore legs when walking relatively short distances - mainly in my shins then spreading up my legs. Feels like cramp. It dies down quite quickly but as soon as I walk any sort of distance the pain comes back - has anyone else had this?

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Steroids :: Prednisolone And Asthma

I have asthma usually managed with symbicort inhaler and ventolin reliever. I get intermittent chest infections and consequently I have been taking prednisolone occasionally for 5 years now - 2 or 3 times a year along with antibiotics when I feel I can no longer function at all normally and have to resort to going to the doctor's. I take 30mg a day for 5 days and they work very well. I am concerned reading other experiences of taking prednisolone and the horrendous sounding side effects. I have always known these drugs are not "good" for you but they have provided me with such effective and fast relief that I have continued to resort to them, albeit occasionally. I have no severe side effects - some interrupted sleep, heartburn etc. Can anyone tell me if, at the levels I am taking them, whether I am likely to suffer the side effects other people speak of - e.g. weight gain/redistribution, moon face, osteoporosis etc? Also whether the side effects go away and how long they last once you have stopped taking the pred?

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Steroids :: Prednisolone And Fibromyalgia

I have been taking Prednisolone now for 6 weeks now for Fibromyalgia and i have been fine with every thing, but there is one problem i have been having and that is sweating very badly iys like my whole body is like a tap it happens as soon as i get warm or when i am doing housework or even walking the dog.

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Taking Steroids For Fibromyalgia

Now my husband has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and is taking steroids. The pain in his legs is eased but he sweats all night. I have sent for

Dripose which is for fatigue. He is still taking bp pills but not statins. He is diabetic.

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Allergies :: Red Eye And Steroids Rebound Effects

I am affected by red eye for almost two years and used 3 to 4 steroids prescribed by doctors( But then I was not aware of the rebound effects it can cause ) and one of this steroids (Fluorometholone and Tetrahydrozoline HCl) has really caused some damage in my right eye. On 23rd June I had color Fundus Photography on both eyes And luckily the test shown that it is not rebound effect which I am suffering from. And after some trial and error I have found that it is nothing but Cigarette smoke which is causing all those problems. That is I am an eye allergy patient.

now my medicines are Alcaftadine 0.25% and systane.

How much they can help me to get rid of this allergic problem?

"In fact I would like to know if eye allergy is curable?

And I have heard that by injecting the allergen agent into the eyes starting with a low amount and gradually increasing the amount immunity can be achieved. Is it a option for me to Inject tobacco in this way, while tobacco is poisonous. If no, than what are the alternative treatments. Do not advice to give up smoking. I am not being arrogant here I know it shall be impossible for me.

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Bell's Palsy - During Pregnancy - Can't Take Steroids

I am getting desperate I got bells palsy during my pregnancy i was not allowed to take the steroids because i was told it might harm the baby so they said just to wait it out and after i give birth it should fix its self well it hasn't. I tried physiotherapy, acupuncture I'm taking complex vitamin b tablets. Nothing is working im starting to feel really depressed at the possibility that i will never be able to smile again or look normal. I didn't take any photos with my son during his birth and he is now 8 months and i don't have many photos with him i don't want to be remembered as a monster.

Everyone always says oh i cant tell, you look fine , don't worry about it but its hard to believe them when they aren't the ones suffering.

I cant afford to spend 120 a week on acupuncture so i'm thinking i have to stop i have been doing it for 2 months.

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Male Fertility Affected? Smoking, Alcohol And Steroids

I am 28 years old male, and am worried over fertility. For the last 10 years I smoked two boxes a day, consumed alcohol, and in some periods I even used the steroids. I finally ended with all those things, and I changed my life style. However, I don’t know if it’s too late now, and are my chances to be a father destroyed forever.

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Cervicalgia :: Occipital - Facet Joint Injections? Steroids?

Has anyone had facet joint injections c2, c3, or know how many years is safe to keeping burning the nerves? Or weak muscle and occipital pain to where to skull is out of place and you have to snap it back into place with swelling and pain. Or know anything about cervicalgia? Or steroids in the facet joints in the occipital, c1 joints? When does steroids injection start to soften the bones?

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Unpleasant Side Effects Of Steroids?

Can anybody tell me what the unpleasant side effects I can expect from use of pred steroid medication?

Am down to 11 mg a day and am so concerned have been taking for two months and can't see how I could be free of them altogether.

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