Severe Vomiting Post Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Apr 18, 2015

I had my bottom right wisdom tooth extracted on thursday morning, friday i had severe vomiting which I put down to the codeine pain relief tablets which i stopped taking, today I've noticed my stitches seem to have come out not fully but there's definitely a lot more out of my gum than before. Just wondered if this is normal for them to start coming out after 2 days

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Jaw Bone Infection? Post Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Started amoxicillin a week ago from infected wisdom tooth area. It was impacted - half in, half under gum, and coming in diagonally towards my other tooth. After 3 days on it, I went to a free dental van and the dentist pulled it. It was a difficult extraction, she had to drill out a lot of bone in order to pull it.

As soon as local wore off the pain started. It has continued to get worse since. Pulled on Tuesday, it's now Friday night. Severe pain often and I'm taking 10mg hydrocodone & 400 mg ibuprofen every 4 hours just to make it tolerable.

Dental van closed today so I went to urgent care, he said definitely bad infection going on and gave me stronger antibiotics. He also prescribed me dilaudid, which is stupid cuz I can't take that - which I told him - because I have to watch my 2 toddlers. Anyways.

Symptoms :

Severe pain. Worse than dry socket I had last year. Pain in jaw, gums, teeth, cheek, neck, up to my eye and ear.

Swelling. Inside mouth, jaw, cheek, glands under my jaw (salivary glands).

Headache that won't go away. I'm so incredibly tired and drowsy but that could be from all the medicine. My body is weak. Severe nausea, but I suppose those could be from meds too?

I think it might be an infection spread to my bone in my jaw,since she drilled into it and it's had a bad infection for a while. I'm sorry my head just feels like it's going to explode.

Any help or advice is appreciated. If it's still getting worse tomorrow after 24 hours on new antibiotics, I'm going back in.

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Painful Filling Post Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I had a wisdom tooth -  bottom left - extracted about 7 weeks ago which was slow to heal.  It had been impacting on the tooth next to it which I had filled a week ago - now I have sensitivity to hot and cold ( not pressure though) and it my jaw is achy.  Could all of the drilling etc have irritated the nerve and already weakened jaw bone (bone had to be removed to extract wisdom tooth) or is there something else going on? Filling was not that deep and was filled too high but that was ground down 2 days after filling.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Or Operculectomy

My story started with sever pain after my root canal treatment a month ago, then I started to feel something is swollen in my throat, moving up towards the part where the root canal molar treatment took place.Accordingly, I made several visits to general dentists & an oral surgeon,  got different opinions, but a common ground answer was that it is probably my wisdom tooth that is causing all this & a less doubt that the molar with the root canal may need to be re-treated again. Anyway after several  x-rays & 2 rounds of antibiotics due to abscess in the infected area (which still exists btw), I was told that the wisdom tooth needs to be removed by a surgery knowing that there is a high risk that my lower lip can numb for a few months or for lifetime & honestly that freaks me out!!  Another alternative was recommended by another dentist is to do operculectomy, knowing that the wisdom tooth is not in a normal position with roots curved & has decay in it & causing decay in the molar next to it. My question what is the best option in my case, the extraction surgery or the operculectomy?

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Pain After Days Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I had 4 Wisdom teeth extracted on 12/3/2012. I initially went to get one tooth extracted due to the impacted tooth causing pain. The oral surgeon talked me into getting 4 extracted (I wasn't even aware that  I had them as they caused no issues)

I am on day 11 currently and I am in SO. MUCH. PAIN. I have been experiencing pain since about day 5. I had a follow up on 12/10/2012. The oral surgeon looked in my mouth for all of 2 minutes, told me that everything looked fine, and that basically showed me the door. I asked him questions about all of the pain  was having and he advised me that I probably clench my teeth when I sleep. I told him I don't really sleep because of the pain, and he didn't really say anything...The only extraction site that hurts is the one that the problem tooth was extracted from. The pain actually resembles the same pain I experienced before getting the tooth extracted.I have a very high pain threshold, but I can't knock this. I take two ibuprofen every 8 hours and It still leaves me basically paralyzed to the point I want to lay in my bed in Fetal Position. Could it be possible that surgeon slacked off on the check up and missed something? Warm water rinses leave me in discomfort. Using the syringe is critical, as food gets stuck in my sockets. When I use it, there is nothing that can stop the intense radiating pain that I feel for the next 30 minutes of my life. I have even tried not using so much pressure while irrigating with the syringe.What should I do?

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Drugs To Relax Before Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

I'm going through a bit of anxiety about getting my lower left wisdom tooth extracted. It's fully erupted and will be cut out by an oral surgeon under local anesthetics. It's cracked and painful so it probably has to go soon. I'm extremely phobic about this so I definitely need something to calm me down. Is there a drug that'll make me fearless? It has to be something that i can get prescribed by my doctor. Would something like Xanax work or is there something better? I believe I will be getting laughing gas as well.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction (broken) Gone Wrong

I am 31 years old and 6 days ago I had my lower wisdom teeth removed. One had broken through the gums and I was told by a few dr's that it should eventually be removed. I finally had the time and removed it. However, my Dentist also removed the one on the other side (which had not broken through and was not impacted) and now that one is severely infected. The extraction process took almost 2 hours and there was a lot of bleeding. I went back to the Dentist to have it checked out and was told it was normal. I then followed all directions but movement decreased and swelling increased.

Swelling increased so much in two days that it was affecting my swallowing and eventually breathing and I went to the ER. There, they gave me clindamycin, for the infection. They kept me overnight for observation and did an catscan and 360 xray of my face. Both came up negative and they were relatively happy and sent me home.

Swelling had gone down, fever subsided, and I was feeling a lot better. But now 2 days later there has not been any improvement and I am in severe pain and can't open my mouth very much and can only get some mush in.

After the ER, I went to my PCP and then eventually back to the ER because lack of improvement.

I am also taking Motrin and Percocet.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction - Jaw And Neck Red And Swollen

Had impacted wisdom tooth removed 60 hours ago. The site itself seems to be okay, not much pain, no bleeding. But my right jaw and neck are swollen and sore and the skin is red. I am also running a low grade fever. I am on antibiotics but couldn't start until 24 hours after procedure because pain meds made me very sick. Is this a normal reaction to the surgery?

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6 Months Pregnant And Extraction Of Wisdom Tooth

I'm 24 and 6 months pregnant had problems with my wisdom tooth for 6 months i can't sleep and i'm in extreme pain, i have visited my dentist and they have informed me i need it removing cus it's damaged, but they said they won't remove it while i'm pregnant, i can't deal with this for anova 4 months is there anyway around this so i can get it taken out as i have read that you can have teeth out while pregnant.

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Oral And Dental :: Hot Drinks After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I had my wisdom tooth extracted under local anesthetic thursday gone. Is it ok for me to drink hot drinks now? I'm missing a hot cuppa!

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Fully Erupted/filled

I'm having a wisdom tooth on my left upper jaw pulled tomorrow. The tooth is fully erupted and has a filling (about 2 years old). I was fine until I started watching videos.

Does anyone have any experience with something like this? I read that fully erupted wisdom teeth are no more difficult to remove than molars, but I'm still concerned.

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Horrible Smell After Months From The Socket After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I had my wisdom tooth removed several months ago, and ever since then I've noticed a horrible smell coming from the socket! It's like the smell you get after flossing but much worse! I don't suffer any pain with it. I mentioned this to my dentist who didn't even seem to listen to me. I've tried extra brushing, and various mouthwashes including salt water. Has anyone got an idea what this could be?

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Dental Health :: Dry Socket 9 Days After Tooth Extraction (NOT Wisdom Teeth)

I had a lower molar extracted 9 days ago & was wondering if spicy foods can dissolve the blood clot & result in dry socket? I obsessively check the extraction site & the clot is still there (even though it doesn't look as dark but maybe that's my paranoia) & if you do get dry socket does the pain happen right away or take a day or 2 before the pain starts? I ate BBQ chicken that was a little spicy & was worried I might dissolve the clot. I rinsed with salt water immediately after but have been getting occasional pings of pain since about day 5 but just discomfort & a few times the discomfort went to my ear but it didn't last long. How long does it take till the hole completely closes up? HELP! I'm so afraid the clot will dissolve during the night & it's the weekend! I've read that if you don't get dry socket by day 4 or 5 you're in the clear unless you poke @ the extraction site or something causes trauma to it is this true?

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Dental Health :: Pain In Nearby Teeth After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It has been 5 days since I got two of my upper wisdom teeth extracted. The right extraction does not bother me and feels like it is almost back to normal. The left side is in pain. The pain has gotten worse and is located on the two teeth closest to where the wisdom tooth was extracted. I also have pain in my ear, eye and a sore throat. I saw the dentist yesterday and she did an xray and examined the sockets and ruled out dry socket. She said the socket is healing fine. The pain in the two teeth she said is coming from a root canal on my bottom tooth (same side). Apparently, the pain is shooting from the root canal to the two top teeth. I am confused. Is this just a coincidence that the teeth that requires a root canal is causing pain to my upper teeth near the extraction? The tooth that needs the root canal is not painful. She has given me antibiotics and pain meds, however, I have not seen any improvements. The two teeth that are in pain do not have cavities. Has anyone experienced this before?

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Dental Abscess :: Adjacent Tooth Decay Caused By Wisdom Tooth

If you check the x ray (where i circled in red), I have a tooth decay because of wisdom teeth coming close to my last tooth. My options are to do a root canal on the decayed tooth and eventually get the wisdom tooth removed OR get the decayed tooth removed and let the wisdom teeth occupy its place. 

And my wisdom teeth is partially erupted, so it is not out fully. 

I have asked around for a few suggestions and everyone is suggesting to go for option 2 which is removed the decayed tooth and let wisdom tooth partially take its place. 

Can anyone suggest if that is a good option. As you can see all my teeth are healthy and I just had bad luck with the wisdom tooth coming at an angle! 

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Anxiety :: Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Getting my wisdom teeth out this Friday and I'm really scared. My lower right side is impacted and growing horizontal and causing my right cheek to be a bit swollen and my neck as well. I have slight jaw and tooth pain and war paint. Dentist prescribed antibiotics for 10 days and I started the course yesterday and going to continue it after the surgery to prevent infection. I am very scared of this procedure although so many people have gotten it done. I have extreme anxiety and this is causing it to sky rocket. My dentist sedated the patient which I'm glad about due to me not wanting to actually be aware of what they are doing. He doesn't do IV sedation he does oral sedation. I take two halcion pills and two antihistamine pills an hour before the appointment and I should be very relaxed by the time I get there and he will give more depending on how I am when I get there. Two friends did oral sedation though and said it was okay. But a lot more have done iv. I was told it's less of a sleep feeling with oral sedation because I'm not put out immediately but I will most likely not remember the actual procedure. I'm scared can someone share their wisdom teeth experiences and maybe if they took the pill or even just how it feels like to wake up after and stuff. I'm scared that I won't wake up from the sedation although I'm not gonna be actually sleeping.

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Anxiety And Nervous Regarding Wisdom Teeth Extraction

I am getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and I am very very nervous. I have severe anxiety all the time so this is not helping. I will be getting the sedation pills so I don't feel or remember the surgery. I am just scared about it and scared of the sedation etc. I just need some advice and encouragement please because I'm freaking out. I've been having so many complications this last month such as my jaw swelling and neck swelling on the same side as my impacted horizontal tooth. I got so scared that I had to make an appointment to get them out.

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction - Dry Socket - Pain After 8 Days

I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted last Wednesday under sedation in a hospital. The first, second, and third day went just fine. When it came to the fourth and fifth day I hard to go to the ER cuz the pain was unbearable. The gave me a shot for inflammation and some hydrocodone syrup. Day 6 I went back to the surgeon....a different one this time and he said I had dry socket and he packed it with the medicated sponges, then came out a few hours later....needless to say it's day 8 and still in pain. If it wasn't for pain killers I wouldn't want to live. This is worst then when I had my breast surgery.

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Socket Is Still Red 3 And A 1/2 Weeks After A Simple Tooth Extraction

I had a tooth extraction of my tooth #5 ( upper right next to the eye tooth ) 3 and a 1/2 weeks ago. The socket is still kind a red and very tender, or should I say sore ? I went back to the OS after 3 weeks ( so few days ago ) he said it's healing , just to brush the site and eat on it, it will become pink. I don't eat on that side yet, and I brush around the extraction site only. When he touched it with a q tip to see the socket, it started bleeding a little, and he said that's ok. IS IT OK ? I still rinse with warm salt water, I heard I should do that until the hole closes up. I had another extraction 9 months ago, and it healed very slowly, so I was expecting another slow healing this time too.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Tooth Extraction While On Prednisone

I wonder if anyone knows if I can have an extraction while taking pred. My dentist won't do it and I've been waiting for a clinic appointment for four months.i found out yesterday they'd didn't get the referral and I've got to wait again. The waiting list is 16 weeks.

my tooth is broken in two and I've had three abscesses under it the latter I'm now taking antibiotics for which make me ill.

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Teeth And Head Pain Months After Tooth Extraction

I had my 2 top wisdom teeth extracted back in April 2015, everything went well until the third week of June, 2 months later when a dull pain started near where my top right wisdom tooth was. The pain is not only precisely on that tooth, i feel that pain in other places in the right side of my mouth and my head hurts on the right side of my head as well.

Since then, i have seen 2 dentists and a maxillofacial and they don't know what is causing the pain. They tried giving me 2 kinds of antibiotics and it did not resolve the pain. I am in constant teeth and head pain 24/7. It has been over 2 months now and mean while I got pregnant mid July so I am now limited in what i can take for pain killers. I take tylenols only. But regardless, i want to find the root cause of that pain and fix it as soon as possible.

Originally they thought maybe it was a dry socket, but its not as its been too long now. There does not seem to be a bone sticking out from the extraction either. There is no visual signs of an infection (no redness, not swollen, no fever).

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