Started Taking Birth Control Pills Days After Unprotected Sex

Jan 18, 2016

I had unprotected sex w/ my boyfriend, Friday. Today, which is Monday I started taking birth control pills. Is there by any chance I could still get or be pregnant? If so, will it hurt my baby?

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Birth Control :: Started Taking Viorele Birth Control 2 Days After Checkup

it's been 1 month and 1 weeks since i had my baby i went Dr on my 1 month check up for birth control started taking Viorele birth control 2 days after Dr checkup and I took 2 pills on tuesday afternoon since I missed Monday continued taking 1 pill at 7am for Wednesday ,Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday had unprotected sex Sunday afternoon and took the pill in the morning at 7 am can it protected me from being pregnant or not.

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Birth Control :: Started Taking Tri-Lo Sprintec 9 Days After Period Ended

I started taking tri-Lo Sprintec 9 days after the ending of my last period. I took the first 3 on time but I started getting really sick and couldn't hold anything down so I waited and doubled up on the the 6th day until i got caught up on day 9.dayWell I started I period on day 7. I thought the first 7 pills were placebos to help keep track.

Did I wait too long after my last day of my period to take them and being inconsistent with taking them caused me start a period? Also, if I keep taking them will it stop my period?

The menstrual blood itself looks dry blood with clots. But a few times its been red but again majority of it looks like dry blood.

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Taking Together Birth Control Pills And Whitening Pills Safe?

I would like to know if taking birth control pill and whitening pills is safe.. or make the bcp less effective.

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Birth Control :: Had Sex On The 6th Day Of Taking Pills, Am I Pregnant?

I've been on dinette for my acne and bcp for 5 months now. Although last last week I've only stopped my antibiotic(lymecycline) . I was then on my 7 days break after I had unprotected sex today, which is the 6th day of taking new pack of pills. Is it possible I'm pregnant?

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Birth Control :: Taking Pills While On Depo

About a month into my first shot of Depo I began to bleed. After about 10 days of it I went to the doctor and they gave me estrogen pills to take for 10 days. They slowed down the bleeding, but didn't stop it. After I was done with the pills, the bleeding became heavier and I started getting really bad cramps. I went back in yesterday and they gave me Birth control pills to try to regulate it. It's been 2 days, but the bleeding and cramps are still there. it's just really bringing me down. I use to have a really active lifestyle, but all I want to do now is just stay home in bed. I've also lost about 4 lbs since the bleeding started. It has totally killed my sex life as well. My partner wants to have sex and so do I but the bleeding is just too embarrassing that I'd rather just make up some excuse to not do it. I don't know what else to try.

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Birth Control :: Missed Taking Two Pills

I delayed taking 2 birth control pills in a row (the first delay was of 11 hours and the second of 7 hours). Worried that the efficacy was compromised, I took a morning after pill 30 hours after unprotected intercourse. I continued taking my pills normally. Now, a week after taking the ECP I had a light bleeding. I know it is common, but I thought I wouldn't have it because I am on the pills. So, can I still bleed from the ECP withdrawal even taking birth-control pills? Or is it an implantation bleeding?

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Birth Control :: Taking Plan B While On Pills

I have been taking Birth control pills for 7 days now. Today my boyfriend and I had sex without a condom and he came inside of me. Since I haven't been on birth control for very long should I take Plan B? I was told by my doctor that it will be fine to have sex with no condom after 7 days of taking the pill, but I was reading that sometimes it takes more than 7 days for the pull to fully kick-in.

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Birth Control :: You Get Pregnant When Stop Taking Pills?

how true that when you stop taking pills it will get you pregnant? is pills are safe to take even without a married for 5 yrs ..regular period..since then until now no baby.

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Birth Control :: Taking Pills, Didn't Have A Period This Month

I started taking birth control pills two months ago. I completed one pack of the pills. I had a menstrual cycle last month but I didn't have one this month. Is it possible that I might be pregnant?

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MonoNessa Birth Control Pills :: Period Early By 4 Days

I have been taking the brand MonoNessa of birth control combined pills for almost 2 years now, at the same time every night (I have an alarm on my phone set to ring at the time to take it). I started taking them because my periods were so irregular.

I'm not supposed to start my period until next Tuesday/Wednesday, but this morning i woke up and as i was in the bathroom noticed some watery blood on my underwear, the same kind i get the day before my period usually begins. I put a pad on and just now I went back and noticed dark brown discharge on the pad. Is this what is called spotting/breakthrough bleeding on the pill?

My boyfriend and I are sexually active, but we don't always have sex, preferring to do other things. However when we do have sex we always use condoms. This month we have not had any sex at all, again preferring other things.

I can honestly say I have never experienced this before on the birth control pills. BUT I have experienced this before I started taking the pills. I have had perfect "periods" every month that start on the same day and have the same symptoms. Currently I have 0 symptoms of what my pill period is usually like.

Like any young adult who is startled by something appearing for the first time I immediately googled my symptoms and found that a lot of other people seemed to have dealt with this before. But now I would like a professional on here to give me some much needed advice; is this normal? I am pretty sure I am not pregnant, since we didn't have sex this month and the times we did do stuff the semen was no where near my vagina. Is any birth control pill supposed to do this? This has never happened to me before. Will it happen again? And can I expect my normal period to still happen even though I'm having this stuff today?

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Birth Control :: No Periods After 7 Days Of Taking Unwanted 72

I had sex with my gf and she had taken unwanted 72 within 48 hours.but after 7 days still not getting periods.

So can it take more time or is she pregnant?

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Birth Control :: 12 Days Delay In Periods Already After Taking An Ipill ?

My girlfriend is 17. We had unprotected sex and I don't come inside and it's been 12 days her periods have been delayed (took ipill within 72 hours of intercourse) . Has the ipill worked or no?

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Birth Control :: Taking The Pill - Non Stop Bleeding For 16 Days

I had my implanon removed the beginning of October and immediately started taking the pill. I have now been non stop bleeding for 16 days. Should this be happening even while taking the pill? I would think the bleeding would be stopping or at least slowing down at this point, but it's not!

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Birth Control :: Lemon Juice Interfere With Birth Control Pills?

I want to use lemon juice to lose weight,so I was wondering if that will interfere with the birth control pills that I'm currently taking?

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Birth Control :: Cyclafem Birth Control Pills Effective?

I have been taking cyclafem birth control pills. Sunday I started new pack but its by a different name. The name is sprintec. How effective is it?

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Abdominal Pain - Started Taking Ramipril 3 Days Ago

I have had low and mid abdominal pain and bloating for a couple of days, which is getting worse. Since last night I have also had upper abdominal burning pain and nausea. I started taking Ramipril 3 days ago for high blood pressure and have read that gastrointestinal inflammation, abdominal discomfort and dyspepsia can be common side effects, so I am assuming this is the cause. I can't see a doctor for 3 days. Is there anything I can do to ease the pain/burning in the meantime please? I have taken paracetamol, a pro-biotic and gaviscon tablets to no effect.

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Birth Control :: How To Take Pills?

I was supposed to start my new pack at 6 pm on Sunday. It is now 730 am on Tuesday.

How do I take my pills now? The instructions are unclear to me because I'm freaking out.

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Birth Control :: Which Time Of The Day To Take Pills

I've never been on birth control pills before and I just started taking them 4 days ago. I wanted to know if I can change the time I take it from 12:30 pm to like 7 or 8 at night? 12:30 just isn't too convenient for me anymore.

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Birth Control :: Missed Pills

I forgot to take the pill tuesday and wednesday on the third week of my pack, and then took all 3 on thursday. I started spotting on thursday friday and saturday. I am not having sex so i am not at risk of getting pregnant. Should i still finish my packet till sunday and start a completely new pack? or can i just continue on and finish this packet?

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Birth Control :: Periods Just Started - Should Take Unwanted 72?

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the same night just after 2-3 hours my period started. Should i take her unwanted 72, as i don`t want to get pregnant? Is it safe during periods? Or is there no reason of worry?

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