Vulva :: Mirena Causing Burning Sensation?

Sep 12, 2014

I had the mirena put in 3 months ago. Ever since I have had extremely tender breast and a very low sex drive I know that these are a few of the side affects but what I am even more concerned about is the extreme burning sensation I feel on my vulva. I have gone in many times already. Been check for STD, yeast, and bacterial infection. All came back negative. I have noticed whenever I have extremely bad cramps from the birth control is when I start feeling the burning sensation. I never felt this until I got the birth control in. Is this common? Or am I the only one who feels this extreme burning sensation when I start cramping? I plan to have it removed Tuesday I can't take this anymore.

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Vulva :: Burning Sensation / Irritation - No Bumps Or Smell - Normal Discharge

I have not had sex for two months. I had never had any sort of symptoms/irritation before (apart from one yeast infection years ago) but a couple weeks ago I began to notice a burning sensation in my vulva. There are no bumps, no foul smell, and normal discharge. But I have a constant burning and sometimes itching feeling, it is also very red. I tried using monistat soothing cream to aid the burning feeling, but it only made it worse.

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Vulva :: Dry And Burning, But No Itching?

Seriously, it hurts so bad I can't even touch it. No redness, no discharge, no odor, no itching, no pain urinating, just dryness and burning. Similar to a rash or rug burn.

I've treated it for yeast infections, but it still keeps burning off and on. Maybe it's sensitive skin? I use natural and PH-balanced soaps because I can't stand using only water down there.

Please help! It REALLY makes it difficult to enjoy my sex life.

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Vulva :: No Itching ONLY Burning In The During Sex

i'm 22 years old just get married , never had sex before in my life !! i just lost my vegina 6 months ago with my husband . it was complicated hymen resistance , some doctors asked me to use operation to loose my vegina, but my husband insisted to do it by his own !

my point here is : any time i have sex during this 6 months i get hurt in the entrance of my vegina , and when he is trying to exit too ! after the sex i feel the fire on the exit (vulva) that takes an hour or two sometimes! as a concussion NO ITCHING at all ,only burning in the entrance of my vegina ( vulva )
i visited a doctor he said that we need to have sex many times as we can ! but its still hurt

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Raw And Burning Vulva With Itching

Two days ago I scratched my vulva and Labia area because it was itchy in the night and when I woke up it was reddish irritated. Now it looks like it healed, but it stings when I wash with hot water and when I pee.

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Vaginal Health :: Red Burning Vulva

I've been suffering from a vagina condition for almost a year now. It started out with what seemed like a yeast infection with painful burning inside and out but after many courses of antibiotics, steroid cream, antifungal, my condition down there has only worsened. I have even been on vagifem because my dermatologist said estrogen was low on the skin down there maybe due to being on birth-control for so many years. Stopped birth control stayed on vagifem, no improvement. My parts are now constantly red and burning inside and out and she said I have Vulvodynia because she can't explain it. I've been in vagina therapy and taking an antidepressant so suppress the nerve endings. I only experienced a brief 2 week period of relief before it came back worse than before. My doctors can't figure anything out, they put me on hydrocortisone cream 10% intravaginally for 4 weeks, then clindamycin cream again, no improvement. Nothing helps the pain except epsom salt bath soaks and ice.I'm scheduled to see another Gyno for hopefully a pair of fresh eyes on my condition because so far no doctor has found a helpful solution. My boyfriend and I do manage to have sex once a week but it's always painful and we have to use lots of lube because I get very dry which is why I keep thinking it's estrogen related but I'm only 31. I've been tested for STDs and all that jazz, he is the only sexual partner I've ever had and prior to us beginning to have sex, I never had these issues in my life. They didn't happen immediately, I didn't start having this problem until 3 months or so after we were having sex, first with condoms than without so, I dunno. My mom said she would get yeast infections all the time when she had sex with my dad but my doctors never find evidence of yeast in my cultures or really anything except that my parts are clearly inflamed from my white cell count.I'm at my wits end with this, I can barely enjoy sex anymore or get in the mood. I'm always uncomfortable. I no longer shave down there, wear all cotton panties, sleep without underwear at night, take daily epsom salt soaks. My boyfriend and I did stop having sex for a few months to see if that helped but it didn't. Sex does aggravate it though but so does moving around, driving and sitting, sitting is the worst. The skin down there is red all over and it hurts to rub my clit or touch down there and it just burns all the time like its on fire. Its awful, anyone had anything similar to this?I've tried home remedies too, different soaks, herbal supplements, cut out soda and trying to eat better diet wise. It also burns when I pee sometimes but not all the time. I think it burns cause the skin down there is so inflamed that anything that hits it just makes it scream in pain. I keep thinking it has to be autoimmune or an allergen I'm not aware of even though I use unscented soap, shaving cream etc.

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Vulva Area Burning With Bumps

I have been dating my boyfriend for over a year and we both lost our virginity to each other and neither of us, have cheated. However, one month ago, I noticed a line of bumps from my vaginal opening to the lips. They're really small and they worried me a lot at first. However, being with only one man, I figured it couldn't be anything transmitted sexually. But, recently, it's been burning when I go to bathroom, or even when I'm just sitting down. I'm just worried that it's something I can't get rid of. My boyfriend did have a wart on his hand, and I'm just scared it could have transmitted from that?

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Vulva :: Burning And Itching After Periods

I have a burning and itch. It gets a bit worse when I pee.. It's around the vagina only.. It's been 3-4 days since I finished my period. I'm not discharging anything and i don't know of any smells..

Please help! I don't know if it's a yeast infection.. I've never had this kind of burning an itch there before... 

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Birth Control :: Mirena Causing Watery Yellowish Discharge?

Ive had the mirena in for about a year and I get cramps monthly and have watery yellowish almost gooey discharge. Is this normal?

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Eczema On My Perineal Area :: Vulva Itching & Burning

I had eczema on my perineal area & was cleared up with cortisone cream, now it is red & burns like fire. I also have a lot of itching along with it. I was thinking maybe the cortisone was too strong & did this. Has anyone else had this problem & what could i do about it? It is driving me crazy.

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Pregnancy :: After Sex Burning Sensation When I Pee

So I had sex and he when we both reach that point we did as one. But now I'm having a burning sensation when I pee. It always happen after sex n he ***. And only been happening since I been pregnant. Condoms irritate me down there so we stop using them. I'm thinking of giving sex up!

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Anxiety :: Burning Sensation And Burp

Can anyone help me. I have been getting a burning sensation, followed but heart racing, hot flashes and the feeling of having to vomit or burp. Is this anxiety? I have been under tons of stress...

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Breast :: Tingling And Burning Sensation

From time to time I feel this burning sensation in breasts (both). Feels like tingling and burning sensation, but doesn’t hurt or anything. I am examining my breast regular and can’t seem to find anything. Does tingling mean anything?

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Stomach Burning Sensation And Pain

Ever since I was a little kid i've gotten those really intense stomach aches/cramps whenever i'm doing something special. When I was a kid I got them every single morning before school, I used to sit on the floor and almost cry because it hurt so badly but they always passed as soon as I got there. Nowadays I don't get them every time i'm going to school but every time i'm doing something special like going on a date with my boyfriend or travelling somewhere! I get so nauseous, I run to the bathroom several times and I can't eat for the entire day. It has been so bad I was on a date once and I couldn't eat, I had to force myself to and later run to the bathroom where I nearly threw up. I don't get nervous, at least I don't feel nervous.. but maybe that's it? I just think it's weird because I can be super excited about something but those stomach pains ruin everything..

Also lately i've had this weird burning sensation in my stomach, it gets worse when I eat spicy foods or drink coffee or anything else with lots of caffeine like energy drinks. I've never been sensitive to either before in my life. I've been a coffee drinker since age 5. Believe it or not..

But those burning stomach pains they have been there for maybe 2 or 3 months now.. everyday more or less. It's getting really annoying.

Any ideas what either of those things could be? Do I have a sensitive belly or something and how do I treat that?

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Burning Sensation In My Urethra In My Perineal Area After Sex

A few weeks ago I had sex with my girlfriend of 3 1/2 years. About half an hour after, I started to experience a burning sensation in my urethra in my perineal area. I took some ibuprofen and a hot bath and the pain subsided after about an hour. We had sex again over the next few weeks with no more issues. However we had sex the other day and the same result. A mild burn in my urethra. I thought that it might be the fact that I drink a lot of soda (bad for you I know) so I have started drinking strictly water the past few days in hopes that it would go away. It hasn't. I went to the doctor and they said it was probably a UTI and so they prescribed me ciprofloxacin. I just started taking it today and the pain has been off and on for about five days. I have no other side effects other than a burning in my urethra. It doesn't hurt to urinate, no discharge, etc.

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Balanitis? Stinging, Burning Sensation On Penis

I noticed yesterday that I had a stinging, burning sensation when my penis brushed against my boxers. Ouch!! When I checked it out the entire foreskin was red, inflamed and very sensitive. Not only that, but the glans is also red and sensitive to touch. I have a visible band around the head where the foreskin covers. Any advice fellas? Any OTC medications that work? I did google it and some say Lotrimin, I'm just a little cautious when it comes to my member. Any advice? Also, what say you? Do we soap or not? (BTW sorry if this posted twice.)

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Vaginal Health :: Burning Itching Sensation

In my feminine area I have a very bad burning itching sensation that also feels like I have open sores in that area. When I am sitting down it is not as bad but when I am standing and walking around I want to die it hurts so bad. I am a waitress and it makes my life a living hell when ever I work that I have called in sick many times because it gets so bad. I have tried many creams, soaps and even just used water while I clean this area and they all make it worse. I have been to the doctors to be tested for UTI, bladder and yeast infections and all came back negative. My doctors wants to test for STD but I have never in my life had any kind of sexual intercourse.

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Women :: Painful Burning Sensation In Urethra - No UTI / STD

I am a 21 year old female in the UK, and I have been suffering with a painful burning sensation which I believe to be coming from my urethra since September 2014. The pain comes and goes throughout the day, and it will be at its most intense after having urinated, and after sex. At its worst I struggle to walk. The need to urinate has increased but there is no difficulty in going, though I do now most often have two streams when urinating which sometimes will stop and start. On multiple occasions there has also been thick blood in my urine too. 

No UTIs have ever shown up on the paper dip test at my local GPs, though I have had UTIs in the past. I have tested negative to all STDs. I have had ultrasound scans which have shown nothing abnormal. I have had numerous internal examinations by doctors and one by a Gynaecologist, all have said everything looks normal and healthy.  

My GP has had me try at least 6 different types of antibiotics but none have had any effect on me, except for Cephalexin which I took once a day for 28 days, the pain felt lifted and sex was possible again, but 3-4 days after having finished my course I was back to how I was before them.   

I drink plenty of fluids (including cranberry juice) and eat healthy, I don't drink alcohol, smoke, or take drugs. All pain killers have very little effect on the pain, only a hot water bottle sat between my thighs brings any relief. Taking cranberry capsules, and/or cystitis relief sachets has had no effect. 

I am about ready to give up on my local GP, its doctors and the NHS, no matter how many appointments I make and attend no progress is ever made, no tests are ever taken and my request to be referred to a Urologist has been repeatedly turned down, I am only ever told to drink more water and to try a new antibiotic, which I pay for each time, no one seems willing to search and to find out what is causing the pain. Affording to go private is a problem for me though, and so I just hope there is someone out there who can relate to me and give me guidance/knowledge on what to do.  

This pain is now negatively affecting all aspects of my life. 

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Arthritis :: Burning Sensation In Both Palms - More Painful At Night

I’m a 49 year old male in good health --- not diabetic and clean blood work including negative for RA Factor, very low CRP and Sed Rate.   Rest of bloodwork (CBC) all looks normal as well.

I’ve been experiencing a pain in both of my palms (more like a burning sensation) that comes and goes during the day but is generally more painful at night. The pain is located below my thumbs in the fleshy area of the palm called the Abductor Pollicis Brevis area.  (I’ve obviously been researching this too much to know all these terms!!)

I’m assuming I must have Osteoarthritis as I have Herberden Nodes on the DIP joints of both little fingers. I also feel stiffness in the PIP joints of the middle fingers of both hands.  

I was concerned this might be rheumatoid arthritis but with my blood work all being normal and I feel great I think it’s likely something else.  

What could be causing this pain in what looks to be the Thenar Eminence area of my palms.   Could this be due to Osteoarthritis or I’ve read about something called Tenosyvitis?

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Internal Hemorrhoids :: Burning Sensation And Bad Nerve Pain

Have been having problems with hemorrhoids for last two months. after lots of straining due to bad constipation also sitting for long periods of time GP examined me and gave me suppositories which didn't do much to help only relief I seem to get is when I am laying down on my side in bed I have mostly internal haemorrhoids that are very painful I have had no bleeding at all also feels like bad nerve pain with it. Some soreness inside and burning sensation.

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STDs :: Tingling / Mild Burning Sensation In My Penis Tip

I slept with a girl 5 days ago and for the last couple of days I've noticed a tingle/ mild burning sensation in my penis tip......I have felt this sensation before sometimes after masturbation but it tends to go after a bit....could this be a STI? Does anyone else experience a similar thing?

I've read a couple of things that say it could be down to the nerves in the penis tip, could that be true?

To be on the safe side I am going to get a STI check up, I am thinking of going the end of next week which would make it about 11 days after my sexual encounter, would this be long enough after the event to show things like chlamydia?

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