Yellow Coating On Tongue :: Acid Reflux Or Silent Reflux?

Nov 7, 2015

hi does anyone else get a yellow coating on their tongue from reflux?

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Burning Tongue

Have been to multiple doctors. Had every test known in this area. AND still suffering from intense burning of my tongue and even the bottoms of my feet. B12 levels are fine. Take Nexium daily. Has anyone had this and ever found relief? It's a 24 hour thing. And when I wake up/get up my tongue feels like leather and there is a nasty taste in my mouth. Chewing tobacco actually helps. Have to have something in my mouth at all times or it is almost unbearable.

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Silent Acid Reflux) :: Suffocation, Blocked Ears, Bladder Sensitivity And Weight Loss

I have been going through some strange and debilitating symptoms for the last months - I started having IBS-like symptoms since early March (mainly soft loose stool and flatulence, burping and couple strange episodes of fatty stools and lactose intolerance - Was not lactose intolerant before), also discomfort in the rectum area (which previous GP think was hemorrhoids and could be what's causing the feeling of fullness), but things started to get really strange since beginning of July:

- I started having feeling of suffocation/not getting enough air and my throat closed up (but no pain or discomfort when swallowing)

-Feeling of compression around Sternum (which seem to come and go)

- Blocked ears (stuffy, no pain)

- White phlegm (seems to be coming from the area just below the Adam's Apple, with some episodes of hemoptysis)

-Weight loss (14 lbs in 2 months)

-Numbness in hands/arms (seem to come and go) and couple nights when my legs kinda kicked a bit (now stopped)

-Muscle soreness (after exercising)

-Insomnia (either can't fall asleep or wake up sometime from feeling of not getting enough air or having to go the loo)

-Cold hands/feet

-Bladder became sensitive (when pressed and increased urination, almost seem to not keeping water, with darker urine in the morning than usual and feeling of dehydration)

- Had episodes of diarrhea which has now disappeared

- An inflamed/uncomfortable feeling in the rectum (my current GP said the hemorrhoids at the area look bit dilated), which seem to relate to the new bladder sensitivity.

Basically my whole middle tube (from throat all the way down) seem to be "squeezed" and closed up.

I have been looking and no visible blood in stool so far (Hemocult stool test were negative), my new GP has been quite supportive and we are doing as many tests as possible, some bloodwork came back and indicated:

-No anemia
-Raised level of total IgE of 1280
-No evidence of Diabetes type 1 (if I remembered correctly)
-No raised level of Eosinophils, CRP, no antinuclear antigen present)
-No detectable abdominal lumps/tender spots
-Five parasite stool samples negative - Although with the low Eosinophils level I should maybe forget about looking for parasites?

- A GI specialist has suggested the respiratory symptoms could be caused by silent acid reflux as I don't feel any heartburn sensations but do have most of the signs of silent acid reflux, the IBS-like symptoms and weight loss could be from fat malabsorption since the unabsorbed fat could act like lube and cause the symptoms?

Just curious could this all be caused by SIBO? Or damages of eating too much spicy foods as I did that for almost 2 years till this year before all the symptoms started showing?

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How To Diagnose Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (silent Reflux)

My 6 year old has had chronic sinusitis, recurrent pneumonia, lots of infections, tonsillectomy and adenoids removed @ 3 yr. because the tonsils were so infected. We had a scare in July where he was believed to have either a very serious infection or leukemia (due to blood work being so off and neutrophils dropping way below normal levels). We have been through the ringer with him since he was 6 months of age!!! He's had CF tests done, bone marrow biopsy, tons of chest x-rays, immunoassays etc. He's never had a CT of his sinuses but will soon. Now that he's been cleared from everything we are thinking it's laryngopharyngeal reflux, aka Silent Reflux, w/o heartburn. Anyone have a child with this that can help me? Should I push them to test him or just go along with the diagnosis w/o testing.

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My Silent Reflux LPR, Airway Reflux Experience

My problem started around 12 months ago after a bad bout of chest/lung infection treated by antibiotics and i have not been right since. I'm not saying it has anything to do with it but it seemed to start after that. I have daily the trying to clear my throat especially in the morning after i get up usually after i have eaten. This clearing is normally combined with a couch or tickle type cough in the morning. It usually subsides after an hour or so but  starts again anytime of day and during the afternoon usually. I also get Hoarseness sometimes in the throat the sort of feeling like you get if you've been shouting or none stop talking and you voice struggles. In addition i sometimes get a lump in the throat feeling to. When i go to bed i don't get any problems during the night its just the rest of the day. I'm guessing after reading this thread/forum that its LPR silent reflux I have .

Does anyone else experience this as it really gets me down and I worry a lot. I'm quite a stressful person and hate going to the doctors.

I have also just received the results from the biomed peptest which both samples tested positive one at moderate 99 ng/ml and the other at very high 250 ng/ml . I'm not sure i did the test correct as i left it several weeks before doing it and didn't store the tubes in the fridge as i found out later i should have. I also did the 2 samples at the same time so am a little confused why one was 99 and the other 250 ?

Anyway is saw my GP today and explained what was going on and my peptest and she didn't seem to fully understand imho.. she as told me to take one Lansoprazole each night and if things don't improve go back in a month. I know they won't work as i have tried them before. I am drinking alkaline water but not really noticed any difference so know going to change my diet.

Has anyone got any tips , medication suggestions etc..etc.. I am desperate to get help as worried about the long term damage. Is anyone going through the same ?

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Inhaling Acid Whilst Asleep - Acid Reflux

I have had acid reflux for 2 years and been on Lansoprazole 30mg once a day as a PPI

I am 42, male and overweight

Recently I have had the most frightening experience of waking up in the middle of the night choking and unable to breathe. It lasts about 60 seconds but feels like 10 minutes

The doctor says I could be inhaling acid whilst asleep.

Has anyone information or experience of this and know what can be done about it - its VERY scary.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Acid Reflux/heartburn On NSAIDS

I have various back problems I have posted about in the back section but due to this I'm on 500mg of Naprosyn 2x a day. I also take 20mg of omeprazole 2x a day at the same time as the naprosyn as it was giving me heartburn. I started on 20mg but went up to 40mg because I was still getting the heartburn which is now acid reflux bringing me close to vomiting.

I've told my doctor about this and the latest thing I'm on is peptac liquid at bed time but I'm also taking it after meals if I have to.

It doesn't seem to be improving. My doctor said if it doesn't improve soon she will have to take me off it. The only reason she hasn't done yet is I am already in so much pain and the naprosyn is one of the few things that has helped.

I also have noticed I'm beginning to have difficulty swallowing hard or dense foods. Soft ones are fine but now I'm kind of afraid of and completely avoiding anything hard or dense. Could this be to do with the acid reflux?

I am going to ask my mum to help me raise the head of my bed (as due to my back problem propping myself up on pillows just makes things worse) but is there anything else I can do?

I'm really worried about developing a peptic ulcer.. it's the last thing I read right now. Can anyone tell me what the symptoms are I need to watch out for? If this carries will I end up with permanent acid reflux as well does anyone know?

I see my doctor again on the 4th of November so will discuss it all with her again then but I just am worried in the meanwhile.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Acid Reflux/Heartburn - Throat Itch And Deeper Voice

I am a 22 year old male. Along with my other issues I also suffer from the above. My endoscopy showed (Mild G1 reflux oesophagitis and minor duodenitis. Some bile reflux in stomach). I am currently taking Esomeprazole 40 mg per day which I believe is not helping. Everyone has said how my voice sounds much deeper and different than before, and the top of my throat is always itching. My teeth feel really bad, I know over time Acid can make them really bad. I have had several appointments cancelled by the Gastroenterologist at my local hospital and I am due to see him in September. I have tried all remedies etc but nothing seems to help.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Pescatarian Gluten Free -- And Reflux?

I decided to become a vegetarian about 6 months ago... I ate very little red meat at the time anyway. I also, about 3 months ago, cutout glutens. I have found my general digestion very good... And have lost about half a stone, and never feel bloated or blocked. (Too much information?).

My diet is pretty well rounded. I do eat fish, as well as the Quorn chunks, and every now and then a protein supplement. I have one or two fresh fruit smoothies a day, and a eat 'little and often'. Calories wise I am always there or there abouts - although being a runner (5 miles a day) and a performer, I do expend a lot of energy.

I have recently started suffering from reflux and acid. My doctor has given me tablets for 30 mins before a meal. And habits con plus for afterwards, but I don't really want to have a reliance on those.

Is this acid reflux quite normal after a major change in diet such as this? And does anyone have any advice on how to cut done stomach acid?

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Acid Reflux - Pain In The Back And Chest

Okay, so here are the facts: I have a 1 cm hiatal hernia and reflux. This I have been diagnosed with.  I changed my whole diet  - very bland and eating next to nothing. For about a week or two I was feeling better and eating all the same foods. However, last night I ate the same meal I eat every night -my chicken and apple sauce at 5:00. At 8:00 the intense pains started in the chest and went on and off until 1:00am with feeling like I was having a heart attack. Pains in the back and chest and under my breastbones. Finally took my spasm meds (docs thought I was having esophageal. spasms) but that didn't work to help the pain. Any thoughts - does anyone experience this horrible chest pain. It is horribly painful feeling like my esophagus is being pulled, stabbed, and crushed. Its excruciating!

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Does Acid Reflux Make You Thirsty?

having new symptom now... Along with Polymyalgia, Prednisone I and other RA drugs, I'm now experiencing extreme thirst.  Water just doesn't quinch.  I drink atleast 8 cups a day. Nothing else.

have blood tests about every two months, sugar levels are good as per doctor, though I see it as on high side of good. In the 90's.

i just wondered if since everything I ingest makes my throat flutter, if it's making me feel so thirsty.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Acid Reflux And Cough

does anyone suffer from the above, am worried is something sinister, seem very fatigued sometimes feel sick and acid in throat driving me round the bend, i cough sometimes, GP gave me omeprazole worked a little then dont seem to.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Acid Reflux And Not Able To Breathe

Actaually my brother got synus surgery in throat at january,My brother got refexion 2 times for past one month.oneday while he is eating its just choked and cant able to breathe for a minute with some sound in throat.After 2 days one mid night he again felt breatheless and awake and went for clinic to get back his beathe normal.Thereafter we discuss with ENT surgeriant doctar said its of acid reflextion and will cure it slowly.Even he hates all night and fear of sleeping.How to recover him to a normal guy. Since he is only 25 years old.

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Perimenopause :: Acid Reflux Or Bile Reflux

I'm 46 and in Peri. One of my symptoms is acid reflux or bile reflux.

I had my gallbladder out 15 months ago so not sure which one it is.

I have burning in my chest, throat and in my nose. I have a tight chest that comes out of the blue.

I want to burp more as well.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Acid-reflux: Choking?

I was diagnosed with having severe acid-reflux problems at the hospital. I was told that nothing can be done for me....? How can that be?

Plus, I have to wait 12 weeks for an endoscopy to check for a hiatus hernia!

My main issue is that I feel as though I am choking after I eat any food. It is incredibly severe. I cannot function because of it. But, I don't have any acid in my mouth or burning. Do you have any choking?

I'm on nexium 20mg, and have tried 40mg. I've also had lansoprazole and omeprazole, but none have worked.

Is there an op that can be done to prevent the acid reflux?

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Ranitidine Along With Gaviscon - Silent Reflux

After months of a bitter taste, sore burning tongue and constant mucous/throat clearing, I was prescribed Ranitidine along with Gaviscon.

I've altered my diet, cut out dairy and all the negative foods such as tomatoes, onions etc

My question is could there be something I'm missing?

What I mean is, a lot of the time these days my symptoms are ok - they only rate a 1 or 2 out of 10 but then all of a sudden - BAM! It's like I'm still eating something that is reacting with me and causing the bitter taste/sore, dry tongue......

I've started using almond milk as I was struggling to find anything to drink except water. A few days after starting the almond milk I thought I would give muesli a try - I've not had it since this reflux all started back in November. Within 10 minutes my tongue is burning and sore and I have a horrible bitter 'paracetamol' like taste in my mouth. Would the acid be caused so quickly? What could be in muesli that causes such a reaction?!

Or could it be that the Ranitidine is not working and that I need to try something else?

I'm fed up with this - it's taking over my life.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Silent, Throat Clearing , Hoarseness

My symptoms are constant throat clearing throughout the day and sometimes feel a very slight hoarseness / slightly sore throat and sometimes spitting white bubbles and the feeling of clogged throat. I've tested positive for high pepsin levels and am using alkaline water , and cutting out certain foods but it doesn't seem to taking lansoprazole and also gaviscon but symptoms remain :-( ...I'm ok in bed at night but it's the rest of the day ..many on this discussion tend to talk about normal reflux instead of LPR , silent reflux  any advise on this subject welcome...

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LPR / Silent Reflux - Blocked Ears And Post-nasal Drip?

I have had LPR for two years without much success with PPIs. I do not get the burning but i do get a constant mucus feeling in my throat, some coughing, tightness in back of chest and above all the feeling that my ears are blocked all the time and post-nasal drip. All i want to do is sleep now because it is making me very sad and lonely.

When will this all end?

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ENT :: Tongue White Coating, Fatigue, Muscle Weakness And Cramping

I'm a 20 year old male, overweight and currently/recently fighting a tooth infection due to an abscessed tooth that had a bad root canal. I recently got the tooth removed and I am now on an antibiotic. 7 day cycle amoxicillin 500 MG.

So for the past three weeks I've been feeling pretty terrible. I'll be very fatigued to the point where I don't want to talk or move my arms, I've been short of breath while seemingly doing nothing, I've had heart palpitations with little to no anxiety. My blood sugar feels like it has been low and my mouth is very very dry. Along with the dry mouth I've had difficulty swallowing and a thick white coating with somewhat large red bumps in the back of my tongue. The front of my tongue also seems to have a white coating but it is much thinner. My muscles have been twitching all over but not non-stop. Some days I'll go almost without it. My muscles are achy and when I workout or play sports they get incredibly tired quickly, and are sore for days. I've also been coughing up small tonsil stones. Any help would be appreciated. I'm on an antibiotic but I do want to stress that I've been feeling this way just before I started the antibiotic.

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GERD (Acid Reflux) :: Damage From Stomach Acid But Never Feel Pain?

Okay, I am going to have to ask many questions because trying to fit them all in one post is going to be way too wordy.

I have a question that has been bothering me a lot lately:

Is it possible to have damage from stomach acid but never feel pain, have no symptoms and have no feedback from your body to let you know something is wrong?

I apparently have damage, but these are my symptoms.

No = Never had symptom B4

Yes = Have symptom

PRILOSEC = Only RECENTLY got symptom since starting Prilosec (Been off it for a couple days)

Heartburn: No

Bad Breath: No

Sore Throat: No

Lump in Throat: No (PRILOSEC)

Hoarseness: No

Bloating: No (PRILOSEC)

Stomach Pains: No (PRILOSEC, feels like what I imagine a mini labor contraction would feel like)


Bitter Taste: No

Cough: No

Asthma: No

Nausea: No

Trouble Swallowing Food: Yes

- Feels like SOME foods (It's always the same food) get "stuck" somewhere between my throat and my stomach.

- It hurts.

- I salivate a LOT. (Maybe enough to fill 3/4 of a cup)

- Drinking water makes it WORSE as it just rises the food contents closer to my throat.

- Going into a dark, quiet room and focusing hard on relaxing, calming thoughts usually makes the food go down (Stress, loud noise, bright lights seem to make it worse, sometimes creates hiccups)

- Sometimes this doesn't work though, and I have to forcibly vomit the food back up because it simply will not go down

- Can stay in the "stuck" position for 10-15 minutes

- Feels like a muscle is way too tight and won't let the food pass, and I can almost FEEL it when it relaxes. Breath of relief.

- Gets better as I eat the food, not worse. (It's almost like the muscle is getting used to relaxing or something.)

- Taking Prilosec has not helped (Been taking it for 2 months)

Does this sound like a GERD type of swallowing issue? Because I was just browsing around the forums, looking at this topic and I noticed a few things:

- Every post seems to be talking about problems with the throat, not the area between the throat and the stomach

- Many people are saying that water helps them, while water makes it worse for me

- Many people are saying that they have that lump alongside this swallowing issue. I have had the swallowing issue for a while, but have only recently (since starting Prilosec) felt a lump.

- Many people are saying they have to "push" food. The food has easily already gotten past my throat no issues, my issue is that it just hangs somewhere between my throat and my stomach. I couldn't push it even if I wanted to, because that area doesn't have any voluntary movement.

- Many people are saying they have trouble swallowing saliva. I have never had that issue.

Mucus: Yes/No (Sometimes get it, thickness varies, not really been a real problem for me, so 50/50 on this one.)

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Hypochlorhydria - Lack Of Stomach Acid

I went to a new doctor and he mentioned that I may actually have Hypochlorhydria, a lack of stomach acid, anyone have experience or knowledge with this?

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