Lexus GX 2010+ :: 2014 GX460 Engine Stalls While On A Stop Light

Jul 31, 2015

I bought a certified used 2014 GX460 with 16K. I now have 20k. Last week while on vacation, 450 miles away from home, while on a stop light the engine just stopped. I re cranked pulled into Drive and it stopped again. I wanted a couple of mins and it re started. I pulled to a safe area and called my service adviser. He said to keep driving it. Probably just a fluke.

It drove good for the next 45 mins. Later same day we took off again in it. It stopped on me 6 more times. Some were while I was travelling at 60 mph. It just stopped. Had to pull to the side of the road before I lost all steering ability. Kind of scary when a 18 wheeler is on your bumper.

I had it towed to the dealership. They kept if for 5 days. They said they replaced some gaskets around the exhaust valves??? Not areal good explanation.

I drove it 1 1/2 days (45 miles) and it started doing this again. It is at the deal ship now.

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: 2014 GX460 - Maintenance Required Light Reset?

I just got 2014 gx460 maint req light blaring at me what cleared it on my 2004 won't clear this one.

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: GX460 Hissing Noise When Braking To A Stop

Ever since we got our 2012 GX, we hear a hissing noise whenever we brake to a stop. Does yours do this? Turn the radio off, and brake at a stop you hear it? The dealer didnt know what it was. We took another GX off the new car lot and it did the same thing. It sounds like air releasing when you brake.

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: 2013 GX460 Stop And Go Jerkiness When Stepping On Pedal Initially

I recently bought a 2013 gx and noticed a few things.

1. At high speeds 50+ mph the car downshifts quite often during rapid deceleration.
2. When coming to a near stop but not completely, and accelerate moderately to fast, lot of times there is a jerkiness when stepping on pedal initially. Is this normal or could it be something with the differential gearbox?

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: 2014 GX460 - Disable Mirrors Turning Down When In Reverse

I went to the dealer yesterday to disable the steering wheel extending/returning and the side mirrors turning down when in reverse.

The dealer was not able to disable the mirror turning down in reverse. Mine is 2014. I read it somewhere that this is dealer service only.

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: 2014 GX460 And IPhone - Incoming Texts No Longer Synced

I have a 2014 GX 460 and when I had the iPhone 5 the car used to "read" aloud the incoming text messages. This was a fabulous feature. Well, I just got the iPhone 6 and while it synced to the car easily, it no longer reads my incoming texts.

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: GX460 - 4 Lo Light Began Flashing Along With Dinging Sound

I just bought my wife a 2010 GX 460 and noticed an issue today with 4 Lo. When sitting with the car on, and in park, I engaged 4 Lo. The 4 Lo light began flashing along with a dinging sound. It didn't stop when I put it in drive or reverse, and just continued. The manual states I need to take it into the dealership because there is a malfunction.

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: 2011 GX460 Humming Light Grinding Noise From Driver Seat

I have 2011 GX 460 with 28000 miles. Just recently I started to notice the noise of the engine. You can only hear it only from a driver's seat, and it happens when you drop the pedal and engine goes into idling, at stop signs or stop lights etc. It comes as grinding noise and goes away when you accelerate. If the vehicle in parking or at full stop, you can hear this humming light grinding noise. I go outside, lay under the car and hear no noise. The dealer says it is a normal sound for this vehicle. I tried a few of them, and it is not the sound I hear.

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: 2014 - Engine Light Came On - RMP While Idling?

I have 900 miles on my new 2014 GX460 (bought in Sept) and engine light popped on. Told by Lexus that EGR valve needed to be replaced. It was defective. They said that they heard a whole lot was shipped bad and put on trucks. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. Should I be concerned about the longevity of my new truck now? Easy replacement? Could there be other issues? Has there really ever been a Lexus Lemon? I had a 2007 GX470 that hummed along wonderfully for years, so now worried.

Second question - at what RPM does your GX460 idle at while in gear? After getting it back, it seems to be idling low, but Lexus tells me it is computer configured and even if they wanted to tweak it they couldn't.

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: GX460 - White Residue Under Oil Cap?

I just purchased a 2010 GX460 with 63000 miles. I saw a buildup of white residue under the oil cap the day of purchase but figured it was just moisture buildup from the car sitting on a car lot and not moving much. Well, after cleaning it off, it came back. I then thought maybe there is moisture in the oil so I took it to the local lexus dealer and had the oil changed. Well, its still coming back. The picture below is buildup from 2 days of driving, I cleaned it off monday afternoon and its wednesday afternoon. When checking the dipstick, I have almost completely clear oil as its new, then about 2 inches above the oil line to 6 inches above there is more of this white stuff. Also, does the lexus drivetrain warrant that lasts to 70k miles apply to 2nd owners?

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: Pen Stuck In GX460 Cup Holder

I am trying to remove the drink compartment so I can remove a pen that has lodged behind the lid on the cup holder?

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: GX460 Skidding While Going Downhill

I Locked Differentials and put DAC on, but still car was Skidding while going downhill . Do I have to select any other options that will work with this skidding issue?

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: GX460 - Enabling RDS On NAV Unit

I have recently purchased a 2012 Gx 460 with NAV unit. However, I can't figure out how to turn on the RDS (Radio Data System) function on it ?! ... checked the manual but nothing is mentioned there on this matter !!

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: Reset Maintenance Message In GX460?

How to reset maintenance message in 2011 gx460?

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: Fuel Range On 1 Tank - GX460

How many miles can get on one tank of gas. Is it between 300-400 miles? I know hills and city driving makes a difference, but I'm trying to get an average.

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: GX460 Throwing Bad Smell When Accelerate

I own a 2010 gx-460 premium, often when i accelerate top mi lexus throws a bad smell (rotten eggs)...

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: Brand New GX460 Drifts Heavily To Right?

Just took my brand new GX460 with 1000 miles on a road trip. I found the vehicle drifts heavily to the right, so much so that I have to even hold the steering wheel several degrees to the left to make the car go straight. I drove my other cars on the same road and they are not as bad and generally go straight. Is this possible? Can a new SUV of this price come out of the factory misaligned?

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: Disassemble Side Mirror Of GX460 For Replacement

How to disassemble the side mirror of GX460? I heard that it just clip-on, but it's hard to take off.

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: Noise When Pushing Brake Pedal On GX460

My new GX460 has 120 miles now, and starting today, I heard noise when pushing the brake pedal. After get the parking lot, I turned off engine, and used hand to push the brake pedal, I can hear same noise, which like a air or gas squeeze out. Seems not big deal to me, just like to see do you GX460 owner have similar thing or I need to to dealer again.

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: 2011 GX460 Constant Shaking When Driving

I have had 2 gx470's perfect - new 2011 gx460 constantly vibrating when driving. Michelin tires perfect not the tires they are saying this is the way they feel. Now impossible - constantly feeling the road and all shaking.

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Lexus GX 2010+ :: Fuel Tank Capacity For GX460 - 23gl?

The specs says 23gl in total capacity. However, the last couple times I filled up gas, it was 19+ gl I put in with about 20+miles indicated on screen before filling up. So it means ~21gl in total capacity? I assume with 20+ miles left = ~2 gl of gasoline. I know the calculation is rough?

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