Lexus LX 2008+ :: Suspension Will Not Lower Even With Easy Access On When Park The Car And Don't Turn Off Immediately

Feb 2, 2016

Having issue when you park the car and don't turn off the car immediately, the suspension will not lower even with the Easy Access on?

I'm not sure if there is a setting or how long is the timer, but it happened to me many times already after I stop and put it in Park, but didn't kill the ignition immediately and went to check my messages first, the car will stay in Normal position when you turn off the car later

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Lexus RX 2004-09 :: Lower Control Arm Suspension Bushings Replacement?

Car has a little over 100K. How to replace the bushings on the suspension arms. Took my car in for the brake switch recall and was told my bushings were cracked. Not sure which ones, but I assume all of them. Looked online for a DIY, but not for the RX330. From some of the DIY's I've seen so far, it looks like a bit$! to replace those rubber bushings.

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Lexus LS 2007+ :: LS460 (2008) Keyless Access For Driver Door Not Working

I have Lexus Ls460 (2008), I have paint the driver door, so they removed the door handled and reinstall it after they finished, the problem now, the keyless access from the driver door not working, I can't enter unless I push the unlock button in the remote, all other doors working fine, and can be open without pressing the unlock button. So is their any way to re-program the driver keyless door? or it could be something wrong with the handle installation?

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Phaeton :: How To Access Left-rear Door Lower Speaker Grill

The lower speaker grill is cracked, with one side pushed in and the other side pushed out. I would like to "iron" the crack back to a flat condition and see if it will be acceptable. If not I will need to get a new speaker grill. I looked, poked, and prodded, but cannot see how to gain access to the speaker. It doesn't appear to snap in. Is it secured from the back side?

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IS F (2008-2014) :: Uneven Suspension Feel When Turn Hard Left Vs Right

I have noticed an uneven feel ( slightly ) when I turn hard left vs right. Its firmer when I turn to the left than the right. From the magazine issues I used to read when I look at directional skid pad results the right turn skid pad results are always lower than the left turn because of the weight of the driver.

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Santa Fe (DM - 2013+) :: Electronic Park Brake Does Not Immediately Release As It Should On Takeoff

I have had my new Santa Fe Elite for three weeks. On three occasions I have found the Electronic Park Brake does not immediately release as it should on takeoff. Why it stays on some times? My vehicle is Right Hand Drive.

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Hyundai - Tucson :: 2005 - Transmission Won't Engage In Reverse Or Park Immediately

I have a Hyundai Tuscon 2005 with 140K automatic transmission. Original Owner and has treated me well. Current issue is the transmission will not engage in reverse or park immediately when shifted most notably first thing in the morning or in the late evening after sitting for a while. It acts as if it is in neutral until it engages after revving the engine for a while. Once it engages, it is a little sporadic for a few minutes and then all is fine for the rest of the day no matter how many times I start, stop or turn the car on or off.

Runs like a champ until the next morning and it starts all over again. A couple of times the check engine light has come on and I can tell that the transmission is stuck in 3rd gear. I can't manually get it to go up to 4th or down to 1 or 2. I can clear the code and then all is back to normal again with normal shifting again available. Short of a transmission rebuild (whihe probably won't happen) could it be electronic in nature since it comes and goes?

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Lexus GX 2004-09 :: Easy Exit Vehicle Option On Setup Menu Button

I have a 2009 GX 470 and need to set up my easy exit (where seat goes back when car turned off and key comes out). I keep seeing posts that say got to the set up button and click on vehicle. I see a set up menu button but when I click that there is no vehicle option.

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Lexus RX 2010-15 :: Easy Exit For Driver Seat Does Not Move - Only Steering Wheel Is Tilting

'13 model. I checked the vehicle customization to have the setting on but I noticed that the driver seat has stop moving assisting easy exit feature. The steering wheel is tilting however. Should I check with the dealer?

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Lexus GX 2004-09 :: Rear Suspension Move / Adjust Itself After Turn Off The Car

Does this sound normal that sometimes the rear suspension with move/adjust itself after I turn off the car and then get out? One side appears to be slightly lower than the other as well, but both of the height adjusters underneath appear to be at the same level.

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Lexus RC 2015+ :: Front Suspension Ticking Noise Whenever Turn Right

My front driver side wheel is making clicking, ticking noise whenever I turn right. I am not sure what it is. Other than the clicking and ticking noise when turning, the car itself is running fine.

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Lexus RX 2010-15 :: Easy Entry / Exit Function - Steering Wheel Automatically Moves Into Most Upward Position

I have a 2010 RX350 base model, no navi...

I turned off the "easy entry/exit function" and when I turn off the car the steering wheel still automatically moves into the most upward position. It's only suppose to do this with the function on.

Is something broken? Should I get this fixed?

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Lexus LX 2008+ :: Suspension Stuck On Low Position - AHC System Warning

I'm wondering what could be causing the 4-Wheel AHC System to fail on a 2009 LX 570. The vehicle is currently stuck in the low position.

"Check 4-Wheel AHC System" dialog on the dashboard and the ride height switch fails to do anything.

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Lexus LS 2007+ :: 2008 - Rear Suspension Noise While Going Over Bump?

I have an 08 LS base model, and recently while driving I'll hear a knocking noise coming from the rear suspension. This is every time I'll go I'll go over a bump. The knock is the same as when I had my 03 Acura TL .

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Lexus RC 2015+ :: Clicking Noise Coming From Front Suspension When Making Left / Right Turn

Took my car in for 10k mile service and let them know there has been some clicking noise coming from the front suspension when making a left/right turn...

I dropped off my car on September 21st and they have yet to complete my car... I've called them every single day since but, I don't get a good explanation from the dealer...

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Lexus LS 2007+ :: 2008 LS460 - When Car Is Shifting From Park To Drive Engine Speed RPM Goes Up

Since we purchased the car we've been having problems with the transmission or acceleration, when the car is shifting from park to drive engine speed RPM goes up and it is difficult to stop the car from driving. The dealer does not know what to do and the factory support is useless.

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Lexus LX 2008+ :: Park Assist Sensor Not Enabled And Start Beeping As Get Closer To Garage Door

I recently picked up a 2014 LX that has a Front Wide Camera in the grill (Im sure they all do). So when I go to park I noticed that the front Lexus Park Assist Sensor doesnt come on and start beeping as I get closer to the garage door nor does it come up on the screen. I took it in to get it looked at, and the dealer said they programmed it, but all they do is turn the front camera on to "Auto". My question is, is the front Park Assist Sensors not enabled if we have a Front Wide Camera? I tried looking in the manual and it shows you could adjust it, but when I check the settings I could only adjust the rear sensor.

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Touareg :: 2004 - Front Left Air Suspension Sitting Lower Than Normal

By way of brief background, I have a 2004 Touareg with 180,000 miles. I recently noticed that the front left air suspension was sitting lower than normal after the truck had been sitting. I discovered that the shock was leaking air and in the subsequent days began getting "Running Gear Workshop" warnings on the MFI. I got both the orange ones and a red one that instructs you to stop immediately. It reset after parking, and restarting. In summary, I knew I had a problem.

Today, I stopped at the dealer and they confirmed that the fitting at the top of the air shock was in deed leaking. Attached is a photograph showing the fitting. It is important that you inspect these fittings ASAP if you have air suspension. There is a TSB that references corrosion and possible failure. See TSB 43 07 01

Initially I was told that the entire air shock would have to be replaced but after doing research and with the assistance of Spockcat, I discovered that the fitting can be replaced assuming the female portion of the connection is not corroded. Replacing the entire air shock assembly is expensive. Apparently, there have been some instances where the fitting has failed during driving and bad things happen.

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Subaru - Impreza :: 1997 - Creaking Noise From Left Lower Suspension

I have a 1997 Impreza wagon, 168K miles. There is a creaking noise from left lower suspension. Mechanic lubricated lower control arm bushings and front sway bar links. That lasted about 1/2 mile. It seems to go away when the temperature is high 70's or higher. Steering, etc., seem unaffected. When will this become fatal, if at all?

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Prius (Gen 2) :: 2008 - Rear Spoiler Loose / How To Access Attachment

My wife has a 2008 Prius. There is a annoying rattle in the rear that seems to be caused by the rear spoiler (between the windows on the hatchback) being loose. how is the hatchback inner trim panel(s) retained, and what is the best method to remove said panels?

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Prius C :: DRL Doesn't Turn On Immediately When Start The Car

I always have my car in DRL, and just noticed last night to today that it doesn't turn on immediately when I start the car, however it does seem to turn on a few minutes after the car starts rolling. I'm sure before it turned on immediately with the car. Maybe 12v going weak?

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