Passat (B5) :: Temp / O2 Sensor Came On - Battery Is Damaged?

Dec 17, 2006

Man, do I long for the days of carburated engines and distributor caps. Problems were obvious and so were the fixes. About 2 months ago, my engine light came on. There were no symptoms of any problems. Plugged in VAG COM and got the codes. They pointed to a possible faulty temp sensor and a possible bad O2 sensor. I grabbed my multimeter and tested both. They checked out withing specs. I read about a problem with the OEM temp sensor and replaced it for $4.50. A new O2 sensor is about $125. I didn't feel like wasting $125 on a perfectly good O2 sensor. So I waited until I could afford to take it to VW to let it be their problem at $90/hour.

Last week, the car was hard-starting from what seemed to be a low battery. All the voltages tested fine, so I called a friend with a load tester to test it on the weekend. Before the weekend came, I had to get jumped once and pop-start a couple other times. I needed a new battery. After all, it was the original, oem battery.

48 battery for my 2001.5 Passat. This battery does not fit. It needs a group 91. This was a pain in the a&$ to locate and one expensive battery at $119 before tax and core charge.

The silver lining, however, is that replacing the battery seems to have made my engine problems disappear. I have dome the requisite amount of driving to reproduce an engine light, but it has not re-appeared. VAG COM reported that everything is A-OK. I would never have guessed to replace the battery to fix the codes I was getting.

Anyway, take note, I am not sure what lesson I leared here, if any, but it's worth having this knowledge if you ever run into this elusive problem.
BTW, I also undestand that you can fix a faulty headlight by kicking your Passat in the tailpipe.

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Prius (Gen 2) :: Faulty Battery Temp Sensor - Code POA9B

My first Prius, an 05 has 249K and performs pretty much flawlessly. My second, an 04 which I purchased in May, has 75K. While driving the 04 yesterday, all the lights came on the dash and really scared me. I immediately pulled off the road and checked belt, fluids and anything else I could. I then called the dealer and they thought since the car was running normal, to bring it in. For a hundred dollars I was told the HV battery, though working and not a problem, would have to be replaced due to a faulty "battery temp sensor" and that this part is not repairable....I need a new battery! Code POA9B ... Tomorrow I am taking the rear panel out and check the HV battery fan, etc. Can I drive the car with these lights on? Everything seems to work but the CC.

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Passat (B6) :: Temp Sensor Is Leaking?

I got a set of new alloy's for my value edition, but one of the TPMS sensors will not seal correctly and is leaking. So, what to do. If I took the sensor out of the spare to use in place of the sensor that we can't get to seal, and just put a normal valve stem in the spare if the TPMS would freak out? I thought that I read that the wheels have to be rotating for the sensors to communicate with the car. Or, maybe this problem sensor would seal in the steel rim of the spare.

Anyway, I just want to get these new wheels on the car! It looks awful with 3 alloys and one steel wheel right now!

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Passat (B6) :: Outside Air Temp Sensor Location

Where it is?? Body shop didn't connect it after repairing my bumper and I would rather not have to take it off again..

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Passat (B5) :: Location Of Coolant Temp Sensor?

Where is the coolant temp sensor on a 1.8t passat 04? I did a search but cant find any diagram

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Passat (B5) :: Car Won't Get Signal From The Outdoor Ambient Temp Sensor

So I'm at a momentary loss for what's wrong. My wife's '02 Passat GLX is not getting a signal from the outdoor ambient temp sensor. Both her cluster and climate control display show "--" and I've replaced the sensor, cleaned the connector and done a brief outside inspection of the wiring from their to the engine bay harness which all looks fine... In the cars defense, were the second owners, it's been dealer maintained and is in immaculate condition so there is no oil soaked or ghetto hacked wiring, period..

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Passat (B5) :: CEL Code P1296 - Coolant Temp Sensor?

I was driving today when the CEL came on, I scanned the car which gave me 1 code: P1296.

I googled it and said it is possibly the coolant temp sensor?

The Engine temp was normal at 190' or just below even after quite a bit of driving today.

Would the problem just be the sensor or should I be looking for other problems as well?

The car is a 2002 B5.5 AWM 1.8T Tiptronic.

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Passat (B5) :: How To Find And Replace Coolant Temp Sensor

I need to replace my coolant temp sensor, but can seem for find where it goes. Bentley says it's on the rear coolant line, but that eludes me as well.

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Passat (B5) :: Coolant Temp Sensor Stuck / How To Get It Out And Replace

I have a B5.5 with the 2.8. I'm changing the coolant temperature sensor, but cannot get the thing out of the harness. With as tight as the working area is, I really don't want to screw-up the harness. How to get this out? I have the sensor out of the pipe the crosses between the heads and only need to remove it from the harness.

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Passat (B5) :: Getting Error Code P3081 - Coolant Temp Sensor?

P3081. What the hell is this code. I think it is a coolant temp. sensor issue.

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Bmw - X5 :: 2009 - Battery Leaked And Damaged The Negative Cable

We have a 2009 BMW X5 with an AGM battery that leaked and damaged the negative cable. We don't know what caused this, and we're concerned it might be due to a problem with the battery sensor, voltage regulator, alternator, or electronic system/software. The dealer says there's no way to tell, and that "batteries just leak." However, we pointed out that BMW's online marketing info states that "The acid cannot leak and damage the battery housing." Based on this express warranty, the BMW dealer refunded us the cost of the new battery, cable, and labor. However, since we've read that battery failure is rarely due to the battery itself, but rather a symptom of some other problem, we're concerned.

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Nissan - Frontier :: 2001 - Trying To Restart In Reverse Damaged The Battery?

I have a 2001 Nissan frontier SE the 6cylinder, no turbo, automatic transmission. My wife was not paying attention and thought the truck was running and so she put it in reverse and then realized that the truck as not running so she tried to start it while in reverse, when that didnt work she put it back into park and when she tried to start it, the cd player restarted and the wipers started and the guages peaked and whe truck made a fast ticking sound. i thought that it may have some how killed the battery but it does the same thing with the new battery in.

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Passat (B5) :: 2001 - Changing Timing Belt / Testing Damaged Valves

So, I got a 01 b5 1.8 5spd given to me was broken timing belt. The car is super clean with 226k on it and had been well-taken care of..oil changes Mobil 1 and such. the owner just got his $$ worth and drove it till the belt went, slapping then towed it to my shop. It did not overheat and he was not driving it hard. Now here is my real question...apars lapping on a new belt and crossing my fingers, what testing can I do to check and see if there are any valves damaged? Can't I do a compression test w/out the valve train in time right? Also, if there does happen to be head damage. I would be in the market for an AUG head, unless it's just a valve that can be replaced....

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Phaeton :: Outside Air Temp Sensor Location?

Where is the ambiant outside air temp sensor located on the Phaeton? I know it is located under the outside left or right mirror (based on model year) on a Volvo but not sure where it is on the Phaeton. No problems, just curious.

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Celica :: 2000 GT - Coolant Temp Sensor Gone Bad

I have a 2000 Celica GT and I suspect the coolant temp sensor has gone bad....the fans are not turning on and I'm not getting any hot air out of the heater.....where is the coolant temp sensor located on this thing?

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GTI 337/20th Anniversary :: Installing Out Temp Sensor?

I install sports MFA cluster on my GTi 1.8t. Now I need to install out temp sensor.I know it's mounted somewhere on the driver side behind air duct.I just need the picture to see how exactly this sensor is mounted. My new (used) euro bora sports cluster. I temporally install the sensor.

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Civic - Honda :: Temp Sensor Broke Off And Can't Get It Out

My friend was replacing the temp sensor on his 2000 Civic, and twisted too hard and it broke off leaving part of the screw still in the hole. I got him a screw extractor kit, and he tried it this morning, and it too broke off. How to get these things out? I'm including a photo.

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Civic - Honda :: How To Remove Air Temp Sensor

1998 Civic HX ... The air temp sensor is held on by threaded devices that seem to have smooth, rounded heads.

How do you get them out? And, they are at the back of the engine so that there is limited space between the engine and firewall.

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Golf IV / Jetta IV :: Location Of Air Temp Sensor?

I dont see anything attached to the manifold....

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Camry 2012+ :: Transmission Temp Sensor Location?

Where the transmission temperature sensor is on a 2014 Camry 4 cylinder. I am contemplating unplugging it to improve shift points. I know it may affect gas mileage but the current shift points suck.

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Sonata NF (2006-10) :: Can Oil Temp Sensor Knock Out Airbags?

I went to Jiffy Lube and got an oil change, fuel system cleaning and cabin air filter replacement & sanitizing. I drive an '09 Sonata with 112K miles. When the car came out, I pulled away and noticed that the airbag symbol on my dashboard was lit and the center console was flashing that my passenger did not buckle their seat belt (I didn't have a passenger or anything on the seat). I went back in and after they looked at it, they said they couldn't find anything that could've happened at anytime and was a "horrible coincidence."

Hyundai ran a diagnostic tests and one of the 4 things that came back was B1389 (in addition to B1516, B1324 and B1515). B1389 signifies "Oil Temperature Sensor Circuit Failure." If the guy changing the oil damaged this (does this even get touched on an oil change), could that have offset the sensors for the airbags?

I just don't see how they done the above listed work and coincidentally my airbags are all deactivated afterwards. I'm reading a lot of bad reviews online, including quite a few for NOT putting oil back in the engine after the change.

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