Passat (B7) :: Popping Noise Coming From Driver Seat

Jul 25, 2014

Popping coming from their driver seat? It mostly "pops" when I apply the brakes coming to a full stop or sometimes after I stopped and accelerate, the seat back pops. It's intermittent and I'm afraid the dealership cannot replicate the problem when I take it in.

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Passat (B5) :: 1999 - Clunking / Popping Noise From Driver Side Front Suspension?

We have a 1999 Passat GLX 2.8 auto. I recently put on a new inner and outer tie rod as well as a lower forward control arm. The issue that we are experiencing is that when accelerating or braking hard there is a popping/clunking noise coming from the driver front area. When accelerating or braking normally/ smoothly it is fine. But, as I said accelerate or brake hard it will make a single pop or clunk and that is it, just once when braking hard or accelerating quickly.

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Golf IV R32 :: Driver Seat Has Developed Popping Sound?

My driver's seat has developed a popping sound when I move around, especially moving forward and back. It seems to be coming from the cushion in base of the seat or maybe down in the lower part of the seat back. I remember a thread a while back about this problem but I forgot what the diagnosis and solution was. I did a search but nothing came up, maybe I just used the wrong key words, I don't know.

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Lexus GS 2006-11 :: Clunking Or Ticking Noise Coming From Driver Seat

I did a search and wasn't sure if this problem was talked about. I noticed some threads discussing "squeaks" but the noise I'm hearing can best be described as a clunking or ticking kind of sound.

I notice that when there's stress on the seat (e.g. going over speed bumps, making turns, especially when there's an incline/decline), I hear a clunking or ticking sound. I'm not 100% sure it's the seat (thought it might be the suspension) but the more I think about it, the more I'm thinking it's the seat.

As per this thread, it looks like it may be TSB NV001-06 MAY 06 Interior - Front Seat Squeaking Noise.

Just wondering what I'm describing sounds like the same problem addressed with this TSB. I found this link for instructions on how to fix it: [URL] ....

How to clarify step 5A and 5B for me? Which part are you supposed to cut off? The text says to cut off the seat locator pins to 2mm but the diagram is pointing at some metal piece that is attached to the seat locator pin. Or am I reading this wrong? I've never done anything like this before so I'm a bit apprehensive and want to get as much information as possible before I attempt to do something like take out my seat!

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Corolla / Matrix 2009-13 :: Clicking Noise Coming From Lower Right Side Of Driver Seat

If your experiencing a clicking noise coming from the lower right side of your driver seat, more noticeable over rough roads with pressure applied to the backrest, read on. After much trial and error troubleshooting, here's what worked for me.

I removed the tension on a small clock like spring located on the driver seat back right side pivot point. Since having done so, no more annoying clicking sound and I haven't noticed any difference or adverse side-effect in seat operation /adjustment. I've got photos....

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IS F (2008-2014) :: Driver Seat Squeak And Creaking Noise Not From Loose Seat Bolts

I have noticed new drivers seat squeak. It only happens with weight transfer side to side at lower speeds ( hard right and hard left below 30 mph, or entering a driveway). I have looked at several posts and it seems like people have had luck with simply tightening the bolts for the seat.

Well I did that and it still making the noise. I have isolated the noise to the lower part of the seat right behind the molding. Behind the molding and behind the seat control switches there is a white box for the switches. It seems like the noise is coming from there. I noticed that if I pop off the control switches and I loosen the screws for the control switches the noise gets a touch better.

I took it to the dealership and they told me they tried to add some oil between the leather and the molding but it did nothing since the source seems to be behind the molding.

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Volvo - Xc70 :: 2011 - Plastic Popping Noise Near Back Seat

2011 Volvo XC70. I'm hearing a popping sound similar to a plastic bottle popping coming somewhere from the back seat of my Volvo XC70. This usually occurs while driving a few miles after first starting the vehicle and happens only once. We've check the car for any plastic bottles that may have been lodged under the seat or inside the car and no bottles were found. Where this sound is coming from. There seems to be no mechanical problems associated with it, just this popping sound which is quite loud.

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Ford - Explorer :: Power Lumbar Adjustment - Snapping / Popping Noise From The Seat Back

When using the power lumbar adjustment in the seat back of my wifes 08 eddie bauer explorer, it stopped moving and I now hear a snapping / popping noise from the seat back. Is there any way to remove leather seat cover to check out what might have come loose or broke?

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Passat (B6) :: Weird Rolling Noise Coming From The Front Driver Side

Last night on our way home I was on the highway and we get into slow moving traffic around 25-30 MPH I get to heard this tap tap tap tap noise. which was going away when accelerating or braking.. and coming back when leaving the car rolling by itself... I did a bunch of recordings but this is the one you can heard the best... noise actually changes with speed and when turning, but again it goes away if I touch the brakes or the gas...

Noise appears to come from the front driver side.


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Passat (B6) :: 2008 - Passanger Seat Belt Rattling Noise And Seat Vibration

just got a new Passat 2008, 6 MT, when I go on the freeway the passenger seat belt winding starts rattling, I have to buckle it for the rattling to stop. also, it seems like the passenger seat appears to be vibrating but the car itself is fine.

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Passat (B5) :: Clicking Noise Coming From The Driver Side Front Wheel When Turning Left

Noticed a clicking noise when only turning left out of a parking lot today? What this could be? Sounds like it was coming from the driver side front wheel?

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Lexus IS 2014+ :: Rattle Sound Coming From Under Driver Seat

My 2 week old IS 350 Ultra white/Red F sport is in the shop for the rattle that feels to me to be under the car under the driver's seat. The dealer cannot figure out the problem after a day, so is keeping my new car. At least they were able to hear the rattle.

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Prius V :: Persistent Rattle Coming From Back Seat Behind The Driver

I have a 2014 Prius v that I bought new in January 2014. I've had this persistent rattle which seemed like it was coming from the back seat behind the driver. I've taken the rear seat partially apart and glued and shimmed things to no avail. I've emptied the entire contents of the rear storage area and it still rattled on. Anyhow I've had this rattle for six months now. Turns out the noise is coming from under the car just ahead of the rear tire where some body type plastic which juts down about 2". This piece rattles when against the frame just ahead of where one would put a jack for lifting the car. I've temporarily stuffed some old paper napkins, which were handy, between the plastic piece and the frame. Noise is gone! I'll eventually remove the napkins and then load up the area with silicone. I'm doing both sides of the car just in case.

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Camry :: 2005 - Popping Noise By Driver Side When In Park?

I have a 05 camry that is making popping noises by the drivers side when the wheel is turned once around (left or right) in PARK. Everything looked good to me, I just recently got the car back from a shop.

*The car doesn't pop when it is in motion, because of this, I raised the front of the car to test and see if it would make the popping noise but there no popping noise either.

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Sonata NF (2006-10) :: Popping Noise From Driver Side Near The Door

We have a 2008 NF, and have been experiencing popping noises from the drivers side near the door. Especially when it's been colder out, but in general.

The tie-rod ends, ball joints, and the struts have been replaced. The question is: What we is it likely to be?

The car has ~100k on it, so it was not really to surprising that those items would need to be replaced.

However, since I didn't have time to do it, we had someone else do the eval and work.

Are there any typical issues that stand out with the NF Sonata that would cause this based on what I've told you all?

It's a great car, but this is driving us nuts.

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Elantra MD (2010-15) :: 2013 GLS - Popping Noise On Driver Side

We have had our new 2013 Elantra GLS for one week. The last two days I have been hearing this pop noise on the drivers side. It does it after I turn left but not until the car has straightened up and has reached about 20 miles an hour. It does it only once but it does do it each time I start the car and make a left turn and get up to about 20 miles an hour. Our Sentra makes a noise like this but it is an engine component kicking in so it is normal.

The sound does not come from the wheel area so if this was a normal sound similar to what the Sentra does. The sound is more from the engine level on the drivers side.

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Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: 2005 - Loud Pop Coming From Under Driver Seat

Ok it's kind of hard to explain, but I have a 05 f150 fx4 5.4. Recently only when the motor is cold I will give it gas from about 1000 rpm and get a loud pop. Is sounds like its almost coming from under the drivers seat. After that is fine. I could almost make it do it on command now. But once it's warmed up doesn't seem to do it. I want to fix this. I was thinking possible backfire?? Spark plugs maybe??

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Ford Excursion :: Creaking Sound Coming From The Floor Pan Below Driver Seat

I have a strange creaking sound coming for the floor pan below my drivers seat. It creaks whenever I'm braking or cornering a turn. I checked the body bushing and did a visual. Everything seems tight.

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Camry 2012+ :: SE V6 - Driver Side Popping / Cracking Noise When Going Over Bumps

I purchased a 2012 Camry SE V6 end of December 2011. I really like the car's performance but have an annoying issue.

Above the driver's position, I hear short popping or cracking sounds when the car is moving and going over bumps or when the road twists. This sounds like a body structural issue and comes from the roof area to the left of the sunroof. This happens less often when it is sunny and more often when it is not sunny so the cooler metal may be the issue. The noise sometimes stops altogether when it is sunny or after the car has been driven for an hour. Once it sits for a couple of hours on an overcast day, the annoying pop/crack will start up again.

The door panel was replaced but the problem continued.

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Passat (B5) :: Driver Seat Becoming A Little Flimsy

I've had a problem with my driver's seat becoming a little "flimsy" feeling over the last few days. This morning, when adjusting the lumbar support on my driver's seat, I immediately heard a pop. Now the lumbar adjustment doesn't work. The lumbar adjustment piece no longer flexes out and the dial just continues to rotate around until it unscrews completely so that I can see the white plastic screw threads. When I reinsert and retighten the lumbar piece no longer moves.

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Passat (B5) :: How To Get Rid Of Slack In Driver Seat

Well, as I saw with a lot of B5/B5.5 Passat's, a lot of drivers seats seems to be loose in the tracks... the loose seems to be up/down from the rear right corner when accelerate/braking maneuver is done.

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