Buick - Lesabre :: 2002 - Engine Is Missing Only When Warms Up

Mar 29, 2011

we just replaced the intake manifold and also put on new spark plug wires and plugs. now the engine is missing but only after it warms up. i double checked all the wires and connections and they looked good. is there something obvious that i should look at since it is still doing it?

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Buick - Lesabre :: Engine Missing When Accelerating

I have a 2000 buick lesabre v6 3800 series 2 engine and every now and then when accelerating it will miss out, I don't know what it could be?

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LeSabre :: 1990 Buick Won't Restart After Shut It Off - Motor Warms Up

I have a 1990 buick lesabre motor is a 3800 and it runs fine until the motor warms up and then when i shut it off it won't restart for about an hour after i shut it off. It's not over heating it has a new fuel pump.

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Buick - Lesabre :: 2002 - Won't Start After Overheating

I have a 2002 Buick LeSabre. Back information is this. the car has had a coolant leak for years, very slow though. Last night while working (I drive for a living) the thermostat climbed up to hot and then immediately went back down to the middle range where it normally goes, so I thought I was fine. It then climbed back up and staled out. It started again nearly immediately and I made it back to my work. About 30 minutes later I began to drive home. The temperature gauge started to climb up again, and then immediately went back to normal running temperature. I kept an eye on it.

About 2 minutes later it shut off completely. I had dash lights, head lights, and emergency flashers. Trying to restart it killed my battery and I had it towed home. This morning I put water in it (it was a gallon low even though I had filled it three days prior). I got a jump start but the car wouldn't start. It cranked and cranked but would not start. I did notice a leak of water from near the bottom of the engine. I am curious as to what the problem may be and why it is not starting now.

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Buick - Lesabre :: 2002 - Several Electrical Items Failure All At Once

Buick LeSabre 2002.. Several months ago, several electric items in my car failed... all at once. For the cig lighter especially, I looked through both fuseboxes (front and back) for any fuse that looked like it might be responsible for that circuit. I was checking the abbreviations on the fusebox diagrams and wasn't able to find a busted fuse.

However, with several things going wrong at once, I wonder if it was some other kind of fuse or relay. I don't have the equipment to check relays, thought I found how to do it on YouTube. What might be causing them all to stop working at once.

Cigarette Lighter
Interior/Cabin Lights
Reverse Lights
Power door locks
Trunk light

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Buick - Lesabre :: 2002 - Window / Door Locks Won't Work?

I have a 02 Buick Lesabre. The door locks and windows won't roll up or down anymore. I have checked and replaced the 30 amp fuse for power windows and also checked and replaced the window door switch for the drivers side and still nothing works. What else could it be?

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LeSabre :: 2002 Buick AC - Setting Driver Comfort Controls After Replacing Battery

Having problems setting driver comfort controls after replacing the battery. Does the car have to go thru a relearn process before all will come back to normal?

Used to be able to keep A/C set on auto. Now the A/C and fan motor won't come on unless you turn A/C to Off and then hit the AUTO button.

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Jeep - Grandcherokee :: Idle When Cold / Engine Missing When Warms Up

Recently replaced crank p.S. that a dodgy mechanic installed app 5 myths ago seems he used after market Chinese shit instead of ome gear well one thing leads to another as all jeepers know with highway speed engine missing when engine warms up l found that instead of running power cable from sensor above the trans fluid tube , in his wisdom ran under said tube causing a short to the computer not realy the best for them , now l have issues with idle ,02 , tps, possible computer.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 96 zj 4ltr Auto ...

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Ford Fuel System :: 1997 - Missing When Engine Warms Up

I got a new ipr an looking in the oil pump end there's a small spring with a screw n the middle. Is this a pressure adjustment for the valve or what any body no. I have a 97 power stroke that when i start it cold idles fine as engine warms it starts to miss . I have changed everything i mean everything but ipr and map sensor.

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Buick - LeSabre :: 2002 - Lurching Forward And Slowing Down Repeatedly On Freeway - Possible Power Surge?

My 2002 Buick Lesabre has about 160,000 miles on it I keep up with maintenance regular oil changes and what not. Today when I am driving to work and right as I get on the freeway my car starts lurching forward and slowing down repeatedly so I pull over turn the car off look under the hood everything looks normal to me. I wait a bit start the car up and the lights on my panel go from the dimmest they can be to blinding bright and I could not adjust the brightness at all. Any way the car drove fine the rest of the way but the lights were bright as can be the whole way there. What could be causing this? Bad battery?

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LeSabre :: V6 Engine Missing Under Load / Also Idles Very Fast On First Start

1987 LeSabre v6 engine misses under load. It is a "hard" jolt, miss that happens under slight load weather warm or not. Engine also idles very fast on first start. Wondering if the problem is electrical or vacuum related (or both?). Do not think it is fuel related as pump and filter were replaced a while back. Vehicle has also stalled with difficult restart once in the past few days. Not showing any codes.

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Buick - Lesabre :: 2001 - Engine Week At Start Up

I have a 2001 Buick LeSabre (Limited), with 101,000 miles. It runs great and a very reliable car except:

After going for some driving in town during a warm day (60 F or above) doing business, the engine gets warm but within normal temperature range, and after making a stop to get groceries for eample, I have to be very careful when starting the car again. If I let the starter go for more than a quarter tourn (crank), the engine gets week and acts like it is flooded with gas, just like when we had carburators in old car and it dies after a few shakings.

So I have to wait for 15 minutes at least before I restart the engine but doing so I have to be really careful again not to let the starter crank for more than a quarter turn. However, this problem does not happen during cold weather days (say below 40 degrees F). What is going on with my car?

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Buick - Lesabre :: 1995 - Engine Light On And Cuts Off?

my 1995 buick lasbre cuts on fine and drive ok but when i start it as soon as i turn and drive itcuts off but after it cuts right back on and drive ok

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Buick - Lesabre :: 1998 - Engine Light Won't Go Off / Running Lean

Engine light won't go off - printout says it's running lean - replaced mass airflow sensor, upper & lower O2 sensors, spark plugs, wires and coils. What else I need to do to get the light to go out so it'll pass inspection?

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Buick - Lesabre :: Stalling - Engine Just Shuts Off At Random Times

I own an 87 Buick Lesabre Limited Coupe [URL] ..... I have driven it for the past 6 years with no major problems, but just now it has begun to have a stalling problem. The engine just shuts off at random times. Doesn't matter if you're at a red light or driving in traffic. She will stall, then after 5 minutes will start up again, and stall again. So, I took to it to my mechanic & he changed the ignition module & mass air sensor. I picked it up, and the 'Service Engine Soon' light went on, and then she stalled a few minutes later.

So, I drove her back to the shop (stalling several times on the way), and my mechanic changed the crank position sensor, and she still died. He read the trouble code 42, so he changed the ignition module again. I picked her up yesterday, and she made it home without stalling, but the 'Service Engine Soon' light still goes on after 5 minutes of idling, which leads me to believe that the problem lies somewhere else. Could it be an electrical problem (wiring, fuses, computer) that is causing the 'service engine soon' light to go on & the car to shut off? What else could it be?

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Buick - Lesabre :: 1989 - Dashboard Lights All Come On And Engine Cuts Out

I have a 1989 Buick LaSabre that is having some problems and no mechanic seems to be able to figure it out. After 4 computer items totally $1,800.00 since March, the same problem started again yesterday. I am driving through the hills to town and the dashboard lights all come on and my engine cuts out. I stop, put in park and restart and take off again. As soon as I am on the highway, car runs fine. It has something to do with the fuel system I believe because once it cuts out the car smells like lots of gas but after it starts back up (and it does every time) the smell goes away.

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Buick - Lesabre :: 1995 - Engine Light On But While Turning Off Cuts Out?

My 1995 buick lasabre cuts on fine and drive ok but when i start it and barley drive or turn it cuts off but after it cuts right back on and drive...

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Ignition - Buick - Lesabre :: 1997 - CEL Flashing / Engine Does Not Crank At All Or Turn Over

Pulling into work this morning I noticed my check engine light was flashing. The car (1997 Buick LeSabre, aka The Rolling Couch) was still running and everything seemed normal. I turned off the car and then went back out 3 hours later and tried to start it. It would not start, and the symptom is not one I've had any luck Googling. When I turn the key, it makes a sound, but it's not a click. It's the normal sound when ignition starts, but the engine does not crank at all or turn over. It just makes a single ignition sound and then nothing. Could this be a belt? The starter? I have not taken it anywhere or pulled the error code yet.

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Buick - Lesabre :: Check Engine Light On Randomly And Signs Point To A Computer Malfunction

'95 LeSabre, 250K, runs great. Check engine light on randomly and signs point to a computer malfunction causing the light to come on. Is it true that only a dealership can replace the computer, not an indy mechanic? How much for the repair? Will it run ok w/o a new computer?

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Kia - Spectra :: 2007 Missing When First Warms Up

I just replaced the ignition coil as recommended by the computer and the car ran fine for a few days. Now it starts missing about a mile after starting, for a while. Then it almost never misses after it is fully warmed up. The computer does not find any issues at this time.

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Buick - Lesabre :: Stalls Out When Get Up To About 20 Mph

I have recently noticed that my car will stall out when I get up to about 20 mph. My car starts fine, no check engine light on. I has a tendency to just die in the middle of the road at times too. I have changed the spark plugs, spark plug wires, and a new fuel filter. Do I need to change the mass air flow sensor? Or the crank position sensor? I have no problems starting the car either. Runs good when it runs.

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