Electrical-wiring - Chevrolet - Cobalt :: Radio Won't Working - Power Locks Occasionally Lock / Unlock Themselves

Jan 22, 2011

My landlord's daughter is having some electrical problems with her car, and we're trying to troubleshoot it ourselves. It's a 2006 chevy cobalt with 66,000 miles on it. Here are the issues: 1) The radio's display does not work (you can't see the time or the station). The radio's volume, on/off switch, AM/FM control, and tuner don't work. So, basically, it's stuck on one AM station and she can't do anything about it. 2) Her power locks occasionally lock / unlock themselves when the vehicle is running. 3) This is the most important safety issue right now - there's no power to the pump for her windshield washing fluid. What could it be? Fuses? Wiring? Something else?

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Ford Wiring/Electrical :: 2005 - All 5 Doors Stopped Working When Trying To Lock Or Unlock With Remote Or Door Switch

I have a 2005 excursion with about 112,000 miles and last week all 5 doors decided to stop working on me when trying to lock or unlock with the remote or the door switch. I do hear a sound like something is happening just right of the fuse box. I did a little research and found that this is a wide spread problem. I did order 4 of the 5 actuators and I replaced the drivers door but nothing yet. Do they all have to be replaced in order to work? Or is it most likely something else causing this? Just trying to figure it out before I install the other actuators or take it in to a shop.

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Passat (B5) :: 1999 - Key Won't Unlock / Lock - Driver Door Power Locks Working

My newly purchased 1999 b5 passat wont lock/unlock with the key. The key does nothing and i dont have the flip key, i want to get a new flip key from the dealer but i am unsure if they can code it to my car if the lock dosent work i took the door panel off but didnt want to take off the inner metal skin to figure it out.

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Ford Wiring/Electrical :: 2000 - Beeps But Won't Lock By Key Fob - Driver Door Lock Switch Won't Unlock?

So, I got my explorer about 3 months ago and it has never locked, the door ajar light was always on and I fixed that by using some WD-40.

Now that the door light is off, the explorer beeps once when i lock it using the key fob but it doesn't actually lock. When I use the lock switch in the rear (by the spare wheel tools) it will lock and unlock. The driver's door lock switch won't lock or unlock, the passenger will unlock but won't lock.

Stock alarm system.

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Ford Wiring/Electrical :: Power Windows And Door Locks Suddenly Quit Working

1997 Ford Expedition 4x4

When I push the switch for the drivers window I can hear the relay in the fuse block make a click but window doesn't move. If I push the switch for any other window (on the drivers door or any other door) no click at the relay and no window movement. I've swapped the relay with other relays in the fuse block but nothing changed.

I've tested the driver side window motor by running 12 volts directly and the motor works fine. When I press the PDL switch I hear a buzzing sound coming from the passenger floor area behind the glove box but the locks do not go up or down. I started the truck and when I put it in gear I can hear the PW relay in the fuse block clicking repeatedly. Put the truck in Park & the clicking stops.

I was told (on another forum) that the problem is most likely my GEM module. Bought a used 1 on eBay and installed it today but nothing changed.

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Ford Wiring/Electrical :: 2000 - Power Door Lock Not Working?

I have a 2000 f250 super duty. Right now the only problems with it are:

1: When i press the door lock switch the passenger door lock will click and come down about half way but the door still is unlocked. in order to lock it, you have to press the latch down by hand.

2: My key won't unlock or lock the driver's side door from the outside, however it works to start the truck and open the passenger door.

3: When i bought the truck the previous owner game me a handheld wireless unlock and lock button. The little black thing with an alarm button, and it doesn't work either, i replaced the batteries and still nothing. So what would be the solution to fixing all of this?

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Ford Wiring/Electrical :: 2008 - Doors Lock / Unlock Themselves Intermittently?

2008 Escape, while driving, the doors will lock/unlock themselves like crazy. Sometimes it's 20 times, others it's 100 times. Sometimes it won't happen for a day or two, sometimes it's every time I drive it. When the car is off, remote works fine, car stays locked. Where to start?

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Ford Wiring/Electrical :: Passenger Side Will Unlock Doors But Will Not Lock

I am installing power windows and locks in a 1990 F350. The donor truck was a 90 F250.

I got everything switched and all is working except the passenger side door lock switch.

The drivers side lock switch will unlock and lock both doors.

The passenger side will unlock the passenger and drivers side door but will not lock them.

I replaced the passenger side switch with a new one. Upon further checking, I found out that it was a window switch. It still unlocked the door but would not lock it.

Is there a difference between window power switches and door lock switches?

I can ground a pink w/ orange wire on the passenger side switch to the door frame and the switch will work. I have ohmed checked pretty much everything.

Could the drivers side power lock switch be bad. I have looked over a schematic and it looks like the circuit may pass threw the drivers switch to ground.

As I asked before is there a difference between a window and lock switch?

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Toyota :: Electrical Wiring And Fuse - Radio / Door Locks And Window Controls Do Not Work

Headlights work, done and door lights also work. Radio, door locks, and window controls do not. Car will no longer start and it doesn't seem to be the battery or starter, but I may be mistaken.

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Ford Wiring/Electrical :: 2003 - Trans Will Unlock While Driving For A Few Seconds Then Lock Back Up

B1602 PATS Recieved Invalid FMT/Key CD
P0753 Shift Solenoid A Electrical
P0758 Shift Solenoid B Electrical
P0740 Torque Converter Clutch Fault
P1760 Pressure Control Solenoid A Short
p0305 Cylinder 5 misfire Detected
P0316 Engine misfire Detected on Startup

The Trans will unlock while driveing for a few seconds then lock back up and drive fine, it seems to be worse over the past couple days. It is no different cold or hot. I also noticed the head lights dim and the voltage on my scanner drops to around 12 volts when the trans disengages. When it is not acting up it drives and shifts perfect.

I have checked a few grounds that were visible and cleaned battery connections. There has to be a wire harness or ground that I am missing some where that is bad?? The misfire code has been fixed, not related.

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Dodge - Electrical-wiring - Grandcaravan :: Automatic Door Locks Not Working

2005 Grand Caravan with 160K miles. Automatic door locks started not working two years ago and needed to be reset by either disconnecting the battery or pulling the fuse. First this would happen every six months, then about every three months, then monthly, and now about every two weeks. Is there anyway to avoid having to reset the system every two weeks?

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Ford Wiring/Electrical :: Radio / Gauges And Windows Not Working

My radio, all gauges and windows aren't working. Fuse 17 did not seem blown but I changed it anyway and still no luck.

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Chevy - Cobalt :: 2005 - Sound Like Trying To Lock And Unlock When Car Is Running

The locks on my 2005 Chevy cobalt sound like they are trying to lock and unlock when the car is running. The locks themselves don't move while this is happening. It has been to the dealer twice and no luck. The first time it went in, they said the left and right lock switches were shorted so they replaced them. The second time it went in they said that the ground wires were corroded and they fixed that problem. The car drove fine for a few days, now the same problem is occurring.

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Ignition - Dodge - Caravan - Electrical-wiring :: 2000 - No Blower / Power Seats / Blinkers / Power Locks?

Blower, seats, locks, blinkers stopped simultaneously, abs and airbag light came on. The internet suggested it was the ignition switch, I changed it to no avail. The horn, wipers, 4-way flashers, headlights, taillights, and brake lights all work. Is my wife correct in suggesting we replace this 140,000 mile pile of rust?

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Ford Wiring/Electrical :: 1993 F150 - Power Up Window And Locks Conversion

I have a 1993 F150 that I have been working on. I have a set of complete doors off of a 1989 with Power Windows and locks hung on the truck and need to figure out how to power them up. Looking for access to a wiring diagram that will identify the colors of the wires in the doors. I don't care about the auto down and all of that ... not going to try and convert the whole truck with comp and all ... just want to make these function.

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Ford Wiring/Electrical :: 2012 F250 - Adding Power Windows And Locks?

a buddy of mine has a 12 F250 that he bought new and is ready to add power locks and windows. I know we can get some aftermarket kits for both but he wants to use the factory door panels and switches from a power setup. I am sure we could use the factory window regulators and panels and just use and aftermarket wiring and flush mount switches. I had figured the wiring might be in the jambs but not in the doors, but when I pulled the trim back, we didn't find any extra wiring going to the rear doors, its a crew.

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Ford Wiring/Electrical :: 2006 F350 - Radio And Dome Lights Not Working

I was replacing the dome light in my 06 Ford F350. I tested the light and it worked then while screwing it back in, the lights when out and then the radio. I suspect it may be a fuse, but have yet to find the culprit.

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Ford Super Duty (1999-2016) :: 2000 - Power Door Locks / Won't Lock Or Unlock

2000 superduty. When you hit the door lock/unlock button, they try but won't move up or down on any of the 4 doors. The switches no longer are illuminated either. Where or have a wiring schematic for the drivers door with power windows/locks? I have done some testing for power, which seems to me there isn't enough voltage going to the actuators, but I can't seem to find power anywhere. The power mirrors don't work either. All fuses are good.

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Ford Wiring/Electrical :: 2003 - Instrument Panel / Interior Lights / Windows / Radio All Not Working

For about 3 months, my wife's 2003 explorer has had a bad door sensor (I'm guessing). The car claims a door is ajar and the alarm would go off randomly if it's locked. Yesterday the battery died because apparently the alarm had been going off for so long while she was at work. After having a stranger jump it, she has had major problems:

-She claimed the headlights didn't work in any setting except in the on position with high beams on, but now they seem to work.
-The instrument panel is totally out including all gauges and all lights
-the power windows don't work
-the radio won't turn on or show any display
-the interior lights won't turn on

All of the fuses are fine and my mechanic checked them as well. He did say that a few key fuses aren't getting any power to them on either side. But the battery is charging and drawing just fine. The car doesn't seem to have any other issues and all of the flashers work just fine.

What the problem could be? I have wondered if one of the relays is busted.

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Electrical-wiring - Chevrolet - Equinox :: Turn Signals And Hazard Lights Stopped Working

I have checked the fuses for the Hazard and the Turn Signals. Both look fine. I tried replacing the turn signal flasher (which was a task in itself). After all of this it is still not working. What else could it be? Simple short?

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Toyota - Electrical-wiring - Radio - Corolla :: Power Stays On After Turning Car Off

Just this evening I turned off my car (2000 Toyota Corolla), went inside and then came back out an hour or so later to discover that my radio, clock, and cigarette lighter still had power. Without the key in the ignition, I'm still able to listen to the radio, for example. This was never the case before. I had the battery replaced five days ago, but I doubt that makes a difference.... How I can fix this so that my battery doesn't drain.

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