Mazda - B2300 :: 1995 - Making Squeaking Noise Every Time When Braking

Oct 24, 2011

I have a 1995 Mazda Truck, B2300 series that is a 4 wheel drive. Recently I had the front brakes replaced, new clay disc brakes. Not so long after that I started to hear a noise as I was braking as well as squeaking. I thought, of course it had something to do with the new brakes. The sound happened occasionally at first and now is every time I brake.

I can hear it as I'm coming to a stop, sounding like it's coming from the rear. It's a rubbing type noise, like a wa, wa, wa, wa that happens until I have stopped. After 2 mechanics I now have a $700 estimate to replace the u-joint, and they aren't even sure if that will fix it.

The front brakes are new. The rear drums have been replaced and machined to fit properly (they thought that was the issue). Is this common or something that I have to fix every such and such miles?

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Mazda - B2300 :: 2003 - Sometimes Won't Start When Turn The Key All The Way

I have a 2003 Mazda B2300 pickup that sometimes won't start. When you turn the key all the way, it won't do anything, no sounds no nothing. However, if you try it a few more times it will eventually fire up and run normally. Last Friday, I must have tried to turn it on about a dozen times but nothing happened. So I tried the old hammer on the starter motor technique and it fired up immediately.

So I thought it must be the starter motor. But since then it's been turning on normally, except once when I turned the key and it did nothing. The battery is good, I replaced that about 8 months ago, and the battery cables look good. I'm hesitant to throw a new starter in. Could it be something cheaper, like a relay or some other electrical problem? Or could it be the starter and its on its way out?

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GMC - Suburban :: 1996 - Hard Time Braking When Making Sharp Turn

When turning right, it seems as if my brakes don't want to work. There is somewhat of a grinding sound and what I can only describe as a "shutter" from the pedal. They work great going straight or turning left. I should also mention that the steering locks up when turning sharply, haven't noticed if it's only when turning a certain way. This happens mostly when backing up. Also, the ABS light is on occasionally. I drive a '96 GMC Suburban.

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Mazda - B2300 :: 2004 - Stalls When Push In Clutch

I have a 2004 mazda b2300 4cyl 5 speed that wants to stall on me sometimes when I engage the clutch and all most come to a complete stop. It does not happen every time i do this, but some of the time. I am able to instantly restart the truck and drive just fine. I am just confused at what might cause this. I did a tune up to it this weekend, and the cap from the clutch fluid did come off, I don't know if this would have anything to do with it. The truck runs great, just wants to stall some times.

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Mazda - B2300 :: 2002 - Occasional Low Idle On Start

My 2002 standard B2300/4cyl Ford Ranger sometimes idles very low on start up, and it will jerk as though it were coughing when i engage in 1st and give it a tiny bit of gas. the jerking stops if i give it proper gas. oh yeah and about the low idle, it's only after starting, not at stops, and once i give it a bit of gas it pops right back up to 1800ish and drops to 1200ish as it should. this happens less this summer but i'm afraid it will happen more often as the weather changes and i want to deal with this before winter hits. it feels like something is clogged.. but what do i know! My baby's got 119 000km and i bought it a year ago, no maintenance history.

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Mazda - B2300 :: 1994 - What Is Open Allowing Too Much Coolant Flow

I inherited a 1994 Mazda B2300 Pick Up 5 speed with just over 100K miles. Problem is the temp. gauge will just barely move off "C" at full tilt on a summer day. Confirmed the temp gauge was right. Replaced the thermostat and flushed out the system and heater core. Hoses are "warm". Cardboard over the radiator will push the temp. up to the middle after 20 minutes on freeway. Next checked the fan clutch. No dice. The fan spins free and can be stopped by hand. So, what else is "open" allowing too much coolant flow?

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Mazda - B2300 :: 1992 - Repeated Oil Leaks From Front Seal

Replaced the front oil seal on a 1992 mazda B2200 an it starts leaking again after running for about 20 minutes? Is there any where else oil can come from near there?

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Mazda - B2300 :: Clutch Replaced - Clunky While Switching The Lower Gears

I had my clutch replaced about a year ago in my 2003 mazda b2300 truck. Recently, it's been showing some of the same symptoms that popped up about a year ago. Such as, it's having a hard time going into first gear, and it seems to be generally clunky while switching the lower gears. The first clutch was replaced at 130k so I was alright with that. However, I find it hard to believe that I burned out this new one in a year. I do live in Boston, so traffic is pretty bad, but I try to not ride the clutch in traffic.

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Ford Ranger / B-Series :: Mazda B2300 Turns Over But Doesn't Start

Mazda B2300 2.3L 1995 model... About a week ago I ran my B2300 out of gas (or so I was convinced I was out of gas) because the engine quit running. After adding gas was unable to start it back up. It turns over but doesn't start.

Here's what we did to try and fix it:

1.) Replaced Fuel Filter
2.) Check the fuel pressure, and it was at 35 psi when the key was on
3.) Replaced all 8 spark plugs (4 cylinder truck btw)
4.) Checked spark of all 8 coil pack slots and 1st and 3rd slots (exhaust side) were not sparking. After replacing coil pack we received spark but truck still didn't start.

We're speculating on the possibility of it being the PCM (ECC).

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Ford Ranger / B-Series :: 2.3L Mazda B2300 Died And Wouldn't Start Back Up

I am working on a 96 Mazda b2300 auto 2wd for a friend. His son was driving it when a loud noise, it died and wouldn't start back up. He had it towed to my house, I started to tear into to it and found it slipped the timing belt. So a rebuilt head, gaskets, timing belt, fuel injectors, water pump, thermostat, plugs, and fluids; tried to start it and nothing. Started troubleshooting and found the primary coil pack was out of spec, replaced and still nothing.

Changed out the CKPS still nothing? I have spark, I have fuel, I'm going to check compression tomorrow but the way the cylinders and pistons looked I don't think that is the issue but I going to check anyway, rechecked the timing marks they all lined up. Checked the fuel inertia switch not tripped. Could the PCM, or ICM cause a no start, and still be able to get spark and fuel?

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Mazda - Mazda6 :: Whistling / Slight Squeaking Noise When Hit The Brakes

I own a 2006 Mazda 6i. I set out to replace my front brake pads and rotors last week. I was unable to jolt free the rotor screws, so I just replaced the brake pads. Last night I borrowed an impact drill and was able to get the rotor screws free on the one, but had to drill out the screws on the other. I put the new rotors on (one floating). Today, I am hearing a whistling/slight squeaking noise when I hit the brakes. I can also periodically hear a noise from the front right side when I'm driving and not hitting the brakes. I'm not sure if the rotors are whistling because they are brand new or if something may be wrong.

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Touareg :: Squeaking Noise On Light Braking?

Brakes squeaking when first got Touareg? Mine only seems to do it when I am lightly braking.

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Prius (Gen 3) :: Brakes Making Squeaking Noise When It Comes To A Stop

I have just purchase a used one 2 weeks ago. I bought it from a local dealer (Longo Toyota). After I got the car home for a day it started to make noises when i brake. If the brake pedal is depress about half way it will make a squeaking noise when it comes to a stop. So i bought the car back in to the dealer and all they did was flush the system and reboted the computer. They said this is normal for some pruis to make a noise when the vehicle comes to a stop and it should not be a safety concern.

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Kia - Sorento :: 2003 - Making Squeaking Noise While Reversing?

For a few weeks now my 2003 Kia Sorento has been making a squeaking noise when I put the car in reverse. And now that squeaking noise is also starting to occur in drive at speeds at or below 10 miles per hour.

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Mazda - Mazda3 :: 2005 Making Clicking Noise

I have a mazda 3 and i just tried to start it but its just making a clicking noise. The radio works so does that rule battery out....

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Prius (2004-09) :: Squeaking Noise Happen Under Slightly Heavy Braking

Non mechanical squeaking noise coming from rear passenger side cabin area. Only appears to happen under 75 percent or so acceleration and slightly heavy braking. Sounds like an electrical squeal intermittent under the above conditions.

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Toyota - Rav4 :: 2007 Sport Vehicle Making A Squeaking Noise

I have a 2007 RAV4 Sport and it is making a noise..... kinda like a rubbing noise, almost a squeaking noise. It happens when I first start up my car and more when the weather is colder. After a few minutes of driving it stops. It also seems to be louder when I am idling, and quiets down once I begin driving again. It seems to be coming from the right front part (the right side if you are sitting IN the car, the left side if you are standing in front of the car and looking at it) of the engine. I can see a belt down in that area...... is that probably it? I have not ever had any other issues with my car and I have had it since it was new.

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Civic - Honda :: Brake Making Squeaking Noise When Pedal Released

A mechanic recently replaced the pads of the front brakes. After the service, the break makes squeaking noise when I release the break pedal. According to the mechanic, it is normal, and I better ignore the noise. Is it true?

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Accent LC (2000-05) :: Power Steering Belt Is Making Squeaking Noise

The steering on our 02 Accent has been becoming more and more difficult. The belt on the AC compressor snapped off recently. Could this missing belt be causing a problem with the power steering belt? The power steering belt is now making a squeaking noise.

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Sonata NF (2006-10) :: Rear Suspension Bushes Making Squeaking Noise In Bumps

My car's rear suspension bushes are getting torn and are making squeaking noise in bumps. I am able to get bush for trailing arm and stabiliser bar. My dealer says that i have to replace the whole knuckle assembly as the bush for that part are not available separately. Is this true or the dealer is trying to earn some quick bucks?

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Sonata NF (2006-10) :: Rear End Making Creaking / Squeaking Noise While Driving Or Pushing On The Car

About a week ago I went over a dip in the road at about the speed limit and didn't realize how bad it was. Since then my rear end has been making a creaking/squeeking noise while driving or pushing on the car side to side. The struts seem to be ok, there is no bounce in the car. What this could be? I was thinking some sort of bushing somewhere?

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