Pontiac - Bonneville :: Starts Hard / Motor Will Fluctuate Then Hesitate And Die

Jan 22, 2011

My wife's '97 Bonneville has recently begun acting up. It especially seems to not like the cold weather. It starts hard then the motor will fluctuate and hesitate and die. It usually stays running the second time. Then when I put it into gear pushing the throttle doesn't do anything. It seems to stumble and falter. Sometimes, if I pump the gas it works other times if I move the pedal up and down slowly I can find the "sweet spot" and it will accelerate. I'm not sure if it's related or not, but sometimes going down the highway on long trips it will seem like the transmission is slipping and the car lurches or slows down. It's really weird. Then if you shut it off, it won't turn back on for 15 minutes or so.

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Pontiac - Bonneville :: Brake Light Inside Car Starts Beeping

I was driving to church this morning when my brake light inside my car starts beeping. As soon as I put it in park and back into reverse it quit beeping. I am just wondering if this needs to be looked at asap. My brakes work fine. I can stop suddenly and everything. My dad changed my front brakes earlier this year and is going to do my back ones soon.

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Pontiac - Bonneville :: 2000 - Starts Only When Starting Spray Is Sprayed Down The Intake?

I have a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville ssei (Supercharged) 3.8L V-6. I had a issue with the fuel injectors now that problem is fixed. I can't get the car to start on it's own. I and a auto garage have replaced the MAF,MAP,Camshaft Pos Sensor, Crankshaft POS Sensor, FPR, ICM, IAC, Someone had the TPS in wrong and I was missing 5 volts at pin B of the TPS. I corrected that and now it's ok. The engine cranks but it will not start on it's own, I have about 54 psi on the fuel rail.

The ECM was replaced by the dealer before i fixed the fuel injector problem but that did not work so the original is back in place. The car runs like a top after I shoot some starting spray down the intake and will run until I shut it off. I try to restart it and it won't start until I spray it again. I am very careful not to spray on the MAF sensor. Even with that being said I use Electronic spray cleaner to start it. All Sensor wires have been checked with the exception of the crankshaft position sensor which I'm going to do today going to the icm.

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Pontiac - Aztek :: Hesitate Then Jerk Forward And Go When Hit Gas To Speed Up

I have a 2002 Pontiac Aztek with about 170,000 miles on it. About 3 weeks ago, it began having problems when I would hit the gas to speed up. It would hesitate, and then jerk forward and go. Then about 2 weeks ago, I was driving on the highway and the engine just suddenly stopped - as if I had turned off the key.

There was no warning, no sound, nothing. I kept hitting the gas the whole time and it started up again after a minute. I replaced the fuel filter and it ran well for a week. Then it happened again, but this time the engine completely turned off and I had to turn the key to restart the engine. The engine started with no problem.

I tried to drive to the mechanic, but the engine stopped & started again on the way, so I ended up having it towed. It is not driving roughly or idling roughly, it doesn't make any strange sounds and no warning lights come on. When the engine stops, all electrical components are still working (lights, radio, etc.). My mechanic appears to be stumped. What could be causing this?

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Ford - Bronco :: 1993 - Idle Starts To Fluctuate After 5 To 10 Minutes When Warmed Up

Have a 93 Bronco, 5.0. replaced battery, IAV and had a complete tune-up. Now starts great, runs fine until it gets warm, than in about 5 - 10 minutes the idle starts to fluctuate. A little at first but eventually between 1000 to 300 rpm and will stall if you don't give it some gas. Turn it off, restart, starts fine and runs OK again for a while.

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Bonneville :: 1995 Pontiac Cranks With No Start

1995 Pontiac Bonneville cranks but wont start.

I've replaced the crank sensor and also the cam sensor with no luck, the car cranks with no start, when I used starter fluid the car runs, when i stop using fluid it shuts off what could it be.

Only has 38,000 Miles on it.

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Pontiac - Bonneville :: Replacing The TV Link In Transmission?

Well I have to make a long story short, suffice it to say this is a bit embarrassing, but I need an answer: I removed the 440-t4 transmission from my daughter's 1987 Pontiac Bonneville and had it rebuilt. After I replaced the unit I discovered I left off (and lost) the TV link and cable. I (miraculously)found the link and the cable, and I am wondering if I can replace the link without having to remove the side cover of the transmission, and what I can do to avoid dropping the TV link rod down into the trans while I am trying to reattach it to the linkage arm inside the trans thru the little TV link hole on the top of the trans.

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Pontiac - Bonneville :: 2002 - No Reverse In Drive

I have a beautiful 2002 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI with just over 100k miles on it. I've been saving for a new set of tires and a new regulator for the rear window. The window suffers from the "pop and drop" syndrome but I have instructions on how to fix it myself when I can get the parts.

Yesterday, I started her up to go to my second job when I discovered I had no reverse. In drive, I could just creep forward at 3000 rpm. Fixing a transmission is probably the worst case scenario I could imagine happening.

I'm left with two options: Either find something simple I can do myself to get it moving again or get what I can for it and use the proceeds to buy a piece of metal to get back and forth to work.

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Pontiac - Bonneville :: No Air Coming Out Of Dashboard Or The Floor

Air ventilation on my 92 pontiac bonneville ssei. There is no air coming out of the dashboard or the floor. only to the windshield. What can be the problem?

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Pontiac - Bonneville :: 2002 - High Oil Pressure At 120

My Pontiac also has oil on the engine now with the oil pressure at 120. It started at 40 then went to 60. I had the oil changed and they put 5w30 which they were not supposed to do. I wanted 10w30.

Is this a common problem with Pontiacs? Is there a non engine replacing solution? Will I have to tow it to the mechanic?

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Pontiac - Bonneville :: 2003 - Stalling While Driving

Yesterday this thing died on me twice. 30mph to 0 in nothing flat. No problems with stalling before yesterday. It's at the shop now, but they tell me they aren't finding anything and probably won't if they can't get it to die on them too. It had only been driven for about 5 minutes before each occurrence, and each time I had just topped a small hill(if that matters). The second time, it did slightly hesitate to restart and seems to me there was some light smoke from the tailend.

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Bonneville :: 1996 Pontiac Keyless Entry Reprogramming

I have a 1996 Pontiac Bonneville, when i bought it it came with a remote that was broken, so i have an old remote from a 2000 Chevy Venture that i want to program to work with my Bonneville, my owners manual has no information on reprogramming and I don't want to pay a dealer or mechanic money to do it, looking for the process of re-programming this for my car?

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Pontiac :: 1996 Bonneville Deploying Airbags While Driving

On Sept 10, 2011 I was driving towards a major highway when my airbag light came on. I just figured it was a sensor malfunction and kept driving. I proceeded to the highway and when I was up to 57MPH I put my cruise control on. About 3 minutes later both of my airbags deployed while I was driving. Do you think I need a lawyer?

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Pontiac - Bonneville :: Check Engine Light That Will Not Turn Off

My friend has a 1996 or 1997 Pontiac Bonneville with over 130K miles on it and its been in her family for several years and she says the "Check Engine" light on it has never turned off. She's taken it to different shops to have it looked at and none of them can tell her what's wrong with it. As far as she can tell, the car runs fine, she keeps up with the service on it but I wonder what would be causing this? I once owned a 1999 Chevy Malibu with the V-6 3.1 liter engine and I had the same thing happen to me but when I had it serviced, the mechanic hooked a little code reading device to it and turns out the spark plugs were misfiring so he changed the coil pack in it....problem solved. So obviously my friend is having issues with fuel emissions system in it but I wonder why the mechanics in the City she lives in can't seem to figure out the problem. Not saying her car has the same problem my old malibu once had, there's a number of reasons why that light turns on and from what I've learned it usually involves the fuel emissions system in it. So what could be wrong with it?

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Pontiac - Bonneville :: 1996 - Oil In Antifreeze With PO300 Code?

How serious or expensive is cost of repair for problem causing oil in antifreeze for 1996 Bonneville with PO300 code?

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Pontiac - Bonneville :: 1991 Transmission - No Forward Gears

The 91 bonneville stopped having forward gears but was drove back in reverse about 4 miles, reverse appears to work fine does this thing need new transmission or is there an easier fix...

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Pontiac - Bonneville :: 1998 - Dashboard Lights Not Working

I have no dash lighting on my 1998! I've checked all fuses and they are all in working order. What is the next direction to head in?

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Pontiac - Bonneville :: Removing Hub From Front Brake Drum

i have a 1966 pontiac catalina and i am replacing most of the brake components including the drums, which a car of this vintage has at the front also. the new drums don't include hubs, so i will have to swap the old hubs to the new drums. do i have to go to the machine shop to have them press these apart?

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Pontiac - Bonneville :: 1999 - Excessive Brake Pad Wear

I replaced the front brake pads and rotors on a 99 Bonneville about a year ago. The outside pad on the passenger side has worn completely out and has ruined the rotor. The inside pad on the same side looks fresh. Everything on the driver's side looks good. What the heck happened? I am not an expert but I have replaced many of these GM brakes and have never seen this result.

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Pontiac - Bonneville :: 2002 - Cylinder 1 Firing Intermittently

just bought a 2002 bonneville sle 2 weeks ago. First few dats it ran great, then it started missing. Dealer had his mechanic look at it. His diagnostics said #1 cylinder wasn't firing. I replaced plugs and wires. Then mechanic said injector wire to #1 cylinder was dead. He messed with wires and got the miss out of it. Today it's back.

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Pontiac - Bonneville :: 2005 - Rattling Noise From Compressor

A sudden new noise heard from under the hood of my car!I have determined The noise is definitely coming from the AC compressor. I can hear it when I lift the hood. The noise stops when the AC is turned off and starts when the AC switch is activated. I'm not certain if it is a bearing or one of the pistons inside? Interesting is that there are moments that when the A/C is turned on, all is well, no noise and their is refrigerated air coming from the vents inside. But a mile or so down the road, the noise starts.

Also, once the noise starts, there is a tremendous load on the gas engine and the car has great difficulty getting to 35 mph. The engine is a V6. the car is a SE model. There are Few bells and whistles. There is 200,000+ miles on the car. I don't think it is a low freon issue, for is there not a built in safety that keeps the A/C clutch from engaging if freon ( or 134A in my case) is low? and when the unit does work, there is plenty of cold air. I don't think it is low oil in the compressor, as that would indicate a leak in the system , would it not?

Could I or am I , be looking at replacing the compressor?Which will mean having to suck down the system, correct? and anything else I have not thought of that will be involved?

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