Subaru - Forester :: Moisture On The Inside Of Windshield

Apr 4, 2011

I have a 2010 Subaru Forester and lately - it has on occasion had moisture on the inside of windshield - at the center and about 6 in. up and about 10 in wide. At first it was just moisture, but now has become something hard to wipe off with just my hand. The dealer has no clue. I had a bad heater core in a car years ago, could this be a similar problem.

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Ford - Escape :: 2010 - Significant Moisture Collected On Inside Of Windshield After Rainfall

I have a 2010 Ford Escape. A year ago I noticed that after a heavy rainfall, significant moisture would collect on the INSIDE of the windshield, right above each air vent. It got so bad that the both the driver and passenger car seat track assemblies started to rust. Ford replaced the tracks, inspected all window seals and the cabin air filter, but still could not figure out how the moisture is able to collect on the inside. The car is starting to smell like mold, and I fear that more metal parts inside will start to rust.

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Subaru - Forester :: Wind Noise Around Front Windows Just Inside The Side Mirrors

Wind noise around front windows just inside the side mirrors. ཀ Forester ...Is this a common problem and is there a fix for it?

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Passat (B6) :: Moisture Inside Car Regularly

For some reason I am getting moisture inside my car. This has started to happen regularly, even when it is not raining. I have checked all of my weather stripping, all windows seal tight, all doors close tight. VW service can't find anything.

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Camry 2012+ :: Moisture In Car - Windows Were All Wet On The Inside

It rained really hard yesterday. This evening I got in my car and the windows were all wet on the inside. While I believe some moisture is normal this was ridiculous. Where to check/look or what it could be. I checked the sunroof and under all the floor mats (not under the carpet; just mats)..

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Accent RB (2012+) :: Moisture Inside The Headlight

I installed HID for Headlight in my Accent, after few weeks it builds moist inside the headlight. How to clean it?

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Prius (2010-12) :: Moisture Inside The Display - How To Get Rid Of It

Refer the attached picture and its visible, that it has some moisture marks inside the display, its is there for long time more than 1 year, ( only on the left side block of the display). How to get rid of it?

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Prius (2010-12) :: Moisture Inside Taillights?

I have a 2012 Prius 3 and just noticed yesterday that I have some condensation on the inside of my Taillights. It's been raining and cold around here lately but I park my car in the garage. You could see it in the pics below....

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Lexus RX 2004-09 :: Moisture Inside One Of Tail Light

This may be related to some posts I've studied but I'm still at a loss. My wife observed moisture inside one of the tail lights on her 2006 RX330. Upon further inspection, I noticed water standing in the lower section inside the outer cover over an inch high. After reviewing all of the posts about bugs in them, moisture in them, how to remove them, and whether the outside cover can be removed, I pulled it out looking for any cracks, etc to figure out how that much water is getting in since it hasn't been wet in over a week at least and no downpours, major things like a car wash...nothing. I'm still at a loss. I know that I could rotate it carefully 360 degrees without water escaping which meant the out cover was still sealed pretty good. I then rotated it to flat and the water poured out thru the electrical circuit board/bulb area. Could this be related to the same cause behind the headlight pseudo recall/replacement? Which way to go as I can find no signs of how the water got there.

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Golf/GTI VII :: Moisture On Inside Of Windows After Rolling Them Back Up

I have had my '16 4 dr S for about a month now, and have had only one issue, well two if you count the fact that my LG G4 will not connect to AndroidAuto. Even when it is dry out and hasn't rained for days, both sides of my windows will be wet after rolling them down and back up. It is almost like the rubber seals act like sponges and coat the windows with water as the window passes through. It is not enough moisture to drip down the windows or cause a musty smell or anything, but it is aggravating.

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Sonata NF (2006-10) :: Moisture On Headlights Inside The Lens

I recently noticed both of my headlights had a little bit of moisture inside the lens. I'm not sure if it had to do with the HID installation. I remembered I had to make holes on the dust cap but I made sure I closed up the holes with electrical tape after I was done.

Recently (couple hours later) I went to check on the headlights, the passenger side lens seems like it evaporated but the driver side lens has a minor streak of moisture at the bottom. I took pix but i cant upload through my phone. I will post them up on Monday. The climate is constantly changing here in NYC because of the fall season.

Could it be the heat from the HID bulb and the humidity from outside?

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Sonata I45 (YF - 2011+) :: 2014 - Car Fogged Up / Moisture Inside

Having issues regarding Moisture in the car... I have a 2014 Sonata SE and i live in Seattle and here most of the time is a rainy and my car is producing lot of moisture inside with in couple of minutes after drive or if i parked outside also. I am not Re-circulating the air and switching on the Air condition every time when ever fogged. But, today i have switched on the A/C for almost 5 minutes and put on Exhaust mode. Some how moisture is still inside the car. This problems i am seeing at the time of i bought the car. I have noticed most of cars are not fogged but do not know why the new Hyundai Sonata is pretty fogging.

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Kia - Sedona :: Moisture On Inside Of Driver Side Headlight

I have moisture on the inside of the front driver side headlight fixture, how does this occur and what can i do to eliminate it?

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Kia - Sedona :: 2002 - Moisture Inside Head Lamp Casing

My driver side front head light compartment continually has moisture inside of it. My question(s) are how does that happen, and is there a way to stop it without just replacing the entire unit? The head light works okay but figure that this can't be a good thing.

2002 Kia Sedona Mini Van6 cylinder147,000 miles

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Golf V R32 :: LED Tails - Moisture On Inside Of Each Corner Light Lens

This is the first winter with my LED tails installed, and notice that I get varying amounts of moisture on the inside of each corner light lens. It makes me a bit worried that this will eventually cause a short or destroy a light in my not-so-cheap tails.

It comes and goes based on relative humidity, temp, and precipitation - but isn't necessarily worse when raining. It's almost like the larger the delta between a higher cabin temp and colder outside temp on a "humid" day generates the most moisture.

I have checked the "bulb access" on each corner and the weatherstripping is intact and appears to make solid contact when tightened down.

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Touareg :: Moisture Condensing On Plastic Inside Headlight Unit

Having problem with moisture condensing on the plastic inside the headlight uniit? Discovered on one of mine after just sitting in the unheated garage for a few days.

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Prius (Gen 3) :: Front Left Headlight Shows Moisture Fogging Inside

I just bought a new 2010 Prius IV and noticed after a good rain that the front left headlight assembly was showing some moisture fogging inside the lens. None of the other light assemblies showed any moisture.

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Toyota - Sienna :: 2005 - Headlamp Lens Housing Has Moisture Inside?

2005 Toyota Sienna minivan. Neighbor brings it by my house for a headlamp bulb.Rt head lamp low beam is out. Access is easy with the hood open.Rt Headlamp lens housing has moisture inside, left does not.Bulb is not broken or shatterd, it is in one piece.Before we spend $76 for an HID bulb, I have questions on the HID system. Is it that simple..just a bulb..or is there electronic controls involved that could be the culprit?Did the moisture take out the bulb in the first place ? ( halogen bulbs explode when wet ) or cause a chort in the electronics ? I already told her we need to take out the lens body and find and seal the leak and dry it out but I'm curious about the HID system.Do I dare just put 12v to the bulb ( #D2R 35w ) to test it or is that a bad idea with HID ?....( my best Ford tech to ask is off today )

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Toyota - Corolla :: 1997 - Moisture After Rain / Fog On Inside Of Instrument Panel Window

I have a '97 Corolla with 198K miles... this week all of a sudden, it has a strange moisture issue. It rained some on Sunday and a little Monday morning. I got in the car to go to work, and there was fog on the inside of the instrument panel window--turning on the defroster fixed it, but that's the first time I've ever had to defrost my speedometer!Monday while I was at work, it rained a lot more.

I got in the car to go home, and it was very humid inside! I turned on the air and opened the windows for a minute, and all was fine. It hasn't rained since, but due to the moisture now the car smells pretty bad at first in the morning...I have to turn air on/open windows for a minute when I get in. What would allow moisture to get inside the instrument panel??

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Dodge - Caravan :: 1999 - Moisture In Heating And Cooling System / Windshield Fogging

I drive two 1999 Caravans, a base model and a Sport. With both I have a persistent problem with moisture in the heating/cooling system. When I turn it on, it smells and feels moist (not like coolant), heat or A/C, summer or winter. I have pressure tested, no leaks. I have replaced heater cores, o ring seals, checked the condensate drains for blockages, replaced the metal tubes that go through the firewall on one car. There is no moisture coming from the outside. The windshield starts fogging at about 34 degrees and gets so bad when it is colder that the defroster full on with the A/C on cannot completely clear the inside glass. Really cold (for us) 20s and the windshield is so fogged that driving is scary. When I drive into a cold spot in winter, sometimes the whole windshield will fog in a few moments-- that's with the defroster on.

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Subaru - Forester :: 2004 - AC Goes Out Intermittently

I have a 2004 Subaru Forester xs and the a/c goes out intermittently. I was told I need a new compressor clutch and that the whole compressor assembly will have to be replaced. I contacted another mechanic and he said that he would fix just the clutch but I should replace the whole thing. So, what do I HAVE to do? Are these prices in line? Can I get used parts or discounted parts?

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