Relationship Between Sjogren's And Water Retention?

Apr 30, 2016

Has anyone noticed any relationship between Sjogrens and water retention?  It seems like, since Sjogrens attacks moisture, they wouldn't go together.

But I have noticed that when I am about to have a good week without a lot of symptoms, it starts with my body getting rid of excess water (I urinate large volumes regardless of how much I am drinking and then am about two pounds lighter).  I am just wondering if flares can cause you to retain water.  I don't eat a lot of salt so I don't think it is diet related.

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Water Retention With Mirtazapine

Just started on Mirtazapine and my feet and ankles are swelling up. Is there anything that can help?

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Water Retention From Mirtazapine

Does anybody suffer from water retention on this med? I currently taking 45mg and only drink tea or bottled water, but my face is puffy and my knees and ankles have ballooned up to the fact that I feel I cannot bend my ankles, I am willing to put up with this as the med is helping loads, I have tried herbal diuretics that don't seem to help, and when I do go for a pee its like nothing comes out, is this what causes the weight gain as I have not had the munchies like so many people seem to have on hear.

Also I am terrified of taking the 45mg tablet, I have been taking 30 + 15 mg, has anybody noticed a difference, will my good sleep go? who and I do sweat a lot, night and day.

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Menstruation :: Water Retention

I have gained some weight in over 2 days and it's close to my period so can someone tell me if this is water fluid or fat I lost 5 pounds today with a water pill...

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Citalopram Causing Water Retention

I'm on day 3 of 10mg citalopram ( which I had previously been on for 6 years until a year ago ) . I'm finding I have slight water retention I can't remember this happening last time . Will it pass ?

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Nortriptyline And Water / Fluid Retention ?

Ive been on nortriptyline for, id say at least 5 years plus now, 75mg daily for chronic migraine.

I was searching google about fluid in the abdomen which i have had for the past few years, i literally look 5 months pregnant which nevers goes away or down and i came across something about anti depressants causing water retention.

Does anyone know if fluid retention can be caused by nortriptyline?

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Oedema :: Water Retention And Consumption

We need water to survive. Our bodies don't function properly without it. This is a fact. When our defense system, Exa: our lymphatic system, bowels and urinary systems.. when these systems become clogged and fail to work properly we may become ill, start to retain fluids and developers all manner of conditions, disorders and diseases. If we develope edemas,swelling, water retention doctors may prescribe water pills or diuretics. In severe cases the doctor may restrict water intake. Do you have a situation like this? Tell me what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What beverage do you have with your meals? I'd like to ask some questions, get some answers and perhaps share some food for thought.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy :: Water Retention

I am back on my full dose of HRT 1 week and am feeling myself, mentally the cloud has lifted and my energy level is back to normal.  However, I now remember one reason why I was trying to wean off, this  swelling, bloating and heartburn!  Uggh.  Any suggestions, lowering the dose seemed to get rid of it all, however, I was an emotional trainwreck!  Any one out there with the same problem and found a solution?  Drinking lots of water, will keep an eye on the sodium, and no spicy foods, other than that is there anything else?  Will talk with my doctor in a few weeks I have a visit scheduled.  

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Total Hip Replacement :: Water Retention - Urge To Pee

I wonder if anyone out there has experienced anything like this. Briefly I started off almost 2 years ago with what the Docs thought was Vaginal Atrophy but after taking HRT for a year or so and no change, I came off the HRT. Some months later I self diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. Most irritating whatever the collection of symptoms are known as. Thankfully though I don't get all the symptoms at once, although there is no set pattern to them. One of the worst symptoms is urgency to wee. In ordinary circumstances, I would get this strong urge and easily get to the bathroom in time.

However last Sunday I came home from hospital following a total hip replacement! In the early hours of Monday morning I got that severe urge to wee and struggled to get out of bed. I half fell at the side of the bed in sheer panic and ended up with my right leg with the new hip holding me up as my other leg had gone out behind me. Such pain and to make it worse I was wetting myself! So shocked. Anyway I managed to sort myself out but since then I've not been able to wee properly during the day, almost like I am retaining urine. Then I have to get up twice in the night to empty my bladder. I get no normal urge to wee during the day either.

I read up about Fowler's Syndrome the other day and it pretty much describes me. It's about your sphincter not being able to relax properly. I'm wondering if the shock in the early morning last Monday has resulted in my sphincter tightening or something and it relaxes at night when I'm in bed, so I'm able to wee normally again? Anyone else experienced anything like this? I just want my waterworks to come back to normal. At least I can get out of bed easier and quicker now so that's better if nothing else.

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Swollen Left Foot Due To Water Retention - Tests Normal

About two years ago my left foot became swollen. If I measure it around the top and under the arch it is 2-3 cms more in circumference than my right foot. I've been to the doctor a few times, had X-Rays, blood tests for all sort of things, including DVT. treatment for possible gout, etc, but the doctor hasn't come up with anything. His opinion the last time I saw him was that it's water retention and I'll just have to live with it. Obviously I'm not particularly happy with that.

Has anyone got any thoughts on it? Why would it only affect one foot, and can anyone suggest any self treatment that might be useful, or further options I can proceed with through the help service?

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Epilepsy :: Seizures In A Relationship

I've had epilepsy all my life. I find the stress has really brought my seizures on a lot. Relationships has anyone had problems with their seizures in a relationship.

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Relationship Between Masturbation / Sex And Testosterone

I am really started to wondering about the what can testosterone does to human body. the more i learn about the more i started to wondering.can anyone give me clear idea on testosterone and masturbation. i read in a article masturbation does not considered as a sex, but in many people are arguing it is sex. how much testosterone does a 25yr old men need to have muscles growth. how much testosterone can an 25yr old man can produce ?

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STD :: Chlamydia In Faithful Relationship?

So, almost a year ago my girlfriend (which I had been with for 10 months at this point) went for her to her gynecologist because I had a rash on my penis, which I had my doctor look at and he said it was just an irritation and to put some Cortisone cream on it and this was in June 2011.

When my girlfriend got her results back she tested positive for Chlamydia.

Her doctor gave her the pill form, and I just called my doctor's office assuming I had it too and he prescribed Azithromycin, the one you stir up and
drink.  We both had follow ups to make sure it was gone. I went back took and pee test and came back negative and so did her follow up. But her doctor was telling her it was a strand on Chlamydia that was only 2 weeks ago, and that I cheated on her 100%, and was being unfaithful. Which is not true at all. I have NEVER cheated on my girlfriend nor even thought about it and I know she has never cheated on me. The question is how did this come up? I don't understand. We've had vaginal, anal, and oral sex (both protected and unprotected but mostly unprotected). The only way I can think of is maybe contracting Chlamydia by having anal and vaginal sex, which I'm not even sure is possible. Or right before I started talking to my girlfriend now, I had a blow job by a girl I knew back in august 2011. Which then Chlamydia would have had to been dormant for 10 months, which I'm also not sure about. I've been trying to research it, and everyone is saying one of you had to of cheated. But this isn't the case there has to be another explanation.
We continued to date even though she thought I had cheated on her, no matter how many times I tried to tell her I never did. Everything was still going good, but now we just broke up (June 2012, 1 year later) because she just couldn't get over the whole Chlamydia thing and not being able to trust me.  Please someone help me out, this whole thing has ruined my relationship of 2 years.

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Developing Raynaud's Phenomenon For Both Partners In Relationship

My partner got this the same time as me.  Is this something that normally happens?

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Bipolar Disorder :: Selective Memory Loss In Relationship

Been in a relationship with a bipolar disorder person ( i believe) and after a while into the relationship , she has the notion of hurting me in the situation when she is very much emotionally involved with me as in romance etc. Seems like she loses herself and starts scratching me . i kind of ignored earlier but when i wake her up kinda thing she completes looks puzzle and asks me dis she hurt me kinda thing. She also did mention lets breakup coz its gonna get worst then this but i must admit i was adamant and was sure i can find a solution for this and we can be happy together. Then came a point whereby she went through the same episode and woke to ask me did she stab me and when realized no, she went on saying this has to stop kinda thing since next she will go to suicidal mode etc. She also went on i just cant be as normal anymore to you since my mind has already shutting u down. That evening when i got in touch with her , she told me that its happening and she was somewhere alone in her office not sure what she was trying to do neither any recollection how she got there. She was infact awaken by the cleaner lady thankfully she said. She said "i love u more then my life" to me and that's the problem . The next day when i got in touch with her , she acted as though she has no recollection of what we had in between and she seems to have memory loss on all the places and events that she has been and was with me. She even started calling me by my real name instead of dear or darling how she used to. She is also doing her studies now, and i'm confused to whether to help her to recall things that we had in the past or let it be as not to distract her from her studies and help her to recollect once she is done with her studies and then seek medical help so that we can be on track again.

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Relationship Between Heart Rate (at Rest) And Blood Pressure?

I would be interested in your views on whether you believe that there is a relationship between heart rate (at rest) and blood pressure? My bp monitor always gives me my heart rate, which I guess is standard? But I got to thinking (my wife says this is dangerous for me!) why do bp monitors register heart rate unless there was a link to bp? I have "googled" it and can't find anything that is definitive. My resting heart rate hovers around 60 BPM which is quite good apparently. How much attention do you all take of the heart rate readings on your monitors?

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Pregnancy :: Tap Water Is Nasty - I Boil Water And Freeze

tap water is nasty if I boil water & freeze it would that be a good idea?

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Stress / Anxiety :: Repetitive Negative Thoughts (toxic Relationship With Husband)

Okay so, I'm 20. Um okay so, i keep having thoughts about my ex.. Me and him have been in a very toxic relationship for years since high school and I feel as though it was just so toxic that it didn't allow us to grow or to really be who we truly are.. But.. Yeah we weren't together anymore and all he wants now is just sex from me.. And I'm so attached I dream about him with other girls and I constantly think about the arguments we had things he has said things I have said just constantly playing back things and now I'm starting to talk to myself like I my head I'm starting to be nicer to myself and allowing those thoughts to just come and go and I am constantly forgiving myself and telling myself that I cannot control any of those situations and I tell myself that or worrying and overthinking will not resolve anything but just makes matters worse... And I have repetitive thoughts about anything that I feel so insecure about, I've started praying and asking God to help me.. Is there anything else I can do? I've also started meditating I don't do much like I just started getting back into school consistently everything that I do is inconstant. Everything so I'm starting to be better at things

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Acute Urinary Retention After Stroke

Friend had stroke end of jan. He's now having serious retention problems. Drs not sure if it is neurological or physical. He's trying to urinate every 10 mins with acute pain. If it's neurological I wouldn't have thought he was trying to void. He's had a urethral catheter in since stroke till a few weeks ago and now got a convince catheter. Problem has got increasingly worse over last few months and last week extremely worse. He's due to go into hospital on Monday if bed available for other treatment. Today though I may insist on him going down to a&e as the pain is now getting much worse. He's even on morphine for other issues and pain goes beyond this. Any thoughts?

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Cancer :: Retention Time Of Carmustine (BCNU) In The Human Body

What is the retention time of Carmustine (BCNU) in the human body.

If it varies with the dosage, is it possible for me to know the recommended dosage(mg/kg) and the corresponding retention time in the body.

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Pregnancy :: Non Sterile Water Or Sterile Water For Formula?

Which one is best for formula

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