Stress / Anxiety :: Repetitive Negative Thoughts (toxic Relationship With Husband)

Mar 12, 2016

Okay so, I'm 20. Um okay so, i keep having thoughts about my ex.. Me and him have been in a very toxic relationship for years since high school and I feel as though it was just so toxic that it didn't allow us to grow or to really be who we truly are.. But.. Yeah we weren't together anymore and all he wants now is just sex from me.. And I'm so attached I dream about him with other girls and I constantly think about the arguments we had things he has said things I have said just constantly playing back things and now I'm starting to talk to myself like I my head I'm starting to be nicer to myself and allowing those thoughts to just come and go and I am constantly forgiving myself and telling myself that I cannot control any of those situations and I tell myself that or worrying and overthinking will not resolve anything but just makes matters worse... And I have repetitive thoughts about anything that I feel so insecure about, I've started praying and asking God to help me.. Is there anything else I can do? I've also started meditating I don't do much like I just started getting back into school consistently everything that I do is inconstant. Everything so I'm starting to be better at things

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Anxiety And Depression - Negative Thoughts

I have and still do suffer from anxiety and depression. And recently have been having negative thoughts, things I shouldn't. I feel like such a terrible person because I know that's not me I couldn't hurt a fly. And I feel like i'm all alone, i'm ashamed of my own self, its worst when i'm alone it's like I get lost in my own mind and I hate it. I'm on medicine for my anxiety, and have a doctors appt coming up. Is this occurring because of my anxiety/depression? Am I the only one?

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Sertraline Or Anxiety? Negative Thoughts

Does anyone know if Sertraline causes negative thoughts or is it because of my anxiety it just i'm not as depressed as before but can't get rid of these negative thoughts and I think it's that what's making me feel down been on 5g for 5 weeks then 100mg for a week

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Citalopram :: Waking Up With Anxiety And Negative Thoughts

I've been on 20mg for 16 weeks and upped to 30mg 3 weeks ago every morning I wake up I have high anxiety and negative thoughts this seems to ward off about 5pm has anyone had this problem and will it get better with time.

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Social Anxiety/ Negative Intrusive Thoughts

Ok, so just a short introduction about myself. I'm currently 25, I'm a male with chinese ethnicity. My nickname is Jas. I came from a pretty well-off family (enough to get me my needs and some of my wants) . I have a couple of caring but overprotective parents. I went through my entire "going-to-school" life with them. I graduated with a decent course and was successful in getting my professional licence. Life was really great that time for me, but i think I only felt that way because I was naive back then.

Anyway... As soon as I started working, I left home for good. I went into a different city and started to become an independent person. I was around 21-ish that time. This is when I became conscious of my behaviours and holes within myself. I think, a big part of this is due to me staying with my parents for a very long time, which probably delayed my maturity, but hey, let's not live in the past. Let's focus on what we have right now.

So when I started to become conscious with my own movements, I looked for ways to improve myself - I spent long hours in a day to reflect how my day went, how i behaved in front of other people, etc... When I started, it was really bad - i didn't know how to carry myself in public, people would most often laugh at me. One thing i noticed also is that I craved for attention - I was needy. I didn't know how to construct my thoughts properly. I didn't even know how to know what I feel for a certain scenario. I was really bad that time, trust me... If i write all of them here, this will be a VERY LONG list. Oh well, that was the past. But over time, I was able to get some of the negative traits out. I gained more control over myself now. But there are some that I can't get out:

1. Negative intrusive thoughts - thoughts of people laughing at me... thoughts of people bullying me. It's one that keeps on going my head OVER and OVER again. I have read some of the forums and took the advise to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. yeah it sure helped, but when i'm under pressure, i just lose control of myself. For example, one of the things i'm interested with is music... singing.. playing musical instruments. I could very well do those stuff if i'm alone, but if i'm in front of several people, thoughts like people laughing at me creeps into my mind, then i lose control with myself. I don't know why, but I'm so overwhelmed with my emotions, that I lose control of myself completely.

2. Social anxiety - Back then, I was really afraid of people. I don't know what to do in social gatherings (i was the one who sits in the corner and eats cheese). Soon, of course, i had to face my fear and had to start talking with people. I think i found some success in it. Although, my biggest problem right now i think is approaching groups. it's like i feel fear even before i do anything. I think my reasoning also break down quite easily when i'm under pressure (like for unexpected circumstances/responses...).

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Anxiety :: Negative / Suicidal Thoughts With Paxil?

Experiencing negative thoughts, paranoid thoughts, and extreme anxiousness where I am focusing on dumb things. Do I stop taking it? I don't have a follow up doct apt for another 5 weeks 

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Anxiety :: Excessive Negative Thoughts Of Death And Dying

For the past 3 months I have thoughts of death and dying, almost everyday I feel a choking feeling around my throat and neck area and I keep thinking that I would suffocate. It's gotten to the point where I panic on a daily basis thinking that I'm going to die.

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Anxiety :: Preoccupation With Death / Suicidal Negative Thoughts

I'm 17 and been suicidal for  five years, i want to die all the time, preoccupation with suicidal thoughts has affected everything like my studies a sudden plummet in my academic score and physical health too, i only weigh 39 kg n im 5"3 tall girl. I want to die all the times i don't want to live Is this normal?

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Anxiety :: Excessive Negative Thoughts / Overwhelming Bad Memories

I have had anxiety issues since I was a kid but this last year or two has been the worst it's ever been for me. I find myself always reverting back to my negative thinking ways. I haven't seen a therapist or a professional because frankly I can't afford it and I always end up chickening out when I do find a somewhat affordable place. 

I've been researching alot about different anxiety disorders and I'm most relatable to that of OCD and I definitely feel I have depression as well. I'm sorry if my post is a little excessive but I find that even writing it all down, gives me some relief of all the stress I feel. I would really love any feedback and any type of help you could all give me. 

I am constantly making myself feel like I'm a bad person. I have a lot of negative thoughts running through my mind on a daily basis. I will bring up bad memories from the past of things that I did wrong or when I had made bad judgements. It's really hard for me to try and move on from past mistakes. I am always saying in my head, "I should of did this" and "why didn't I do that instead." I beat myself up over things I can't change. I notice that anytime there is something that is going good for me, I will find reasons why I don't deserve it or why I'm not worthy of having it in my life. 

I also have panic attacks when driving alone. I always worry that I hit someone or something and didn't realize it or notice. I turn the radio down real low so that I can hear every noise just in case. I get so nervous and worried that I will check my car a bunch of times just to see if there's any type of damage or difference. I think the worst if I feel a bump or hear any type of ding. 

I think the biggest thing that triggers my anxiety disorder is my fear of how people perceive me to be. I really need reassurance from others in order to feel like I'm doing things right or that I'm a good person. Everything I do or say in front of people, I analyze. I try and figure out what they are thinking and how they are judging me. I just want everyone To like me and think I'm a good person. I try to relate to everyone so that they have a positive view of me. I am always in fear of people getting the wrong idea or misinterpreting something I said and in doing so, they think I'm a terrible person.  

I also get really stressed out whenever I go into stores because I get worried that the people working there will think me or the person I'm with is trying to shoplift. I will as far as buying something I don't even really want just so that they don't think I went there just to steal something. 

When leaving the house, I go over everything  in my head and if I'm not sure whether I locked, shut or turned something off before I left, I worry the entire time something will happen to my dogs while I'm away because of it. Like if I don't make it apparent that I checked all candles were blown out, then I will just worry that my house will burn down with my dogs in it......

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Anxiety :: Negative Thoughts And Self Doubts About Life Choices

All throughout my life I have had good opportunities that I have thrown away because of how I felt at the time, jobs, women, holidays etc etc I threw them all away because of my negative thoughts and self doubts... And its here again, i think!

I currently have a job that is very comfortable, money is good, not too far away from home and its easy to do... Its just boring as hell! Today I spent 2 hours doing nothing at all, and that's not me, Im not that type of person. Sure I kick back for half an hour after a busy spell but I actually like to be busy.

Anyway, I have been offered another job by my old boss. We get on great and its a very interesting, challenging job also the same money. 

So whats the problem? The new job is three times further away than my current job which is still only 24 miles in total. I was up for the challenge this morning and very positive about it but as the day has gone on I have worn myself out with worry. I cant seem to shake the fact that, in my mind, its just too far away. It will be a 52 mile round trip and about an hours commute.

All I can think is that it is too far, will cost too much and that I will end up fed up and depressed. I will be all anxious at home  etc etc and then have to quit and let down my boss and probably ruin our friendship.

I know there is an element of thinking over a new job and is it worth it but why can't I think of all the good things about it.

I have done this so many times in my life and end up not following through with things because it makes me worry too much. Like its safer to stay bored than challenge myself. I don't know what to do!

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Anxiety :: Negative Thoughts - No Friends, No One To Talk To And Practically No Life

Over the past 3 years I've practically shut myself out of every social situation I can think of, not because of fear but because I'd rather be playing video games. Over the course of those 3 years I've lost all my friends and postponed school, work, and relationships. Coming to this point where I realize what I've done I became anxious, no friends, no one to talk to, no school, and practically no life. I'm not sure what to do at this point. When I leave my home i'm always alone with nobody to talk to and it makes me really self conscious, I'm always worried about what people think of me and when people laugh or smile around me I assume it's because of something to do with me, I feel like I no longer have the social skills I use to, I remember always being easily able to talk to anybody and be social and enjoy my time with whoever I meet and make sure to leave a great impression but now no matter who I talk to I just feel like a huge loser who is just wasting their time or just someone who they'll talk to their friends and laugh about later over something I said or did. Aside from that, I get anxious thinking to much considering the fact that I have no one to talk to I just think about nonsense, things that never happened like horrible images in my head that just make me uncomfortable and just worsen my anxiety and make it harder to do anything at all and I just find myself stuck on these ridiculous ideas and things that could potentially happen to me when I know full well they wont and never have but I still feel like I'm purposely torturing myself with things that just aren't true and I cannot figure out why. 

Right now I've got another month to wait before I begin school again and hopefully start getting my life back together and In the meantime i have picked up some sports but I really feel like I am just so lost and afraid and I have no idea what to do, whenever i go out to do anything i'm just worried anxious and it heavily impairs whatever I try to do and makes it harder because I'm afraid of looking foolish.

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Anxiety :: Social Phobia, Depression And Suicidal / Negative Thoughts

Sometimes I think I'm going crazy. I'm not being able to even hold a job right now. This makes my self esteem goes downhill and I can't get up of my bed because I fear people.

i'm a mid 30s woman and I'm not sure what made me become so sick. I have a string of failed relationships and in one of them I suffered domestic abuse. I started dating my current boyfriend as soon as my other relationship ended and had too many problems with him but we are still together. He is an ex addict and I'm always afraid he turns back to drinking and doing drugs.

sometimes I think I'm getting insane. I have panic attacks all the time, I can't process my feelings. I tried group meditation but I became too scared of people in general I just gave up. I'm locked home for a whole month now.

im truly thinking about ending my life. I don't see a point. My whole being is taken with these bad sensations, feelings, lack of hope, lack of control, my thoughts flow uncontrollable like a river and I just can't process anything. I'm getting old and I am a huge burden to everybody.

I don't wanna die. I wanted to know if anyone went through these hard times like me and was able to live again.

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Mirtazapine :: Ocd Negative Thoughts

I've been trying to get off this awful little tablet.

Basically suffered anxiety from a young age now 32. Started getting ocd negative thoughts over a year ago. It scared been at first it was all my worst fears playing tricks with me. So docs put me on mirtazapine as i really don't like taking any meds, I take the odd pain killer but other than that I try not to take anything. I especially didn't want to take AD. But with pressure from folk around me and docs recommend advice they suggested it was best I try mirtazapine as I suffer from anxiety disorder. It was causing me to not want to go out to certain places etc.. Anyway its been over a year now and by far the worst of my life. I only started on 15mg as it blew my hair off, literally couldn't function and ended up bed bound due to feeling so all over. Anyway after a couple of weeks it eased and I started getting out more and felt more positive maybe it's placebo Effect, no idea it's all just been a blur. I suffer from a vertigo( balance disorder) it pops up now and again so I know sometimes I have to rest, but it's the worst thing when your an over thinker. Anyway I've been back and forth to the docs and getting no where, some say up the mirtazapine some say they think am best off not being on Ad. I'm currently waiting for my Cbt. I've tried since Dec to reduce off these awful tablets as I'm convinced they are not doing anything other than making me crave foods at night and sleep qnd have weird dreams. I wake up feeling so hung over

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Depression :: Confusing Negative Thoughts

Today's been one of the best days in terms of how ive been feeling for a while....but then the negative thoughts started to come back no matter what I do i always end up being worst off (even if it's not 100% true or all the time) im trying not to have these thoughts as this is what started the depression initially in the first place,and I have a reakky good life for the most part,apart from alot of stress or alot of things going on.been taking one 5-htp for the past three nights to try and get to sleep,and had to take a proposal this morning to calm myself down.still have about another month before I see someone to sort all these confusing thoughts out.

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Sertraline :: Intrusive Negative Thoughts

Have been on 175mg sertraline for 3 weeks and am starting to feel better than I was.  I had a really good week last week, then on Monday this week it was as though it wasn't normal to be feeling good and I started feeling anxious again!  Does anyone else get this - i'm sure it's because I've had anxiety for so long that it's become a habit and feeling happy is not normal to me!  I am hoping that the Sertraline will stop these intrusive thoughts - this is my main obstacle to feeling good again.

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Citalopram :: Excessive Negative Thoughts

I was previously on cipramil 40mg for a few years for panic attacks. Over the last year they got bad again so my dr decided to change me to venlafaxine which did not suit me so I got them to put me back on cipramil. I've gone up to 40 mg over a month and have started to get negative thoughts which really scare me. Has anyone else had this side effect? I think it's because I went up so fast. I rang the clinic and was advised to go back to 30mg and am due back in the clinic next Monday. I don't know whether to come off them completely and try manage with Xanax alone or go down to 20mg.

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Fluoxetine :: Dealing With Negative Thoughts

I'm on my 3rd week of flu and needing some suggestions on how to deal with all the negative thoughts.

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Citalopram :: Negative/ Intrusive Thoughts

This is week 13 on 20mg anxiety a bit better low mood better it's just the intrusive/negative thoughts that are making me down is this normal at this stage ?

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Unable To Sleep Due To Negative Thoughts

I have a horrible time falling asleep, i almost always have to have a TV on to listen to and concentrate on in order to fall asleep. 90% of the time if i shut off the tv within minutes my mind is racing over negative thoughts. People i hate that have wronged me, lost loves, revenge I would like to have, then the next thing i'm full blown angry, heart racing and no chance of falling asleep. Its always just something random, worry about bills, worry about a better job, think of someone i hate/that wronged me. Once i fall asleep im usually good, its just so hard to get there. I cant shut my mind off. Ambien is a joke and does nothing, same with valium, i will chew up 3-4 off the shelf sleeping pills and sometimes that will put me out. The only times i have ever fell asleep well is all drugged up. Like a big ole xanax or so drunk i pass out. I just wish i could close my eyes and fall asleep, but as soon as its quiet my mind goes 100mph.

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Citalopram :: Intrusive Negative Thoughts (12 Weeks)

I'm on week 12 20 mg and things are better that they were a month ago but my problem is negative thoughts/ intrusive thoughts as anyone still had this problem after taking this med so long ? I wake every morning with this problem

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Depression :: Lonely And Continuous Negative Thoughts

Both of my children (19 and 21) left home last Sunday and went to live in the USA.  I've been a single parent for 10 years so now I am on my own after 22 years and I feel so desperately lost and worthless like there's no point in me being here anymore, my job is done.  I work for myself at home so I don't even go out apart from taking my dog for a walk.  I suffer from chronic back pain caused by a sporting injury many years ago for which I take Morphine and on its own I can normally cope with but coupled with this desperately lonely feeling I don't know if I can make it through another day.  I've searched the internet for professional help for my situation, but there doesn't seem to be anything available.  Should I go and see my GP (who barely knows me) or does anybody have any suggestions?  I just feel like a total failure and don't know who to turn to

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