35 NG/ML (17-76 Ref Range) - High Testosterone Or Low Testosterone?

May 21, 2014

Can anyone help me understand these test results? I had a blood test that read my testosterone was 35 NG/ML (17-76 ref range) free testosterone is 0.2 NG/DL (0.3-1.5 ref range). I then had a saliva test done and my results were Testosterone 1,852 pmol/L (34-148 ref range). I am so confused. Do I have HIGH or LOW testosterone?

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Hormones :: High Total Testosterone (LH Of 25 And An Fsh Of 6.6)

I'm a 22 y/o female. I have always had an irregular period, but it's now been almost 4.5 months without one. I had an LH of 25 and an Fsh of 6.6. My doctor at student health says this is normal, but after doing some research that appears so only if I'm about to have my period. It has been 7 days and no period. I also had low fasting insulin serum and a total testosterone of 103 (normal 8-60) my free testosterone was normal though at 1.1. My prolactin was 13.3 and my TSH was low normal.

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Hormones :: High DHEA And Free Testosterone

I'm 21 and for about a year now I've been having irregular periods and some spotting in between periods. About a month a go I went to my first obgyn appointment and she sent me to get some blood work done. I call and ask them for the result and I have high levels of free testosterone and high DHEA. The only thing she told me as to go back for a prescription to start birth control and the hormone levels will balance out. Shouldn't I have more tests done to see what is causing these high levels?

I'm currently waiting for the authorization for an pelvic ultrasound and my lower stomach and back are killing me. Could this be an side effect from the high hormone levels? Will birth control treat this?

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PCOS :: Female With High Levels Of Testosterone

I've recently had a blood test for testosterone and I've been given a high reading of 2.4 but could anyone tell me what an average reading is? I'm 25 female and have pcos.

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High Testosterone And Prolactin Levels At The Same Time?

What would cause elevated Testosterone(1028.53 ng/dL) and elevated Prolactin(26.13 ng/mL)levels at the same time? I have normal Total and Free PSA levels. My Thyroid function tests (TSH,Free T4 and Total T4) are normal. Vitamin D is normal, CEA is normal. I am a healthy 56 years old. I take no medications, drugs or alcohol. Do you have any idea what would cause this?

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Stopped Taking Testosterone Due To High Red Blood Cell Count

I am a 59 yr. old male and a disabled Veteran. I have been taking Testosterone for the past 15 years every 2 weeks. My doctor took me off of it on June 4th because my red blood count was too high. My body doesn't produce Testosterone anymore because of Hemochromatosis, which is a blood disease which produces too much iron in my blood.

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Pituitary Disorders :: High Prolactin But Normal Testosterone Levels?

I am a 27 year old male. For some time I've shown symptoms of a lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction but as I suffer from anxiety always attributed it as the cause. I had some blood tests done privately and my results showed a slightly raised prolactin level but my testosterone seems average.

TSH 0.70 mIU/L (0.27 - 4.2) 

Prolactin 397 mIU/L (86 - 324) 

Testosterone 21.3 nmol/L (7.6 - 31.4) 

SHBG 35 nmol/L (16 - 55) 

The results seem to suggest Prolactinoma but a common side effect is low testosterone where my results prove otherwise. I'm afraid if I speak to my doctor he will tell me it is all in my head so I'm trying to make some sense of the results.

I guess the question I'm asking is is it possible to have raised Prolactin/Prolactinoma and normal looking testosterone levels? 

Should I speak to my doctor anyway?  

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No Sex Drive - Low Testosterone

I am a 38 year old male that has been experiencing some problems lately. I find myself fatigued from morning til night, around the clock. I have no motivation or energy to do ANYTHING. It's beginning to affect my work life as well as my sex life. I literally have no sex drive and I am engaged to the most wonderful woman. However I am so scared to lose her and feel as though she thinks I don't desire her.

I have had to sets of blood work done to see what's going on. Results came back showing my testosterone was low. A lot of the numbers and data I have no Idea what it means. However when he said the normal testosterone range for males was mid 300-s up to 1100 and mine came in at 241...I obviously am very concerned.

He sent me to an endocrinologist to have even more work done so that they could determine treatment. Needless to say, I'm nervous, exhausted and feel like I'm existing away.

I will admit, I didn't do my body good in my early 20's as I did take steroids to bulk up. It have me energy and I felt great. But did I ruin my body? It's also hard to say...because maybe I have low T back then and the steroids helped me feel better!? Idk. I would like to have energy again, a sex drive, and have kids with my beautiful fiance one day.

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Gay Look Due To Low Testosterone Levels

I am worried I have low testosterone levels. I am 16, and have a very high-pitched voice, hourglass figure, little body hair, little pubic hair, little underarm hair and very little muscle.

I am really worried, as this will affect me long-term and it is really embarrassing.

I know many people might say "maybe you're gay" but i don't think deep down i am.

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Testosterone Levels Of 232 At Age Of 46

My husband & I are so upset over his testosterone level and the way kaiser permanente is treating him! his t is 232. he is 46 years old. he is brain fogged, fatigued, erectile dysfunction ed. ect, kaiser told him his blood test for t is normal at 232. we were previously with bcbs and they told him he was extremely low. our personal research shows the range to be 300 to 1000 and that his level of 232 would equate to a man of the age 85 to 100. today he followed up with an endo through kaiser again. the doc said it was normal again. when he told the doctor that it was normal for a man that is 85 years old. the doctor said well, we don't go by age, and the normal range is 175 to 720. so my husband said to the doc that are you telling me that a 25 year old can have the same level as an 85 year old and you think that's okay?? so absurd. the doc said yes as long as it's in that range. oh my God, he is an idiot! the doc said we go by the lab. we called the lab and they said that they send the testosterone out to a kaiser lab called regional. is that legal. i know they just don't want to pay for it. what can we do?

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Low Testosterone Levels 382 Ng/dL At Age Of 28

I've recently taken a blood test and my testosterone levels seem pretty low (total 382 ng/dL, free 8.3pg/mL), DHEA levels are 505.7ug/dL.

I'm 28 and I've been having issues with sleep for most of my 20's and teens. I've also been experiencing some minimal gynecomastia (for several years) and general exhaustion. I don't come from a hairy family but have noticed, it can take several weeks before I need to shave.

My other blood and urine tests came back within normal ranges and I've been wondering....am I suffering from Low T?

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Less Erection Of Penis Due To Low Testosterone

I am 24 years old. I was losing my weight , feel tired everytime. Fatigue in muscles every time. Lazy and very less concentration on things. Less erection of penis. Very less facial hair only weak mustache and chin hairs. Feel weak every time. Poor wound healing. Always depressed.

After noticing all these symptoms i searched on internet about the solution for these problems and found out that this can be due to low testosterone. I did my medical test and my serum testosterone level was 158 ng. Normal person in my age must have testo in between 260 and 1600 ng. I am very much conscious about my hormones.

I want to have some info and solutions to these. Can i go for a testosterone injections?

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Erections Will Be Better After Testosterone Therapy

Guys: I have a question. If one's Testosterone is LOW. Dr says take Testosterone meds to improve Testosterone level.

once Testosterone level is higher, does that mean that erections will be better?
Also, how soon can someone notice any difference in erections?

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Testosterone Gel Applied To Thighs And Sex

I have just started using testosterone gel applied to my thighs in the morning. Per the instructions that came with it, I don't shower for at least two hours (usually four hours later) and thoroughly wash the application area. I'm very paranoid about being intimate with my wife because of the cautions concerning skin to skin contact. How many hours do we need to wait? We're morning people so I thought if we did it before my daily application, she might be OK... Does anybody have any insight?

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Low Energy And Stressed Out - Testosterone?

I am stressed out. I feel older than I really am. I have a older brother. And everything we are together. People think I am the older brother. I don't have any energy. My body is 24/7 working to make me out of fat. But here is the flip side...

I go to gym 4-5 days a week. I eat healthy. I lift weights. I run. I don't smoke and I don't drink. I go through times where I am happy and energetic. But mostly I am only down. And it's not psychological. I feel it's physical. I just don't feel like doing anything. Another thing..

About 2 years ago I did steroids. I have to say when I did steroids, that time period was the happiest time of my life. I was just happy. I had no worries. Even in problems I saw solutions. I was just happy. No anger issues. No depression. Not even a thought of negatively. I was just happy as crap. I had no worries. But BEFORE I did steroids and AFTER I did steroids, I am the way I am today. And it's getting worst. I'm getting more lazy. More tired. But I force myself to keep going to the gym to stay healthy. But it's just that I just don't have the want to do anything.

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Using Testosterone To Increase Libido

Has anyone used testosterone gel to help with the bedroom but i've just been prescribed by my gp.

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Relationship Between Masturbation / Sex And Testosterone

I am really started to wondering about the what can testosterone does to human body. the more i learn about the more i started to wondering.can anyone give me clear idea on testosterone and masturbation. i read in a article masturbation does not considered as a sex, but in many people are arguing it is sex. how much testosterone does a 25yr old men need to have muscles growth. how much testosterone can an 25yr old man can produce ?

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Citalopram :: Low Testosterone Levels?

I've been on.Cit for nearly three weeks now (second course) my anxiety has dropped to a level where I am happy. But as part time hobby I do a lot of weight lifting... But as the past three weeks have gone by my energy levels have dropped. My recovery time has droppeD. The.only thing I can think of off is lower testosterone

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Hypothyroidism :: Low Testosterone, Low T4, Normal TSH

what is causing my t4 and testosterone to be low but tsh to be normal?

i am a 19 year old male and I have had these symptoms for 3/4 years that have slowly gotten worse and have been tested for nearly everything but nothing has come back positive.

i have asked my doctor if my free t4 was low but as always will not agree that it is as it is in their "normal range". i shall be going back to the doctors this week and will request to be tried on some thyroid pills to see if it improved my symptoms? i also read that this could be a pituitary tumor, is this correct? 

my symptoms are


Muscle pain

sore lower back

stiff neck

sinus problems/ phlegm in throat/ blocked nose

dry throat and mouth

red nose/ rosacea

cold hands and feet



Low testosterone at 13 nmol

mood swings

excess urination

excessive thirst

prickly/itchy/burning legs and feet when stood still for a few minutes.

clay coloured stool / diarrhea

TSH 1.6

Free t3 5.3

free t4 10.9 -----------?

i also had my cortisol tested which was 472 nmol

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Hormones :: 21 Years Old And Low Testosterone

I am 21 years old and have found I have low testosterone. About 5 years ago, I started having heart racing, extreme fatigue, confusion/mind fog, and erectile issues. The doctors I saw chocked it up to anxiety disorder, and never checked my hormone levels.

I finally found out about my levels a couple of weeks ago, and I just got the results back for my LH, FSH, and SHBG - and I wanted some advice as to what I should push my doctor to do next. Here are my levels:
LH | RANGE: (1.5-9.3 mIU/mL) | VALUE: 2.4 FSH | RANGE: (1.4-18.1 mIU/mL) | VALUE: 1.5 SHBG | RANGE: (14-48 nmol/L) | VALUE: 17 TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL | RANGE: (249-836 ng/dL) | VALUE: 203

I currently have Kaiser Permanente and I don't believe they have anti-aging doctors, only endocrinologists. I want to be prepared to tell my doctor how to proceed because she is only an internal medicine - and she has been consulting with one of her fellow endocrinologist practitioners for how to proceed.

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Prostate :: Testosterone Causes Cancer

I went to my doctor and she said that a PSA is needed for screening purposes. I asked why and she said that TRT can cause cancer. I told her I have heard nothing of this and if it does I would have never started it. I have read that being on TRT can fuel cancer that is already there making it grow faster and more likely to be aggressive in nature. She looked at me with  a puzzled look and said really well maybe you are right I will check into it. OMG! this is my doctor. Now what the heck am I supposed to think. I have never read anything that links TRT to causing cancer, fueling it yes, but causing it no. I have also read that men with low T are at a higher risk of developing cancer so it would be safe to say I am better off on TRT than not. I wouldn't be on it, but my body no longer makes it so it was 0. My side effects from this were really bad. It is like having chronic fatigue syndrome and sexual dysfunction. With a side of extreme depression. It was terrible and I don't want to go back to feeling that way, but the doctor would like me to stop due to cancer risk and blood clotting. I am getting checked regularly for blood issues and have no desire to take a PSA test. I believe it will open Pandora's box. I wish to leave it alone. What is a guy supposed to do?

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