5 Months Post Op L4 / L5 Spinal Fusion - Still In Pain

Oct 30, 2014

I'm 5 months post op from MIS fusion of l4/l5 and in pain.

Had microdiscectomy at the same level november 2013 without any relief. The back pain only got worse. The disc was completely dehydrated and I was offered the fusion 6 months later. Not that much pain after the operation but it has increased a lot. Severe back pain in the lower back and all the way up to the shoulders.

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Hip Socket Pain And Buttocks Post Spinal Fusion ALIF Surgery

I am a 40 year old male that has had two back surgeries. First Surgery February 2014 Lumbar Spine Posterior Discectomy Micro-discectomy on L4 & L5. Surgery failed no improvement. My Second surgery March 2015 Anterior lumbar interbody fusion (alif) surgery on L4, L5, & S1 with cage implants and bone grafts harvested from my own hip bone. I experience sciatica on my right leg and most frequent on left leg ;shooting pain down my right/left hip/buttocks, goes down the back of the leg. The last 3 years left foot numbness. My worst pain is in bed getting up is very painful. Before my ALIF surgery I suffered from sciatica foot numbness and pain in mostly my left leg region. After 6 weeks post ALIF surgery or so I started getting pain in my buttock/hip region. This actually started during my physical therapy. At first I was doing water therapy this is when it started. My last day of water therapy I was literally about to go to ER from P.T clinic. From there on it just had gotten worst, no real improvement. I went back for more P.T sessions stretching and other exercises . What Physical Therapist did notice that my hip motion was very limited and not much improved happen during all my sessions about 40 or so. Its being about 10 months after surgery and 4 months of P.T. and pain on hips doesn't go away. I have to be careful going up or down stairs. Getting out of bed or moving around in bed its a battle. I have spoken to my surgeon and he says it will take more time for recovery and possible have to live with this pain as a fact of life. I have also spoke to other doctor s and pretty much same response. Once thing I just found out recently is about Hip Bursitis. I was diagnosed with Arthritis. My surgeon keeps on saying its my Arthritis causing pain but prior to ALIF surgery I never had this buttocks pain , specially getting in and out bed. I was wondering if anyone has had same symptoms after spinal fusion surgery having Hip Pain From Arthritis or Hip Bursitis?

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Back Issues :: Spinal Cord Stimulator Or Spinal Fusion Surgery?

I had back surgery in March 2013 that left me with mechanical instability, acquired spondylolisthesis and lots of pain.

I have 2 ortho spine surgeons telling me that I need a bi-level spinal fusion surgery to repair the damage, but after the botched first surgery, the thought of another surgery scares me to death. Plus, since surgery is what spine surgeons do, the recommendation seems obvious.

I also started seeing a new pain management doctor (we moved to a new state) and he is suggesting that I consider a spinal cord stimulator trial, with surgical implantation if we find that it helps the pain.

So...I'm left confused. I see the positives and negatives of each, but I'm just not sure if one makes more sense over the other. I think that my spondylolisthesis will worsen over time and could pose a threat of nerve damage, while the spinal cord stimulator is designed to mask pain and does nothing to address the instability.

I'd love to know if anyone else has faced a similar decision...or has thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions for considering one over the other.

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Back Issues :: Post Fusion Pain Opposite Side

I'm three weeks out from l5-s1 fusion. For the last week I'm having the same pain I did ore surgery but on the other side. I'm really getting worried. It's different pain than post surgery pain. It's my right butt cheek and right calf pain. It's there all the time. Like a sharp knife in the muscle pain with tingly numbness. If I don't have a disc to herniate, what could this be? I'm done with pain and surgery. I can't take this any more

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Dihydrocodeine :: Spinal Fusion - Only Possible Cure?

after contracting cervical spondylosis through an industrial accident i have taken many different forms of medication, namely diclofenac, tramadol and co-dydramol, none work, two disc replacements later, c5-c6 c6-c7, still symptoms persist, tramadol are horrendous, sleepless nights itchiness mild vertigo drowsiness, a truly awful drug, diclofenac caused some form of breathing difficulty, although im not an asthma sufferer, i think the only possible cure for this illness is a spinal fusion, my surgeon seems reluctant in doing this as he is trialling new discs, i never wanted to be a guinea pig, i just wanted to be cured, four years later im worse than ever, no work cant drive cant sleep at night, any ideas?

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Back Issues :: Clicking After L5 - S1 Spinal Fusion

I am almost 2 years post op from an L5 - S1 spinal fusion. I had three surgeries in 9 months before the fusion. I have never been 100% since. The pain is not as severe or crippling, but there is much that I am unable to do. I cannot stand for more than 20 minutes, cannot walk around for more than 30 minutes and have to alternate sitting with laying down. I take Vicodin 1-2 times each day for the pain. I also have numbness in the left foot from the middle toe to the pinky and around the outside of the foot to the heel. My concern now is that I hear a "clicking" when I get up from sitting or lying down. I live in Minnesota and the winter is brutal! I suffer more with extreme cold and damp weather. Is this something to be concerned with or just another item to learn to accept? Is it possible to have an MRI after a fusion?

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Back Issues :: Trouble Sleeping After Spinal Fusion 11 Weeks Ago

I had an l4/l5 fusion 11 weeks ago. During the day I'm doing really well. Starting my phased return to work and going on my exercise bike. Have little discomfort during the day other than if I reach incorrectly or sit for too long etc.

I am really struggling at night. As soon as I get into bed in any position I am in immense pain. I struggle to sleep and wake up constantly through the night. My physio has changed all my exercises to ensure nine involve laying down so at least now I only have to worry about night times.

Has anyone else had this problem?? Anyone got any advice?? Am taking ibuprofen during the day and codydramol at night but doesn't seen to help.

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TKR :: 4 Months Post Op - Pain In Heel And Swelling In Thigh

My friend is into his 4th month of having his tkr. It's like everyday there's something new. He had noticed an indentation on the outside of his knee. He is experiencing pain in his heel, swelling in his thigh, and pain in his back. He had to stop his PT because of the pain. He goes to his Surgeon but he just says it's going to take time. Has anyone else experienced this or similar to this?

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Foot / Ankle :: Heel Pain 7 Months Post PTTD Surgery

Okay, here again, asking if anyone who has had heel pain after pttd surgery has had any solutions to heel pain problems. Prior to surgery and the osteotomy, I never had the least issue with my feel. Now it feels like there is a rock under my heel in the middle, and I walk on the outside edge of my foot, with my toes scrunched tightly to the ground. Very unnatural. And the surgeon who did my procedure can't think of any reason why I am having this issue, and recommended that I go for a second opinion with someone else. Sooo...... For those of you who might have had this issue, any solutions? Did it go away by itself in time?

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Hallux Rigidus Surgery - 2 Months Post Decompression Osteotomy - Still Pain / Swelling

On Dec 3 I had a decompression osteotomy on my right toe for hallux rigidus. My doctor told me I would be running at 2 months and completely back to normal at 3. It is over 2 months and I still have a lot of pain and swelling. Running is out of the question and I am still limping.

I am interested in others' experiences with this surgery. I am supposed to have it done on the other foot as well, but I am simply worried that my right foot may end up worse off than when I started.

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Spinal Surgery :: Post Lumbar Laminectomy

I am a 50 year old female who had lumbar laminectomy at L3/4 eight weeks ago for lumbar stenosis and spondylolisthesis. The surgeon also performed a dynamic stabilisation at this level. As I understand it, this involves the insertion of a flexible and rod and screws, similar to fusion but allowing more flexion at this level while at the same time preventing the vertebra from slipping. Prior to surgery, I was unable to walk or stand for more than 5 - 10 minutes without becoming uncomfortable because of weakness in my legs and a tight cramping sensation in my buttocks. Surgery has relieved me of these symptoms, but I now have aching in my lower back, groins and hips when standing or walking for more than 5 - 10 minutes. I wasn't given any physio follow-up after discharge from hospital, but have had a couple of sessions with a private physiotherapist. She seems to think that these pains are due to the ligaments and muscles having to stretch as my spine as been realigned and my pelvis is now tilted forwards instead of backwards as it was before. Has anyone else experienced similar pains and if so, how long did it take for them to resolve? I am also very stiff first thing in the morning and when getting up from a sitting position. I do not have any pain when sitting or lying down.

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Hip Replacement :: 10 Months Post Op Follow Up - Doing Great

Quickly my story...First THR went perfectly.  It was an anterior approach method and within five weeks I was moving about like I had never had surgery.  Second one went wrong within the first couple of weeks.  My surgeon tried various procedures to help the situation but to no avail.  Then I was kicked out of his practice because I missed two payments on my account and I was left writhing in pain, crippled, for life.  That is how it felt.  I could not move without screaming and I became depressed.  My whole life was changed by this.

THEN I discovered this site and the wonderful people on here helped me go for a second opinion, taught me to research the surgeon first and I chose Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, about five hours from my home.  That surgeon found the problem immediately, while the other could not, and it was that my device had come loose and was migrating, twisting and projecting outwards, hitting every nerve possible.  So he did the successful revision!  Revisions are tough.

Around 6 months post op I began to pray for a part time job and one surfaced almost immediately.  A light duty janitorial job for two hours a day.  And I can tell you that after laying around deteriorating for two years, it left me MORE than out of shape!  The first two months at this job left me feeling that I was going to die!  Oh my! I am 57 and never felt so weak in my life.  I sweated, I mean drenched with sweat because the physical exertion was so difficult to do.

Then my newest hip began to hurt.  An x-ray showed that there was no damage, so I just had to work out the kinks. I was very careful not to break the 90 degree rule and twist while breaking it.  Now I am 10 and a half months post op and feel stronger, more flexible than I have in a long time.

It feels good to be back out among the living, earning a little money, and feeling a sense of accomplishment that the bad THR took away from me. And I job share with a friend who covers me when I cannot work.  I am proud to say that I just accomplished working five days a week three weeks in a row!  

After all that extreme pain I suffered, I want you to know that I am having  many, many mornings when I awaken and feel absolutely no pain!  I lay there and thank God for moments like this and try to just soak up the good feelings before I have to get up to begin my day.

When I was down and out with all that pain and failed device, that was all I could think about.  Life all but stopped and sometimes I wished I were dead.  Now I can reach higher levels of thinking.  I have even meandered around my yard making mental notes of what needs done in the Spring and actually feeling as though I will be able to complete the tasks.  

I want to send the message that no matter how bad off you are right now, it will, it can, get better.  Just around the corner there is life as you knew it.  And for those who are permanently in pain, know that my heart goes out to you and I admire how you survive.  You ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE TO HEAL RIGHT, so be patient with yourself and your medical team and do what you are told to do.  There is nothing wrong with stretching yourself to see where you new boundaries are as you progress, but do so carefully.

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Hip Replacement :: 3 Months Post Tight Feeling

Is anyone past that time yet? Will this tight feeling in my hip eventually go away? I don't have pain however, I still can't walk a long way without the tight feeling bothering me.

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Hernia :: Sepsis 2 Times In 3 Months, 1 Year Post Op

Is there any research or sites about mesh infections/rejection? I had a ventral repair April 16, 2015 with parietex mesh after a strangulated hernia and had to have a revision 1/11/2016 after the fat and tissue strangulated again. I have not felt well since the first surgery and was basically told I was crazy feeling like I was having recurrent hernias. Post op time 1 I dehisced and ended up with 2 I&Ds and septic. Still have not felt well. 8 weeks after completing antibiotics I got sick again (I have had abdominal pain still, every day- worse after eating). I am inpatient now after a second incidence of sepsis. Lactic acid 3.9, WBC 13100, oxygen sats in 80's and hr 130's on admission. I have no health issues before this and am tired of being sick. The medical team has spent all their time trying to find a new source (day 6 today). All because the CT is negative. I need some help, directions, feedback... Has anyone ever had mesh or intestinal issues like this without a positive CT? I have not had normal GI function in a year...

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Uterine A Fibroid Embolization :: Heavy Periods 3 Months Post Op

3 months post UFE. Good news no pain bad news still on bulky towels. I now have to have a more detailed blood test so I can have iron tablets. Hello Docs still very heavy flow chance of iron deficient very high. I wondered if anyone else on here still had heavy periods 3 months post op UFE And if they did then did the bleeding go normal months 4 5 or 6. Cos I'm beginning to lose hope that this has worked. Don't get me wrong I'm better now than pre op but nowhere near enough.

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Knee :: Partial Replacement - Locking Randomly (3 Months Post Op)

My recovery was going great. Could straighten to zero and 125 degree flexion. While at PT doing heel slides, knee locked up. Therapist said To stop doing them for now. Locked up last weekend while stretching and I couldn't straighten it for 24 hours. Saw surgeon's assistant and no issues showed up on plain X-ray ... I have a CT scan scheduled for this week. Locks up randomly while bending with normal activity (sitting for example). Can sometimes get it unlocked by stretching my heel up towards by back. Anyone have issues with your knee locking (will not straighten).

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Cardiovascular :: LAD Artery Is Narrowing Again 10 Months Post Heart Attack

In May 2015 I suffered a small heart attack according to my consultant, it was a bank holiday, i was told that there was no consultant until the following week

Over the weekend I was monitored and on the Tuesday went down to laboratory to investigate the causes. They found that the LAD was 90 % blocked and the RCA and LMS were moderate , 3 stents were fitted and I was given medication to control the Colestral , the cardiologist told me I have a good heart and to push every thing to the back of my mind and don't let it control me

I found as time went by month on month that I was still

Getting niggles and angina pain , the angina pain I found difficult and still do find in hard to differentiate , I may now understand as I was taking far to much GTN X 6 instead of one per year. I find I can walk for

Miles and go to the gym with no issues , but what s confusing me when i have been decorating over 3 months period bending low and reaching high to paint gives me angina pain and it's harder to breath , then my heart rate drops from average of 62 to 43 .

9 months on and I've been back in twice with false alarms getting pain

Last month 26/2 was getting checked out for AF as I had a erratic heartbeat, they were concerned and explained the how the Atrial chamber when pulsing transfer the blood to ventricles and if my heart is missing beats the worry is its retaining blood and this may clot and lead to strokes . However after the investigation they did no do

Anything but gave me two options I was quite shocked 1 CABG or try another stent

I've been out of work now for a 3 months as work on contracts so really need to be back in work, however I gave my wishes to try another stent as the LAD is starting to Narrow before the point of insertion , previously I was informed arteries take a life time to get blocked how can this happen in 9 months with careful food planning and medication being taken, since the blast hospital

Visit I have changed medication on atorvastatin to simvastatin. There was no mention when I came out of theatre about my erratic heartbeat but found it was slightly worse than before the procedure ....

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Tummy / Belly Still Looks Pregnant - 3 Months Post Op

Just an update I'm now 3 and half months post op. Still got the pregnancy belly.this is the longest few months of my life. Just want it gone. Hope I start to see results on month 5 I was hoping for a 22 11bs Weight loss. (The weight I gained due to having a Endo Ablation) glad I had the UFE cos I feel massively better except for the belly still look pregant

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Neck And Shoulder Pain On The Other Side After A C-5 C-6 Fusion

I have been suffering from nerve pain that ran down my left arm and shoulder and fingers from a bulging disc in the C-5- C-6 so i had been taking oxycodone 10-325 but when we decided to do surgery we cut that down to oxycodone 5/325 since that is what the surgeon would be giving me after surgery so i said okay no problem.  I had surgery  on 2/26 of this year, But after surgery come to find out he dropped me to a hydrocodone 7.5/325 and can't understand why the 7.5 hydro's weren't working to take away the pain. I had been having a lil bit of pain on the right shoulder before surgery, but nothing like what i had been having in the left so the surgeon side well "let's hope this will fix this side too" well it didn't. In fact it made the right side worse, I now feel like i have a hot knife twisting at the base of my neck whenever i turn my neck to the right or left, which in turn  runs down into my shoulder blades and into my right shoulder which makes my shoulder feel like someone it trying to tear my shoulder off at the cuff along with weakness in my right arm which i never had before ..  I have also  started to notice a tingling in my right pinky finger and ring finger.  I have told him over and over about this but all he does is get the X-rays and says the fusion is looking fine. and my primary can't do anything since he told her he would treat my pain for 6 weeks and he is refusing to do anything about the pain what so ever. i am to my wits end and any advice would be welcomed.

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Weight Loss And Fine Periods - 4 Months Post Op

I am now nearly 4 months post op. I am currently having a period. Day 1 heavy day 2 heavy and painful day3 light now I have stopped bleeding now I can't believe it. So I'm buzzing hopefully weight loss and small stomach as well

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Nerve Pain :: Failed Fusion And Broken Hardwar

I am 10 months post op spinal fusion and hardware revision from a "failed fusion and broken hardware". My fusion and hardware extend from T10-L5. Immediately after surgery i had numbness and tingling in my right thigh and right side of my lower back. Over the past couple months the numbness and tingling has spread completely across my entire mid/lower back. I have constant pain down the back of my left thigh down to my ankle.

Sometimes it gets pretty severe to the point where it is hard to walk and all i can do is cry and try and massage my leg. Also things have gotten to the point where it feels like there is something crawling on my back and its so numb so I cant relieve the itch by scratching because I cant feel it. It is really starting to drive me crazy at times!

Also, I felt that I started to slowly get better. Better movement, more activities, etc.

And I now feel I am going backwards. Is it possible to regress? I am starting to feel very discouraged and all my pain management dr does is keep increasing my meds for nerve pain. How do I get him to listen to me or find the cause of the nerve damage?

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