Hernia :: Sepsis 2 Times In 3 Months, 1 Year Post Op

Apr 21, 2016

Is there any research or sites about mesh infections/rejection? I had a ventral repair April 16, 2015 with parietex mesh after a strangulated hernia and had to have a revision 1/11/2016 after the fat and tissue strangulated again. I have not felt well since the first surgery and was basically told I was crazy feeling like I was having recurrent hernias. Post op time 1 I dehisced and ended up with 2 I&Ds and septic. Still have not felt well. 8 weeks after completing antibiotics I got sick again (I have had abdominal pain still, every day- worse after eating). I am inpatient now after a second incidence of sepsis. Lactic acid 3.9, WBC 13100, oxygen sats in 80's and hr 130's on admission. I have no health issues before this and am tired of being sick. The medical team has spent all their time trying to find a new source (day 6 today). All because the CT is negative. I need some help, directions, feedback... Has anyone ever had mesh or intestinal issues like this without a positive CT? I have not had normal GI function in a year...

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Viral Infections :: Tired, Cold, And Headache Several Times A Year, Lasts Days

I sometimes and very suddenly become very tired(unable to sit), cold back, and headache. These symptoms would appear 3 to 4 times a year and last 10 to 11 days and then disappear as quickly as they came. Last year or so they came more often but most of time last only 4 to 5 hours. Blood test reveals nothing.

I might add I have 3 to 4 sinus infections a year and have yellow nail syndrome.

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Am I Pregnant? :: 2 Months Delayed, 3 Times Negative Pregnancy Test

I missed period for almost one month half,my last period was February 19 but up to now i don't have,i don't feel any pregnancy symptoms and i did not feel any pain in my body parts even in my breast it looks its normal,me and my bf sex but as a withdrawal and he assures me that he throw all outside no inside. 2 or three day i felt i had white means and sometimes i feel a little pain on my pelvic but not that much.i feel so stress because if i am pregnant i would stop schooling which is i would be graduate by next year. I prepare a baby after graduated not now..help you think im pregnant?19is my due date and i take pregnancy test by march 24 .28 and 2 april?

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Post Viral Fatigue This Year Following A Bad Virus

I was diagnosed with post viral fatigue this year following a bad virus.   Before that I was pretty healthy, I walked to work everyday and was at the gym a few times a week.  Now, although I have recovered a lot from when it first hit, I still struggle day to day.  Something as small as walking up the stairs knocks me ill, and a few hours out can leave me aching for days.  Even cooking a meal isn't usually an option.

I'm getting frustrated because although I can accept that nights out and shopping centres are out of the question (I'm in my mid twenties, so what I usually did), I'm still working full time, even though this means that most of my time off is spent resting (in pain) to try and keep myself fit for work.  I can't quit my job because we need the money but I'm not coping very well.  My employer is usually good but because there is technically nothing wrong with me (my doctor thinks it will pass, and its not classed as a disability) they won't make any allowances or accommodations, which means that its not unusual for me to work very late nights or six days a week. My performance is suffering and I worry about dismissal.  I want to work part time to give myself more rest (and be better at my job) but I won't be able to pay the bills, and my family don't think this is an option for us.

I've tried going back to the doctors but although she has run blood tests etc, I kind of get the feeling that she doesn't see why I'm bothering her, as she just tells me that recovery can take several months, and it's not quite been six.

It just leaves me frustrated because I feel so guilty about being ill.  Although they tell me to rest and recover, it seems to be as long as I can manage pretty much as I did before.  I know I put too much pressure on myself, but I feel as though I'm doing something wrong by needing help now, even though I've worked my whole life.

Does anyone else feel this way?

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Transitioning To A Shoe (11 Year-old Daughter - Post Flat Foot Surgery)

It's been awhile since I've posted. My daughter had flat-foot surgery on her left foot on Dec 17, 2014 (subtalar arthroereisis and gastroc recession). Had this same surgery on the right foot and calf a year to the day in 2013 as well, with excellent results. As an aside, prior to surgery in 2013, her right foot was more troublesome than the left, but the left was an issue as well. Last time, she was at about 80% healed by April. We were very happy about that.

On the one hand, she's coming along nicely with this recent surgery. She goes to PT twice a week, doesn't mention any pain during the day in the walking boot, is in good spirits, and takes the boot off at home and meanders around without it, barefoot. I would think that this would hurt (I kinda cringe when I see her doing it) but she insists she's okay. She has a slight limp, but I figure technically, it's still kind of early yet.

What has me a little concerned is that she isn't tolerating a shoe. When we last saw the surgeon about three weeks ago, he said it was fine for her to start transitioning to a shoe. Yet here we are three weeks later, and she still prefers to wear the walking boot. Says that her heel hurts when it's in a shoe (how it doesn't hurt when she walks barefoot at home: I have no idea.

She is required to wear tennis shoes at school, and she's been wearing New Balance for years now. When I look at last year's calendar and reflect on the surgery for her other foot, I recall that she was further along in the process. She was already wearing shoes at this point. Walking slowly yes, but was wearing shoes.

I wondered...should I maybe go up 1/2 a size? Maybe her old shoe is too snug in the heel now, or there may still be some swelling? Should I got up 1/2 size AND go wider?

She's having an orthotic made for the left foot, and maybe that will help. She has some school events (field trips) coming up at the end of April and also in May and I was hoping she'd be easily walking on her own before then, and able to participate.

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Hernia :: Swelling Under Right Ribs, Hiatus Hernia

I was diagnosed some years ago with Hiatus Hernia and have had 3 endoscopy's. I do eat carefully am about 1-2 stone over wieght, I am a line dancer and have no problem with that. The main thing that I don't like is the feeling of a lump under my right rib, it is quite uncomfortable and i feel i have to stretch up to ease it. I can feel it now while sitting at the computer. I had the pain in backand chest last night which is bad but took Peptac liquid which quietened it down. Does anyone else have the lump feeling?

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5 Months Post Op L4 / L5 Spinal Fusion - Still In Pain

I'm 5 months post op from MIS fusion of l4/l5 and in pain.

Had microdiscectomy at the same level november 2013 without any relief. The back pain only got worse. The disc was completely dehydrated and I was offered the fusion 6 months later. Not that much pain after the operation but it has increased a lot. Severe back pain in the lower back and all the way up to the shoulders.

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Hip Replacement :: 10 Months Post Op Follow Up - Doing Great

Quickly my story...First THR went perfectly.  It was an anterior approach method and within five weeks I was moving about like I had never had surgery.  Second one went wrong within the first couple of weeks.  My surgeon tried various procedures to help the situation but to no avail.  Then I was kicked out of his practice because I missed two payments on my account and I was left writhing in pain, crippled, for life.  That is how it felt.  I could not move without screaming and I became depressed.  My whole life was changed by this.

THEN I discovered this site and the wonderful people on here helped me go for a second opinion, taught me to research the surgeon first and I chose Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, about five hours from my home.  That surgeon found the problem immediately, while the other could not, and it was that my device had come loose and was migrating, twisting and projecting outwards, hitting every nerve possible.  So he did the successful revision!  Revisions are tough.

Around 6 months post op I began to pray for a part time job and one surfaced almost immediately.  A light duty janitorial job for two hours a day.  And I can tell you that after laying around deteriorating for two years, it left me MORE than out of shape!  The first two months at this job left me feeling that I was going to die!  Oh my! I am 57 and never felt so weak in my life.  I sweated, I mean drenched with sweat because the physical exertion was so difficult to do.

Then my newest hip began to hurt.  An x-ray showed that there was no damage, so I just had to work out the kinks. I was very careful not to break the 90 degree rule and twist while breaking it.  Now I am 10 and a half months post op and feel stronger, more flexible than I have in a long time.

It feels good to be back out among the living, earning a little money, and feeling a sense of accomplishment that the bad THR took away from me. And I job share with a friend who covers me when I cannot work.  I am proud to say that I just accomplished working five days a week three weeks in a row!  

After all that extreme pain I suffered, I want you to know that I am having  many, many mornings when I awaken and feel absolutely no pain!  I lay there and thank God for moments like this and try to just soak up the good feelings before I have to get up to begin my day.

When I was down and out with all that pain and failed device, that was all I could think about.  Life all but stopped and sometimes I wished I were dead.  Now I can reach higher levels of thinking.  I have even meandered around my yard making mental notes of what needs done in the Spring and actually feeling as though I will be able to complete the tasks.  

I want to send the message that no matter how bad off you are right now, it will, it can, get better.  Just around the corner there is life as you knew it.  And for those who are permanently in pain, know that my heart goes out to you and I admire how you survive.  You ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE TO HEAL RIGHT, so be patient with yourself and your medical team and do what you are told to do.  There is nothing wrong with stretching yourself to see where you new boundaries are as you progress, but do so carefully.

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Hip Replacement :: 3 Months Post Tight Feeling

Is anyone past that time yet? Will this tight feeling in my hip eventually go away? I don't have pain however, I still can't walk a long way without the tight feeling bothering me.

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TKR :: 4 Months Post Op - Pain In Heel And Swelling In Thigh

My friend is into his 4th month of having his tkr. It's like everyday there's something new. He had noticed an indentation on the outside of his knee. He is experiencing pain in his heel, swelling in his thigh, and pain in his back. He had to stop his PT because of the pain. He goes to his Surgeon but he just says it's going to take time. Has anyone else experienced this or similar to this?

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Uterine A Fibroid Embolization :: Heavy Periods 3 Months Post Op

3 months post UFE. Good news no pain bad news still on bulky towels. I now have to have a more detailed blood test so I can have iron tablets. Hello Docs still very heavy flow chance of iron deficient very high. I wondered if anyone else on here still had heavy periods 3 months post op UFE And if they did then did the bleeding go normal months 4 5 or 6. Cos I'm beginning to lose hope that this has worked. Don't get me wrong I'm better now than pre op but nowhere near enough.

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Knee :: Partial Replacement - Locking Randomly (3 Months Post Op)

My recovery was going great. Could straighten to zero and 125 degree flexion. While at PT doing heel slides, knee locked up. Therapist said To stop doing them for now. Locked up last weekend while stretching and I couldn't straighten it for 24 hours. Saw surgeon's assistant and no issues showed up on plain X-ray ... I have a CT scan scheduled for this week. Locks up randomly while bending with normal activity (sitting for example). Can sometimes get it unlocked by stretching my heel up towards by back. Anyone have issues with your knee locking (will not straighten).

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Cardiovascular :: LAD Artery Is Narrowing Again 10 Months Post Heart Attack

In May 2015 I suffered a small heart attack according to my consultant, it was a bank holiday, i was told that there was no consultant until the following week

Over the weekend I was monitored and on the Tuesday went down to laboratory to investigate the causes. They found that the LAD was 90 % blocked and the RCA and LMS were moderate , 3 stents were fitted and I was given medication to control the Colestral , the cardiologist told me I have a good heart and to push every thing to the back of my mind and don't let it control me

I found as time went by month on month that I was still

Getting niggles and angina pain , the angina pain I found difficult and still do find in hard to differentiate , I may now understand as I was taking far to much GTN X 6 instead of one per year. I find I can walk for

Miles and go to the gym with no issues , but what s confusing me when i have been decorating over 3 months period bending low and reaching high to paint gives me angina pain and it's harder to breath , then my heart rate drops from average of 62 to 43 .

9 months on and I've been back in twice with false alarms getting pain

Last month 26/2 was getting checked out for AF as I had a erratic heartbeat, they were concerned and explained the how the Atrial chamber when pulsing transfer the blood to ventricles and if my heart is missing beats the worry is its retaining blood and this may clot and lead to strokes . However after the investigation they did no do

Anything but gave me two options I was quite shocked 1 CABG or try another stent

I've been out of work now for a 3 months as work on contracts so really need to be back in work, however I gave my wishes to try another stent as the LAD is starting to Narrow before the point of insertion , previously I was informed arteries take a life time to get blocked how can this happen in 9 months with careful food planning and medication being taken, since the blast hospital

Visit I have changed medication on atorvastatin to simvastatin. There was no mention when I came out of theatre about my erratic heartbeat but found it was slightly worse than before the procedure ....

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Tapering Off Valium - 4 Times A Day To 3 Times A Day?

My wife is tapering off Valium and at 42 mgs. Takes it 4 times a day (10, 10, 12, 10) and wants to switch to 3 times a day so it doesn't interrupt her sleep as much. She can take 14 mgs 3 times a day. Will this be a problem or will she experience any kind of side effects?

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Tummy / Belly Still Looks Pregnant - 3 Months Post Op

Just an update I'm now 3 and half months post op. Still got the pregnancy belly.this is the longest few months of my life. Just want it gone. Hope I start to see results on month 5 I was hoping for a 22 11bs Weight loss. (The weight I gained due to having a Endo Ablation) glad I had the UFE cos I feel massively better except for the belly still look pregant

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Foot / Ankle :: Heel Pain 7 Months Post PTTD Surgery

Okay, here again, asking if anyone who has had heel pain after pttd surgery has had any solutions to heel pain problems. Prior to surgery and the osteotomy, I never had the least issue with my feel. Now it feels like there is a rock under my heel in the middle, and I walk on the outside edge of my foot, with my toes scrunched tightly to the ground. Very unnatural. And the surgeon who did my procedure can't think of any reason why I am having this issue, and recommended that I go for a second opinion with someone else. Sooo...... For those of you who might have had this issue, any solutions? Did it go away by itself in time?

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Menopause :: Period - One Year Post-menopause

Three weeks ago, to my great surprise, I started to bleed after one year. The 2-3 weeks preceding this, my breasts were so sore, I was bloated and I has the typical "stringy" discharge that I used to get before my period. I was really not expecting another period but the bleeding was heavy and lasted for just over a week.

I saw my doctor a few days ago and she that she is obliged to send me for an ultrasound and possible biopsy if the lining looks thick. She said she is not worried but I am freaking out.

Can anyone share a similar experience? I read on one website that it is actually possible to ovulate and have a period after you stop menstruating for a year. I have not had any spotting - just this one "period". Of course, everything I have read says how abnormal it is to bleed after menopause and now I'm scared that there is something serious going on. My ultrasound is booked for two days from now.

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Hallux Rigidus Surgery - 2 Months Post Decompression Osteotomy - Still Pain / Swelling

On Dec 3 I had a decompression osteotomy on my right toe for hallux rigidus. My doctor told me I would be running at 2 months and completely back to normal at 3. It is over 2 months and I still have a lot of pain and swelling. Running is out of the question and I am still limping.

I am interested in others' experiences with this surgery. I am supposed to have it done on the other foot as well, but I am simply worried that my right foot may end up worse off than when I started.

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Weight Loss And Fine Periods - 4 Months Post Op

I am now nearly 4 months post op. I am currently having a period. Day 1 heavy day 2 heavy and painful day3 light now I have stopped bleeding now I can't believe it. So I'm buzzing hopefully weight loss and small stomach as well

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Anxiety And Sepsis - Symptoms Are EXACTLY The Same

So I screwed up again and googled something. This time it was Sepsis. The symptoms are EXACTLY the same as anxiety, minus me getting fevers or chills. Why must anxiety share symptoms with life threatening diseases? But anyway yes it's a terrible blood infection that causes organs to fail! I've been getting weird pains in my sides and stuff accompanied by still annoying shortness of breath. Not to mention these sharp, pricking sensations in parts of my body. I'm an absolute wreck.... CJD, Cancer.....SEPSIS? I need to stop googling, but when I'm reassured, something else bad comes out of the blue.

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Hallucinations In ICU After Sepsis And Pneumonia

A couple of years ago, I went into hospital for a routine operation on my tongue.  After the procedure my tongue was very swollen, so they decided to put me back to sleep until the swelling went down.  Unfortunately I then contracted sepsis and pneumonia, was on life support for a week or so.  It took me a long time to recover physically and mentally from this experience.  I had the most horrendous hallucinations whilst in ICU.  I felt like I had been buried alive, embalmed, some of the nurses were from hell and some were from heaven and they were both trying to take me.  Even though this was a long time ago now, I still remember it like it was yesterday.   Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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