Anxiety And Sepsis - Symptoms Are EXACTLY The Same

Mar 21, 2016

So I screwed up again and googled something. This time it was Sepsis. The symptoms are EXACTLY the same as anxiety, minus me getting fevers or chills. Why must anxiety share symptoms with life threatening diseases? But anyway yes it's a terrible blood infection that causes organs to fail! I've been getting weird pains in my sides and stuff accompanied by still annoying shortness of breath. Not to mention these sharp, pricking sensations in parts of my body. I'm an absolute wreck.... CJD, Cancer.....SEPSIS? I need to stop googling, but when I'm reassured, something else bad comes out of the blue.

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Anxiety :: Just Have Physical Symptoms, No Mental Symptoms?

I admit I have had multiple Anxiety attacks, I am a cashier at Walmart, I usually get them if I had rude customer like after I had a nasty customer who came down from self-check to customer service towards me, I was in tears before that, then my manager told me to hide behind the Customer Service desk. My worst anxiety attack I had a lady who's coupons would not work, I took the coupon price off the items she could not understand that and told me to take the items off period and demanded I give the coupons back to her, I already did. My brain got foggy so I asked her if she wanted me to take the items off, she said yes so I kept doing it, suddenly I wasn't feeling to well, I went to go see my manager to ask for help when I started hyperventilating, my manager had me sit down right there at the empty register. Another cashier was able to take over and finish it for me. My manager helped me over to the bench at customer service, where I suddenly lost feeling in my hands, they ended up curling up from the pinky in. I tried prying them apart using the metal bench but that didn't even work. That scared me, the same manager asked if I was okay I told her that I couldn't feel my hands, staring down at my fists. They finally unfroze after 10 minutes. The lady was so upset with me she left all of her items.

Anyway I will get dizzy, like it ranges from feeling as though I am spinning, I have to clutch on to something to keep from falling over, to the world tipping around me with every step, to not being able to see, not sure if that's exactly dizziness, but it started with dizziness. I'll get flushed randomly. I'll have PAC's. There have been a few times I have almost fainted, one time it was from not breathing, like I noticed that I wasn't breathing, my body was just like woah what's the matter you aren't breathing, I had to have a manager finish while I sat down. I was up and doing my job before I was supposed to so I did not feel well the rest of the day. My arms will also get exhausted suddenly if I have to lift them to head level, like I can barely do a pony tail without them being exhausted, the kinda feeling you get after a hard work out.

I've had the flushing and dizziness when I was talking to my mom and hanging out with my friends. My friends all know and are really accepting if they need to stop doing whatever so I can sit down.

My doctor originally thought it was POTS if anyone knows what that is, I'm getting a tilt table test in 2 weeks, now he seems to think it's anxiety. I'm sitting down while working just in case, it does seem to help slightly. It's just annoying, this has been going on for 3 months and I'm sitting down because of the time I have almost fainted also. Anyway people will say you're lucky you get to sit down, I don't consider everything and almost fainting lucky.

I'm not sure if it is anxiety since it is just physical symptoms, I've had no mental or emotional ones. Just feels like mental ones from fear of my physical ones.

I've done a stress echo and a holter monitor and blood work done.

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Anxiety :: Physical Anxiety Symptoms 24/7 - Stomach Butterflies And Shaking

Hi. I just wondered if what I'm experiencing is normal. For the past 2-3 months I've had constant anxiety symptoms. I'm not just talking anxious thoughts (although I have those all the time), I'm talking physical symptoms. All day long, I have a horrible tightness in my chest, butterflies in my stomach, dry mouth, internal shaking in my legs and adrenaline rushes up and down my body. I can't control the symptoms, no matter how hard I try. When it first hit, it was different. I had constant nausea & a general feeling of not being able to cope. But I could switch out of it sometimes and feel normal. Now I can never switch out of it. It's there all the time, although the nausea has stopped. I even have it in my sleep because I've actually felt it in my dreams and when I wake up, it's still there. (Not that I can sleep much in this state. 5 hours is the most I ever have.) I'm on Citalopram but if anything, it's made my anxiety worse. The leg symptoms weren't there before I went on the drug and nor was the chest tightness.

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Hallucinations In ICU After Sepsis And Pneumonia

A couple of years ago, I went into hospital for a routine operation on my tongue.  After the procedure my tongue was very swollen, so they decided to put me back to sleep until the swelling went down.  Unfortunately I then contracted sepsis and pneumonia, was on life support for a week or so.  It took me a long time to recover physically and mentally from this experience.  I had the most horrendous hallucinations whilst in ICU.  I felt like I had been buried alive, embalmed, some of the nurses were from hell and some were from heaven and they were both trying to take me.  Even though this was a long time ago now, I still remember it like it was yesterday.   Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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Pain After Septic Shock (sepsis)

I am 48 years old, female. Recently, I suffered from septic shock, was hospitalised for 8 days, 3 days in ICU. I experienced significant muscle wastage whilst in ICU and began walking around as soon as I was able to, increasing distances a little each day. Since discharge from hospital 2 weeks ago, my activity level has increased but I am experiencing severe muscle pain and weakness. The muscles in my thighs, upper arms and foot arches are the worst. Any activity seems to make it worse, it feels like my muscles are on fire. Is this normal? I was fit and very active prior to this illness.

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Infectious Diseases :: Is Sepsis Contagious?

Hi I just had a friend pass away from what they believe was Sepsis. But they aren't sure just yet. His organs and fluids came back great. There doing blood tests and we won't know exactly what it was until mid March. I was just wondering if his family and friends should be concerned about getting it?

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Hyperbaric Treatment For Prostatitis And Sepsis?

Having had Sepsis 18 months ago and not rid of infections, I now have Prostatitis with bacterial infections of the Prostate. Antibiotics do not seem to be working and i have been reading about Hyperbaric treatment to get at deep sourced infection and clean the blood.

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Hernia :: Sepsis 2 Times In 3 Months, 1 Year Post Op

Is there any research or sites about mesh infections/rejection? I had a ventral repair April 16, 2015 with parietex mesh after a strangulated hernia and had to have a revision 1/11/2016 after the fat and tissue strangulated again. I have not felt well since the first surgery and was basically told I was crazy feeling like I was having recurrent hernias. Post op time 1 I dehisced and ended up with 2 I&Ds and septic. Still have not felt well. 8 weeks after completing antibiotics I got sick again (I have had abdominal pain still, every day- worse after eating). I am inpatient now after a second incidence of sepsis. Lactic acid 3.9, WBC 13100, oxygen sats in 80's and hr 130's on admission. I have no health issues before this and am tired of being sick. The medical team has spent all their time trying to find a new source (day 6 today). All because the CT is negative. I need some help, directions, feedback... Has anyone ever had mesh or intestinal issues like this without a positive CT? I have not had normal GI function in a year...

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Anxiety :: What Are Your Physical Symptoms?

Thought it could be hopeful sharing anxiety symptoms, I know for sure mine are very diverse! Such as Twitching and jerking all over the body constantly, eyelid, hands, arms, legs, back, neck, butt etc. Aches and pain throughout body,arms, legs, back and neck, jaw etc... 

Floaters in both eyes.

Tingling, pins and needles 

Headaches (had one that lasted 3weeks night and day)

Sweating more than normal at night.

Skin problems

And at the moment the most concerned about pain in the middle of my chest which comes on now and again daily

Oh and IBS which has settle down for the time being but still have heartburn. 

I'm 26 year old male, had clear MRI of brain and spine, full blood count down 3 times this year all normal! Been told it's anxiety related. 

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Anxiety - What Physical Symptoms Do You Get?

What physical symptoms do people get with anxiety please?

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Can Social Anxiety Cause Many Different Physical Symptoms?

I'm a 26 year old female I'm a bit over weight and I'm tall but since I was about 18 I started getting anxiety at first it was social but I worry about EVERYTHING ! I always think I'm dying or have a serious illness like now I'm obsessed with peeing I think I have to pee then I do and I'm scared I have a uti which I've been checked and I don't I don't have diabetes but I'm just scared can anxiety do this ? Can my mind trick my body ? 

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Anxiety :: Without Any Reason / Physical Symptoms?

Started questioning my state again since i saw many anxiety complains go around physical symptoms like heart rate or dizziness and i got none! 

Not that i'm upset about that but was thinking if it is normal ? 

In fact my mental symptoms overwhelming i can't talk to people almost i feel dumb with foggy brain everything seems strange sometimes and i seem to get almost confused and i can barely sleep and when i am in transitional state between sleep and conscious i start hearing sounds and i get completely random thoughts that makes me wake up frightened so i can't sleep .. Most strange that apart of me being obsessed with whether i becoming insane or not nothing seem to trigger it ! Its not that i think negative but it just starts on its own. Really worried about that, i also experience throughout the day attacks of fear , my heart is normal but everything starts seem to be scary for no reason and my hands starts to sweat ....

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Fluoxetine :: Exacerbate The Symptoms Of Anxiety Initially?

It is 5 days since I started Fluoxetine. I Have been suffering from an acute anxiety state for several weeks. The information with the drug says that it can exacerbate the symptoms of anxiety initially but that this will settle down after a couple of weeks. Has anyone else experienced this? I cannot bear the thought of feeling worse instead of better. I am currently having regular counselling.

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Alcohol :: Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety / Depression?

Suffered on and off with serious depressive episodes (mostly on).  Up until new year I was drinking too much which I seem to have a handle on now.  Was also taking paracetamol and anti inflammatories every day for the dreadful muscle  aches and pains.  My only relief is keeping warm in bed but then the sleeplessness is worse at night.

Does anyone else experience this?  My doctor doesn't have any ideas and I really cannot take painkillers etc every day...

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Anxiety :: Citalopram Helps Physical Symptoms?

I get physical symptoms from my anxiety and depression and wondered if Citalopram has helped anyone get relief from this ? Does it also work to relieve pain does anyone know ?

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Anxiety :: Benzodiazepines Help Physical Panic Symptoms?

I have had a panic disorder for 15 years. During that time I have been on several benzos to treat my episodes. I seem to remember back at the beginning being able to take a pill and feel completely relaxed and calm. Now when I have an attack, my medicine only seems to calm my mental state but it has absolutely no effect on my physical symptoms (tingling, rapid pulse, the jitters, sweating, etc.). Do I need to try a higher dose of my benzo (Xanax) or is there another benzo that might work better for me? Has anyone else had this happen?

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Anxiety :: Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms Just After 3 Days Dose?

Can you get any withdrawal symptoms after 3,days of usage?

I only had 0.50 one night and next 2,days like 0,25.

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STDs :: Anxiety / Depression - Physical And Mental Symptoms

I have now lived with what I think is an STD for the past 4 years and it has completely ruined my life. I have many physical symptoms, but what affects me the most is how it affects me mentally. Extreme depression and anxiety, thoughts of suicide, significant memory loss, complete loss of sex drive, inability to think clearly are some examples. You may be thinking this is depression, but i've been treated for depression over the entire 4 years. All the medications I've taken, all the therapy I've done, none of it has improved anything. Both physical and mental symptoms get better and worse together as if the disease goes dormant, and I feel a lot more like my old self.

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Anxiety / Depression :: Mirtazapine Helps Physical Symptoms?

I will probably be starting Mirtazapine next week and wondered if it has helped anyone with the physical symptoms of anxiety or depression. Does it help anyone with pain relief at all ? 

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Anxiety :: Physical Symptoms - Voices / Pressure In Head

I have been hearing multiple voices threatening my life constantly and tormenting me 24/7 since 1/1/14, but mine goes beyond just voices. I just woke up and began hearing voices. First day the voices made me see demonic face patterns on walls and patterned surfaces. That stopped after the first day. Since then, they have been giving me all kinds of physical torment from pulsating head pains and stomach aches to anything u can possibly name except external cuts or bruises. They can inflict pokes, itches, scratches, and pain of all sorts on any parts of the body including the eyes. I have no idea what this is but it's not just psychological. I have no history of mental illness and am straight as an arrow as far as drugs and alcohol.

I believe this may have started when i recorded myself sleeping about 10 months ago and listened to it for 2 weeks. Then I stopped. I heard voices in the recording of all sorts when amplified. Didn't think much of it. Then on 1/1, i woke up with voices in bed. I am new to paranormal and considered this to be Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). I am thinking that I may have opened a portal when I head the voices in the recording.

This is so bizarre beyond words.

I am not even religious or christian but the initial story they would play on me was that they were Succubus, Lucifer, and Jehovah. That lasted for 3 days or so and now they just constantly keep saying that they are my demons and they are essentially controlling my body functions to some extent. Their voices are 24/7.

I have so much more to say, but too much to type out. They use the slightest emotional change in me and amplify the side effects into physical symptoms. Like slightest of anxiety you might not normally notice is amplified and i would get physical side effect symptoms as if I was having massive anxiety. They are constantly causing pressure sensations in the head.

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Anxiety :: Physical Symptoms - Chest Pain And Exhausted

Hi guys , the weird symptoms I am having is that I am becoming often distant from I what seemed be my body. It's weird. I'm incredibly weak as well , the feeling of generally feeling exhausted when standing up. I'm making myself panicky that this could be the end of a horrendous illness no one has ever picked up. I'm just not feeling at all right. I also get pain in the middle upper of my chest. Do any other of yous experience these symptoms

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