Pain After Septic Shock (sepsis)

Jan 2, 2016

I am 48 years old, female. Recently, I suffered from septic shock, was hospitalised for 8 days, 3 days in ICU. I experienced significant muscle wastage whilst in ICU and began walking around as soon as I was able to, increasing distances a little each day. Since discharge from hospital 2 weeks ago, my activity level has increased but I am experiencing severe muscle pain and weakness. The muscles in my thighs, upper arms and foot arches are the worst. Any activity seems to make it worse, it feels like my muscles are on fire. Is this normal? I was fit and very active prior to this illness.

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Awaiting Hip Replacement :: Electric Shock Like Nerve Pain

has anyone had nerve pain going down the thigh that comes and goes at any time and it's like an electric shock while waiting for a hip replacement?

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Anxiety :: Side Of Head And Neck Shock, Jolt, And Pain

So I suffer from anxiety. I have not been that anxious. A few days ago I was walking and randomly I got this jolt like shock in my neck and on the side of my head. Ever since then I have had a little pain there and if I turn my head sometimes it does the same thing, It feels like a shock wave and twitch in my head and neck but it is just on one side. Can anxiety cause this?

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Clicking Sound - Recovered Septic Pneumonia

3 months ago I was diagnosed with Septic Pneumonia and was in hospital for 10 days. It took me a good month to recover and sometimes I still think I am. I have chronic lung probs already from being a prem baby. Since I have had my last bout of pneumonia I have been feeling a clicking sensation in my left side where I had the pneumonia and pleurisy. Could someone explain what this clicking feeling is? Is it part of the scarring that's left?

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Developed Septic Arthritis After Joint Replacement

Had knee replaced 2009. Last year developed cellulitis and septic arthritis one day prior to having other knee joint replaced.

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Anxiety And Sepsis - Symptoms Are EXACTLY The Same

So I screwed up again and googled something. This time it was Sepsis. The symptoms are EXACTLY the same as anxiety, minus me getting fevers or chills. Why must anxiety share symptoms with life threatening diseases? But anyway yes it's a terrible blood infection that causes organs to fail! I've been getting weird pains in my sides and stuff accompanied by still annoying shortness of breath. Not to mention these sharp, pricking sensations in parts of my body. I'm an absolute wreck.... CJD, Cancer.....SEPSIS? I need to stop googling, but when I'm reassured, something else bad comes out of the blue.

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Hallucinations In ICU After Sepsis And Pneumonia

A couple of years ago, I went into hospital for a routine operation on my tongue.  After the procedure my tongue was very swollen, so they decided to put me back to sleep until the swelling went down.  Unfortunately I then contracted sepsis and pneumonia, was on life support for a week or so.  It took me a long time to recover physically and mentally from this experience.  I had the most horrendous hallucinations whilst in ICU.  I felt like I had been buried alive, embalmed, some of the nurses were from hell and some were from heaven and they were both trying to take me.  Even though this was a long time ago now, I still remember it like it was yesterday.   Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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Infectious Diseases :: Is Sepsis Contagious?

Hi I just had a friend pass away from what they believe was Sepsis. But they aren't sure just yet. His organs and fluids came back great. There doing blood tests and we won't know exactly what it was until mid March. I was just wondering if his family and friends should be concerned about getting it?

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Hyperbaric Treatment For Prostatitis And Sepsis?

Having had Sepsis 18 months ago and not rid of infections, I now have Prostatitis with bacterial infections of the Prostate. Antibiotics do not seem to be working and i have been reading about Hyperbaric treatment to get at deep sourced infection and clean the blood.

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Hernia :: Sepsis 2 Times In 3 Months, 1 Year Post Op

Is there any research or sites about mesh infections/rejection? I had a ventral repair April 16, 2015 with parietex mesh after a strangulated hernia and had to have a revision 1/11/2016 after the fat and tissue strangulated again. I have not felt well since the first surgery and was basically told I was crazy feeling like I was having recurrent hernias. Post op time 1 I dehisced and ended up with 2 I&Ds and septic. Still have not felt well. 8 weeks after completing antibiotics I got sick again (I have had abdominal pain still, every day- worse after eating). I am inpatient now after a second incidence of sepsis. Lactic acid 3.9, WBC 13100, oxygen sats in 80's and hr 130's on admission. I have no health issues before this and am tired of being sick. The medical team has spent all their time trying to find a new source (day 6 today). All because the CT is negative. I need some help, directions, feedback... Has anyone ever had mesh or intestinal issues like this without a positive CT? I have not had normal GI function in a year...

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Undiagnosed Electrical Shock In My Brain

I have a question for all of you, I have had these very strange symptoms for the last year, year and a half and I can't tell my primary care doctor because he is treating, or barely treating me for chronic pain due to a pretty bad car accident years ago, (I was holding on to the steering wheel watching this guy drive right into the back of my car and was hit with so much pressure that I clenched up , went forward and when I came back I actually bent the steering wheel in half.  I now have severe pain in my neck and lower back.  After the accident I went to a chiropractor for 3 years 2 x a week, but only got worse.  My PC doc for 8 years told me my pain had more to do with my emotional problems than anything else (I was continually raped by my father and then periodically beaten by my mother for being a ****, starting very early in childhood, also suffered a lot of physical abuse by both, I am really pissed that I have to apologize to the world that this happened to me and that my doctor would blame my pain on this), and always threatened to take me off all my pain meds if I complained about any other pain and symptoms.  At one point 3-4 years ago I had such horrible pain in my lower left leg I thought I had bone cancer, it was the first time he ordered an MRI and when he got the results he sent me to a neurosurgeon immediately who told me if I move the wrong way they will never be able to stop the pain.  When I told my PCP he dismissed it, but never put me down as having chronic pain syndrome anymore, but now he is taking my pain meds away slowly because he say the CDC is making him do it???  Anyway, I dare not tell him anything else cause I can't walk and do much of anything without a lot of pain in my lower back.
But a couple years, 1 1/2, I started to have this weird feeling of "something not right" in my head, I can't really explain it.  Then I got this strong ZAP, like a strong electrical jolt in my brain. It took a while for the sensation to go away, but I ignored it.  I also noticed I was "forgetting how to swallow", weird right?  Since the ZAP wasn't really painful, but if it was I would be too afraid to tell my doctor, especially if it was painful, so I did nothing.  Every few months this would happen again, maybe 4 times total.  Last week, I could "feel" something in my head not right, Like something was going to happen, then I got that powerful zap, like an explosion in my head, and it took a little longer to feel okay again, then I got another one, and felt extremely fatigued after this one, and it took longer to "clear" my head.  My blood pressure has been rather high lately too, in fact I've noticed my blood pressure goes up the more pain I'm in and since he's lowering my medication, my blood pressure had been around 164/90 to 175/90 from around 128-138/80 normally.  My mother died of a brain aneurysm.  I don't know if this is something I should worry about and maybe find another doctor, but then I'm afraid I'll be accused of doctor shopping...

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Angina :: Shock Feeling Through Left Chest

I was walking through my house not doing anything abnormal and got this sudden sharp lightning bolt like pain in my left side from around the bottom of my neck down through the left side of my chest.  It was very quick and so far only happened once but it was painful and really scared me. After it happened the muscles in my left leg seemed to tense up.

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Plantar Fasciitis :: Six Sessions Of Shock Wave Therapy

Last year I had six sessions of shock wave therapy for plantar fasciitis, a condition I have had for 4 plus years.  The shock wave therapy calmed this down considerably for two/three months.  However I am now back to square one, so unfortunately it did not work.  I would like to know if there is anyone who has gone down this route a second time, with positive results.  So, if anyone has experienced a second bout of SWT successful or otherwise, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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Plantar Fasciitis :: Sessions Of Shock Wave Therapy?

Anybody had more than one course of sessions of shock wave therapy?  My first lot did not work very well and I'm wondering if another lot would do the trick.

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Kidney Stones :: Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy?

I passed a kidney stone in August 2014 believed to be my first, although a few incidents in the past make me think I've passed stones before (I thought I was having a lot of UTIs but all tests came back clear, this was over a period of around 5 years and happened maybe 6-7 times). The stone in August was quite a strange experience, there wasn't much pain (it came and went) but I had the overwhelming feeling that I needed to pee constantly, it was unbearable and lasted all night so I couldn't sleep. The whole episode lasted around 12 hours (which I believe is pretty quick for a stone...God knows how I would have coped with that for any longer!). I had an x-ray followed by a CT scan a few weeks later and was diagnosed with multiple average-sized stones in my left kidney and one large (8mm) stone in my right kidney.

The whole thing is quite puzzling for me as I'm a 24 year old female, I'm vegetarian, and I religiously drink 2 litres of water a day and have done for the last 7 years or so. My diet is not salty and I don't consume a huge amount of oxalate rich foods. The only reason that doctors can come up with for my condition is that my father is prone to kidney stones. 

I'm waiting for EWSL on the 8mm stone, which I'm pretty scared about as I'm worried I'll have the constantly needing to pee feeling afterwards while the fragments pass, but the other stones in the left kidney are just being left there. I feel like a ticking time bomb really because I don't know when these stones will pass, and even when they do, more are likely to form. 

I suppose I'm just looking for some advice on how to cope with this situation, what I can expect, and how common the symptom of constantly feeling like you need to go is? Does this usually last long, or does it signify the stone being almost passed? Also, does anyone have any experience of EWSL and what should I expect from that?

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Atrial Fibrillation - Electric Shock To Correct Heartbeat?

At the age of 51 i have just been diagnosed as having AF, it came on suddenly on fri and i was in hospital sat and sun , came home today, i am quite confused about this , i am still having palpitations and at times they can be very fast . I asked various questions and wasn't told a lot. I have to do injections at home , take Warfarin, amiodarone and a beta blocker. I just want to know if anyone has any info on how i can help myself, i have been told that i have to go back in 6 weeks to have an electric shock to try and correct my heartbeat.

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Interstim Device - Nerve Damage From Micro Electrical Shock

I had an Interstim device and the lead was moved during a different surgery. the lead was move into a nerve root in my lower back and I was electrocuted by the device for more than 60 min.  this was over a year ago and I am still in extreme pain every day and have yet to be diagnosed with anything.  will an MRI show nerve damage in my lower back and leg area?

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Nerve Disorders :: Lump On Lower Right Leg Causes Electrical Shock When Bumped

I have a lump on the outside of my lower right leg towards the front. It doesn't bother me at all until I accidentally bump it. Then it sends a pain like an electrical shock down through my foot that brings me to my knees. Any ideas what it could be?

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Cyclizine Dangerous Reaction :: Anaphylactic Shock And Couldn't Breath Unassisted

I was taken into hospital with severely painful kidneys, and given morphine as pain relief. Unfortunately this gave me terrible nausea so I was given Cyclizine via IV. Within 10 seconds I went into anaphylactic shock and couldn't breath unassisted. I had to be given adrenalin and was on oxygen for a considerable time. For the next two days I couldn't urinate and had to be catheterized. It was a frightening and stressful experience. The attending doctor told me that it was unheard of for anyone to be allergic to this drug, and that my inability to pee was not connected. I am still trying to recover. More research needs to be done. I believe this drug is dangerous.

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Abdominal Pain :: Pelvic Pain, Frequent Urination, Stomach Pain And Back Pain

I have had issues with a frequent urination and a constant pressure on my bladder for over a year now. But since January of this year I have been experiencing extreme pain in my low low abdomen (like groin/cervix area). The pain also resides in my stomach and back. My ribs are sore to touch and I am constantly achy. I have been to the doctors who have done internal exams and say that everything LOOKS ok. I am 20 years old and my periods are regular. The pain is becoming a real problem and I'm becoming increasingly concerned. I have had ultrasounds on my pelvis and kidneys and they were fine. I've been put on meds to stabilise my bladder, but the gynaecologist won't see me for another 4 months. I know there is something further wrong with me - I can't understand why the pain keeps occurring. I don't enjoy having sex due to pain and a constant discomfort and pressure-like feeling. I'm starting to get very depressed as there is no diagnosis being made and all the tablets I am given do nothing.

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Anxiety :: Ongoing Heart Wall Pain, Chest Pain, Radiating Pain, And Headache?

After my mistake (HIV scare) I have all these symptoms heart wall pain, chest wall pain, radiating pain to the whole body, and headache, and cough and sputum.  X-ray 6 times in 6 months and doctors can not see what is wrong with me. Do I have a virus going inside my body? A viral infection?

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