Nerve Disorders :: Lump On Lower Right Leg Causes Electrical Shock When Bumped

Mar 16, 2014

I have a lump on the outside of my lower right leg towards the front. It doesn't bother me at all until I accidentally bump it. Then it sends a pain like an electrical shock down through my foot that brings me to my knees. Any ideas what it could be?

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Interstim Device - Nerve Damage From Micro Electrical Shock

I had an Interstim device and the lead was moved during a different surgery. the lead was move into a nerve root in my lower back and I was electrocuted by the device for more than 60 min.  this was over a year ago and I am still in extreme pain every day and have yet to be diagnosed with anything.  will an MRI show nerve damage in my lower back and leg area?

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Undiagnosed Electrical Shock In My Brain

I have a question for all of you, I have had these very strange symptoms for the last year, year and a half and I can't tell my primary care doctor because he is treating, or barely treating me for chronic pain due to a pretty bad car accident years ago, (I was holding on to the steering wheel watching this guy drive right into the back of my car and was hit with so much pressure that I clenched up , went forward and when I came back I actually bent the steering wheel in half.  I now have severe pain in my neck and lower back.  After the accident I went to a chiropractor for 3 years 2 x a week, but only got worse.  My PC doc for 8 years told me my pain had more to do with my emotional problems than anything else (I was continually raped by my father and then periodically beaten by my mother for being a ****, starting very early in childhood, also suffered a lot of physical abuse by both, I am really pissed that I have to apologize to the world that this happened to me and that my doctor would blame my pain on this), and always threatened to take me off all my pain meds if I complained about any other pain and symptoms.  At one point 3-4 years ago I had such horrible pain in my lower left leg I thought I had bone cancer, it was the first time he ordered an MRI and when he got the results he sent me to a neurosurgeon immediately who told me if I move the wrong way they will never be able to stop the pain.  When I told my PCP he dismissed it, but never put me down as having chronic pain syndrome anymore, but now he is taking my pain meds away slowly because he say the CDC is making him do it???  Anyway, I dare not tell him anything else cause I can't walk and do much of anything without a lot of pain in my lower back.
But a couple years, 1 1/2, I started to have this weird feeling of "something not right" in my head, I can't really explain it.  Then I got this strong ZAP, like a strong electrical jolt in my brain. It took a while for the sensation to go away, but I ignored it.  I also noticed I was "forgetting how to swallow", weird right?  Since the ZAP wasn't really painful, but if it was I would be too afraid to tell my doctor, especially if it was painful, so I did nothing.  Every few months this would happen again, maybe 4 times total.  Last week, I could "feel" something in my head not right, Like something was going to happen, then I got that powerful zap, like an explosion in my head, and it took a little longer to feel okay again, then I got another one, and felt extremely fatigued after this one, and it took longer to "clear" my head.  My blood pressure has been rather high lately too, in fact I've noticed my blood pressure goes up the more pain I'm in and since he's lowering my medication, my blood pressure had been around 164/90 to 175/90 from around 128-138/80 normally.  My mother died of a brain aneurysm.  I don't know if this is something I should worry about and maybe find another doctor, but then I'm afraid I'll be accused of doctor shopping...

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Nerve Disorders :: Intense Cramps In My Lower Legs, Hips And Feet

On Sunday night my left leg started aching and I could barely walk because it hurt so much, also my hip hurt at the same time and my lower back on the left side, I stayed home from school for two days and then tried going there but that made the pain worse so both my legs started aching, it kind of felt like constant small cramps that sometimes got more intense, in my left leg it's my thigh and knee mainly and in my left leg my shin, I had to go home because the pain distracted me from being able to work.It later got a bit better but at night I had more intense cramps in my lower legs and feet.Today i've been pretty well, went to school again and now only my left leg is aching but not as much and mainly when I put weight on it but about an hour ago the left side of my face started to feel strange, I can't really explain it..but maybe a bit strained and also it burns, my jaw feels weird too.My parents says that I should not worry because I don't have any fever at all but I still want to know what the symptoms might be? I am going to see a doctor asap but there's no idea doing it now since I don't have a fever they won't take me seriously.Let me also add that I do not exercise and I sit behind my computer a lot, so it can't be some kind of injury.

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Awaiting Hip Replacement :: Electric Shock Like Nerve Pain

has anyone had nerve pain going down the thigh that comes and goes at any time and it's like an electric shock while waiting for a hip replacement?

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Lower Back Pain With Inflammed Nerve

For a few years my problem has been creeping up on me. Recently, it has become hard to remain standing much less walking. So I finally broke down and went to my doctor. I've had an xray and a MRI, with nothing coming up. I've seen two doctors and my current one gave me a shot in my back that gave me a decent amount of relief for a few weeks. So he set me up for physical therapy. I did that for about three weeks. The basic pattern was that when I usually left for about a good hour or so, I'd feel great. Then the pain and tightness would return and cripple me. So now I'm scheduled for a Radio Frequency Ablation. Which my doctor said will give me significant pain relief for up to 18 months or longer. So now I'm just waiting for my insurance to approve the procedure.

About a month ago my doctor wrote a long letter to my employer allowing me to work from home. I do have medication. Tramadol but if I take two it halves the pain but I still can't walk in a few minutes and on top of that the medication slows me down. If I take three, It puts me to sleep. Then out of nowhere last week, I got a new job. Clearly I haven't told them about my back problems. My start date is three weeks from now and I fear that I might not get insurance approval before then. So I'm debating trying to hit the gym and lose some weight. My doctor said that may or may not help. I am a bit overweight now due to depression and other reasons.

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Nerve Damage In The Lower Back Cause Pain In The Thigh?

I have nerve damage in my lower back due to four back surgeries. Now I am beginning to have pain deep within my thigh on the same side where my disks were herniated. Anyone experienced this?

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Hard Lump In Lower Back, Pain For Months

I have had lower back pain for a few months. I went to rub my back where the pain was and noticed a hard lump. It's on the lower left side about an inch from my spine. Should I be alarmed or see a physician?

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Nerve Disorders :: Tingling In My Right Arm

My arm has been tingling off and on when i use the mouse and lay my arm on the desk for about between June and Sept. By Mid September it happens every time.

It is not carpal tunnel. I am wondering if I injured it by nursing my 2 year old. I had dull pain the moves around from my upper arm to forearm and sometimes my knuckles. I stopped nursing 3 weeks ago and no more dull ache. But I have constant tingling when I use my arm. I am afraid my arm is permanently damaged. I noticed pain and tingling back in June but took it easy and changed my nursing position.

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Vision / Eye Disorders :: Retina Dry With Weak Nerve

My left eye has weak nerve in retina and the retina also dry and I see in it only 10% (can not distinguish things, I can know there is something here or something maybe is moving ... like this).

Is there any solution specially after stem cells science has been developed?

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Eye Disorders :: Ocular Nerve Damage - Reversible?

About two years ago on Christmas due to high blood pressure I lost little pieces of my right eye it hasn't come back Since then the doctor said it's ocular nerve damage does anybody think surgery or anything will make it come back

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Nerve Disorders :: Pinching And Pricking Sensation In My Foot

I'm a 34yr old healthy male. I do not have Diabetes. I don't smoke and very rarely drink alcohol. I'm a vegetarian. I feel pinching sensation and pricking sensation (just like when we sit for long time in same position & get that sensation) in my foot when i travel in a cab/car & also rarely at home/office. My blood sugar levels are in normal range ( got tested recently). May i know why this might be happening. I'm worried.

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Nerve Disorders :: Shaking Hand - No Grip And Weakness

For the past couple of months whenever i get tired or stressed my left fingers & hand shakes uncontrollably and i have a bit of weakness and cant grip my hand properly. I've been to the chiropractor a couple of times in case it was my neck causing it but they say my neck is fine.

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Nerve Disorders :: Involuntary Painless Muscle Twitches

I've been having involuntary painless muscle twitches all over my body but mainly my right thumb. My neck twitches as well, like a quick pull of my chin to my shoulder. I also get strong jerks (my whole body) while trying to fall asleep. I also feel lightheaded. What is could be causing this?

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Back Issues :: Pinched Nerve Or A Lower Back Strain?

I was doing a yoga pose (a torso twist hold which is where you lay on your back bring both legs up in the air then bring them down with your knees/legs tucked and torso twisted on opposite side) when I accidently dropped mid twist too quickly and hurt my lower back, the pain on a scale of 1-10 is about a 2-3, so a dull aching. Its localized and does not radiate down my thighs/legs or up to my neck. There's no shooting/stabbing pains and It also doesn't burn, or tingle (numbness). Could this be just a stretched/sprained back issue or a pinched nerve?. It also isn't tender to the touch at all.

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Neurological Disorders :: Deviated Uvula - Is It Cranial Nerve Palsy?

Deviated uvula; Is it cranial nerve palsy?

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Nerve Disorders :: Finer, Thumb Pulsates - Involuntary Movements

I'm a 48 yr old female and would like to know..why ..on my finger next to my thumb pulsates and involuntary movements and wheels

t that's nerve twitches next to my thumb..on my left right handed.

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Nerve Disorders :: Involuntary Muscle Tensing & Contorting -dystonia?

I often involuntarily tense up and sometimes contort my muscles into painful positions—for example, arching my back deeply or sharply pointing my foot/toes. This occurs randomly, and many times every day. It happens in 1-3 areas of my body at a time, in varying combinations—including my jaws (clenching), tongue, back, hands, arms, buttocks, legs and feet. I don't realize I'm doing it until it starts to hurt! Once I'm aware, I can force the muscles to relax, but it just happens again after 10-30 secs, or if not that soon, a few minutes later (in the same part(s) of my body, or different one(s). It makes my muscles (and sometimes the joints) very fatigued and painful. I thought maybe it was anxiety, but it happens when I have little-to-no anxiety at all, and I've tried relaxation methods, stretching, anti-anxiety meds, all with no success. Someone I know told me that my symptoms seem very similar to the early symptoms of her dystonia. I don’t really know anything about dystonia, so if someone could tell me if this problem sounds like dystonia or not.

P.S. I’ve been diagnosed with: Asthma; ADHD; Constant Headache; Fibromyalgia; GERD; Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Idiopathic Tachycardia; Migraine—without aura; Depression; several musculoskeletal conditions (right shoulder, right knee, left foot); Keratosis Pilaris; Eczema; Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome; and Hypothyroidism. I also have the following symptoms that doctors haven’t yet diagnosed or attributed to any of my already diagnosed conditions: Ear Problems: pain (right ear, spreads to the neck just below ear, and to the surrounding facial area), stinging and itching sensations deep in the right ear, and bilateral paroxysmal tinnitus; Eye Pain/Visual Problems: left eye pain (accompanied by a gnawing numbness around that eye), bilateral eye pain (separate from aforementioned left eye pain), poor night vision, “trailing” (after lying down), and “ghosting” (upon exertion); Numbness/Tingling—entire left side of my body; Altered Taste—constant odd tastes—metallic, bitter, sour/citrus; Dizziness and Poor Balance/Coordination; Fainting/Falling; and Hair Loss.

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Kidney Disorders :: Protein In My Urine And Lower Back Pain

I saw my GP yesterday because I'm having very bad lower back pain mainly toward the right side and down my right thigh & leg. Its more painful when I want to pass water. My GP tested my urine and  and she said I have protein in it. I am now waiting to hear the result of the test. She thinks it could be a kidney infection, but has not prescribed antibiotics. Or it could be something to do with a Cyst I have in my Left Kidney.

I am so worried about this because of my age (72 in May). I was also diagnosed a year ago with HIATUS HERNIA, GALLSTONES, DUODENITIS & DIVERTICULITIS.

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Penis Disorders :: Pea Sized Lump On It

I'm 23 with a permanent female partner. I noticed a small 'lump' on my penis. Its been there for 2/3 weeks. I dont think its size has changed (about the size of a small pea). Its not painful unless i'm squeezing to look at it

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Vision / Eye Disorders :: Lump In My Left Eye

I have a big lump in my left bottoms eyelid. It hurts to press and it's never happens before. Its about 0.7mm across and it is bigger than usual.

I have no cysts in my eyes or never had anything wrong with them. Should I be worried or not and what should I do now?

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