ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril Gluten Free?

Jan 16, 2008

I am coeliac and my GP would like me to try Lisinopril for my unacceptably high blood pressure. However neither he, the pharmacist nor myself have been able to discover if the drug is gluten free. We are also concerned that I have had severe allergic reactions (SJS) to ACE inhibitors in the past.

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril Wheezing

Does anyone suffer from wheezing , my GP has increased my dosage and now I`ve developed a wheeze and a cough.

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril - How Effective It Is?

I find this medication awful , it is ruining my life, I can't sleep as I am so restless, when I do finally doze off I am up peeing. I have swollen legs and ankles which is putting pressure on the arthritis in my feet. I crashed the car two weeks ago while having a 'blood pressure moment' i.e a brief blackout - I hate it and am trying to establish what the drug does - it reduces BP and the risk of stroke and heart attack but to what degree.

I am almost at the stage of get up get kids ready for school etc, go to work come home cook diner, wash up etc bed by 9 up at 7 I have no energy. Doc completely unsympathetic says you don't want it don't take it.

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril 5mg - Arthritis Getting Worse

I have been put on these along with Indapamide 2.5mg for blood pressure and fluid. Has anyone with arthritis notice the pain worse since going on these tablets.

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril - Dizzy And Depressed

Would like to hear from anyone who is or has taken this tablet. I'm hoping theseĀ are better than last one's felt really dizzy and depressed on my last prescription.

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril - Extreme Tiredness

I have been on Lisinopril for the last fortnight and am experiencing only minor reductions in BP which was very high . I am very depressed that this drug is not working especially as the side effects are quite marked ie ..extreme tiredness. Anyone else out there had similar experience ? Did a higher dos eventually get the pressure down?

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Hypothyroid :: Look For Gluten Free, Fluoride Free And Iodine Rich Diet

Not to go into too much detail, but I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's last Dec (2012). I have seen MANY docs that have no idea what they are talking about. I have finally found a good Endocrinologist who understands hypo-thyroid....but she just wants to treat with synthetic T4 meds. I have also found a Great Holistic doc, that happens to also be a certified nutritionist as well....who understands for every action, there is a reaction. I use both of these docs to collaborate on my health and lab decide how I WANT to treat my self so I can get back to optimum health.

Ready anything you can get your hands on...I repeat! Read anything you can get your hands on! Turn off the TV....and start researching your own health. It's worth it.

I am finding that docs just "treat" the already diseased body, rather than looking for the underlying cause of the disease. Your body is more than capable of taking care of itself if you have the right balance of vitamin/nutrients/minerals. It's when these levels get deficient...that's when you open the door for disease. Once that starts, your health will spiral out of control.

Find out what your deficient in and you can fix your health issues!

So, keep reading and learning. Hashi's patients....look for gluten free, fluoride free...look up iodine and it's effect on your thyroid health. (Dr. Brownstein-Iodine Loading test) Try to get back to the basics....rather than eating frozen foods and processed foods. Check into organic food (Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15). Do a Saliva test to check your adrenal hormones, check your Neurotransmitter levels too (Pharmasan Labs-run it thru your insurance). Read, "Stop the Thyroid Madness" to understand treating thyroid disease with natural desiccated thyroid, rather than just synthetic T4 medication.

There are people out there that understand how to read these results. All of the "goofy" people that tell you not to eat this, take this supplement, etc...may not be as crazy as you think. Look for a holistic, natural doc. Some are better than others...try a couple and see who you are comfortable with.

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Coeliac Disease :: No Bowel Movement - Gluten Free Dairy Free (GFDF) Diet

My 12 yr old son is experiencing no BM after 4 days of switching him to this GFDF diet ... Before he was IBS .... Not sure what to do

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril With Tinnitus And Feeling Anxious

My partner has been on Lisinopril for the last 2 weeks, he has been suffering with feeling anxious and his Tinnitus has been a lot worse than usual also not sleeping like he normally does, we have our own BP machine and taking it at home it's fine often 120/73, but at the Doctors it can be 150/100 is this just white coat, my BP is almost the same at home and at the doctors as his, he has not taken one today and is going to see how he is over the weekend and try to get an earlier appointment, when speaking to a nurse recently she thought that he didn't have high BP, so why is he on them then?

Sorry I forgot to mention when on Lisinopril my partners BP is as low as 97/66, is this too low?

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril Anxiety And Then Panic Attacks After Cough

I started this a few months back I was on it once before years ago with a different dr and my new dr has all my charts from my old dr who moved out of state. Anyway I have had this horrible cough from day 1 then I developed anxiety and then panic attacks. It makes me cough and cough I switched to taking it in the morning and I just felt out of it all day and some days I just itch. I called the pharmacy and was told told these are rare side effects well I'm allergic to just about everything medicinewise. I have bradytachycardia anyway. Then I was given the choice of a water pill which I've tried before and actually made me fall to the ground. I already have GAD and it was under control until I started this lisinopril and I'm too the point I'm just stopping I'm only on 5mg. I've also lost all interest in being intimate with my wife since day 1 of this taking this and it's strained our relationship.

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril - Constant Muzzy Head With Headaches

I have been on lisinopril for 5 days now. My bp has been high for the last 2 months (again - had episodes of high bp on and off for the last 8 years !) with readings of 160/100 - got a home monitor and have been monitoring my bp for a week with average readings of 170/105 (some readings being 183/110) Doc advised me to go on to lisinopril and although my bp has dropped to an average of 150/95 I'm noticing that I have a constant 'muzzy' head with an increase in headaches, a dull ache behind my eyes and a feeling of constant heaviness in them and I get a dull ache with slight pins and needles in my left arm, hand leg and foot. I had an ecg yesterday but still waiting on results. Does this sound normal to other users of lisinopril ?

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Lupus :: Should We Go Gluten Free?

I have recently "not quite" been diagnosed yet with Lupus however I have certain signs not yet enough for an official diagnosis. High ANA is one, pericardial effusion (mild), no inflammation or symptoms yet. Would have never known I had a problem until the Dr. told me I did!! I used to have severe stomach problems for years, cramps, diarrhea after eating a meal. For hours I would suffer. But for the past 4 or so years it has stopped completely and I am wondering if that is when my immune system started to go overactive due to a possible gluten allergy and now turning into an auto immune disease as a result. I am starting a gluten free diet, today is only day 3, i want to suppress and relax my immune system by not giving it so much work to do!! Unconfuse it and calm it down by eating gluten free and healthier. So nutrients can get absorbed better? Add probiotics, making sure to get Vitamin K...D, B12 etc. (I know K is a big one for Lupus) Does anyone have any views on this or have tried diets like this?

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Anyone - Gluten Free And Has Gotten Rid Of Hypothyroidism?

I hear these go hand in hand and wondered if anyone who is following a gluten free diet has actually gotten better thyroid results without the meds?

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Anyone Tried Gluten Free Food - Udi's?

Has anyone tried the new range of gluten free food Udi's?

I saw them in Tesco the other day on 3 for 2 and tried the bagels, muffins and crisps. They all taste just like the real thing! I've really missed bagels since I was diagnosed at 18 so it was great to eat them again.

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Gluten Free?

I am mid process during the diagnosis (I've had the MRI with and without contrast and get results Monday. I'm currently refusing LP and have the evoked potentials scheduled). If I were to be diagnosed (still hoping not) I have read a lot about being gluten free and that helping with symptoms. As a matter of fact, I may try it regardless of diagnosis to see if it helps. But, has anyone with MS tried it? Did it help?

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Gluten Free Drinks For Party?

I'm going to a party tomorrow night and of course I want to be safe about the drinks I'm choosing to have. I have been doing research on gluten free drinks, but I haven't been able to find anything on Sourpuss! Has anyone given it a go?

Also, what are some good gluten free coolers I could pick up?

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Fibromyalgia :: Gluten Free Flare

I have had two positive blood tests for celiac disease but a negative biopsy. However, my doctor and I decided it was best to go gluten free as a trial. I am on Day 4 and I have increased fibro pain. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hypothyroidism :: Success With Going Gluten Free?

I am also coping with hypothyroidism and I've been searching for the best possible ways to get my health (and life) back. The doctor I have been working with has made the suggestion to go on a gluten free diet. She didn't go into great detail about it, but mentioned that she'd like for me to nix the gluten. I have also read numerous times on the internet about how gluten is a thyroid destroyer. I have tried countless times to go GF, but boy is it hard. I tested negative for gluten and dairy allergies but my doc (a naturopath) was still adamant that I give up the gluten. I feel like such a failure because I only manage to stay gluten free for about 2 weeks at a time until I cave and have something like a slice of pizza or some pasta or bread. There are gluten free alternatives to these items but sometimes they are hard to obtain or are a pain to cook. I have a very healthy diet for the most part but I've found that removing gluten entirely isn't easy. I've also lost weight while going gluten free, which I did NOT want to do. I'm actually already a little bit underweight.

Does anyone have any tips for me? Has anyone out there successfully gone gluten free long-term, and did it affect your condition in a positive way? I feel like a failure because I keep trying to give it up but it never works out in the long run. I always slip up.

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If Glucose Syrup Is Gluten-free?

I'm gluten-intolerant. Does anyone know if glucose syrup is gluten-free?

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Hypothyroidism :: Gluten Free And On Levothyroxine?

I've made an appt with a naturopath next week as I'm having an increase in bad symptoms since starting levothyroxine 4mths ago and cannot stand it any longer.

I'm expecting to be told to go gluten free. However there's corn/maize starch (contains gluten) in the meds so I'm wondering about those of you who are gluten free - what type of meds are you on?

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Orlistat :: Gluten Free - Can Take Wine?

I've just been prescribed orlistat completely out of the blue by my GP... And I'm also gluten free as I have a very high intolerance now. So its quite difficult planning meals but think I'm doing ok!

My breakfasts and lunches seem to be between 5 and 10g fat then main meals are nearer to 15g. Is this ok?

What if I want a skinny latte outside of mealtimes, these work out at 2.2g fat... would that make me poorly?

Also am I able to drink wine? I appreciate the calorific issues with wine but I'd still like to enjoy a few glasses on the weekends, I'm more concerned about an orange explosion if I do?

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