Gluten Free Drinks For Party?

Aug 22, 2014

I'm going to a party tomorrow night and of course I want to be safe about the drinks I'm choosing to have. I have been doing research on gluten free drinks, but I haven't been able to find anything on Sourpuss! Has anyone given it a go?

Also, what are some good gluten free coolers I could pick up?

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Hypothyroid :: Look For Gluten Free, Fluoride Free And Iodine Rich Diet

Not to go into too much detail, but I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's last Dec (2012). I have seen MANY docs that have no idea what they are talking about. I have finally found a good Endocrinologist who understands hypo-thyroid....but she just wants to treat with synthetic T4 meds. I have also found a Great Holistic doc, that happens to also be a certified nutritionist as well....who understands for every action, there is a reaction. I use both of these docs to collaborate on my health and lab decide how I WANT to treat my self so I can get back to optimum health.

Ready anything you can get your hands on...I repeat! Read anything you can get your hands on! Turn off the TV....and start researching your own health. It's worth it.

I am finding that docs just "treat" the already diseased body, rather than looking for the underlying cause of the disease. Your body is more than capable of taking care of itself if you have the right balance of vitamin/nutrients/minerals. It's when these levels get deficient...that's when you open the door for disease. Once that starts, your health will spiral out of control.

Find out what your deficient in and you can fix your health issues!

So, keep reading and learning. Hashi's patients....look for gluten free, fluoride free...look up iodine and it's effect on your thyroid health. (Dr. Brownstein-Iodine Loading test) Try to get back to the basics....rather than eating frozen foods and processed foods. Check into organic food (Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15). Do a Saliva test to check your adrenal hormones, check your Neurotransmitter levels too (Pharmasan Labs-run it thru your insurance). Read, "Stop the Thyroid Madness" to understand treating thyroid disease with natural desiccated thyroid, rather than just synthetic T4 medication.

There are people out there that understand how to read these results. All of the "goofy" people that tell you not to eat this, take this supplement, etc...may not be as crazy as you think. Look for a holistic, natural doc. Some are better than others...try a couple and see who you are comfortable with.

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Coeliac Disease :: No Bowel Movement - Gluten Free Dairy Free (GFDF) Diet

My 12 yr old son is experiencing no BM after 4 days of switching him to this GFDF diet ... Before he was IBS .... Not sure what to do

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Lupus :: Should We Go Gluten Free?

I have recently "not quite" been diagnosed yet with Lupus however I have certain signs not yet enough for an official diagnosis. High ANA is one, pericardial effusion (mild), no inflammation or symptoms yet. Would have never known I had a problem until the Dr. told me I did!! I used to have severe stomach problems for years, cramps, diarrhea after eating a meal. For hours I would suffer. But for the past 4 or so years it has stopped completely and I am wondering if that is when my immune system started to go overactive due to a possible gluten allergy and now turning into an auto immune disease as a result. I am starting a gluten free diet, today is only day 3, i want to suppress and relax my immune system by not giving it so much work to do!! Unconfuse it and calm it down by eating gluten free and healthier. So nutrients can get absorbed better? Add probiotics, making sure to get Vitamin K...D, B12 etc. (I know K is a big one for Lupus) Does anyone have any views on this or have tried diets like this?

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Anyone - Gluten Free And Has Gotten Rid Of Hypothyroidism?

I hear these go hand in hand and wondered if anyone who is following a gluten free diet has actually gotten better thyroid results without the meds?

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Anyone Tried Gluten Free Food - Udi's?

Has anyone tried the new range of gluten free food Udi's?

I saw them in Tesco the other day on 3 for 2 and tried the bagels, muffins and crisps. They all taste just like the real thing! I've really missed bagels since I was diagnosed at 18 so it was great to eat them again.

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Gluten Free?

I am mid process during the diagnosis (I've had the MRI with and without contrast and get results Monday. I'm currently refusing LP and have the evoked potentials scheduled). If I were to be diagnosed (still hoping not) I have read a lot about being gluten free and that helping with symptoms. As a matter of fact, I may try it regardless of diagnosis to see if it helps. But, has anyone with MS tried it? Did it help?

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Fibromyalgia :: Gluten Free Flare

I have had two positive blood tests for celiac disease but a negative biopsy. However, my doctor and I decided it was best to go gluten free as a trial. I am on Day 4 and I have increased fibro pain. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hypothyroidism :: Success With Going Gluten Free?

I am also coping with hypothyroidism and I've been searching for the best possible ways to get my health (and life) back. The doctor I have been working with has made the suggestion to go on a gluten free diet. She didn't go into great detail about it, but mentioned that she'd like for me to nix the gluten. I have also read numerous times on the internet about how gluten is a thyroid destroyer. I have tried countless times to go GF, but boy is it hard. I tested negative for gluten and dairy allergies but my doc (a naturopath) was still adamant that I give up the gluten. I feel like such a failure because I only manage to stay gluten free for about 2 weeks at a time until I cave and have something like a slice of pizza or some pasta or bread. There are gluten free alternatives to these items but sometimes they are hard to obtain or are a pain to cook. I have a very healthy diet for the most part but I've found that removing gluten entirely isn't easy. I've also lost weight while going gluten free, which I did NOT want to do. I'm actually already a little bit underweight.

Does anyone have any tips for me? Has anyone out there successfully gone gluten free long-term, and did it affect your condition in a positive way? I feel like a failure because I keep trying to give it up but it never works out in the long run. I always slip up.

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril Gluten Free?

I am coeliac and my GP would like me to try Lisinopril for my unacceptably high blood pressure. However neither he, the pharmacist nor myself have been able to discover if the drug is gluten free. We are also concerned that I have had severe allergic reactions (SJS) to ACE inhibitors in the past.

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If Glucose Syrup Is Gluten-free?

I'm gluten-intolerant. Does anyone know if glucose syrup is gluten-free?

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Hypothyroidism :: Gluten Free And On Levothyroxine?

I've made an appt with a naturopath next week as I'm having an increase in bad symptoms since starting levothyroxine 4mths ago and cannot stand it any longer.

I'm expecting to be told to go gluten free. However there's corn/maize starch (contains gluten) in the meds so I'm wondering about those of you who are gluten free - what type of meds are you on?

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Orlistat :: Gluten Free - Can Take Wine?

I've just been prescribed orlistat completely out of the blue by my GP... And I'm also gluten free as I have a very high intolerance now. So its quite difficult planning meals but think I'm doing ok!

My breakfasts and lunches seem to be between 5 and 10g fat then main meals are nearer to 15g. Is this ok?

What if I want a skinny latte outside of mealtimes, these work out at 2.2g fat... would that make me poorly?

Also am I able to drink wine? I appreciate the calorific issues with wine but I'd still like to enjoy a few glasses on the weekends, I'm more concerned about an orange explosion if I do?

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Gluten Free Beer - What Is Your Opinion?

I am a fellow celiac who dreams of having more gluten-free beer options that taste good and are proven safe. Maybe one day in the future I'll be pushing beer companies to develop such methods. But for the moment I want to know if anyone out there shares my sentiments.

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Fibromyalgia :: Gluten Free Diet Help Symptoms?

This morning at my rheumatologist's office we made the decision to not do any further fibro meds. I can't stand the side effects and eventually quit taking them all anyway. She went more in depth with me about helping myself with healthy diet and exercise and recommended low gluten.

I was doing research on how to limit gluten in my diet and started reading about celiac disease. Like a lot of other health issues, the s/s are very close to fibro. I'm not sure if I've ever been tested and am waiting on my family doc to call me back to tell me.

My question is, have you tried gluten free? Did it help any symptoms? Were you diagnosed with celiac or just experimented on your own?

This is a pretty big difference in diet and a big commitment. I also kind of feel that gluten free has become a bit commercialized and a bit of a fad thing. I would just like more information before jumping into something I don't understand.

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Hypothyroidism Relation To Gluten Free Diet

Does anyone know any more about gluten and thyroid function? Read somewhere that going gluten free will improve health. Any thoughts? 

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Thyroid :: Gluten Free Diet And An End To Hashimoto's

I have seen some videos that support a gluten free diet and an end to Hashimoto's.

Has anyone tried going completely gluten free and had an improvement in their symptoms or even and reduction or end to their meds?

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Has A Gluten-free Lifestyle Helped Your Health?

I wondered if anyone here has become healthier following a gluten-free diet.

I am 35 and female. I am diagnosed Type 1 diabetes, have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, & Hashimoto thyroiditis (Hashi not treated prior to now). Recently, my TSH came back at 9.2 and my thyroid antibodies 213. I was then placed on Levothyroxin 25mcg and in six weeks my TSH is now at 3.70, so it appears I am responding pretty well to treatment.

A genetics test a few years ago indicated I am at high risk for developing celiac disease. Since then I have went gluten-free for short amounts of time and always felt better and digestive issues solved, but finding gluten-free food in my rural area is difficult and I tend to lapse on the diet.

However, I have been gluten-free now for 5 days and feeling somewhat better already. I intend to make this a lifestyle change for good this time.
I guess my real question to persons here is, has following a strict gluten-free diet greatly improved your autoimmune illnesses?

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Lichen Planus :: Probiotics Or Gluten Free?

I Am only the merry go round of LP. Off prednisone 5 days and it comes back in my mouth hands and vulva. I was trying and still am trying a shot of wheatgrass every am, probiotic yogurts and super 8 probiotic capsules. Have been doing this for three weeks and symptoms got worse so doctor has put me on steroids again...20mg as opposed to 40 mg the last time..I have been a naughty girl and am not taking them as I am trying to lose the stone in weight I put on during my last course. 

I have read so many posts and now think if there id a connection between candida and Lp. I am thinking of going gluten free.....does this work?

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Does Gluten Free Diet Really Help Graves Or Hyperthyroidism?

Is there anyone out there that eats gluten free and any evidence to say that it will help with Graves or Hyperthyroidism?

Just exploring my diet as I'm on 30mg of Carbimazole daily and have put on weight. I normally have low fat, high protein, low carb, veggies, fruit and lots of water, but still putting on weight.

Weight gain is this because I'm going back to being hypothyroid or the Carbimazole? Back at the doctors next week for a blood test.

Just wondered whether to try gluten free, although at the most I only eat 2 slices of bread a week and my diet is quite healthy apart from the occasional glass of wine.

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IBS :: Gluten Free Diet - No Results For 2 Weeks

2 weeks ago I tried starting a strict gluten free diet following possibilities of coeliac disease or sensitivity to gluten. I expected my bowels to improve following a 6-8 week diary I had been keeping i regulated my intake of food and drink to give myself a 'reference' to begin with.

So I was generally ok, slightly bloated prior to gluten free. 3 days into gluten free I felt awful. Stomach pains, diarrhea really smelly gas, felt weak, headaches etc. Struggled to concentrate at work. My intake of fruit and veg increased and this period of feeling crap lasted 3 days. I was bad. I felt awful. Anyway things improved slightly and the diarrhea calmed but the stomach noises, pains etx were still present.

I'm just confused? If I drink beer, eat pizza, eat pasta...etc usually it irritates me. This week (after being gluten free for 2 weeks and feeling bad) I've sacked the gluten free diet, had bread, pizza etc...but just watched my sugar intake (as this is a sensitivity for me) and I'm having relatively normal bowel movements, no headache, no morning rushes...slightly constipated.

Not sure where to go from here? I seem to be going in this cycle where I will be ok for about a month, then have a proper bad spell usually 2 days of diarrhea, aches, headaches, brain fog etc...then back to normal. I've kept a diary of everything I've been eating and can't link anything to my causes. The 1 thing I thought would help...staying off gluten...actually seems to make things worse?

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