Abortion :: Misoprostol Worked Or Not - Cramps Only

Jan 24, 2011

My girlfriend took this last night and got cramps as she thought she was going to come on but never did and no blood. Could it not have worked? She was sick about one hour after taking it.

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Abortion :: Abdominal Pain After A Week Of Using Misoprostol Alone In Abortion?

Shs still having abdominal pain after a week of using misoprostol alone in abortion..

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Medical Abortion :: Took Second Dose Of Misoprostol (cytotec)

I was 7 weeks 3 days pregnant i had a medical abortion last evening at 6:05 by keeping 4 tablets of Misoprostol (800mcg) I experienced headache and drowsiness and shiver around 9:30 I throw up everything I eat in lunch and 9:45 I got my bleeding but slow the cramps were mild I had my dinner n at 10:40 again took second dose of Misoprostol (800mcg) under tough since then I am experiencing loose motion my cramps are mild bleeding slow with clots in It.

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Medical Abortion :: Misoprostol Does It Affects The Baby?

Can misoprostol effects 3 months pregnant? I take misoprostol 12pcs last day and i only bleed a little and yesterday i take again 12 pcs but then again i only bleed a little, does it affects the baby?

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Medical Abortion :: Baby Been Affected By The Misoprostol?

I am 18 weeks pregnant. can a scan detect if my baby has been affected by the misoprostol I took while trying to abort it(to no avail)?

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Abortion :: Inserted Misoprostol (cytotec) And Still No Bleeding?

Please, keep the rude comments to yourself. I decided to have an abortion and was scheduled to put 4 misoprostol pills into the vagina, I did this yesterday around 8PM, it is now 9:30AM. Shouldn't the bleeding or extremely painful cramps have started by now? In concerned that the medical abortion is going to fail. Please if there is anyone out there that has experienced this, please share your experience. I was 4 weeks from my last period, and 1.5 from conception when I got the abortion.4 days before inserting the misoprostol, the doctor gave me a shot of methotrexate, which was suppose to postpone the pregnancy until I inserted the misoprostol. I am then suppose to insert another 4 pills 24 hours after the first dose. And it is now 11:53AM and still no bleeding.

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Abortion :: One Day Bleeding After Taking Misoprostol. Is That Normal?

I did a self induced abortion by taking misoprostol and I bleed only for one day and it has stopped. I still feel pregnant, is the abortion unsuccessful? I have read others had the same problem but I haven't read replies to it. Can someone help me? What should I do?

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Abortion :: Two Misoprostol Doses And 36 Hours Later, No Blood

I'm 19, this is my first pregnancy and as such, my first (and ONLY) abortion.

I received the methotrexate shot on Thursday, and on Saturday morning I inserted 4 misoprostol pills vaginally. A few hours later, I got some pretty bad cramping (wouldn't call it severe, but definitely like a really bad period). A few hours later, they completely went away besides the occasional discomfort. I had no bleeding (or spotting, not a drop), so I went to bed hoping to wake up in a puddle of mess (never thought I'd HOPE for that). 
I woke up this morning with still no blood. Took the second dosage in the morning and again, 12 hours later, NOTHING. I don't even have cramping (very mild discomfort, but I think I just feel that way because I'm expecting pain or something. Might all just be mental).

This has been a really rough few days for me (I found out I was pregnant the same day I received the shot) and the idea of having to perform a surgical abortion after all of this seems unbearable. Has anyone done a medical abortion and didn't have blood/ bad pains until DAYS after?

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Abortion :: Had Mifepristone And Misoprostol (4 Weeks Pregnant)

i am 4weeks pregnant i had an abortion pill called mifepristone and misoprostol firstly i took mifepristone and i feel a little pain in my abdomen after 48hrs i took another 2 tablet of misoprostol and still the bleeding dnt happen, and so after 4hrs i took another 2 tablet of misoprostol, but still the bleeding dnt happen... its been 24hrs now.... and i don't have any pain bt i feel sleepy the whole day.... is my pill not working or?

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Medical Abortion :: Stopped Bleeding After One Day Of Using Misoprostol (cytotec)

I Take 3 Cytotec Vaginally Saturday 11:30pm before going to sleep. Sunday in 1 pm in the afternoon i Started Heavy bleeding that my pads soaked with blood and some Blood clots then i Stop bleeding in 8 pm in the Evening. I am confuse if i have a complete Abortion or the fetus is still there ?

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Abortion - Misoprostol (cytotec) :: 16 Weeks - Upto Which Month?

hey my name is Mai, im about 16 weeks pregnant. The question here is up to how many months can i take misoprostol , how much of a dose am i allowed to take & what are the side effects to this procedure ?

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Abortion :: Can Mifepristone And Misoprostol Remove 4 Month Pregnancy?

Can mifepristone and misoprostol remove pregnancy of four months?

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Abortion :: Cytotec For Abortion, No Bleeding Just Brown Clot

I am five weeks pregnant, I did a sonogram and it was implanted in right place. I've tried to terminate it with Cytotec three doses of 4 pills of 200 mcg orally (under the tongue for 30 mins before swallow) after every 3 hours. Have experienced cramps a very little red spotting. 24 hours later, i've expelled a little bit of brown clot, and two days after another piece of clot. But no bleeding at all. Does that mean that i need to repeat the dosis, if so, should i insert it vaginally?. Or should i have another sonogram to confirm that?. This is an illegal procedure in my country, and unfortunately cannot keep the baby. 

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Medical Abortion :: Gynecologist After Abortion Using Cytotec?

I have recently done abortion(I was 3 weeks pregnant) using cytotec pills , I went on my periods and had cramps but that lasted for that day I took the Cytotec medication, after that I was not on my periods and no cramp then after the Dr had told me to take Metrogyl 200 the next day after taking Cytotec pills.

I want to know if there is a need for me to go to the gynecologist?

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Medical Abortion :: Oxytocin And Cytotec For Abortion

What if i use oxytocin orally and cytotec vaginally? Will it work? I bleed after 6 hours of taking them and pass large clots the bleeding was heavy and lasted for 5 hours then the bleed lessen. 2nd day the bleed was color brown. By third day the bleeding was totally stop. Is my abortion complete? It's been 2 weeks now and i don't have any symptoms of pregnancy. Thank you

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Abortion :: Cytotec To Continue Abortion At 20 Weeks?

I just found out I  was pregnant when I was 9 weeks and 1day along. I barely know the father of the child and unsure of everything. A lot of factors had made me decide to end the pregnancy. The search for cytotec ain't easy in our country . it took a very long time b4 i got the meds. it was October 2014 and I was already on my 3rd month when I took the meds. first attempt: 1 oral 1 vaginal of 200mg. the following morning I had blood in my urine and a small blood clot came out. after 2days I went to the doctor to have some checkup and found put that my pregnancy still continued. Abortion is illegal in our country so I did not tell the doctor about it . 2nd attempt: 1 oral 1 vaginal failed. 3rd attempt: 1 oral 1 vaginal still failed. then last attempt because I only got 10 pills in total: 2 oral and 2 vaginal this time also failed. but on the last attempt I was shivering. the interval in doing these procedures took days.

Still, my pregnancy did not end. And I could still feel it alive inside and moving.

Later when I was 4 months along already , we went to an abortionist that massages the stomach and abortion can occur. But I was far along the pregnancy that massaging it is no longer effective but it makes the fetus dizzy and if used with meds it can cause labor . 

Took us long to buy cytotec again now only 4tabs . since its very expensive and we are short on cash sad to say. I also took other pills that are used also for abortion but in my case they are only mild and can cause dizziness with fetus. 

then the procedure was 2 oral 2 vaginal. 800 mg in total..

Sadly, it still failed.

later, i knew that the cytotec i took was not strong enough . and there is this cytotec pill available in the market that is pink in color and is 500mg ..
I will be taking it 2 oral 2 vaginal . and I hope it will work now. because I made a wrong decision in doing abortion int he first place. and its too late to stop because im afraid the fetus may now have abnormalities. Now I need to continue this and I hope its gonna work.

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Carbimazole :: Painful Leg Cramps (not The Usual Night Time Calf Cramps)

I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and I have been taking Carbimazole since Aug 6, 2010, since yesterday I have been experiencing painful leg cramps (not the usual night time calf cramps) that begin just above my right knee and travel down to my foot sometimes 5 or so in quick succession - this is really painful :? and I wondered if anybody else has these or should I go back and see my GP?

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Muscle Cramps All Over Body, Upper Thigh Cramps So Severe

Cramps so bad in thighs, I can't take the pain anymore

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Abortion :: Surgical Abortion Failed?

I am writing this as my girlfriend and I are concerned about an abortion she had a little over 4 weeks ago. I would appreciate respectful comments and suggestions please.

When she had the abortion she was only 8 weeks pregnant, after 3 weeks we went back for a follow up appointment where they had her do a urine test. The lady came back to tell her she was fine.

The thing that is concerning us now is that her breasts seem to be growing as well as sensitive. She has not felt nausea as bad as before, but last night was pretty bad.. So there are still very obvious signs of pregnancy. Doing an at home test a few days ago, the test came back with the faintest line. Could it be possible that she is still pregnant?

If the abortion failed, she would be 12 weeks. Do pregnancy tests come back negative further along in the abortion? Is it possible that she may still be pregnant, or are her hormones still balancing out?

Should we go and get an ultrasound done just to make sure?

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Post Menopause Bleeding After Cramps Like Ovulation Cramps

I had what felt like ovulation cramps last week and tonight have vaginal bleeding, fresh blood not old.

I did this in 2012 after my mom died, was checked pap smear, uterine biopsy and I feel those hurt, it was all good, they thought it might of been stress related because it lasted only one day.

My abnormally normal periods were only 1-3 days, they were one coming in, one day of heavy bleeding, and spotting on third day. But every 28 days like clockwork with no issues there. In my 20's I was told I had endometriosis and when they went to do the ultrasound the cyst had went away. I didn't take it any further than that but never had children and never took birth control. Cramps were always very painful, had to curl up in a ball, always had severe back pain with them as well.

Last week they were like that not quite as bad but nearly.

Is this just a fluke you all think? Even menopause I had no symptoms, when I turned 50 it shut off like a faucet never again until 2012, and now.

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa - What Have You Tried And Worked?

Today I went to see a new dermatologist, I live in the uk near london and this was my first proper appointment with a dermatologist..

I have suffered for about 10 years only to find out last year what I actually suffered with.

I spoke to the man today, took pills and creams that I had been using.. These pills are basically vitamin pills with a bit more in which I have found helped me with my facial skin as my hs is all over my body, but mostly in the groin/armpit and top of my buttocks.

I asked him about diets, turmeric, intolerance testing, blood tests and he shot me down at all points laughing saying it's all rubbish and here's an information leaflet of what you have.. I am fully aware of what I have, I suffer with it daily thank you..

By looking at a lot of people on here it's mainly from the US, is there anyone here that's from the uk? What have you tried? And has it worked?

I broke down in the car park when I left, just felt useless and the person that I am going to for help has just laughed at me!!

He has put me on a 6 weeks course of minocycline anyone had these?

With the intent on keeping me on these if my situation gets better..

I just feel so useless.. I know we're all in the same boat and I just hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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