Acne :: Make Scars Disappear?

Oct 7, 2015

I was wondering about how I could heal acne scars. I have been having ongoing acne for at least 4 years now. The acne only really appears on my nose and around my mouth area (below nose and below lower lip). Unfortunately, I have multiple acne scars now. Also, I have large pores that won't close: is there a way to make them disappear?

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Acne :: Lot Of Scars - Need A Solution

I have always had mild acne since I was about 14, I am now 23 and it is worse than ever before. Currently I have a lot of scars (not terrible ones or deep ones though) a few new spots and ones that always reappear and since 2 days ago one boil/nodule like spot on my cheek which is actually physically painful. What is happening now!?

I already do all of these things...

I eat well
I drink lots of water
I sleep fairly well
I exercise very regularly

I wear make-up as minimal as possible, when I work I cannot not wear foundation so I use Clinique upon store assistant advice to cover my scars but be light enough for my skin to breathe.

I have used a variety of skin products: my best method seems to be Clinique soap with lukewarm water, a light cucumber moisturiser and the occasional massage of bio oil.

I have taken prescribed things such as oxytetrin, which didn't work well and slightly greyed my teeth so I stopped. Also I have tried almost all of the liquid/gel/facial products.

I feel like I've tried EVERYTHING.

I am currently waiting for a consultation with the NHS, that wont be until next year most likely now!!

I also don't want to wait THAT long to be told, yet again, "yes you have acne" by anybody I want somebody to say "you've tried a lot of stuff, so lets try this one as statistically I think it will work best.'...... Is this possible?

Can anybody offer me some good advice?!

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Acne :: Scars And Boils On My Buttocks?

I am an 18 year old female and i have this HUGE problem. it's been going on since i was about 12... I constantly get boils and ugly after scars on my butt. No matter what i do, creams, steroids, you name it i tried it. No matter what they keep coming back and i am so sick of it. I just want to cry sometimes because its so embarrassing. I dont have a love life because im scared of what people will think when they see it.  HOW DO I GET THESE BOILS GONE FOR GOOD!?

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Best Make Up For Acne Prone Skin?

I know most make-up clogs your pores and it makes your acne worst. But what happens to me is: I get a bad spot breakout, it goes away after a week or so and I'm left with red/purple scars. So I cover these up with make-up. But I think that makes me breakout all over again, so what types/brands have make-up that is slightly better for skin?

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Will Run It's Course And Disappear In 2 Years?

My 7yr old daughter suffered terribly with this condition for several months, The doctor said there was nothing they could do for her and I could expect it to run its course and disappear within 2yrs. I did lots of research and found treatments on the market were quite expensive. I was in despair. My daughter had approximately 30 spots in total, some very inflamed and sore covering her chin, her neck and arms. parents at school were asking me what was wrong with her, children wouldn't play with her and bullied her because of it and the condition was getting worse with more spots appearing as time went by.

My dad recommended I try washing the affected area with HiBiSCRUB.

HiBiSCRUB is an antimicrobial skin cleanser, used in hospital. It is used for preoperative surgical hand disinfection, antiseptic handwashing on the ward and pre and post-operative skin antisepsis for patients undergoing surgery.

I washed the affected area 3-5 times a day (using a disposable baby wipe instead of a face cloth) & within a week I saw a noticeable difference. within 1-2 months half the spots had cleared up and within 4 months she was totally clear.

I buy my HiBiSCRUB from my local pet food store. It is designed for humans and is recommended if you are working with animals as it is very effective. It cost me £6 for a 500ml bottle and I used 2-3 bottles in all

As an additional measure to reduce the spots quicker you could also try ClearZal though I wouldn't recommend it for severe cases as it is a minor irritant and could cause some discomfort if too much was applied. I believe the HiBiSCRUB works well enough.

I applied a tiny tiny drop of ClearZal to each individual spot once every 3 days. ClearZal is designed to kill 99.9% of all fungus, bacteria and viruses which may cause Nail infections. I took great care whilst applying ClearZal, using a tiny drop on a cotton bud and applying it only to the spot, (touching the skin can cause minor irritation) applying to the spots helped reduce the spots quicker. ClearZal costs around £15 per 30ml bottle from the chemist. I only used it for a month and then continued with just the HiBiSCRUB. The results were amazing and my daughter is totally spot free.

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Kidney Stones Disappear On Their Own? Passed In Urine?

my 27 year old Son had a 8mm stone that they found on a CT scan, they went took him in for laser surgery last night and found nothing but a swollen kidney, the doctor says he must have passed it but my Son says he didn't now wouldn't you know if you passed a stone that big?? He has a very high and unusual tolerance to pain but not that high and he's been keeping an eye on his urine after urination can they just disappear?

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What Caused Scars On Your Lungs Just From A CT Scan?

Is it possible to tell what caused scars on your lungs just from a CT scan?  Do different causes look different?

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Chickenpox :: Scars From Scratching And Itching

My son who is 12 years old and has had chickenpox for a week now and is still very itchy. Should I take him to see a doctor? I worry that he will have lots of scars from scratching. 

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Chickenpox :: Battle Scars And Skin Discolouration

I had chicken pox about a month ago and now have "battle scars" on my face. I have several spots of skin discolouration on my face, some with an accompanying slight "cratering"..

I think I can live with the "cratering" but the discoloured skin spots are visible from far and I have no idea of how to remove these discoloured spots. Some have suggested using lemon juice on a regular basis on those spotted areas but I am not sure if it will cause or trigger more discolouration.

Anyone got any good experiences to share on how to deal with the discoloured spots from chicken pox? To date, I have only tried to use make-up concealers but the routine is driving me crazy as I have been very active and I am not used to applying make-up previously.

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My Vagina Has Been Itching Unbearably - Leaving Scabs And Scars

I'm starting to get a little worried because my vagina has been itching unbearably. It's not really the inside just near the clit and the outside.. I do shave and I started using a bar soap. There are no bumps present or any weird discharge.. But I am leaving scabs and scars because it itches.

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Vaginal Health :: Scars And Pimples On Bikini Area

I been having this reaction since summer and I don't know what to do. Every time I shave it itches really bad and i was dumb so itched and i started getting scars from itching. sorta like pimples. they became worse and now they wont leave. i feel really embarrassed with them. I need help urgent. anything that can help me get rid of them quickly?

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Bikini Line Vulva Area - Too Many Ingrown Hairs And Scars

I am 16. Female. Never done anything sexual so i am 100% sure this is not a std or anything of the sorts. SO, i started to shave young (pubic hairs..bikini line, vaginal area) at 12 or 13. And ever nice i started i would get these in grown hairs. I am half black - so i guess i am prone to that (curly hair growing inwards). But now almost my entirety of my inner thighs are covered with these dark marks and scars. And too many ingrown hairs. I am too embarrassed to go swimming, I never wear shorts because you can see them.  Also I have these sick pimples down there...  Waxing - - the scars are still there! When i was younger - i was dumb enough to pick at them and.. well it is just getting worse over the years. !

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Acne :: What Really Clear Up Acne

I'm sick of all this taking antibiotics and cream and not seeing any difference I have acne on back and chest it cleared up a lot on face but no change on rest.. 

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Vascular Disorders :: Numb Left Leg And Strange Scars On Left Side Of Stomach

I have had a numb left leg for about 5 months now from my thigh down to my knee and it seems to be getting worse and going down to the rest of my left leg. I also have these weird scars that look red or bloody from the inside and there is 3 of them and they showed up out of nowhere overnight. My doctor has given me blood tests and MRI's and nothing has shown up abnormal.

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How To Make Breast Bigger?

I am 14years old about to turn 15 and I wear a 34A. My mom tells me to just wait and that I'll have boobs as big as hers. But I think she's wrong and when she was 13 she was a 34C or something. But everyone in my family has big boobs and I don't. I feel out of place because of that and I'm always being told to just be happy for who I am. I try but it really doesn't help. I think my generation has been skipped because I don't get the boobs I get a butt and no one in my family has a butt except me. Should I be proud of that? Plus what is a quick healthy way of getting my boobs bigger? Is there a drink or food I can eat?

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STD :: Will Chlamydia Make You Infertile?

I Recently found out that i tested Positive for Chlamydia and I AM taking Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg tablets Twice a day for 10 days...


1) I just started Menstruating and was curious if it was safe to wear Tampons? I know they don't expect us to just bleed all over the place, but is wearing a tampon a safe thing to do? will it lower my chances of getting rid of it?
2) Does the Doxycycline ALWAYS get rid of Chlamydia or is there a chance that it will NOT get rid of it?
3) I know that Chlamydia can lower your chances of Fertility and i was curious as to how long it takes to make a woman infertile?

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Why Don't They Make Vaccine For It?

My daughter has had this virus for about 6 weeks now. The doctor told me they would go away on their own and that we just had to let it run its course. At this point she only had about 3. She now has over 20 of these nasty little bumps under her armpit and yesterday I discovered a few tiny ones on her torso. I have started using ACV and in the course of two days the 2 biggest ones have turned black. I believe this is a good sign that the molluscum is now dead! I followed most people's advice and soaked cotton wool in ACV and then secured it on the spot with a plaster. She said it stings a little, but nothing major. Fingers crossed the rest of them respond in this way. My only concern is that her skin does look a little red, but that could easily be because of all the plasters she has stuck on her.

Why don't they make a vaccine for this horrid virus?

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Menstruation :: How To Make My Periods Come Late?

how do i make my period come late

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Penis :: Masturbation Make Us Weak?

i masturbate three times a week. and after doing it i feel little low in energy. when i askd my elder he said masterbating is not good it will make u weak from inside and will make u infertile! is it so ?

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Can Hypnosis Make Me Stop Smoking?

I'm a heavy smoker almost all my life and what can I say about it- it is my big passion.

I'm 55 year old male smoker. I smoke about two packs of cigarettes per day.

I have never had any health problems caused by cigarettes but now I'm not so sure. Just recently I started to suffer from strong caught and hard breathing. I contacted my doctor and a x-ray shown that my lungs are seriously damaged. Doctor told me I should quit immediately.

But, I can't! Passion is stronger than my wile for get better. Just the other day I heard something about quitting smoking with the help of hypnosis. Is this truth?

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Puberty :: How To Make Your Penis Bigger At 13

How to make my penis bigger I'm only 13 and have not yet hit puberty but I don't want to wait I want to make it bigger now? what should I do?

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