Acne :: What Really Clear Up Acne

Jan 27, 2016

I'm sick of all this taking antibiotics and cream and not seeing any difference I have acne on back and chest it cleared up a lot on face but no change on rest.. 

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Acne And Eczema

When I was a baby I suffered with very bad eczema, then when I was approximately 12/13 my eczema came back on my face along with bad acne, to clear up my eczema I used Aqueous Cream as well as Hydrocortisone Cream which worked and I also used Zineryt on my acne which eventually worked and my skin was back clear apart from the occasional hormonal spot every now and then which didn't bother me. 

I am now 17 and towards the end of January this year I noticed my eczema was coming back as well as comedones so I visited the doctor about my eczema and was given Diprobase which I applied to my body and face 1/2 times day. I thought if I continued to use my Zineryt it would eventually clear up the comedones, which it didn't. Eventually the comedones also spread to my cheeks and my chin and now they flare up into painful spots and my face is now covered making me very insecure about my skin!

I re-visited a different doctor around 5 weeks ago and have been put on 1 a day Tetralysal antibiotics which haven't made the slightest improvement and my spots are still continuing to worsen and increase.

I have also been on the Cerazette birth control pill for around a year now I was wondering if this could be causing hormonal changes that have triggered my acne despite being on it so long?

If not I was wondering if the Diprobase/Aqueous cream could be causing my acne? (I stopped using this on my face 2 days ago incase but have still gained more painful spots and my skin is also becoming dry again)

I would like to know your opinion on what is causing my acne? What I can do to treat it? And how long it will it take to get back to a bearable state?

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Anxiety Causes Acne?

Iif anyone has got this it is only mild acne and do u know any good treatments I've tried antibiotic but they don't work

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Acne :: Appear In Teenage Only?

Am 25 years old and now acnes are apprearing on my face. Since I did not have acne during my teenager i thought i avoided it successfully. Am hating it now. What should i do?

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Does Chocolate Cause Acne?

I have a lot of problems with acne. They seem to be impossible to get rid of, no matter what I do. I eat a lot of stuff with sugar, like candy bars , chocolate cakes and a lot of soda. Could this be the reason for my acne problem or would my acne go away if I stop eating this c**p. What do you think? Im really tired of this acne problem, its really affecting me.

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Acne And Roaccutane

i've been on roaccutane for a couple of months now and i'm drawing the end of my 6 months course, i noticed the improvement but now i feel as if i'm stationary.. and it's stayed the same is anyone going/gone through this?

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Pregnancy :: Acne - Nothing Helps

Nothing will help with my acne. Do any of you mommy's know anything that will help?

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Acne :: Lot Of Scars - Need A Solution

I have always had mild acne since I was about 14, I am now 23 and it is worse than ever before. Currently I have a lot of scars (not terrible ones or deep ones though) a few new spots and ones that always reappear and since 2 days ago one boil/nodule like spot on my cheek which is actually physically painful. What is happening now!?

I already do all of these things...

I eat well
I drink lots of water
I sleep fairly well
I exercise very regularly

I wear make-up as minimal as possible, when I work I cannot not wear foundation so I use Clinique upon store assistant advice to cover my scars but be light enough for my skin to breathe.

I have used a variety of skin products: my best method seems to be Clinique soap with lukewarm water, a light cucumber moisturiser and the occasional massage of bio oil.

I have taken prescribed things such as oxytetrin, which didn't work well and slightly greyed my teeth so I stopped. Also I have tried almost all of the liquid/gel/facial products.

I feel like I've tried EVERYTHING.

I am currently waiting for a consultation with the NHS, that wont be until next year most likely now!!

I also don't want to wait THAT long to be told, yet again, "yes you have acne" by anybody I want somebody to say "you've tried a lot of stuff, so lets try this one as statistically I think it will work best.'...... Is this possible?

Can anybody offer me some good advice?!

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Acne :: How To Prevent Pimples ?

Anyone can use this product! Solvaderm Zeroblem removes skin damage cells that causes acne. It has an healing effect, a maximum strength with many benefits. And will prevent new blemishes from developing. Apply this product before bedtime for best results. 

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Carbimazole :: Levothyroxine And Acne

I've had mild acne for a few years now but it never used to bother me as using dermalogica would clear up outbreaks. Since I started taking Levothyroxine and Carbimazole my spots just don't seem to go away. They're just small red bumps with no pus and it's driving me crazy.

It's killing my confidence. I have a noticeable goitre and now these constant spots on my face. Has anyone else had this problem with thyroid medication?

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Acne :: Post Menopausal

Are there any older people in forum ( i am 59 ) who are still suffering from some sort of acne. i have retained this awful blackhead acne for the last 40 years. i am surprised that my skin is still so oily. it is mainly on T Zone and my chin is very badly scarred. I have never met or know anyone of my age with this problem

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Acne :: Aknicare - Keeps The Oil And The Spots At Bay

Like many acne sufferers, I had a torrid time at school when my acne appeared; I totally understand the vulgaris name it is given...everything about it is vulgar! From the spots themselves to the bullying that my acne brought upon me.

Now in my early 20's I have finally found a product that keeps the oil and the spots at bay! Its called Aknicare and it worked so well on my skin, I was getting comments within 2 weeks of using about how good my skin was looking. It can be a little expensive but it is available on prescription so be sure to hound your GP to prescribe it. It is endorsed by one of the leading acne specialists in the UK; Professor Anthony Chu, which is how I came to hear about it.

If you can't get it from your GP there are some great offers on it at the moment, check out ebay where its free postage or the skinmed site where there's a great offer on the duo pack!

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Acne :: Nasty Spots?

I have spots/spot scars on my back I have had them for years and they never seemed to go. They are visible in the pics but sorry about the lack of clarity because of the lighting but it just hard taking a pic of your back with a webcam but it captures some I think the lighting does not show the others. Here are the pics (be warned they not pretty) (I made a mistake with how many I put up there too lol)

please put a : and a / where the smiley face is there please as when I put those 2 together in the address it automatically comes up as a smiley face.

They are scattered all over my back it looks horrible Is there some sort of spot/ spot scar process that will remove or help fade these nasty looking things? and please don't recommend some oil or cream treatment crap as I tried those on spots elsewhere a couple of years back and they did nothing. And no they won't fade because I have had these on my back for 7 years now. I don't know what the hell started it it seemed to stem from a vacation in Greece. I not even sure if this is acne or just an outbreak of spots that ended up scarring somehow. I not sure where this topic should had gone by the way either I could not find acne or spots forum.

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Acne :: Bumps On Inner Thighs

for about 2 years now i have these bumps on my inner thighs that appear a lot and they hurt when i sit down sometimes.they also occasionally itch. sometimes i try popping them when they get as big as a dime and first puss followed by blood comes out of them then they heal but leave a scar.its really embarrassing because my vaginal area is not clear like it should be its all brown and scared from the "bumps" or "pimples" so i can really wear a bathing suit or have sex because it's extremely noticeable.

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Acne :: Back On Microgynon

I was on microgynon for 2 years. I stopped with it because my relationship had ended and I didn’t have need for birth control pills. I went back on microgynon again to clear acne. I’ve noticed that my face got worse when I stopped with hormones.

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Acne :: Boil On Scrotum

I'm 16 and I have some kind of boil on my scrotum that's been bothering me for about a year. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes, it's soft and I would like to know what it exactly is. I also get lots of boils in my inner thigh region as well. I usually just rub Bengay on them for temporary relief. They're very common and I'm kind of embarrassed to tell my doctor because I have one testicle. I feel like him looking at it while I have one testicle will trigger a lot questions.

My sister also experiences these boils in her inner thigh and has a massive boil or cyst it may be in her armpit. It's kind of the boil/cyst I have on my scrotum. Her doctor one day attempted to draw out some of the fluid for testing but since the boil was to hard, he didn't get deep enough to draw any fluid. This was a really painful process for my sister and it still is. My brother had run ins in the past with boils when he was younger showing up on his buttocks. So to conclude everything, I need answers, quick.

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Oxytetracycline Will Work For My Acne?

I am 20 and have been suffering with a bad experience with acne since I was 14.....the main area i have acne is on my shoulders and really brings me down and stops me from ever wanting to take my top off! I have also lost a lot of confidence as i think ppl will look at me in a bad way if i take my top of as ppl tend 2 think if someone has spots they must be dirty!

I have used many different creams in the past which were prescribed by my doctor but none of them worked! since october 2009 I have been taking Oxytetracycline, I take 4 pills a day, since taking the drug i feel like i expect my skin to clear up quickly but have had no luck....I have good days and bad at times I can have very BIG spots on my back, giving me trouble when trying to sleep at night. I am no unsure if i need to give it time or is the drug just not working for me? I have been on them for more than 3 months.

It is more annoying as I have a holiday booked for July and want to be able to take my top off an go swimming but if my acne remains the same i will have no choice but to stay covered up or cancel my holiday.

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Oxytetracycline For Scalp Acne

I just started oxytetracycline 4 times 250 mg a day for 3 months. is this normal for my spotty scalp?

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Acne :: Under Skin Lumps

I am now 30 years old. I did not have serious acne problem on my face until the age of 27. Since the age of 27, my face started to have acne as shown in the images as attached. They usually start with little lumps under the skin. If I apply pressure to it, luckily there will be some grease in white color coming out from the pore, but more often the grease fails to come out, and the area becomes darker and darker, water starts to diffuse out of the area. Then the area starts to become painful ....

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Acne :: Make Scars Disappear?

I was wondering about how I could heal acne scars. I have been having ongoing acne for at least 4 years now. The acne only really appears on my nose and around my mouth area (below nose and below lower lip). Unfortunately, I have multiple acne scars now. Also, I have large pores that won't close: is there a way to make them disappear?

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Acne :: Accutane And Red / Pink Face

Is anyone currently on Accutane, or have taken Accutane, and is experiencing red/pinkish colored skin, mostly on the face? It almost looks sunburned and covers the nose and cheeks areas..not nec. around the eyes.

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