Acne :: Appear In Teenage Only?

Apr 28, 2016

Am 25 years old and now acnes are apprearing on my face. Since I did not have acne during my teenager i thought i avoided it successfully. Am hating it now. What should i do?

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Teenage With Cyclothymia - Scared

I've been going online to try and find an answer to why I have been feeling how I do, depressed for a week or so then hyper for a few days and then depressed again and the most accurate reason for this that keeps popping up is cyclothymia. The websites all say to speak to your gp to get help with a diagnosis and medicines etc. I'm 16 so patient confidentiality applies but the problem is I don't want my mum to find out and she is friends with my gp so would be told by her. But I want help as it is affecting my school and social life. What do I do?

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Teenage :: Can Having Sex Delay Your Period

My boyfriend and I have had sex a couple time using protection except for the very first time he pulled out before ejaculation. My periods are never late and I'm 2 days late now could my period be late because of intercourse for the first time

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Teenage :: Irritated Itchy Scrotum

I have a really bad rash on my scrotum caused by my penis rubbing against it. It really hurts, and now my left testicle is rubbing against the inside of my scrotum. I have used petroleum jelly but I find it uncomfortable because it tickles my penis! Is there any cream or anything like that I could apply to stop the irritation, or should I wait until my testicles get a little bigger(I am prepubescent)?

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Teenage :: Small Blackout Spells For A While

I'm 16 and i've had small blackout spells for a while i think since i was 12. i would stand up and my vision would go black. it would turn into tunnel vision, where i would see black all around my peripheral vision and i can faintly see the middle which is the only thing not completely black. I would walk into one room to the other and my vision would go out as well. i get dizzy and have to stop walking and i feel like i'm gonna fall backwards. i've been borderline anemic but healthy, with a reasonably exceptional low iron level. its not too dramatic. but i'm just getting sick and tired of it. i would go to doctors but forget to mention this to them but every doctor i've been to don't see much wrong with my in my blood or in my vision. i wear glasses so i visit the eye doctor often. i just wanna know what's wrong. any ideas. i only get black vision and dizzy. thats kind of it.

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Teenage Depression Due To Bulimia? Binge Eating?

I don't know what kind of of ED I really have because apparently I show symptoms from all of them.

I first began restricting when I was 14 by having a weekly plan of how I would eat. Weekdays meant no more than 500 calories a day - the less carbs the better. Saturdays were my binge days and Sundays were when I would eat slightly less than 500 to make up for the binge.

My highest weight was around 160lb I think, but no one ever called me fat. I was always shy at certain times, not bullied, but mostly I was very confident and never worried about my appearance. But I eventually realized how much more attractive my friends and my sister were, I got so upset ad my self-esteem and confidence went straight to non-existent. This was when my life-long symptoms of social anxiety excelled to their peak and made me incredibly quiet. I also lost my menstrual cycle completely, for about 2yrs.

I started restricting because being and feeling fat literally made me so frustrated I cried. I started running and *trying* to diet, which took me to 140lb, then 127lb. Then I eventually started following this 'blood type diet' by eating only foods which Type As like my self should eat(like no dairy, wheat, meat). There's nothing wrong with this diet because I really felt it's magical benefits, but then I got so annoyed that I wasn't losing enough weight that I took it too far. This led me to 110lb and then my lowest weight of 105lb.

My mum threatened to take me to the doctors so I had to put on weight again - also because I had to move schools and I wanted to 'eat' and fit in. Moving was traumatic because for 11yrs I went to a private school with less than 200 people in it, and went from that, to a state school with 1000 people in it. My social anxiety made it really hard to make friends, and I only made one because she was the only one who started the conversation first. She is now my best friend.

After two years, I put on weight slowly, still adopting my same weekly eating routine but with some extra calories while also going to the gym. I was quite content, despite still having moments of embarrassment over probably nothing thanks to my SA. While revising for GCSE exams, my mum told me out of the blue that she'd got a job near Leeds(we were living in Carlisle at the time,) and that we were moving in the summer. I was happy for her because she didn't like where she was working anymore, but It was hard to show because I was so angry at this sudden decision which completely threw me off. I tried to negotiate with her and say "well done but could I stay and live with my dad pls I really don't want to go" but she snapped at me and kept saying that "we're moving and that's that, it's gonna be great etc etc".

After the exams all I could think about was the move, so I sat on my laptop and ate for the whole summer, and put on quite a few pounds because I couldn't go running as my hip was injured. When the day came to move, I barely helped with the unpacking and stayed in my new bedroom - which is in horrible condition - and resumed my eating and laptopping. I never wanted to move and I was suddenly away from my friends, I felt fatter, my social anxiety got worse - so I can't make new friends either, and I'm in a house which makes me feel shit and doesn't feel homely at all.

I keep alternating between days of restricting and days of bingeing, but the bingeing kind of outweighed the restricting so I've kept putting on weight and now I'm too scared to weigh myself. Last time I checked it was 138lb. I go to the gym sometimes, but I can only get there if my mum drives us, so I can only go if she wants to as well. But she hasn't, and has prioritizing other things.I've missed several days off school, jailing myself in my room purely because of feeling fat and too self conscious. I bought senna laxatives too, but I have no idea if they're working.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. It's like to be happier with myself and not feel the need to obsess about being thin, I need more self-esteem. But to have more self-esteem, I need to be thinner.

I can't tell my mum about how I feel because tbh I'm scared of her - which someone pointed out was because she's a single mum who needs to be a dominating character.

Professional Opinion? This is the worst I've ever felt and I can't tell if this is depression because I feel like all the time, yet people assume I'm "just being a teenager"?

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Teenage :: I Can't Find My Clitoris - Puberty Issue?

is it because I haven't hit puberty yet?

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Teenage :: Dull Pain In Left Testicle

I'm a teenage boy, and recently while snowboarding i had a pretty bad fall. at first, i had a dull, sharp pain in/ right above my left testicle. i assumed it would go away after a day or so, but its been about two days, and i still feel the same pain whenever i walk or when i'm shifting positions in bed. any ideas what the hell is wrong?

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Premature Ejaculation - Porn Addict And Masturbation Since Teenage

20 years old. I am still a virgin and unfortunately I have been a porn addicted my entire teenage year and masturbating for many times. I am beginning to have a relationship but I am afraid that I am suffering from PE. So many times that I get aroused when watching porn my fluids keeps coming out then I can't help it when I feel the urges to masturbate . It takes only a full minute or so after being completely aroused. I am terrified of this problem and I hope I don't have it. I am currently cutting back on all porn sites. But How can I be 100% sure that I suffer from PE and If I am, How can I treat this problem? please guide me and I hope.

One thing to mention is that when long time passes without porn or masturbation I can feel my urges stronger and I erectile easily so is this an indication that I don't have PE or that It will take small time just to recover from this issue because I fear that I will ejaculate soon after entering my girlfriend. Or It will be normal to ejaculate easily the first few times only then I will adjust to the feeling?

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Acne :: What Really Clear Up Acne

I'm sick of all this taking antibiotics and cream and not seeing any difference I have acne on back and chest it cleared up a lot on face but no change on rest.. 

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Acne And Eczema

When I was a baby I suffered with very bad eczema, then when I was approximately 12/13 my eczema came back on my face along with bad acne, to clear up my eczema I used Aqueous Cream as well as Hydrocortisone Cream which worked and I also used Zineryt on my acne which eventually worked and my skin was back clear apart from the occasional hormonal spot every now and then which didn't bother me. 

I am now 17 and towards the end of January this year I noticed my eczema was coming back as well as comedones so I visited the doctor about my eczema and was given Diprobase which I applied to my body and face 1/2 times day. I thought if I continued to use my Zineryt it would eventually clear up the comedones, which it didn't. Eventually the comedones also spread to my cheeks and my chin and now they flare up into painful spots and my face is now covered making me very insecure about my skin!

I re-visited a different doctor around 5 weeks ago and have been put on 1 a day Tetralysal antibiotics which haven't made the slightest improvement and my spots are still continuing to worsen and increase.

I have also been on the Cerazette birth control pill for around a year now I was wondering if this could be causing hormonal changes that have triggered my acne despite being on it so long?

If not I was wondering if the Diprobase/Aqueous cream could be causing my acne? (I stopped using this on my face 2 days ago incase but have still gained more painful spots and my skin is also becoming dry again)

I would like to know your opinion on what is causing my acne? What I can do to treat it? And how long it will it take to get back to a bearable state?

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Anxiety Causes Acne?

Iif anyone has got this it is only mild acne and do u know any good treatments I've tried antibiotic but they don't work

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Does Chocolate Cause Acne?

I have a lot of problems with acne. They seem to be impossible to get rid of, no matter what I do. I eat a lot of stuff with sugar, like candy bars , chocolate cakes and a lot of soda. Could this be the reason for my acne problem or would my acne go away if I stop eating this c**p. What do you think? Im really tired of this acne problem, its really affecting me.

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Acne And Roaccutane

i've been on roaccutane for a couple of months now and i'm drawing the end of my 6 months course, i noticed the improvement but now i feel as if i'm stationary.. and it's stayed the same is anyone going/gone through this?

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Pregnancy :: Acne - Nothing Helps

Nothing will help with my acne. Do any of you mommy's know anything that will help?

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Acne :: Lot Of Scars - Need A Solution

I have always had mild acne since I was about 14, I am now 23 and it is worse than ever before. Currently I have a lot of scars (not terrible ones or deep ones though) a few new spots and ones that always reappear and since 2 days ago one boil/nodule like spot on my cheek which is actually physically painful. What is happening now!?

I already do all of these things...

I eat well
I drink lots of water
I sleep fairly well
I exercise very regularly

I wear make-up as minimal as possible, when I work I cannot not wear foundation so I use Clinique upon store assistant advice to cover my scars but be light enough for my skin to breathe.

I have used a variety of skin products: my best method seems to be Clinique soap with lukewarm water, a light cucumber moisturiser and the occasional massage of bio oil.

I have taken prescribed things such as oxytetrin, which didn't work well and slightly greyed my teeth so I stopped. Also I have tried almost all of the liquid/gel/facial products.

I feel like I've tried EVERYTHING.

I am currently waiting for a consultation with the NHS, that wont be until next year most likely now!!

I also don't want to wait THAT long to be told, yet again, "yes you have acne" by anybody I want somebody to say "you've tried a lot of stuff, so lets try this one as statistically I think it will work best.'...... Is this possible?

Can anybody offer me some good advice?!

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Acne :: How To Prevent Pimples ?

Anyone can use this product! Solvaderm Zeroblem removes skin damage cells that causes acne. It has an healing effect, a maximum strength with many benefits. And will prevent new blemishes from developing. Apply this product before bedtime for best results. 

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Carbimazole :: Levothyroxine And Acne

I've had mild acne for a few years now but it never used to bother me as using dermalogica would clear up outbreaks. Since I started taking Levothyroxine and Carbimazole my spots just don't seem to go away. They're just small red bumps with no pus and it's driving me crazy.

It's killing my confidence. I have a noticeable goitre and now these constant spots on my face. Has anyone else had this problem with thyroid medication?

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Acne :: Post Menopausal

Are there any older people in forum ( i am 59 ) who are still suffering from some sort of acne. i have retained this awful blackhead acne for the last 40 years. i am surprised that my skin is still so oily. it is mainly on T Zone and my chin is very badly scarred. I have never met or know anyone of my age with this problem

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Acne :: Aknicare - Keeps The Oil And The Spots At Bay

Like many acne sufferers, I had a torrid time at school when my acne appeared; I totally understand the vulgaris name it is given...everything about it is vulgar! From the spots themselves to the bullying that my acne brought upon me.

Now in my early 20's I have finally found a product that keeps the oil and the spots at bay! Its called Aknicare and it worked so well on my skin, I was getting comments within 2 weeks of using about how good my skin was looking. It can be a little expensive but it is available on prescription so be sure to hound your GP to prescribe it. It is endorsed by one of the leading acne specialists in the UK; Professor Anthony Chu, which is how I came to hear about it.

If you can't get it from your GP there are some great offers on it at the moment, check out ebay where its free postage or the skinmed site where there's a great offer on the duo pack!

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Acne :: Nasty Spots?

I have spots/spot scars on my back I have had them for years and they never seemed to go. They are visible in the pics but sorry about the lack of clarity because of the lighting but it just hard taking a pic of your back with a webcam but it captures some I think the lighting does not show the others. Here are the pics (be warned they not pretty) (I made a mistake with how many I put up there too lol)

please put a : and a / where the smiley face is there please as when I put those 2 together in the address it automatically comes up as a smiley face.

They are scattered all over my back it looks horrible Is there some sort of spot/ spot scar process that will remove or help fade these nasty looking things? and please don't recommend some oil or cream treatment crap as I tried those on spots elsewhere a couple of years back and they did nothing. And no they won't fade because I have had these on my back for 7 years now. I don't know what the hell started it it seemed to stem from a vacation in Greece. I not even sure if this is acne or just an outbreak of spots that ended up scarring somehow. I not sure where this topic should had gone by the way either I could not find acne or spots forum.

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