Teenage :: I Can't Find My Clitoris - Puberty Issue?

Feb 4, 2011

is it because I haven't hit puberty yet?

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Want To Masturbate But Cannot Find Clitoris

I'm 17 years old and still a virgin but I REALLY want to masturbate! The only problem though is that I can't find my clitoris! I've gotten desperate enough that I looked at pics of it online, then examined myself with a mirror but still can't find it. I looked and there are so many things down there I have no clue what everything is haha I know where my vagina is, my ass hole, my pee hole, but not all that other icky c**p in there XP It's all that weird stuff in there that freaks me out and makes me kind of afraid to really touch anything without knowing what it is. I really want to reach awesome orgasm but I can't find my clitoris no matter what I do.

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Vaginal Health :: I Can't Find My Clitoris?

I know it sounds stupid but I've looked at very many diagrams and descriptions but I still can't find it.

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Sexual Stimulation :: 13 And I Can't Find My Clitoris

I'm 13 and tried to finger myself but I can't find my clitoris. Any help of how to find it

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Acne :: Appear In Teenage Only?

Am 25 years old and now acnes are apprearing on my face. Since I did not have acne during my teenager i thought i avoided it successfully. Am hating it now. What should i do?

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Teenage With Cyclothymia - Scared

I've been going online to try and find an answer to why I have been feeling how I do, depressed for a week or so then hyper for a few days and then depressed again and the most accurate reason for this that keeps popping up is cyclothymia. The websites all say to speak to your gp to get help with a diagnosis and medicines etc. I'm 16 so patient confidentiality applies but the problem is I don't want my mum to find out and she is friends with my gp so would be told by her. But I want help as it is affecting my school and social life. What do I do?

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Teenage :: Can Having Sex Delay Your Period

My boyfriend and I have had sex a couple time using protection except for the very first time he pulled out before ejaculation. My periods are never late and I'm 2 days late now could my period be late because of intercourse for the first time

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Teenage :: Irritated Itchy Scrotum

I have a really bad rash on my scrotum caused by my penis rubbing against it. It really hurts, and now my left testicle is rubbing against the inside of my scrotum. I have used petroleum jelly but I find it uncomfortable because it tickles my penis! Is there any cream or anything like that I could apply to stop the irritation, or should I wait until my testicles get a little bigger(I am prepubescent)?

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Teenage :: Small Blackout Spells For A While

I'm 16 and i've had small blackout spells for a while i think since i was 12. i would stand up and my vision would go black. it would turn into tunnel vision, where i would see black all around my peripheral vision and i can faintly see the middle which is the only thing not completely black. I would walk into one room to the other and my vision would go out as well. i get dizzy and have to stop walking and i feel like i'm gonna fall backwards. i've been borderline anemic but healthy, with a reasonably exceptional low iron level. its not too dramatic. but i'm just getting sick and tired of it. i would go to doctors but forget to mention this to them but every doctor i've been to don't see much wrong with my in my blood or in my vision. i wear glasses so i visit the eye doctor often. i just wanna know what's wrong. any ideas. i only get black vision and dizzy. thats kind of it.

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Teenage Depression Due To Bulimia? Binge Eating?

I don't know what kind of of ED I really have because apparently I show symptoms from all of them.

I first began restricting when I was 14 by having a weekly plan of how I would eat. Weekdays meant no more than 500 calories a day - the less carbs the better. Saturdays were my binge days and Sundays were when I would eat slightly less than 500 to make up for the binge.

My highest weight was around 160lb I think, but no one ever called me fat. I was always shy at certain times, not bullied, but mostly I was very confident and never worried about my appearance. But I eventually realized how much more attractive my friends and my sister were, I got so upset ad my self-esteem and confidence went straight to non-existent. This was when my life-long symptoms of social anxiety excelled to their peak and made me incredibly quiet. I also lost my menstrual cycle completely, for about 2yrs.

I started restricting because being and feeling fat literally made me so frustrated I cried. I started running and *trying* to diet, which took me to 140lb, then 127lb. Then I eventually started following this 'blood type diet' by eating only foods which Type As like my self should eat(like no dairy, wheat, meat). There's nothing wrong with this diet because I really felt it's magical benefits, but then I got so annoyed that I wasn't losing enough weight that I took it too far. This led me to 110lb and then my lowest weight of 105lb.

My mum threatened to take me to the doctors so I had to put on weight again - also because I had to move schools and I wanted to 'eat' and fit in. Moving was traumatic because for 11yrs I went to a private school with less than 200 people in it, and went from that, to a state school with 1000 people in it. My social anxiety made it really hard to make friends, and I only made one because she was the only one who started the conversation first. She is now my best friend.

After two years, I put on weight slowly, still adopting my same weekly eating routine but with some extra calories while also going to the gym. I was quite content, despite still having moments of embarrassment over probably nothing thanks to my SA. While revising for GCSE exams, my mum told me out of the blue that she'd got a job near Leeds(we were living in Carlisle at the time,) and that we were moving in the summer. I was happy for her because she didn't like where she was working anymore, but It was hard to show because I was so angry at this sudden decision which completely threw me off. I tried to negotiate with her and say "well done but could I stay and live with my dad pls I really don't want to go" but she snapped at me and kept saying that "we're moving and that's that, it's gonna be great etc etc".

After the exams all I could think about was the move, so I sat on my laptop and ate for the whole summer, and put on quite a few pounds because I couldn't go running as my hip was injured. When the day came to move, I barely helped with the unpacking and stayed in my new bedroom - which is in horrible condition - and resumed my eating and laptopping. I never wanted to move and I was suddenly away from my friends, I felt fatter, my social anxiety got worse - so I can't make new friends either, and I'm in a house which makes me feel shit and doesn't feel homely at all.

I keep alternating between days of restricting and days of bingeing, but the bingeing kind of outweighed the restricting so I've kept putting on weight and now I'm too scared to weigh myself. Last time I checked it was 138lb. I go to the gym sometimes, but I can only get there if my mum drives us, so I can only go if she wants to as well. But she hasn't, and has prioritizing other things.I've missed several days off school, jailing myself in my room purely because of feeling fat and too self conscious. I bought senna laxatives too, but I have no idea if they're working.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. It's like to be happier with myself and not feel the need to obsess about being thin, I need more self-esteem. But to have more self-esteem, I need to be thinner.

I can't tell my mum about how I feel because tbh I'm scared of her - which someone pointed out was because she's a single mum who needs to be a dominating character.

Professional Opinion? This is the worst I've ever felt and I can't tell if this is depression because I feel like all the time, yet people assume I'm "just being a teenager"?

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Teenage :: Dull Pain In Left Testicle

I'm a teenage boy, and recently while snowboarding i had a pretty bad fall. at first, i had a dull, sharp pain in/ right above my left testicle. i assumed it would go away after a day or so, but its been about two days, and i still feel the same pain whenever i walk or when i'm shifting positions in bed. any ideas what the hell is wrong?

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Premature Ejaculation - Porn Addict And Masturbation Since Teenage

20 years old. I am still a virgin and unfortunately I have been a porn addicted my entire teenage year and masturbating for many times. I am beginning to have a relationship but I am afraid that I am suffering from PE. So many times that I get aroused when watching porn my fluids keeps coming out then I can't help it when I feel the urges to masturbate . It takes only a full minute or so after being completely aroused. I am terrified of this problem and I hope I don't have it. I am currently cutting back on all porn sites. But How can I be 100% sure that I suffer from PE and If I am, How can I treat this problem? please guide me and I hope.

One thing to mention is that when long time passes without porn or masturbation I can feel my urges stronger and I erectile easily so is this an indication that I don't have PE or that It will take small time just to recover from this issue because I fear that I will ejaculate soon after entering my girlfriend. Or It will be normal to ejaculate easily the first few times only then I will adjust to the feeling?

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Pregnancy :: How Soon Can I Find Out The Gender?

Only 4 weeks 5 days, but how soon can I find out the gender? Thanks

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: How To Find If It's Old Or New?

I am a 47 year old married female, just went to the doctors last week....although I do not have my test results back, he is positive I have genital herpes...to say the least, I am an emotional train wreck.

I have had multiple affairs, using condoms except with a trusted co worker, however one did have a mouth sore when performing oral(co worker) I never correlated that with genital herpes until I did my research.

Here is my question...I'm assuming the test result (culture) will tell if it's type 1 or 2....but how do I find out if it's an old infection ???

When I was 18 I had an std, it burned when I went to the bathroom,,, I was broke out...hard to walk...went to emergency room...I just don't remember if the dr said hpv or hsv...

Gosh this all makes me sound so dirty...I'm a professional, clerical at a hospital, co workers will see testing and billing, I feel so ashamed...I have children and grandchildren now,the stigma is devastating....I have not told anyone yet but my best friend, I've been abstaining from all sexual activity.

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Pregnancy :: How Many Weeks Can I Find Gender

I'm 14 Weeks & 2 Days At How Many Weeks Can I Found Out The Baby's Gender?

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Pregnancy :: What Week Did You Find Out The Gender

What week did you find out the gender of the baby?

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Pregnancy :: When Do You Find Out The Gender Of Your Baby?

I'm a first time mom and am currently at 11 almost 12 weeks now but was wondering when do you find out the gender of your baby?

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Alcohol Consumption :: Find Myself Way OUT Of Control

i have had an alcohol problem for years. I've had a gp controlled year and a half being able to " keep control"  Now I find myself way OUT of control.  Has anyone got any advice on how to deal with this ?

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Genetic Test To Find Antidepressant For Me?

I have been taking antidepressant for almost an year. I changed few brands, nothing was helpful for me.

Recently I learned that there is a genetic test for antidepressant. I wonder if I can order it by Internet. I live outside of US and here there is no chance to find one.

Do you know if it's possible to order genetic test kid by Internet?

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Pregnancy :: At What Week Did You Guys Find Out Gender

At what week did you guys find out the sex of your baby?

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Hair Loss :: Where To Find Nioxin Vitamins?

I'm having allot of hair loss in the bang area of my head. I have redness all around my hairline. It is very flaky & what looks to be dandruff is all in my head. I couldn't sleep last night for scratching my head. A dermatologist told me I have psoriasis.

Does anyone go through this or have any idea what will help. The Nioxin vitamins for hair got my hair back, but I cannot find it anywhere. The last bottle I bought was in the beauty shop in Walmart, but they don't know what has happened to it.

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