Adrenal Insufficiency :: Skin Feels Constantly Like It Is On Fire?

Sep 1, 2015

I have been fealing very hot the past 4-5 months, occasional headaches, sweating, heart palpitations. My skin feels constantly like it is on fire. I got my cortisol tested via saliva testing, all seem to drop on the normal range, but the morning level seems pretty low? Isn't it supposed to be the highest during the morning? Heres the results:

7-8AM: 1,87 nmo/l (1,38-15,7)
12-13PM: 8,55 nmo/l (0,55-9,94)
16-17PM: 4,1 nmo/l (0,55-6,62)
22-23PM : 1,18 nmo/l (0,55-3,59)

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Adrenal Insufficiency :: Cortisol Level 1.2 At 8:00 AM - Low?

I just got my blood drawn at 8 am for my cortisol levels were at 1.2 is this low?

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Adrenal Insufficiency :: Low Cortisol Of 1.1 - Hashimoto's?

I just had a AM cortisol lab of 1.1. Over the last 6 months I have been told I have Hashimotos.

What does this mean?

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Adrenal Insufficiency :: Cortisol Low After Doing Dexamethasone Test

My Cortisol level after doing dexamethasone test is below normal at 1.2

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Adrenal Insufficiency :: Is A 0.6 Cortisol Level Dangerous?

Is a 0.6 cortisol level dangerous?

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Adrenal Insufficiency :: How High Cortisol Levels Can Go?

How high do very high cortisol numbers go?

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Adrenal Insufficiency :: Cold Chills And Horrible Sweating

Having cold chills, then horrible sweating. This goes on all day for me. I could not stay in grocery store to the cold, but by the time I arrived home, I was covered with sweat. The sweat is like you just came out of the shower.I have increased my fluids and am drinking diet decaf ice tea. This is especially when I am on the first dose 20 mg hydrocortisone. But it happens all day, and at night, I wake up sweating. Then, I get cold.

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Adrenal Insufficiency :: ACTH Test Bad Side Effects

I had an acth stim test about two weeks ago. I have been having a lot of health problems but they had calmed down some on the day of the test and the day before.  After the test, everything went to heck, ( body feeling "jerky", involuntary body movements-primarily at night,  muscle weakness at times- even causing me to limp around during the day, and lean on the wall one night due to weakness and fatigue, head ache like crazy-especially behind eyes/back of head, problems thinking, among other things). I had those problems before the test but was feeling ok for that 1.5 days then bam.   I am wondering what bad effects people have had.  Also wondering what all is affected from the stim test (what other parts besides adrenal/cortisol could it have aggravated.  I haven't gotten results but don't think they did the test right anyway.  I would be afraid to get it again cause how it affected me :(.

ps   They recently found a pituitary cyst on my posterior pituitary gland (they said its fine).  

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Adrenal Insufficiency :: Interpret ACTH STIM Test Results

I am 38 Year Old male, Have been an athlete and or worked out since the age of 12 (super active). For the last 10 years or so I have been super fatigued/tired, don't recover well from exercise, terrible reactive hypoglycemia, muscle twitches, tan year round (i used to be white/pail as could be, now I carry at tan year round) short temper, sleep like crap. I can't seem to handle heat or a ton of direct sun. I will get sick for a day or 2 nauseous/fatigued/headache (it is not water usually i will drink 2 liters of water while out hiking for the afternoon.

I have taken 3 different Saliva cortisol test and all 3 looked the same, cortisol was in the tank upon waking and slowing rose throughout the day. The complete opposite of what it should look like. I finally talked my doctor into doing an ACTH Stim test. I have only got back the Cortisol results at this point, But they are very interesting??

From all that I have read on intercepting ACTH results your baseline Cortisol should double at 60 minutes. According to this test is should be >18 at 60 minutes I only rose 8!!! Please see results below.

Baseline Draw- 19.7, Standard > 5

30 Minute Draw- 26.4, Standard >7 Above Baseline Result, JUST UNDER BY .3

60 Minute Draw- 27.7, Standard >18 Above Baseline Result, 10 UNDER THE BARE MINIMUM IT SHOULD HAVE RISEN!!!

I am a little confused on how to interpret these results?? Like I said I should have the rest of the numbers in a few days.

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Adrenal Insufficiency :: Side Effects Of Long Term Omeprazole 20mg / Vitamin D And Calcium?

Are there any side effect of taking vitamins(e.g. vitamin D+calcium) for long time as 3 months or more.

Does "Omeprazole 20mg" cause any harmful effect in long term use ?

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Ramipril :: Hives / Rash - Skin On Fire

I've just switched from 2.5 to 5mg Ramipril, when I suddenly had an allergic reaction.

Very swollen feet, ankles, wrists and hands.

Now the following day I'm covered in welts, hives and a rash.

My doctor has put me on a course of steroids and antihistamines, but my skin feels like it's still on fire!

Have been taking Andopoline for about 5 weeks, and was then prescribed Ramipril 2.5 two weeks ago, then up to 5mg last week.

Took the first 5mg on Thursday, and started getting the symptoms first thing Friday morning

Has anyone else suffered from this, and how long does it last?

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Adrenal Insufficiency :: Low Morning Cortisol, High Afternoon Cortisol

First off, I am a 30 year old female, and I've had an array of crazy symptoms for years and have gone undiagnosed (well, misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome).  I've also been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, PCOS, Endometriosis, and autonomic dysfunction.  My symptoms range from debilitating fatigue, hormonal symptoms, dizziness and fainting, and inability to keep a pregnancy.  Over the years, I have had consistently low levels of cortisol, but now things are changing.  My 8:00 am cortisol level is 2.1, and my 1:00pm is 21.  It went from low to high in my results.  They were suspecting secondary adrenal insufficiency before due to the consistently low levels, but with that new afternoon level, I am really confused.  Also, I have extreme fatigue in the early morning (have to drag myself out of bed) but I get a giant boost of energy at night and have trouble getting to sleep.  My NP thought the cortisol levels could explain that, and she gave me a prescription for Cortef in the morning and sent me to the Vitamin store to pick up Phosphorylated Serine and Adrenal Adaptogens to control the nighttime level.  She didn't address why this could be happening, and I was worried about taking the Cortef with those high afternoon levels, so I recently switched to an endocrinologist who repeated the afternoon test.  I've just looked at the results online and it is high again.  I'm so confused.  

These are the exact results shown on my endo's site:  
MAY 19: 3p ACTH   19 NL; CORTISOL 21.1  ; 21 HYX AB NEG; RENIN 3.48 NL; ALDO 12 NL; NA 139 NL; DHEA-S 153 NL

I will say, I do have INTENSE dehydration and sodium loss that has caused me to become a neurological patient as well, and I down 2-3 32 oz Powerades a day and consume probably 10-15 times the normal sodium consumption levels as my neurologists have suggested in order to keep my from getting dizzy and passing out all the time, so that may explain why my sodium level looks fine.  But that cortisol... how could it start the morning off low and end up high later in the day?  Does anyone else have any experience with this?

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Anxiety :: Physical Symptoms - Burning, On-fire Skin And Restless Legs

Can anyone recommend a drug that is really effective for the physical symptoms of anxiety? In a way I can cope with the mental aspects but I am plagued by creeping, burning, on-fire skin and restless legs, it's like being plugged into an electrical socket all the time. Unless I'm actually physically active (and I can't be all day, it's exhausting) this sensation drives me crazy... the only relief is self-harm which I really try not to do. Any tried-and-tested remedy out there?

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Arthritis :: Mild Arthritis - Skin Feels Sore

After MRI my diagnosis was "Lots of mileage left, another 10 years, at least!" (I am 75)! Good to hear but still have to be careful going DOWN stairs! Not too bad going up! Some pain now and again. BUT I sometimes get a strange feeling on upper left thigh, (the worst knee), as if it is wet but when I touch the skin it is totally dry! Happens after I have been standing for a couple of hours.Also, sometimes the skin feels sore, but there is no evidence to show. Has anyone had similar feelings?.

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Citalopram :: 2 Days Of Taking - Felt My Head On Fire

I was recently put on this medication for PPD and anxiety, I was hesitant from the beginning. Last night after 2 hours of taking my 10 mg dosage I felt so out of it and felt like I was dreaming, shortly after I felt my head on fire. Soon it moved to the rest of my body. I was so scared, fiancé decided to take me to the hospital because he saw how I was. He also noticed my eyes were extremely dilated. The doctor that seen me just pretty much said stop taking it and call your dr first thing but it's the weekend so I'm out of luck. Right now I'm still feeling out of it, sweaty palms, anxious. Not really wanting to leave the couch. I feel worse now then when I started this medication. I regret taking this drug, it completely scared me to take any sort of antidepressant.

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Pregnancy :: Stomach Is Moving Up And Down Constantly

36 weeks along ftm... my stomach is moving up and down constantly... like if the baby is inhaling and exhaling very fast... could it be her hiccuping or her heartbeat ? I'm confused that's all

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Menopause :: Frequent Urination - Need To Urinate Constantly

I am 41 and for the past year I have been having a feeling like I need to urinate constantly, even after I just went. There is no infection, I have been checked/cultured on many occasions. Is this hormonal? Does anyone else experience this? Can anything be done? I feel like it is driving me mad. My only other symptom is more frequent yeast infections, which had never been a problem until this past year.

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Constantly Lightheaded - Is This Heart, Anxiety, Or Vertigo?

I am 24 and female. Lately, I have been getting lightheaded when I get out of bed in the morning, or lay down. Occasionally, if I am lying in bed reading or watching TV I will feel disoriented or lightheaded, near greying-out. I put my hand above my head, like putting my hair up in a bun, I feel dizzy. A few times, my friends or It's Always Sunny make me laugh really hard, I feel lightheaded. It is winter in New England and when I go indoors from walking outside, I feel like I could fall over. This also sometimes occurs in the bath or shower. If I am laying down and I adjust my neck, sometimes I get what feels like a headrush. I have minor jaw pain, that comes and goes, and is probably unrelated. I am overweight (I have always struggled to lose weight), but I am in good shape. I ran a half-marathon a few months ago. This isn't constant, I would say this happens about 60-70% of the time. I feel better when I push fluids, but it is markedly worse when I am menstruating. It's not debilitating, but it is worrisome.

I went to see a nurse practitioner and she ran a few blood tests - iron, metabolic, and thyroid - they all came back normal. She also listened to my heart, and told me that sounded normal. My blood pressure is typically in the 103/61-64 range. The NP wants me to see an ENT, but I do not think it is vertigo.

(I have always had strange bouts of medical mysteries that have all be chopped up to anxiety. As a child, from about nine to ten, my earlobes, throat, and feet would swell for seemingly no reason. At seventeen, my left pupil would hyper-dilated. Never figured out why any of that was happening. Last summer, I was admitted to the ER for having chest and left arm pain. That was determined to be muscle spasms.)

Does this sound like anxiety, or something else? I'm sure it is nothing, but my mother is a nurse and she is decidedly concerned. Thanks for any help.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Constantly Thirsty?

I was wondering if anyone else diagnosed with ME is constantly thirsty? I've had all the blood tests (and have been diagnosed with ME), so diabetes is omitted. It seems to be worse on an evening and I'm always topping up my fluids with water and herbal teas-so plenty hydrated! It's not my worse symptom, but just wondering if it was common?

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Sertraline :: Constantly Thirsty - No Matter How Much I Drink

I've noticed in the last few weeks that I am constantly thirsty no matter how much i drink. I always have a drink with me usually water but i just cannot seem to get rid of my thirst.

Someone told me that certain antidepressants can cause you to have a dry mouth and i just wondered if this is true about sertraline and what can be done about it (other than changing meds).

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Ulcerative Colitis :: Constantly Feel Tired

Just wondering if anyone else feels the same with this tiredness. Sometimes I will be fine then all of a sudden my eyes will want to close for around 5 mins then I will be fine. I'm always yawning and fall asleep a lot more if I simply lie down or watch TV. I haven't changed the times in which I go to bed recently so I'm not losing sleep, I've tried going to bed earlier but it makes no difference. It's making getting up for work really difficult.

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