Alcohol :: Can I Drink With Vulvar Vestibulitis And Treatment Meds?

May 16, 2015

I was diagnosed with vulvar vestibulitis, a condition where the nerves in my vulval area are hypersensitive and cause swelling and itching upon the slightest disturbance (i.e. tight clothing, vibration from car rides, etc.). This was about 8 months ago, and my OBGYN prescribed me amitriptyline (25 mg)/ night and lexapro (10 mg)/day to calm these nerves over time. Can I have a drink or 2 with this condition? I really want to but am afraid that it will make my vestibulitis worse. Anyone else out there with vestibulitis who is facing or has faced this problem?

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Substance Abuse :: Still Depressed AFTER Quitting Drugs/drink/meds

I finally quit abusing various substances 7 weeks ago. My addiction started with alcohol, went onto street drugs and then ended 7 weeks ago with prescription drug abuse. I saw an addiction specialist before i got clean and she told me i had 'polysubstance' addiction and wanted £40k from me to get clean so i decided to do it myself and i finally detoxed  7 weeks ago.  I have to say i don't miss the drugs and i have absolutely no desire to return to any kind of substance but i'm really struggling on a daily basis right now. I'm so depressed, lacking in motivation, low on energy, suffering memory loss, bored.... the list goes on. Every negative emotion you can think of i am experiencing it everyday. SURELY this can't be right?? I mean its been 7 bloody weeks and i'm still a scruff-bag. I can't apply myself to do anything meaningful other than a bit of light daily exercise and showering. Those 2 small things take me forever to do because i just put them off as long as possible. I feel like i'm not getting better. I really really hope someone reads this and has experienced something similar and can tell me i'm going to eventually feel happy again?!? The thought of my life continuing on like this just ***** and i have no idea what to do. I thought about maybe i need to be put on some anti depressants but due to my medication abuse in the past i'm very dubious. I just want to know what's wrong with me and why i cant get better. why am i a nervous wreck and unrecognisable even 7 weeks on. :o(

Has anyone any clue or ideas about how long this torture is going to last? Its actually worse than the initially detox because its not improving. I'm stuck in a living hell. This discussion is related to Depression after quitting heroin and crack.

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Heart Disease :: Treatment Options Stent With Meds Or CABG?

70 year old male in good shape been exercising 6 days a week cardio and weights for the past 5 years or so.Last couple of weeks or started to feel discomfort in my neck and jaw while exercising, it would go away when I stopped. Went to to non interventional cardiologist who ordered up an angiogram which I had 4 days ago. Results were Right artery 99%  blocked, LAD 70 % and two other arteries on the left also 70% blocked. Interventional Cardiologist recommended CABG surgery because of multiple artery involvement and that the left arteries were not good candidates for stenting due to the position of the blockage.

My non interventional cardio after conferring with the interventional cardio said that I had options other than CABG. Both doctors agreed that my angina was most likely coming from the 99% right block.

Option is stenting the 99% blocked right and the OMT for the rest. A surgeon was also called in for consultation and neither he  or the two other Cardios would predict outcomes or give an opinion as to which course of treatment I should follow. Regardless something had to be done sooner rather than later for the  right artery. I sent the pics to  another interventional Cardio  who validated the position of my non interventional cardio that I do have choices other than CABG and that the which ever decision I would make I would probably have a good outcome. So next week I'm going to have the right artery stented and then medically treat the rest of my disease and see where it goes from there.

I also plan to make major changes in my diet to hopefully control the progression of the disease or even possible improve my condition

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Alcohol :: What's Best To Drink With Orlistat ?

I don't drink a lot but got a few family do's coming up what alcoholic drink is best to drink while on orlistat?  

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Alcohol :: Anyone Drink With Pregabalin?

anyone drink with pregabalin? 

is it safe? any side effects?


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Orlistat :: Can I Drink Alcohol

I'm 6 days into it and feeling great .i missed my wine over the weekend will it slow my weight loss by having it.

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Orlistat :: Alcohol - A Drink Or 2 Over The Weekend With Munchies?

I'm thinking of having a drink or 2 over the weekend & I tend to get the munchies when drinking so instead of the usual crisps, sandwiches the usual things you tended to go for has anyone any suggestions for what I can munch on instead?

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Dermatology :: Is Acne Rosacea Itchy? Can I Drink Alcohol?

I have dry skin and blackheads. But, recently my skin is drier than normal. Some itchy spots come, but some gone while some still here. Can it be rosacea? Or just my hormones change after delivery? Cos now my period is not back yet. Now m having blepharitis. Can I drink alcohol? M so weak now and easy caughting a cool.

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Atrial Fibrillation / Flutter :: Can I Still Drink Alcohol? Lifestyle?

After experiencing some palpitations and breathlessness over the past week or so I went to see my GP. I had an ECG, was sent to A&E, admitted to hospital for further tests and diagnosed with AF. My heart rate was not particular fast.

I'm still in AF and have been given Bisoprolol to control my heart rate. I've had problems with palpitations and chest achiness for the past 2 years and have had numerous ECGs which have always been normal so this is a bit of a shock. I'm a bit confused as to what happens now really. I have got an apt with a consultant coming up, but does this mean my life style will have to change? How can I get back to normal heart rhythm? Can I still drink alcohol?  I don’t drink a lot but enjoy a couple of glasses at the weekends and have some birthday parties coming up. Also, what about exercise? A month ago I was training for a charity cycle ride and was riding 20-25 miles a time. Where does this leave me?  Since taking the Bisoprolol I have been getting headaches – will they subside in time?

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Food Allergies :: When Drink Alcohol Or Coffee Throats Starts To Have Mucus

when i drink alcohol or coffee my throats starts to have mucus frequently

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How To Apply Anaesthetic Gel Before Vulvar Biopsy?

I have some gel to apply 30 mins before the procedure but you are supposed to cover the area (once the gel has been applied) with a plastic dressing. I don't have such a thing and it will move around anyway .... Would be great to hear from anyone who has any tips! I thought of putting cling film around a normal dressing and holding it there with my pants on?

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Vulval Issues :: Vulvar Biopsy - Leave A Scar?

Has anyone here had a vulva biopsy ?

If so, how was the healing process? and did it leave a scar?

I got one last week, its a hole, Gyn didnt put stitches since stitches make you itchy ( and thats the main reason why i got the biopsy done due to Itching)


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Postmenopausal :: 56 Years - Vulvar Skin, Burning, Tightness

I am postmenopausal, 56 years old and had a hysterectomy at 42.  In the past 12 months I have had all sorts of problems with Vulvar skin, burning, tightness you name it and I am terribly uncomfortable.  I often feel like something is stuck.  I have been to a Gym and don't have any sign of prolapse etc. but do have signs of "old Lichen Sclerosus" but I don't have typical white  patches, itch but he absorption of labia minora. I am using some Ovestin now but perhaps not enough?  

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Vulvar Cancer? Labia Lump And Painful Lymph Nodes

I'm 15 and right now I'm cry my eyes out. For about a year, I've had a hardish, moveable, painless lump under my left labia majora. I am not sexually active and suffer with anxiety so I'm freaking out in case I have vulvar cancer. I have no symptoms, nothing is out of the usual, I'm just really scared. Also there seems to be some kind of painful lymph node on the top of my inner thigh, near my vagina, which swells up when I'm sick, it's quite painful but goes down and only seems to come when I have an infection.

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Lichen Planus :: Vulvar - Affected My Breasts And Small Patches On My Torso

I have just been diagnosed with LP vulvar, it has also affected my breasts and small patches on my torso. I've had it for a long time and just didn't know what it was, with flare ups that come and go- everywhere but the vulva, which has been rather constant and suddenly got worse about a month ago. Been in agony with the vulvar part for the past week because taking antibiotics for an ear infection meant severe thrush also got thrown into the mix.

The doctor said it was unusual for someone of my age to suffer from lichen planus (I'm 26), so I have to go to a dermatologist for their review. I'm also an IBS sufferer, I noticed on a lot of other posts that many people that mentioned LP/LS also have IBS.

I've been given Trimovate but, so far, the only thing that stops the itching long enough for me to get to sleep is Vagisil, which I'm worried will cause problems long-term even though it brings temporary relief.

I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow and don't know when/whether I'll get my sex life back with my amazing boyfriend. Feeling really rubbish

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Hepatitis C: Post Treatment :: Sofosbuvir+Daclatasvir Treatment Relapse

I'm looking for advice. My 60 year old father (who has had HCV for more than 10 years; previously treated with Interferon but bad side effects) finished his 12 week Sofosbuvir+Daclatasvir (considered same as Harvoni) treatment a month ago. Already first tests after 2 weeks showed virus was Undetected, but yesterday he received his most recent results and he has a relapse of the virus. He is genotype 1, fibroscan result 4 (close to final stage). He is based in Poland and I'm not sure if our doctors are fully informed of the new generation medications and HCV itself.

Is anyone able to give us any advice? We are pretty desperate and my dad is just so depressed as he thought he finally got rid of the virus (he got infected while on an operation in a public hospital) and now it is back...

Are there any specialists that you are aware of I could possibly get in contact with?

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Molluscum Contagiosum Treatment :: Acid Treatment - Cryotherapy

A few weeks ago my bf noticed some bumps in his pubic area.  He went to the dermatologist and was diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum, which is thankfully not that big of a deal!  He got his treated with cryotherapy.  Around this time I noticed a few bumps and because of the area they were in, went to an OBGYN for treatment so my bf and I don't keep spreading it to each other.  The OB GYN agreed that they were also MC bumps and lightly scraped each one, then applied an acid treatment.  That was a few days ago and while the bumps are mostly gone, the skin surrounding each one is dark and almost looks like a scab in color.  Is this normal post acid treatment? 

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Hepatitis C Post Treatment :: Relapse After Harvoni Treatment?

Does anyone here relapse after harvoni treatment?

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Fighting Against Anxiety Without Meds?

My question is that is there anyone out there that is fighting or cured anxiety without meds?

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ADHD / ADD :: Genetic Testing For Meds?

I have a 10 year old son who is diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety, SPD/IPD and rule out of Asperger's/PDD in 2013. Currently, we have him on Methylphenidate ER 30mg per day, but lately we have been noticing issues. Mind you, the school hasn't been very helpful this year with information on how he is doing so I can only go by the vague messages received... the first 6 months, they say he was great! Though I have documents to prove otherwise - lately though, the teacher keeps saying he lacks focus, needs to pay attention and all that jazz. (I say it so flippantly because this teacher has been a pain to work with.

I spoke with the doctor and she wants us to come in next week to discuss his meds, but we have had issues with additives in the past and it's not a route I want to go... to sit and wait. His diet is modified already, we also work with a behavioral therapist and a chiropractic neurologist and he takes Taekwondo.

With all this, I'm wondering if anyone has tried the genetic testing (IE: HarmonyX or Genesight) to see what meds would work best with his specific genetic makeup?

I read all these stories of parents having all these issues and suddenly their kids are on Vyvanse or something else and it's a miracle.  I wouldn't mind that... him being able to function better at school (academically and socially) ... he gets bullied (though he can start it up too) - I just wonder, what next?

Here is his medication history:

August 2011 – Vyvanse ??mg (very small amount)
September 2011 – Vyvanse 30mg (adjusted to 30 mg)
May 2012 – Trial samples of Intuniv w/ Vyvanse for two weeks. After two weeks he was out of         school and parents decided not to continue the Intuniv.

September 2013 – Intuniv 2mg w/ Vyvanse
September 2013 – Concerta 36mg (removed from Vyvanse and Intuniv because he became over-emotional and violent/aggressive)

December 2013 -  Concerta 54mg (Dr. Snyder prescribed)

March 2014 – Methylphenidate 10mg (3 times a day) (March 7th thru March 14th)
Methylphenidate 15mg (3 times a day) (started March 15th)
April 2014 – Methylphenidate 20mg (3 times a day) (started April 14th)
May 2015 – Adderall (adderall) 10mg (3 times a day) (started May 14th)
June 2015 – Adderall (adderall) 15mg (3 times a day) (started June 3rd)
August 2015 – Guanfacine 1/2mg (3 times a day) (started August 21st)

September 2015 – Methylphenidate ER 30mg (once a day) (started September 6th)

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Gabapentin :: Stopping The Meds Can Cause Seizures?

Went to see new neurosurgeon on Monday and she has prescribed Gabapentin to add to the mix of my daily cocktail of drugs. Having looked it up though, it seems to have some pretty worrying side effects. For me, as I work full time, I am concerned about being drowsy, sleepy and generally spaced out at work. Apparently it is all magnified if you are also on opiate based painkillers too. I am also concerned that I may pile on the weight!

Can I ask what adverse reactions others have had to this? Also it says on the box that stopping the meds can cause seizures, but is this only in people that have epilepsy (the main reason the drug is prescribed) or can it cause that in people that have never had a history of epilepsy?

By the way, my meds had not changed since May 2007. Nobody has had the slightest interest in monitoring me, either in terms of if they are still suitable, dosage levels, if I am now addicted, if they are working well or even if they are harming my body. Some of the boxes state that you should have regular blood tests but I have never been offered any. Considering I have had two lumbar operations since last May and numerous problems since, it seems quite odd that this has been allowed to go on for so long with not one of the numerous doctors/surgeons giving a damn. I just order the meds from my GP surgery online and then pick up the prescription. That gives a review date, usually 6 monthly intervals, but nobody actually reviews me, they just put a new review date down on the records.

Apart from back pain my main problem these days is the burning/numbness the whole length of my leg and my locked up toes. Apparently the Gabapentin will help with this. But the worse of the problem is at night, hence the fact that I can function reasonably well during the day. But now if these new tablets are going to knock me out and render me incapable during the day, then I'm tempted just not to bother.

All in all the meeting with the new neurosurgeon went quite well. I will be having another MRI shortly (my 6th in 16 months) and hopefully I'll know more then about what is going to happen going forward. The bad news is that she thinks that a lot of the problems are from the internal scarring from the two operations and nothing can be done about that. Hey, ho, I guess I'll find out in time.

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