Postmenopausal :: 56 Years - Vulvar Skin, Burning, Tightness

Nov 4, 2015

I am postmenopausal, 56 years old and had a hysterectomy at 42.  In the past 12 months I have had all sorts of problems with Vulvar skin, burning, tightness you name it and I am terribly uncomfortable.  I often feel like something is stuck.  I have been to a Gym and don't have any sign of prolapse etc. but do have signs of "old Lichen Sclerosus" but I don't have typical white  patches, itch but he absorption of labia minora. I am using some Ovestin now but perhaps not enough?  

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Atrophic Vaginitis :: Postmenopausal Burning And Itching In Vagina

Burning vagina constantly like sensitive burning bit itchy in vagina. No thrush no infection. One test bit blood under microscope. Pressure to pee and good flow each time. Doc referred to specialist. Very worried. Postmenopause. 

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Burning At Tip Of Penis - Skin Is Irritated

The top of my Penis is slightly red and burns as if the skin is irritated. Sometimes this will go away but for the last three months it has returned. I have been tested for UTI, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. I had Urine tests and all came back negative. My Doctor said that my Prostate was congested from lack of sex. The problem is I am worried about having sex for fear of passing this on. my first question is about the accuracy of the urine tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea. I was tested a second time in the Urologists office but I think that was just for a general infection.

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Burning Skin All Over My Body - Horizant (Gabapentin)?

I have had burning skin, in several places, all over my body. It feels like I've been badly burned. it gets worse as the day progresses. I have tried topical treatments, but the pain is on the inside, therefore topicals have no effect.  I have been to specialists, had several blood tests, now my doctor is starting to experiment on me with the popular drugs for fibromyalgia. Gabapentin, Lyrica, etc. I am taking Horizant (which is Gabapentin), and I am going to give it a few weeks to see if it helps. At this point, I would do anything to get relief. Does anyone know of other treatments for my affliction?

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AVOID Trimethoprim - Causing Nausea, Burning Skin, Sleeplessness

My wife ( in her 60's) went to the NHS GP with cystitis and after a urine test, was prescribed Trimethoprim. Less than twenty four hours later she started to experience abdominal and back pain. She persisted with the Trimethoprim but the pain intensified.She said she had never felt so ill in her life and her skin was fiercely hot.We called NHS Direct and they questioned whether my wife had been to the gym, advised to drink plenty of water and to drink a particular fruit juice. She drank the juice and was almost immediately sick. Then, to help matters,the battery failed on my newly purchased thermometer.Later on Sunday night she felt really bad, couldn't sleep, couldn't drink , her body felt it was on fire and felt sick all the time. We then read the Trimethoprim leaflet that said these tablets should not be taken if there is a kidney complaint.I was on the verge of taking her diet to A&E at three o'clock in the morning.

First thing on Monday morning I got her to the surgery again and in spite of telling he receptionist how urgent the situation had become, we had to wait one and a half hours before having a consultation with ( another) doctor. By now the full urine analysis indicated a kidney disease against which Trimethoprim was ineffective and was given an alternative antibiotic - which (five days later) has now cleared the signs of the kidney problem. She has been ill for about two weeks, lost half a stone and can only eat small quantities of food - but at least she is eating again in small quantities.

After all this, I suggest the kidney infection developed very rapidly shortly after the first consultation and :cry: Trimethoprim failed to tackle that problem. Now the side effects of the Trimethoprim have only just subsided we realise that the constant nausea, burning skin, sleeplessness,

body aches were due to the Trimethoprim. Coupled with the kidney pain, it explains why she has never felt so ill in her life. We would never entertain taking Trimethoprim ever again.

Should you suffer the symptoms of cystitis, I would recommend the full nature and extent of the problem is diagnosed without a four day delay,

the correct antibiotic is taken, don't take the advice of NHS direct without a second opinion and avoid Trimethoprim.

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Anxiety :: Physical Symptoms - Burning, On-fire Skin And Restless Legs

Can anyone recommend a drug that is really effective for the physical symptoms of anxiety? In a way I can cope with the mental aspects but I am plagued by creeping, burning, on-fire skin and restless legs, it's like being plugged into an electrical socket all the time. Unless I'm actually physically active (and I can't be all day, it's exhausting) this sensation drives me crazy... the only relief is self-harm which I really try not to do. Any tried-and-tested remedy out there?

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Postmenopausal Bleeding And Cortisone Injection And

I am having the same issues after a cortisone injection in my shoulder.

My gyno history before menopause, which finally occurred at 57, was a mess due to endometrial hyperplasia and recurrent ovarian cysts (which were benign). I was on progesterone for years and/or birth control pills to avoid a hysterectomy.  I've been doing great so far except for a recent pap which came back abnormal.

Now after getting a cortisone injection last month, and almost 2 years into menopause, I recently started to have bleeding and pain in my left flank and ovary. It has lasted now for 5 days and seems to be getting worse. Im wondering if the cortisone has triggered more problems?

Going to see my gyno specialist ASAP to hopefully determine what is going on.
I am furious to read how many of us were never informed about ANY side effects of the shot. How can this happen? Why didn't my ortho doc (who was a woman of my age!!) not warn me?? According to these posts, many doctors don't even see a relationship, despite patients complaints!!
Many thanks to those who actually posted a follow up on the outcome of their tests. Some were very thankful because their issues were serious and actually had polyps or cancer. 

I'm considering creating a blog for this topic in order to help others who are unaware and who should follow up on bleeding issues even though it could be just the cortisone which triggered bleeding.

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Running Up A Hill :: 18 Years Old - Burning Sensation And Trouble Breathing

I am an 18 year old female who has had some heart problems in the past 5 years but they're on the mend. Last night i was running up a hill for what was a maximum of 30 seconds when suddenly i go this burning sensation right across my chest and into my throat i found it very difficult to breathe and was continuously coughing and had this coppery sticky taste in my throat. I started to panic thinking is was something to do with my heart and my legs went weak, i couldn't see properly and had a headache. I eventually got home and my symptoms didn't go for another hour and a half. I put my head in between my knees and gulped down freezing cold water as suggested by my asthmatic sister which helped dull some of the symptoms. Today i feel very weak and tired and haven't had much of an appetite which is very unusual for me . I'm unsure whether it is asthma or not because im not sure whether attacks usually last that long.

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Skin :: 13 Years Old - Forehead Wrinkles

I m 13 years old ... But I have so many deep wrinkles on my forehead what should I do?

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Skin :: Horribly Smelly Arm Pits For Several Years Now

I've been battling horribly smelly arm pits for several years now. I've tried every type of deodorant and antiperspirant I can think of, even prescribed by a doctor. My armpits smell even after scrubbing them in the shower. I can also squeeze the pores in my arm pits and either oil or white stuff come out. Both smell absolutely horrible. It's gotten so bad that I avoid some public situations and even avoid hugging and keep my distance from people for fear they will smell me. I know it's bacteria causing the smell but how can I get rid of it? Could this be a sign of something more serious going on with me?

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Skin :: Had Stretch Marks For Years, What Causes Striae?

For some years I've had stretch marks on inner thighs and posterior. I don't do any active exerсises. My weight is 50 kg. What causes striae?

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Postmenopausal :: Anemia - Extreme Fatigue, Shortness Of Breath, Chest Pain

I am 56 postmenopausal woman, having these symptoms: extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, left side headaches, tingling on left side of face, nausea, hair loss, intense all over pain, bad memory and concentration. The gp did blood work and my iron was 56, the transferring was 307, saturation was at 13%, ferritin was 16. She wasn't concerned until I pushed the issue of feeling so bad and she added 325 of iron tablets everyday. Been taking this 3 weeks now and feel worse. Gp says probably my fibromyalgia and wants me to see a neurologist. I'm at my wits end, I cannot function anymore from the exhaustion, pain and headaches. Any info would greatly be appreciated. Thanks, Pam

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How To Apply Anaesthetic Gel Before Vulvar Biopsy?

I have some gel to apply 30 mins before the procedure but you are supposed to cover the area (once the gel has been applied) with a plastic dressing. I don't have such a thing and it will move around anyway .... Would be great to hear from anyone who has any tips! I thought of putting cling film around a normal dressing and holding it there with my pants on?

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8 Years Son - Addison's - Skin Pigmentation, Black Freckles And Tired

My son ryan aged 8 has been diagnosed with addison's, this has only been 2 weeks, tell tale signs are skin pigmentation and black freckles, he was poorly but has picked up but reluctant to be very energetic and seems to be tired easily, as this is early stages not sure if this is normal maybe someone can advise, he won't walk so its car or taxis to everywhere, he also has heart murmur, we are still awaiting test results to see why glands stopped working,

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Alcohol :: Can I Drink With Vulvar Vestibulitis And Treatment Meds?

I was diagnosed with vulvar vestibulitis, a condition where the nerves in my vulval area are hypersensitive and cause swelling and itching upon the slightest disturbance (i.e. tight clothing, vibration from car rides, etc.). This was about 8 months ago, and my OBGYN prescribed me amitriptyline (25 mg)/ night and lexapro (10 mg)/day to calm these nerves over time. Can I have a drink or 2 with this condition? I really want to but am afraid that it will make my vestibulitis worse. Anyone else out there with vestibulitis who is facing or has faced this problem?

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Vulval Issues :: Vulvar Biopsy - Leave A Scar?

Has anyone here had a vulva biopsy ?

If so, how was the healing process? and did it leave a scar?

I got one last week, its a hole, Gyn didnt put stitches since stitches make you itchy ( and thats the main reason why i got the biopsy done due to Itching)


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Vulvar Cancer? Labia Lump And Painful Lymph Nodes

I'm 15 and right now I'm cry my eyes out. For about a year, I've had a hardish, moveable, painless lump under my left labia majora. I am not sexually active and suffer with anxiety so I'm freaking out in case I have vulvar cancer. I have no symptoms, nothing is out of the usual, I'm just really scared. Also there seems to be some kind of painful lymph node on the top of my inner thigh, near my vagina, which swells up when I'm sick, it's quite painful but goes down and only seems to come when I have an infection.

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Lichen Planus :: Vulvar - Affected My Breasts And Small Patches On My Torso

I have just been diagnosed with LP vulvar, it has also affected my breasts and small patches on my torso. I've had it for a long time and just didn't know what it was, with flare ups that come and go- everywhere but the vulva, which has been rather constant and suddenly got worse about a month ago. Been in agony with the vulvar part for the past week because taking antibiotics for an ear infection meant severe thrush also got thrown into the mix.

The doctor said it was unusual for someone of my age to suffer from lichen planus (I'm 26), so I have to go to a dermatologist for their review. I'm also an IBS sufferer, I noticed on a lot of other posts that many people that mentioned LP/LS also have IBS.

I've been given Trimovate but, so far, the only thing that stops the itching long enough for me to get to sleep is Vagisil, which I'm worried will cause problems long-term even though it brings temporary relief.

I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow and don't know when/whether I'll get my sex life back with my amazing boyfriend. Feeling really rubbish

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Jaw / Chin :: Dull Burning Ache, Burning, Tingling, And Numbness

for about a week now i have had a dull burning ache in my jaw on both sides, with burning, tingling, and numbness in my chin. it doesn't get worse when i talk, eat, etc., just comes and goes for no apparent reason.

now i also have been suffering chest/arm/shoulder pain the drs "think" is nerve pain, but coupled with this new jaw pain, i am constantly worried i'm having a heart attack, though i know, intellectually, i am most likely not.

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Sciatica? Bum Numbness And Thigh Tightness

I have a numb bum on the right hand side and tightness on my thigh as though it is about to go into spasm only after work on the drive home.

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Calf Muscle Tightness After Running

I've just recently started running. At first it went fine, and I began to gradually increase my endurance and speed, really happy, etc. etc, until recently, I've been struck down by a mysterious malady.

While I run, my calves tighten up, and it becomes nearly impossible to finish the run. It's not plantar fasciitis or achilles tendonitis (no swelling, for one thing), but I can't consult a real doctor because I'm living in Japan and have no insurance and a very limited command of the language.

I did purchase new and good shoes, but no dice. I've consulted numerous of my track-involved friends, who offered various bits of contradictory advice. One person advised about 20 minutes of stretching before and after a run. Another said to not stretch before running, and stretch each calf for 3 sets of 30 seconds each. Those are the two extremes, and most suggestions fall somewhere in the middle. I make a point of doing a couple minutes of stretching (basic calf and thigh stretches), but nothing extensive, and I'm not sure what alterations I should make to my routine. I also took some time off, and just walked for my exercise, but when I started running again the problem returned.

Please help, any assistance would be appreciated. I'm just starting to get into running and just starting to get into shape, and I'm afraid that if this affliction keeps on going I will lose the motivation I've managed to fire up.

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