Jaw / Chin :: Dull Burning Ache, Burning, Tingling, And Numbness

Dec 4, 2013

for about a week now i have had a dull burning ache in my jaw on both sides, with burning, tingling, and numbness in my chin. it doesn't get worse when i talk, eat, etc., just comes and goes for no apparent reason.

now i also have been suffering chest/arm/shoulder pain the drs "think" is nerve pain, but coupled with this new jaw pain, i am constantly worried i'm having a heart attack, though i know, intellectually, i am most likely not.

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Burning, Aching Tingling And Numbness In Both Hands, Wrists And Forearms

Male age 49, started with pain in my right hand 4 years ago. Gradually transferred to left hand and now is what I would describe generally as a combination of burning, aching tingling and numbness in both hands, wrists and forearms. No other issues, aside from that in good health and do lots of regular physical activity.

Lived with the pain which has gradually got worse and probably is something like a 5/10 on the pain scale now.

Recent stressful domestic issues seemed to aggravate the pains so finally decided to see a Spine Doctor (I am a Brit but live in the Philippines where medical care is excellent, especially when they see a foreign face with bulging pockets !)

The Dr did all the usual physical tests and none of them replicated the symptoms and her diagnised me with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands, to which I said "Sorry Sherlock, it ain't CTS).

Ok, he said, go do an MRI, which I just did and have the results (results pasted at the end of this post)

Went back to see the Dr and he said that I need surgery (Fusion of C5 and C6).

So, my quandry now is should I believe him or should I try a different approach.

The first paste below is the original MRI findings and the second paste is a second opinion that I got from an independent on line service.


Second Opinion


There is a moderate sized, posterior disc protrusion/osteophyte complex at C5/C6 causing moderate spinal canal stenosis, moderate compression of the cervical cord and cord edema. The segment of cord edema extends from the level of the C4/C5 disc to C6/C7 disc and affects the left hemicord more than the right hemicord. Significant bilateral foraminal stenosis at C5/C6 with compression of both exiting C6 nerves (right more than left) seen.

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Constant Tooth Ache And Burning Mouth With Anxiety?

Does anyone else suffer from constant tooth ache and burning mouth with anxiety?

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Kidney Stones :: Sore Testicles, Groin, Leg Ache, Burning

Sore testicles, groin, leg ache, burning at times passing of water, middle to low back pain. Sore tip of penis, feeling rough, face flushing. Doctor says I have a kidney stone. Urine sample back showing no blood or white and red cells. I had a quick ultra sound but nothing could be found. Do I have Kidney Stones ?

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Breast :: Tingling And Burning Sensation

From time to time I feel this burning sensation in breasts (both). Feels like tingling and burning sensation, but doesn’t hurt or anything. I am examining my breast regular and can’t seem to find anything. Does tingling mean anything?

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Fibromyalgia :: Burning And Tingling Nonstop For Three Months

For about three months now, I've had a number of concerning symptoms that have had me in and out of my doctors' offices. After a number of tests, I'm told I fit the criteria for fibromyalgia and will be officially diagnosed at my next appointment if my spine MRI is clear. I don't know a lot about fibromyalgia, but I'm not convinced it's the correct diagnosis. I'm hoping if I describe how I'm feeling, I can get some input that would help me either accept this diagnosis or try to find out what's really wrong with me.

I'll start with a little background info. I'm a 25 year old woman, and I have narcolepsy. I'm generally healthy otherwise.

These are the tests/labs I've had in the past month or two:
-Extensive blood work
-MRI of the brain
-MRI of the spine

-Constant leg tingling and pain best described as burning
-Tingling feet
-Tingling in the rest of the body that comes in waves
-Muscle twitching (painless)
-Muscle spasms (painful)
-Chest pain
-Aches/pains (neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs)
-Sensitivity to light and temperature

I've seen some of these symptoms listed in articles I've read about fibromyalgia, but I haven't seen anything about the constant leg pain I'm experiencing. I've had this burning and tingling nonstop for three months. Does anyone else experience this? I feel like I'm losing my mind. I don't think I can handle living the rest of my life with this pain.

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Penis :: Burning/tingling Discomfort Without Infection

my 17 year old son has been complaining of penis discomfort with a burning/tingling sort of pain for several months. he complains of worsening discomfort after he showers. he is not sexually active so there is not a concern for an STD. he has seen the dr. who did not find an infection but blood tests revealed a high acid count. i had read in a forum that lack of calcium could cause problems in this area. it is possible that he does not get enough calcium. he has so much discomfort that he rarely leaves the house. i am really worried and would like to know what could be causing this problem. he is at the point where he believes he will have this problem always.

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Vagina :: Itching, Tingling And Burning After I Got Off My Periods

After I got off my period like a week ago I noticed a small itch well It would tingle itch so I would scratch it, then it got so itchy that I couldn't bare it so I would scratch scratch scratch and now it's so irritated I'm sore on my vagina hole the inside of my lips and my clit itches too...idk wats going on?

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4 Weeks Post-op ALIF-new Pain / Burning / Tingling

I am 4 weeks post op from ALIF at L5-S1. I've had discectomy done twice (2002 and 2012) The last one didn't help any so we did injections and that offered no relief so it was on to the fusion. So far I haven't reached that point where I'm feeling any relief. My surgeon acted like I should have felt relief immediately. I'm still having lower back, butt, and all the way down my leg into my ankle and foot pain (all of this on the LEFT side) I've read and been told it could be quite a while before I get any relief. I was told I would only be in the hospital for 24 hours and was in there for 4 days. I used a walker for the first week and a half or so. I can now move around without it, I'm just very careful. I mostly lay flat in bed with ice. I do get up quite often to walk around the house and have started sitting up in a chair that my Home PT set up for me when he came to visit immediately after surgery. I also do the exercises my PT gave me.

About 4 days ago, I was laying on my side and I reached back to turn my heating pad on. I guess I wasn't thinking and twisted too much. I felt a sharp pain in my back that shot down my leg. Every since then, I have had the worst pain in my back. (I still had the same amount of pain in my back/butt/leg/foot as I did before this surgery 6/10. This new pain has been added to a new place in my back, and when I move it goes up to about a 8/10) I was giving it a few days before I called my surgeon because I don't want to be one of those people who constantly call the dr with small issues that go away after only a few days. This definitely is showing no signs of letting up) The worst part is, they just moved my meds down from hydrocodone 10-325 every 4 hours to Hydrocodone 7.5-325 every 6-8 hours. (Previously to surgery I had been on percocet 10-325/6 hours since June of last year. My surgeon prescribed that for one week after surgery then refilled me with hydrocodone 10-325/4 hours the last 2 weeks. These really didn't do the job, but at least I was somewhat comfortable so I dealt with it.) Now that they changed me down again, I'm getting no relief. Especially with this new pain. Over the weekend I was taking more than I was suppose to and now I'm worried I won't be able to get a refill when I need it. I've been taking pain meds for a little over 2 years now. I look forward to the day I no longer have to rely on them just to be able to get up out of bed in the morning. That day just doesn't seem to be anytime soon. I feel that at the age of 36, I am too young to be in this kind of physical condition.

When I walk, I am bent over to my right side like a little old lady. I can't stand up straight. And each time I take a step with my left leg, it feels like someone is stabbing me in the lower back on my left side. Hopefully I can get some answers tomorrow when I call. I knew this surgery was going to be a long recovery, and I was prepared for that. This new pain really has me worried and I really hope I haven't done something to mess it up. I just don't feel like this pain is something I should be having

Has anyone else injured themselves while recovering from a fusion like this? If so, what was your results? Did it heal on it's own or what? I know everyone is different, it's just good to not feel quite so all alone thru this. No one understands unless they have been thru it. Especially doctors they seem to think that everything goes exactly like the "book" says it should. That's just not always the case.

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STDs :: Tingling / Mild Burning Sensation In My Penis Tip

I slept with a girl 5 days ago and for the last couple of days I've noticed a tingle/ mild burning sensation in my penis tip......I have felt this sensation before sometimes after masturbation but it tends to go after a bit....could this be a STI? Does anyone else experience a similar thing?

I've read a couple of things that say it could be down to the nerves in the penis tip, could that be true?

To be on the safe side I am going to get a STI check up, I am thinking of going the end of next week which would make it about 11 days after my sexual encounter, would this be long enough after the event to show things like chlamydia?

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Pregnancy :: Tingling/numb/burning/pressure Between Boobs And Bump

28 weeks.

Has anyone got a weird tingling/numb/burning/pressure between boobs and bump.

Its so irritating now I can hardly sleep!

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Nutrition :: Fasting - Burning Fat Reserves BEFORE Burning Muscle?

Will the body burn through fat reserves BEFORE burning muscle proteins for energy during an extended fast? I've fasted many times, from a single day up to a month, and remain physically active during the fast.

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STDs :: Tingling On Back And Burning Sensation On Back And Upper Chest

I had protected oral sex on 3rd April and protected oral and vaginal sex with a prostitute in bali on 7th april.

on 12th and 14th i had rashes with itching but since i take anti allergic medicines they went away, since 15th april, i am having the tingling feeling on middle back portion and till now i am having the tingling feeling on the same portion and it comes and goes away. Since 20th april i have burning feeling sometime on upper back and upper chest and sometime on face.....

did anyone faced these kind of symptoms....

I am scared for HIV as she was very dry during the act and for around a min when she on top my penis was not hard enough but when we changed the position then i saw condom was covering the whole penis and then we continued....

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Anxiety :: Tingling In My Right Side Jaw / Chin / Lip Area

The past 2 months i've been having tingling/creeping sensation in my right side jaw/chin/lip area when I touch that part of my face . I've been doctor's / dentist.( it's only when I touch it or my clothes touches that part of my face ) They haven't got a clue . My dentist done a xray said she can't see anything. Referred me to the hospital . To make me feel better as I've been panicking. I done some research and I have completely scared myself. It says could me a tumor in my skull /lung cancer or mouth. I suffer with health anxiety and has made it so much more .

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Men's Health :: Dull Ache In Right Testicle

2 days ago I noticed that when I walked around, my right scrotum area starting getting a dull aching pain..similar to when you get kicked in the balls. I checked it and there are no lumps etc. My testicle does not seems swollen and when i sit still or lay down i no longer feel that ache. I feel nothing when sleeping. ONLY when i start to walk or stand

The minute i start to move around it slowly comes back. Again it is only in my right testicle area. i played with my testicle and the only way I can kind of cause the pain with my fingers is when i touch the 'tubing' underneath. I just checked again and it seems the only way I can really create the ache on cue is when i touch the connection area underneath the testicles where the tubing connects. Its not a bad pain..again its is more a dull ache or that feeling of getting kicked in the balls. Its not the actual testicle itself that hurts it seems

I will say I did masturbate the night before I started to feel this stuff..don't know if it has anything to do with it. I am 37.

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Right Dull Ache With Bloated Stomach

I have a dull ache on my right side with a very bloated stomach. Anyone any idea what it could be.

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Dull Ache In Both Kidneys For A Month

I had a UTI about a month ago and took antibiotics and was told to UTI was gone. I now have a dull ache in the kidney area (both sides) for the past month. Any ideas what this could be? Anyone have a similar situation?

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Dull Ache In Right Breast Rib Area

I know that i should be going to a doctor but for a month now i have been having a dull ache in my rib area. If feels like it's under my breast but just under my right rib. It's hard to pinpoint exactly. It was an on off dull ache but the more it is bothering me the more i feel it.

Sometimes i forget it's there and don't feel it, then i feel it again. I'm getting worried now that it could be something serious but i'm just wondering if anyone had a rough idea or what it might be.

I am overweight but taking steps to lower my weight, i smoke about 3 cigarettes a day, but i do drink a lot of diet coke.

Any ideas? I think i am starting to drive myself a bit crazy because when i type this into google, lung cancer and pancreatic comes up and i'm panicking!

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Men Issues :: Dull Ache In Left Testicle

About two weeks ago I had a dull pain in my knee and I noticed it happened the day after a long walk, then about two days later my left testicle started to have a very dull pain. It's not bad where it stops me from going about my daily life, and I only feel it when I either sit or lay down. It is on and off, and I recently started stretching my inner thigh and pelvic area and recently it has been happening to both testicles. I'm not sure if the testicle pain is actually in pain because when I touch them I don't feel anything or it may be something muscle related because I had the knee issue first. I do feel either the epididymis or vas deferens I'm not sure which it is, but it's right above both testicles, the left one feels thicker than the right, and my left testicle is higher than the right although I'm not sure if it was always like that because only now I notice it. I do not have insurance and before I go see a urologist I would like to have a general idea what I am dealing with.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Dull Ache Behind Breastbone

I've had a dull ache under my breastbone which comes and goes.  I had it before Christmas and when I stopped drinking totally for a month i stopped getting it.  I had some drinks this weekend and i woke up with it again on Monday.  Just wondered if anyone else has experience this dull ache type of feeling? it's not there all the time, as i say it comes and goes.

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Very Dull Ache In Right Calf - No Swelling Or Redness

15, and had a dull ache in right calf for 4 days now, there is no swelling, no redness, it isn't tender to touch. Only symptom is the very dull ache itself. I have also got anxiety which may affect this but i'm not sure. Finally i have had a ache in left calf a few days ago which only lasted 1 hour or so and i haven't had it since, it has swapped legs? Any thoughts on what it could be?

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