Nutrition :: Fasting - Burning Fat Reserves BEFORE Burning Muscle?

Jan 8, 2015

Will the body burn through fat reserves BEFORE burning muscle proteins for energy during an extended fast? I've fasted many times, from a single day up to a month, and remain physically active during the fast.

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ALS :: Muscle Weakness And Burning

I've been having muscle weakness and burning in my arms and legs and back for about 8 months now and am so afraid that I have als or ms. I was wondering how long does it take for als and ms to manifest ? This is causing me great stress and depression.

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Jaw / Chin :: Dull Burning Ache, Burning, Tingling, And Numbness

for about a week now i have had a dull burning ache in my jaw on both sides, with burning, tingling, and numbness in my chin. it doesn't get worse when i talk, eat, etc., just comes and goes for no apparent reason.

now i also have been suffering chest/arm/shoulder pain the drs "think" is nerve pain, but coupled with this new jaw pain, i am constantly worried i'm having a heart attack, though i know, intellectually, i am most likely not.

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Anyone Had Burning In Their Lungs?

I've been sick a long time and only recently learned about reactive arthritis and think this is what i have had all these years! I haven't had all the symptoms of reactive arthritis though.

I have had a lot of burning-like symptoms and now getting it in my lungs. Anyone the same?

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Pregnancy :: After Sex Burning Sensation When I Pee

So I had sex and he when we both reach that point we did as one. But now I'm having a burning sensation when I pee. It always happen after sex n he ***. And only been happening since I been pregnant. Condoms irritate me down there so we stop using them. I'm thinking of giving sex up!

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Herpes :: Burning Lips - Sex With Csw

2 months ago i went to a csw and had protected sex. I never kissed her but i used a towel at her place after i took a bath which was already damp . After a week i had a blister on my lip which was very painful and didn't heal until 2 weeks i had a single lymph node under my jaw which was aching .i went to a doc and he gave me a cortisone cream .but my lip cant seem to heal it keeps burning and if i stop using medicine its surface gets badly damaged .its been 2 month now and some new lymph nodes on my neck have arrived which ache a bit .im worried what shud i do .does this sound like a herpes outbreak ?

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Burning Mouth Syndrome

Does anyone have this should it be affecting my teeth and jaw they are agony on top of the burning.

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Burning Mouth Syndrome Or Something Else?

One day last November I awoke with a 'bitter' taste in my mouth.

Several visits to my GP later and I'm still not much further forward.

I'm a 43 year old female. In October 2013 I was diagnosed hypothyroid and began treatment of 50mg levothyroxine per day. Because the bitter taste started relatively soon after beginning the medication, I put 2 and 2 together and thought it was causing the taste. But, no, I took myself off the medication for 3/4 weeks over Christmas and still had the bitter taste.

I've drastically altered my diet as I thought certain foods made it worse but can't pinpoint one particular allergy or sensitivity.......

I've changed toothpaste, tried mouthwash, cut out tea, milk, all dairy, and mainly eat very healthily - fruit, veggies and chicken.

My GP suggested LPR (silent acid reflux) but it doesn't taste like 'acid' - it's just bitter/sour.

I've been on Gaviscon after every meal for over a month and Ranitidine for almost 2 weeks. The symptoms persist still

My mouth can get quite dry, and the bitter taste seems to be on my tongue and/or the roof of my mouth or around a wisdom tooth on one side.

I can't cope with this for much longer. It only eases up when either sleeping or eating.

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What Could Be Causing The Burning In My Lungs

I would like to know what could be causing the burning in my lungs. This has been going on for about four months. Right side.

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Penis Burning Due To Over Masturbation?

Since a week am feeling burning in my penis i used to masturbate once a day for a long time , am 21 years now, would that be caused from the over masturbation? it's a burning that continues most of the time after and before urinating.

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Burning Penis When Urinate After Sex

me and my boyfriend had sex Saturday and yes we used condoms . this morning he told me that he burns when he urinates. and we wanted to know if it was from the condoms we used?

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Burning Penis After Ejaculation

I am 20 years old and have played sports almost my all life. At the age of 15 - 16 I noticed my left testicle felt kind of mushy. I haven’t done anything about it and it fills so even today. But, recently, I’ve noticed another problem - once out of every 5 or 6 ejaculations I experience burning sensation in my penis. This happens regardless of the time of my last ejaculation – it can be from 1 hour to few days. Also, once that happens, when I urinate afterwards, it burns me real badly. Does anybody here know what is wrong?

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Burning Penis Goes Down To My Anus

I have a burning penis and it goes down to my anus. the burn is more of a minty feel. no discharge, no blood. the pain comes and goes, but has been coming more often. it started about 5 days ago.

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Vulva :: Dry And Burning, But No Itching?

Seriously, it hurts so bad I can't even touch it. No redness, no discharge, no odor, no itching, no pain urinating, just dryness and burning. Similar to a rash or rug burn.

I've treated it for yeast infections, but it still keeps burning off and on. Maybe it's sensitive skin? I use natural and PH-balanced soaps because I can't stand using only water down there.

Please help! It REALLY makes it difficult to enjoy my sex life.

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Vulva :: No Itching ONLY Burning In The During Sex

i'm 22 years old just get married , never had sex before in my life !! i just lost my vegina 6 months ago with my husband . it was complicated hymen resistance , some doctors asked me to use operation to loose my vegina, but my husband insisted to do it by his own !

my point here is : any time i have sex during this 6 months i get hurt in the entrance of my vegina , and when he is trying to exit too ! after the sex i feel the fire on the exit (vulva) that takes an hour or two sometimes! as a concussion NO ITCHING at all ,only burning in the entrance of my vegina ( vulva )
i visited a doctor he said that we need to have sex many times as we can ! but its still hurt

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Raw And Burning Vulva With Itching

Two days ago I scratched my vulva and Labia area because it was itchy in the night and when I woke up it was reddish irritated. Now it looks like it healed, but it stings when I wash with hot water and when I pee.

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Herpes :: Itching, Burning After Sex?

I recently found out that my boyfriend had sex with a girl who has herpes but he told me he used a condom (this wasn't when we were together) we had unprotected sex multiple times but I've been getting very itchy down there and it's been getting worse but it stopped a couple days ago but now every time we have sex it starts to burn like crazy for about 5 minutes I did use to have a yeast infection so I just thought I had it again but I decided just to check down there after the shower I grabbed a mirror and I saw little bumps almost look like small balls around the outside of my vagina it doesn't hurt when I simply touch them I'm just extremely scared that I might have herpes since he did have intercourse with a girl who has it I never use to have this before

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Pregnancy :: Pee Burning And Itching

I'm 35 weeks and for the past 4 days my pee burns really bad an my private part itches. Has anyone experience this?

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STD :: Itching And Burning On My Vagina

On tuesday night I used vagisil for sensitive skin and the next day I noticed that down there it was irritated and itchy and had small bumps then thursday it was no better it was,itching and burning and white stiff started to form on the bumps now. I have not used vagisil since that night but now its just bad I have white bumps really bad near my vagina opening and a little inside to and it itches and burns constantly and I just want it to go away its friday and I wont be able to go to the doctors till monday what should I do to relieve my pain any home remedies or,how long will,it,take to go away I know its possible irritated from the vagisil wash or is it something more.

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Vagina Burning After Sex (37 Weeks)

I'm 37 weeks a long and my husband and I had sex tonight and ever since then my vagina has been burning SOOOO bad, it hurts to urinate and even walk. We've had sex before while im this pregnant and it's never happened. Is this normal, and why.

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Bleeding Vagina With Itching And Burning

For the past week or so, my vagina walls, close to my rectum have been very raw, itchy, and bleed when I wipe, I also have a clear mucus type discharge every time I go to the bathroom. Like it it being produced to "protect" the walls. It burns when urine gets on it. I have been putting baby diaper rash cream at night after my bath. Also, about 3 weeks ago, I had a fungal infection in my groin, that ended a few days before this started. I had prescription cream my mom gave me to put on it-that's what cleared it up. I'm 17, virgin and on no medication.

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