Bleeding Vagina With Itching And Burning

Oct 6, 2013

For the past week or so, my vagina walls, close to my rectum have been very raw, itchy, and bleed when I wipe, I also have a clear mucus type discharge every time I go to the bathroom. Like it it being produced to "protect" the walls. It burns when urine gets on it. I have been putting baby diaper rash cream at night after my bath. Also, about 3 weeks ago, I had a fungal infection in my groin, that ended a few days before this started. I had prescription cream my mom gave me to put on it-that's what cleared it up. I'm 17, virgin and on no medication.

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STD :: Itching And Burning On My Vagina

On tuesday night I used vagisil for sensitive skin and the next day I noticed that down there it was irritated and itchy and had small bumps then thursday it was no better it was,itching and burning and white stiff started to form on the bumps now. I have not used vagisil since that night but now its just bad I have white bumps really bad near my vagina opening and a little inside to and it itches and burns constantly and I just want it to go away its friday and I wont be able to go to the doctors till monday what should I do to relieve my pain any home remedies or,how long will,it,take to go away I know its possible irritated from the vagisil wash or is it something more.

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STD Or Yeast Infection? Burning Itching Vagina

I've been with my bf for a while and I've been getting yeast infections. It burns off on and on when I pee and itches inside my vagina. I looked and I notice whitish bumps. I don't have much discharge but it's white. The last time we had sex we had a lot a few times a day and sometimes it was dry we didn't take showers. Could it be a yeast infection or std?

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Vagina :: Itching, Tingling And Burning After I Got Off My Periods

After I got off my period like a week ago I noticed a small itch well It would tingle itch so I would scratch it, then it got so itchy that I couldn't bare it so I would scratch scratch scratch and now it's so irritated I'm sore on my vagina hole the inside of my lips and my clit itches too...idk wats going on?

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Atrophic Vaginitis :: Postmenopausal Burning And Itching In Vagina

Burning vagina constantly like sensitive burning bit itchy in vagina. No thrush no infection. One test bit blood under microscope. Pressure to pee and good flow each time. Doc referred to specialist. Very worried. Postmenopause. 

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Vulva :: Dry And Burning, But No Itching?

Seriously, it hurts so bad I can't even touch it. No redness, no discharge, no odor, no itching, no pain urinating, just dryness and burning. Similar to a rash or rug burn.

I've treated it for yeast infections, but it still keeps burning off and on. Maybe it's sensitive skin? I use natural and PH-balanced soaps because I can't stand using only water down there.

Please help! It REALLY makes it difficult to enjoy my sex life.

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Vulva :: No Itching ONLY Burning In The During Sex

i'm 22 years old just get married , never had sex before in my life !! i just lost my vegina 6 months ago with my husband . it was complicated hymen resistance , some doctors asked me to use operation to loose my vegina, but my husband insisted to do it by his own !

my point here is : any time i have sex during this 6 months i get hurt in the entrance of my vegina , and when he is trying to exit too ! after the sex i feel the fire on the exit (vulva) that takes an hour or two sometimes! as a concussion NO ITCHING at all ,only burning in the entrance of my vegina ( vulva )
i visited a doctor he said that we need to have sex many times as we can ! but its still hurt

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Raw And Burning Vulva With Itching

Two days ago I scratched my vulva and Labia area because it was itchy in the night and when I woke up it was reddish irritated. Now it looks like it healed, but it stings when I wash with hot water and when I pee.

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Herpes :: Itching, Burning After Sex?

I recently found out that my boyfriend had sex with a girl who has herpes but he told me he used a condom (this wasn't when we were together) we had unprotected sex multiple times but I've been getting very itchy down there and it's been getting worse but it stopped a couple days ago but now every time we have sex it starts to burn like crazy for about 5 minutes I did use to have a yeast infection so I just thought I had it again but I decided just to check down there after the shower I grabbed a mirror and I saw little bumps almost look like small balls around the outside of my vagina it doesn't hurt when I simply touch them I'm just extremely scared that I might have herpes since he did have intercourse with a girl who has it I never use to have this before

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Pregnancy :: Pee Burning And Itching

I'm 35 weeks and for the past 4 days my pee burns really bad an my private part itches. Has anyone experience this?

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Vulva :: Burning And Itching After Periods

I have a burning and itch. It gets a bit worse when I pee.. It's around the vagina only.. It's been 3-4 days since I finished my period. I'm not discharging anything and i don't know of any smells..

Please help! I don't know if it's a yeast infection.. I've never had this kind of burning an itch there before... 

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Vaginal Health :: Burning Itching Sensation

In my feminine area I have a very bad burning itching sensation that also feels like I have open sores in that area. When I am sitting down it is not as bad but when I am standing and walking around I want to die it hurts so bad. I am a waitress and it makes my life a living hell when ever I work that I have called in sick many times because it gets so bad. I have tried many creams, soaps and even just used water while I clean this area and they all make it worse. I have been to the doctors to be tested for UTI, bladder and yeast infections and all came back negative. My doctors wants to test for STD but I have never in my life had any kind of sexual intercourse.

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Yeast Infection? Itching, Burning During / After Sex And Urinating

I am an 18 year old girl who has had multiple yeast infections in the past year. At first not realizing what was going on because I had never had one before, I tried to ignore the symptoms. From last summer to October I experienced itching, burning during and after sex, and burning when urinating after sex. After doing some research I went to the doctor where I was prescribed fluconazole. My yeast infection was gone in a day. I started to have symptoms again in February and took the same medication and again it disappeared within a day.

A couple of weeks ago I began experiencing the same symptoms. I called in my prescription for fluconazole and took the dosage properly, it did not go away. I took another new dose the next week and noticed my itching went away but I still had burning during and after sex. I went to the doctor and tested negative for a yeast infection.

I have only slept with one person and he has only slept with me, so I know STDs are not a factor here. Was I misdiagnosed possibly due to the medication I had taken? It isn't a dryness factor in the vagina either.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Yeast Infection To Relieve The Itching And Burning?

I can't get to a doctor for another week what should I do if I have a yeast infection to relieve the itching and burning?

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Itching, Pimples, Burning On Scalp With Hair Loss ?

what causes the condition above and is there anything i can do to stop it,can't hide my hair anymore because i think the covering also increases the itching.

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Palms Started Itching, Burning And Turning Beet Red

I'm 34 year old female and recently I started to suffer from some very strange symptoms.

I recently have been waking up with really bad itchy palms and feet soles. I don’t know what could cause this and didn’t think that it could be something serious. But I was surprised when the symptoms started showing almost every day.

My both palms started itching, burning and turning beet red in the middle of the night last night again. I have tried using some usual hand creams but it didn’t help.

What could cause this and what could I do about it?

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Vaginal Health :: Burning And Itching No Discharge / Odor

The week before Easter I starting having extreme burning, itching, discharge, odor which increased after sex. Went to the Dr found out I had BV. Took the full prescription of oral meds felt relieved for short time and it came back. Went back to Dr said I showed a trace of the BV and prescribed intervaginal meds which I took along with Rephresh probiotic for about a month. In the last week the burning and itching has returned but my Dr is saying I test neg for BV, yeast, along with a half dz std's that I requested her test for. At this point my Dr is saying it could be an allergic reaction? I haven't changed products.

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Eczema On My Perineal Area :: Vulva Itching & Burning

I had eczema on my perineal area & was cleared up with cortisone cream, now it is red & burns like fire. I also have a lot of itching along with it. I was thinking maybe the cortisone was too strong & did this. Has anyone else had this problem & what could i do about it? It is driving me crazy.

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Atrophic Vaginitis? Mild Discharge, Burning And Itching

I have been having lower abdominal discomfort, burning and mild itching for the past three years.  It seems like I have got a urine infection but tests came clear.  I also seem to have slight vaginal discharge.  My GP referred me to a gynae and he could not find anything wrong, vaginal swab and urine test came normal.  I asked about AV and he did a blood test for oestrogen and this cave normal and he said I have not got AV.  Everything seems quite healthy down there except I keep suffering from this burning sensation and discomfort.  I keep going to my GP and she said I have got AV and prescribed me Ovestin cream which I used last year & did not help, I was having hot flushes and sore breasts.  Today I went to see her again as this burning sensation was driving me crazy.  She prescribed the cream again, I do not know whether it will help or should I give it another go.

I was also surprised that I had blood in my urine and suffered two urine infections without me knowing.  Although I suffer from burning sensation, it does not burn when I pass urine and I have got a good flow.  She also treated me for thrush with no effect.  In the end she took a swab and it came negative although the nurse said she could see thick white discharge up.  I have come to the conclusion the slight discharge I suffer does not mean I have thrush.  Looking at the symptoms of AV, it does seem I have got it.  Now who do I believe the consultant or my GP.  The consultant did quite a few tests like ultra sound and probing my vagina with something I cannt remember what it was last year.  Strange when I was on holiday for three weeks, no symptoms, it only bothers me when I am idle and watching TV.  I am also concerned I might suffer with urine infection without me knowing due to this burning sensation.  Aftet two lots of antibiotics for urine infections and cream for thrush, I am still the same. 

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Birth Control Pills Causing Vaginal Itching/burning?

So I've been sexually active with the same partner for a year and a half. Recently the area around my vaginal opening has been real itchy, and after I have sex it burns down there for like an hour (kind-of like it would if you had real rough sex). This happened to me once before about 6 months ago, except I gave into the temptation to scratch the itch, and it only made it worse, and everything got all raw and painful down there. I went to the gyno and she gave me a monstat and anti-bacterial cream. Neither of which worked. The only thing that helped even a little was hydrocortisone. However, I changed birth control from the pill (Loestrin Fe) to the depo shot. The itching went away. Was on the shot for like 6 months and couldn't stand it, so I switched back to the same pill two months ago and now the itching has returned. I did not read anything about itching on the side-effects of this birth control, does anyone know what the deal is?
Things I know that it's not, so please don't suggest them.
Yeast Infection
-No smell or discharge.
-Monistat doesn't help.
-Itching on the outside NOT inside of my vagina.
-Me and my partner are both clean and yes, I know that for a fact.
Sperm Allergy
-I never use condoms and have never had a problem, either vaginally or orally. 
Also, I do not use any soaps to wash down there, only water, so it shouldn't be a chemical allergy either.

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Vulva :: Top Of My Vagina Is Itching Really Bad - Hairs Growing?

I'm 22 and ever since i turned 21 i have had this problem where the top of my vagina itches very bad so ill itch it and then go away after my shower because i cleaned it but then an hour later it comes back. Is that because my hair is growing in and it just going to irritate it until it fully grows back

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