(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Yeast Infection To Relieve The Itching And Burning?

Jul 30, 2014

I can't get to a doctor for another week what should I do if I have a yeast infection to relieve the itching and burning?

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STD Or Yeast Infection? Burning Itching Vagina

I've been with my bf for a while and I've been getting yeast infections. It burns off on and on when I pee and itches inside my vagina. I looked and I notice whitish bumps. I don't have much discharge but it's white. The last time we had sex we had a lot a few times a day and sometimes it was dry we didn't take showers. Could it be a yeast infection or std?

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Yeast Infection? Itching, Burning During / After Sex And Urinating

I am an 18 year old girl who has had multiple yeast infections in the past year. At first not realizing what was going on because I had never had one before, I tried to ignore the symptoms. From last summer to October I experienced itching, burning during and after sex, and burning when urinating after sex. After doing some research I went to the doctor where I was prescribed fluconazole. My yeast infection was gone in a day. I started to have symptoms again in February and took the same medication and again it disappeared within a day.

A couple of weeks ago I began experiencing the same symptoms. I called in my prescription for fluconazole and took the dosage properly, it did not go away. I took another new dose the next week and noticed my itching went away but I still had burning during and after sex. I went to the doctor and tested negative for a yeast infection.

I have only slept with one person and he has only slept with me, so I know STDs are not a factor here. Was I misdiagnosed possibly due to the medication I had taken? It isn't a dryness factor in the vagina either.

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Pregnancy :: 15 Weeks - Like Yeast Infection - Itching

Im 15 weeks pregnant and i have a yeast infection or something i know it's like itching and irritating me what should i do

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Yeast Infection :: Vaginal Itching For A Few Days

Never had a yeast infection before. I'm 24, never been pregnant. I have been having vaginal itching for a few days. Not sure if it's a yeast infection because there isn't any abnormal discharge. It started A few days ago when I got off my period. My husband and I (who are both monogamous!!) had gone 2 weeks w/o sex due to my period and the week before we were crazy busy. At first I was a little sore after the first time we had sex so I attributed it to the "dry spell" for two weeks. But several days later I'm still having some itching. Nothing too intense, just bothersome. Should I seek treatment or wait it out?

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Vaginal Health :: Yeast Infection Or HPV? Discharge And Itching

I female, 29 years old. For the past three years I’ve been only sexually active with my boyfriend, we are living together and are probably going to get married next year. So, it’s a pretty serious relationship. I’ve stopped using birth control about a month ago because the new doctor prescribed me generic which had horrible effects on my mood. For the last week I’ve been experiencing extreme itching in my vaginal area, and it’s accompanied with the white discharge. Over the last three days I’ve noticed 3 small pimples appear and that’s when I started to worry this might be HPV infection. I’ve taken a pregnancy test and it was negative, but we’re a bit low on money now so I can’t get to ob-gyn for at least 3 weeks. Do the symptoms I’m experiencing sound more like I have yeast infection or HPV?

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Yeast Infection? Vaginal, Clitoris Itching With Swollen Lips

I'm 19, 2/3 months ago I was diagnosed with a Yeast Infec. so the doctor prescribed me a pill and it cleared up but around the end of January I had unprotected sex with someone and couple weeks after that I've been experiencing vaginal itching, my clitoris is swollen, my lips are swollen and my vagina opening. Also my vagina opening was white. I told my mom and she told me it's just another yeast infection & gave me Monistat I took it around February 4 and it did help with alittle my itching and my vagina opening wasn't as white as it was but my other symptoms are still present. I did start my period today and will go to doctor after I'm done but I just wanted some insight beforehand if you guys think I might have an STD?

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Yeast Infection - Small Burning When I Pee

I Masturbate with an object, and it cut me inside. Well it heal and since that day i been getting this small burning when i pee. I thought maybe it was a yeast infection but i didn't feel or see and other signs. all i know is that i drink a lot of water like three bottles a day or more. and when i do i pee and it doesn't burn.

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Burning / Swelling Outer Lips Of Vagina - Yeast Infection?

About 2 weeks ago I hooked up with my ex... A couple days later I started having an itching and burning on the outside of my vagina on the outer lips. It was very red and my labia got very swollen... The swelling went down but i've still been dealing with the itching and burning. The skin on my vagina is very wet and it get hard and peels off every couple days. I went into my docs and they said it was vaginitis and a yeast infection on the outside. They gave me the 1 time yeast infection pill (don't remember the name) and i've been drowning my body in probiotics. Nothing is making it to away. It's still itchy and peeling and now it's moved up to my anus. Does anyone know what this is? Is it just a horrible yeast infection?

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Pregnancy :: Pee Burning And Itching

I'm 35 weeks and for the past 4 days my pee burns really bad an my private part itches. Has anyone experience this?

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Pregnancy :: Yeast Infection - Any OTC?

I feel like I have a yeast infection. . What should I do? She I get something OTC or see my doctor?

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Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

Ok so I have had a reoccurring yeast infection for the last nearly two months. The medicine works slightly but I don't think the yeast infection ever actually goes away. All my doctor does is refill my prescription and tell me to try again. Is this normal? Any other mommies had problems with yeast infections during pregnancy?

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Pregnancy :: What To Take For Yeast Infection?

Ladies what can you take for a yeast infection while pregnant?. I'm 18 weeks.

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Pregnancy :: Yeast Infection That Will Not Go Away With Monistat 7

I've been doing monistat 7 already But it still wont go away . Are there forms or something ? I'm seriously ready for it to go away

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Pregnancy :: Common Yeast Infection

I'm two months pregnant and seem to be having symptoms of yeast of infections. Is this common for pregnant women? This is my first baby.

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Pregnancy :: 20 Weeks - Yeast Infection

I have a yeast infection what is safe to use while pregnant 20 weeks

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Pregnancy :: 4th Yeast Infection - 19 Weeks

I'm on my 4th yeast infection and im 19 weeks. Not sure what's causing so many but could this harm the baby? I'm using monistat. I know monistat won't hurt the baby but will frequent yeast infection cause anything?

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Pregnancy :: 35 Weeks - Keep Getting Yeast Infection

I'm 35 weeks but throughout my pregnancy I keep getting yeast infections. How can I make this go away?

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Pregnancy :: First Trimester - Yeast Infection And Monistat

This is my very first pregnancy and I have a yeast infection. It's milky and doesn't have an odor, but what can I take besides monistat to get rid of it? Is there pills my doctor can prescribe?

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Pregnancy :: Symptoms / Treatment For Yeast Infection?

Has anyone had yeast infection during their pregnancy? What are the symptoms? And what helps cure/prevent it?

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Pregnancy :: Yeast Infection - Diflucan - Risk For Baby?

So I've had a yeast infection since I found out I was pregnant.  My doctor finally gave me a prescription to get diflucan. But my insurance want pay for it because they he said it is a risk for the baby. Has this happened to anyone else?  Or have you taken diflucan and everything turned out fine?  Not to mention she only prescribe me 2 pills one every 24 hours and that's it.

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