Yeast Infection - Small Burning When I Pee

Jan 17, 2016

I Masturbate with an object, and it cut me inside. Well it heal and since that day i been getting this small burning when i pee. I thought maybe it was a yeast infection but i didn't feel or see and other signs. all i know is that i drink a lot of water like three bottles a day or more. and when i do i pee and it doesn't burn.

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STD Or Yeast Infection? Burning Itching Vagina

I've been with my bf for a while and I've been getting yeast infections. It burns off on and on when I pee and itches inside my vagina. I looked and I notice whitish bumps. I don't have much discharge but it's white. The last time we had sex we had a lot a few times a day and sometimes it was dry we didn't take showers. Could it be a yeast infection or std?

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Yeast Infection? Itching, Burning During / After Sex And Urinating

I am an 18 year old girl who has had multiple yeast infections in the past year. At first not realizing what was going on because I had never had one before, I tried to ignore the symptoms. From last summer to October I experienced itching, burning during and after sex, and burning when urinating after sex. After doing some research I went to the doctor where I was prescribed fluconazole. My yeast infection was gone in a day. I started to have symptoms again in February and took the same medication and again it disappeared within a day.

A couple of weeks ago I began experiencing the same symptoms. I called in my prescription for fluconazole and took the dosage properly, it did not go away. I took another new dose the next week and noticed my itching went away but I still had burning during and after sex. I went to the doctor and tested negative for a yeast infection.

I have only slept with one person and he has only slept with me, so I know STDs are not a factor here. Was I misdiagnosed possibly due to the medication I had taken? It isn't a dryness factor in the vagina either.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Yeast Infection To Relieve The Itching And Burning?

I can't get to a doctor for another week what should I do if I have a yeast infection to relieve the itching and burning?

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Burning / Swelling Outer Lips Of Vagina - Yeast Infection?

About 2 weeks ago I hooked up with my ex... A couple days later I started having an itching and burning on the outside of my vagina on the outer lips. It was very red and my labia got very swollen... The swelling went down but i've still been dealing with the itching and burning. The skin on my vagina is very wet and it get hard and peels off every couple days. I went into my docs and they said it was vaginitis and a yeast infection on the outside. They gave me the 1 time yeast infection pill (don't remember the name) and i've been drowning my body in probiotics. Nothing is making it to away. It's still itchy and peeling and now it's moved up to my anus. Does anyone know what this is? Is it just a horrible yeast infection?

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Yeast Infection :: Recurring Yeast Beast - Folic Acid And Acidophilus

On and off (nope still on) yeast infections for 5 years? I have no clue what is going on! Ive done almost everything and it just keeps being the yeast beast i hate so much. Has anyone done anything really random that has helped?! Today i woke up took a folic acid and acidophilus. Then i crushed a acidophilus and made a paste rubbed it all over the naughty parts and boom no symptoms within 10 minutes! But i don't want to have to do this everyday and docs.

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Do I Have An Std Or Yeast Infection?

I've been tested for: chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis. And the results came back negative. But I only did a urine test and blood test, no swab. I don't have any green or yellow or smelly discharge but I recently have been getting thicker whiter discharge, it could be a yeast infection? If it helps, I am on the contraceptive pill Diane 35, have been on it a year and a half, I recently used it to skip a period to go on a holiday, I have also recently started seeing someone new and been having more sex than used to but it has been protected. Do you think I have an std that wasn't picked up in the urine tests? A yeast infection? Or could it be due to hormones skipping a period (I am now almost due for my period again next week too) or from having more frequent sex lately?

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Yeast Infection :: Can A Man Have It?

I am 43 years old. I am on medications for high blood pressure and migraines headaches. I have horrible itching on the tip of my penis. It’s starting to get painful, red and burning. I haven’t had any sexual relationship in over 7 months. Can a man have yeast infections? If so, how can I get it treated?

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The Yeast Infection That Won't Go Away!

I have had a yeast infection for three weeks which was confirmed through a culture. I have been on monistat 3, terazol 7 (prescription), gynolotrim, and diflucan. I have also tried garlic, yogurt, and have eliminated all sugar and simple carbs. I am losing my mind as I have severe internal itching, throbbing and external irritation. Infections and STDs have been ruled out. My gynecologist is at a loss and tells me they've done everything. Though I tested positive for candida albicans I wonder if I also have a less common strain that is resistant to the azoles. I can't take it anymore. I am so uncomfortable. By the way, this is the first time in 20 years I've had a yeast infection and I'm 44.

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Yeast Infection Without Having Sex?

Can u get an yeast infection without ever having sex?

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Herpes Or Possible Yeast Infection?

Over a week ago my husband and I had anal intercourse with no condom, and he ejaculated inside me. 2 days later I noticed a burning sensation around my anus. I thought because I had had diarrhea for those two days that it was just an irritation. I also thought it could also be caused by the hemorrhoid I got when I was pregnant so I started applying the creme that I was given in the hospital for it. Two more days passed and the burning and itching was getting worse so I finally took a mirror and looked at the area. It had a bunch of what looked like popped blisters around the anus. I made an appointment with my PCM and she immediately thought it was herpes. I have been married 7 years, I was tested in October of 2013 and again in June 2014 for all STD's and was negative. I do not believe my husband has cheated, and if he contracted the virus before we met wouldn't I have been affected sooner seeing as how we have never used a condom? She did a culture and told me the results can take up to 2 weeks. She prescribed me Valtrex which I have been taking for 2 days and a cream to use. The pain only seems to be getting worse and it doesnt seem to be improving and it is spreading towards my vagina. Is it possible it is something other than herpes?

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Is This Herpes Or From A Yeast Infection?

I am a 21 year old female. Just last month I had unprotected sex with a new sex partner. About a week after doing so I performed oral sex on him, we did not have sex though. The night I performed oral sex on him he was very restless that night like he was becoming sick, and he told me he was not feeling well. The very next day I developed a sore throat and went out with my friends. I was sharing a drink with my one friend (girl) and then very next day she also became sick. All of our symptoms included swollen tonsils with white spits, fevers, ulcers on the inside of the mouth and one ulcer on the lip but it was almost on the inside though you could see half of the ulcer when mouth was closed. At first I thought it was strep so I gotten tested and it came back negative. Then I believed it was herpes and the doctor said if anything maybe the coxsackie virus which isn't oral herpes. Well, the first time I got tested for strep they treated me with amoxicillin anyways. 3x a day for ten days. I had a yeast infection before starting the medication by the 7th day of the antibiotic my yeast infection was very bad I remember itching a lot at night. The next day I got a very hot shower. When I had gotten out of the shower I was wiping away my discharge "down there". Well as I was wiping my vaginal opening there were two white spots that were flat and white almost like two little ulcers but they felt more like a scabs. They did not hurt what so ever even when touched. I started to panic, I called my gyno and got in the very next hour. He said they don't really appear to be herpes if they don't hurt he said they might have been from scratching. Also i did not have swollen glands down there.  He cultured them and I went home. The next day I looked down there again and they were completely gone! Like I never had that happened to me no scars or anything! My culture of the "lesions"(2) came back negative along with all of the other tests they also did. Though, I am very worried this might be herpes (herpes) still. I don't understand this happening to me and I wonder if I should get bloodwork done. I heard the first outbreak of herpes is so painful, I didn't have any pain. And I always take a look down there all of the time and I only noticed having those for one day and then they disappeared, what do you think this was doctor? Thank you, and I apologize how long this is.

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Yeast Infection Or Herpes

last wednesday i recieved oral sex from an older women i did not cum but later that night my penis felt weird and irritated. Now its been a few days and it still feels weird i have hurting on my neck below my chin. Wondering if it could be just an infection.

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Is This Herpes Or A Yeast Infection?

Okay So On April 7th, I had sex with this guy from my job. We had a condom on and then the condom had gotten stuck inside of me and then it was stuck for a day. After I removed the condom from my body, I took the my way pill to avoid getting pregnant. A week later, April 15th, I had a bad reaction. My vagina was swollen and itchy and very burning. I had little red pimples which instantly turned into white sores about an hour later. It oozing white puss. I get tested and  I was negative for Gonn and Chlymida (spelling) and diagnosed as a yeast infection. I was given terconazole the cream and everything went back to normal, My vagina was feeling better, no bumps or nothing. Well now, 2 weeks later, I have no bumps or nothing but my vagina is still burning, itchy, and I have white thick discharge which is sometimes watery.  It has no odor, my vagina never smells. I also have bad abdominal pain and I went back to the clinic and was prescribed fluconazole which stopped my stomach ache for a while but It caused my stomach to feel like a burning. Also my anus is very itchy but no bumps. Is this the start of herpes? The burning senstation comes and goes.

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If Yeast Infection Or Herpes - Not Sure

Now i know the only way to be 100% certain or which it is (yeast or herpes) but this all just appeared and it the first time ever! An this is sp embarrassing anyways before my rambling goes on my symptoms are burning itching swelling redness white cloudy discharge and a few blister like sores. I keep reading online an still a little confused....what can it be?

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Herpes Or A Yeast Infection?

This is my question BUT, I already know I have herpes! Have been diagnosed in 2002. There is no question that I have

My question remains. Am I having OBs or yeast infections?

No blisters, I am on Valtrex suppressive therapy. Itchy vagina with cottage cheese like substance way up, not being discharged.

I have always wondered if those with herpes can have OBs that MIMIC yeast infections?

I have yet to have this answered after 5 years.

I'm not going to keep running to the doctor for Monistat and spending money when it's an OB. But is it?

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Pregnancy :: Yeast Infection - Any OTC?

I feel like I have a yeast infection. . What should I do? She I get something OTC or see my doctor?

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Recurring Yeast Infection? Or Something Else?

Hi, everyone. I've been part of the community for a few weeks now but wanted to introduce myself and maybe ask for some help with a problem I'm having.

I'm 33 years old and I have a problem with chronic vaginal yeast infections. I used to get them all the time. I'm talking 1-2x per month, like clockwork. The more frequently I got them, the worse they became and the harder they were to treat.

I started working with an OBGYN who had given me a great list of things to do. I started washing my clothes differently. I switched to a natural lubricant (sweet almond oil). I changed some of my hygiene products. I also gave up soaking in the tub at the end of a long day at work (I have a pretty physical job). She also gave me a prescription for a cream similar to Monistat to use; but the instruction was to just use one tube immediately upon feeling symptoms (itching, etc). It got to the point where I could do one treatment and not have to do any others. The only time this didn't work was when I took antibiotics, which was a separate nightmare altogether, as I'm sure most of you know. Over time, I started to have my infections less frequently.

Last year, they started to come back more frequently. I also started to feel really tired and I had some dry patches on my arms and legs. I also developed an itchier fungal rash in my inner thigh. I saw another OBGYN and she had me use some topical antifungal creams. The rashes would clear up but then they'd come back a few weeks later.

I did some research online and found Dr Eric Bakker ND and his site on yeast infections. I started to follow a Candida diet protocol and I actually began to feel a LOT better. I followed the entire regime for about 9 months and I weeded out all of the glutenous and sugary foods my body has mild allergic reactions to.

My problem now is that I seem to have another yeast infection. I mean, that's normal, thanks to hormones. I didn't expect I'd never get a vaginal YI ever again in my life. The problem is that after a course of treatment, I don't have discharge or itching any longer (the itching lasted a while, though), but I do still have some irritation and redness.

Is it possible this time I don't have a yeast infection at all? Up until this point, it seemed exactly like the type of infection I've had in the past. I'm not 100% sure how to move forward at this point. I wonder if I should just use the topical cream that came in the kit for a while longer; start another treatment; see if it's BV instead? I ended the treatment about a week ago.

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Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

Ok so I have had a reoccurring yeast infection for the last nearly two months. The medicine works slightly but I don't think the yeast infection ever actually goes away. All my doctor does is refill my prescription and tell me to try again. Is this normal? Any other mommies had problems with yeast infections during pregnancy?

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Pregnancy :: What To Take For Yeast Infection?

Ladies what can you take for a yeast infection while pregnant?. I'm 18 weeks.

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Symptoms Of Yeast Infection ?

I want to know if i have a yeast infection ... what are the symptoms and what should i do if i have one ?

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