Alcoholism :: Beer Addiction

Jun 2, 2008

It's been about a year now that we've moved to Germany. At first I would try one beer a night 2-4 times a week.  Slowly it's gotten worse to the point that every night I now drink at least 4 half liters (17oz each) every single night and I can't remember the last time I didn't drink. It seems like everyday I wake up and promise myself I won't drink today but I just can't not drink.... The beer is just so damn good I can't get enough of it; and it's super cheap too.
It hasn't caused any problems with my family or daily routine aside from me being tired all the time.

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Developing Beer Belly - Any Alternatives Without Cutting Beer?

I am only 22 years old, but I believe I am developing beer belly. What I should do about it. I guess you’ll say cut the beer…but I am hoping for another answer.

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Can I Get Rid Of The Beer Belly With Running But Still Drink Beer?

My wife complains about my beer belly. She says I look like a wreck and refuses any intimacy with me. I want to get rid of it, but I like beer more than myself. So, I reckoned that if I start running my beer belly will gradually disappear. But I’m not ready to leave beer. What if I don’t stop drinking beer and start running?

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Alcoholism Induced Dementia

My father in law has always been an alcoholic. Over the past couple of years, his drinking got out of control and his behavior was increasingly strange. My mother in law left him several times, but returned with his promises to cut back on the booze. Right around this past Christmas, we managed to keep him sober for several days, long enough to see that his behavior problems were not the result of being drunk. He was diagnosed with alcohol induced dementia.

Since then, we've been on a roller coaster of good and bad days, but the bad days are now the norm. He lives with my MIL, who is younger than him and in good health. He does a lot of screaming at her, says he hates her and wants her to die. He says he wants a divorce and wants to move to be near his favorite drinking spot. Usually these fits are preceded by his request to go out for a drink, which she denies.

A few months ago, my FIL figured out he could walk to a somewhat close area of restaurants and liquor stores. He will provoke my MIL until she gets fed up and leaves for a break, then he starts the long walk to get a drink. MIL used to follow him in her car and go into the liquor stores and restaurants ahead of him and ask that he not be served alcohol. This would lead to him calling her and screaming at her. Now she just lets him go but refuses to pick him up and drive him home after he has his drinks. Once, she wasn't home when he arrived from a drinking binge so he took all of her clothes and threw them in the back yard. He tried to dismantle her computer and threw away any food in the house that he saw as "hers." We are very concerned for his safety, obviously, and for MIL's emotional and mental well being.

Lately MIL is at her breaking point. She wants to leave. FIL is very demanding, verbally abusive. We try to give MIL a break by taking FIL shopping, going over for meals, taking the kids to see him, etc. He can't live on his own because he can't manage his meds (yesterday he took two days of his blood pressure, antipsychotic, and antianxiety meds because he kicked MIL out of the house and she wasn't there to help him). He does OK cooking for himself but can't pay bills, no longer can drive, needs help shopping, and is just starting to have issues with managing his own hygiene. His short term memory is bad. He will call each of us in the family over and over again, especially when he's been drinking. He seems to want to have MIL around to entertain him and drive him places, but then drives her away so he can attempt to drink. He has fallen more than once -- one time, he fell while walking home from the liquor store and a passing driver called an ambulance.

FIL is not bad enough to qualify for any services, even home care. He flat out refuses to cooperate with any sort of caregiver or adult day care. He thinks the doctors are wrong about the dementia and insists he can take care of himself. Every attempt at getting help for him has been a dead end, from social services to Alz. support groups. MIL is working on getting POA and conservatorship so she can control his access to money. She is thinking of getting FIL his own small place (which he wants), managing his finances, and giving him a small allowance that we all know he will quickly spend on booze (he averages $30 a day on "lunch" when he is alone and walks to restaurants). We feel like we can't control him and have no options and just have to wait for him to decline further or land himself in the hospital. MIL will have to go back to work, at least part time, to be able to afford to support him as well as have her own place.

Does anyone who's been through this have any ideas on options for us? FIL can't live with any of us because we have kids, jobs, etc. and aren't around to monitor him. I also can't have him behaving and talking the way he does around my kids -- it's bad enough what they see and hear when we visit. My in laws' income is limited to social security (less than 2500/mo total), plus my MIL has about $60,000 in a retirement fund. They don't own their home.

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Alcoholism :: Alcohol Paranoia And OCD

I am a 35 year old woman and really suffer badly with alcohol paranoia.

I also have OCD (worrying all of the time and complete rituals to overcome the anxiety of it) this can sometimes be debilitating. I always worry what we people think of me and always want to be liked by everyone, even though i know that this isn't possible. I have been like this all of my life and i have had OCD since i was a small child.

I can drink alcohol and be fine, but sometimes i get drunk and i have complete black outs the next day. I can't remember conversations i have had, how i got home sometimes and it is really worrying. At the time i feel in control and i drink more, its not until i wake in the night i start to panic and wonder what i said or did. My husband is really supportive and tells me i am being silly but i shouldn't drink so much so i don't have blackouts. I will lie awake for hours worrying and going over conversations that i have had- embarrassing ones from my past and i don't know why i tell people them- i just want them to laugh and enjoy my company but i end up pulling myself down. I don't know why i do this? I don't think i have a drink problem, as i don't crave alcohol and i don't drink everyday only on social occasions but if i have one to many, or if i haven't ate enough in the day, my paranoia is really bad. It gets to the point where i hate myself.

My OCD also gets worse the next day and i can't concentrate on anything. Why am i like this? why do i care so much of what people think of me?

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Alcoholism :: How To Withdraw From NORCO And LYRICA

Diagnos w/ Fybro myalgia, 2012.



I desire to get off the NORCO, LYRICA. and manage my fybro thru CHIRO, ACUPUNCTURE ,MASSAGE.

Did the herbs work with detox? Anyone else go this route after deciding to get off the mind altering drugs? I started detox today, I have only had 5, NORCO today! That's real big for me.. usually by now 8 hours into my day I'm on 10. Loving a chance at my life again without the drugs.

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Dementia :: Memory Loss With Alcoholism

I am a 61 years old male alcoholic and my memory is very bad. Is this normal?

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Alcoholism (liver) And Predictable Lifespan

When someone is has been heavily drinking for years.and has already had a triple liver by pass, and relapses off and on, She is in her early 50s and has regular check ups to check the status of her liver (say every 3 weeks) she has diplayed signs of liver failure like yellowing of the whites of eyes and spider-vains becoming more common and prominent on the skin. My question is; How soon would a doctor usually tell the patient she has "X" number or years to live, say 1 or 2? or would they not mention that till it gets down to months?

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Alcoholism :: Fear Of Doing Something Wrong After Drinking

Every time I drink alcohol I always wake up and fear that I have done and said something horrible. My friends all say that I am quite and a good drunk and always assure me that i did nothing wrong. Even when I don't do anything wrong I convince myself that I did. I make up things in my head and then I can't tell if it's an actual memory or a made up thought in my head. It scares the sh*t out of me. I get anxious and depressed after drinking. I feel like a total loser. I feel like I am an awful person. i do not drink a whole lot but i do black out even after small amounts of alcohol. i know i shouldn't drink but you know how social events are. im normally shy and quiet when sober im very responsible and may have a little social anxiety. i still worry about things i think i might have done a year ago but nothing has ever come of it so really i should probably just drop it but im having a hard time.  am i the only crazy person out there?

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Alcoholism :: Bad Withdrawal Effects Of Alcohol

I get a feeling that something is standing right in the middle of my chest, sometimes i catch myself involuntarily reach to my chest with my hand like i'm wiping something of the middle of my chest. It almost feels like there is a bloon in the middle of my chest and it is getting ready to explode. And my breathing is very difficult like i am smothering. i have to keep taking in deep breaths to get that feeling of satisfaction that i am breathing. Sometimes i catch myself staring at anything while the thoughts are racing through my mind, thoughts of death or trying to figure out what is wrong with me. There is profound weakness in my limbs Severe shortness of breath, tunnel vision, numb/tingling in the arms.

i looked down at my hand and it was jerking involuntarily. And sometimes i get thoughts that if someone was to notice or ask me what is wrong i feel that i will lose my mind. So i try my best to hide it. I have noticed that while driving in a car it can become unbearable. Alos i get a feeling of pressure in my skull like my brain is going to explode. Last Night all i wanted to do was go to sleep and wake up feeling better but every time i tried to sleep i would wake not breathing gasping for air. At one point i felt hopeless and that i would fall on my face dead. I believe this to be withdraw from all the drinking that i have been doing. I was in the er a few days ago for this and my bp was high and heart racing. At times is feels as if i am going to lose all control of my body and i will go in to convulsions at any moment. The breathing thing started as a young kidd. Im not to good at explaing this so i did my best. My heart goes out to all the people that goes through this.

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Alcoholism :: Alcohol Induced Anxiety

What I think is crazy is I only had one drink since like forever and now I cry over anything that is little, my brain feels kinda fuzzy and I refuse to go out to places with a lot of people. I drank alcohol about a week ago and it just started yesterday and it's getting a little bit better

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Alcoholism :: Alcohol Allergy - Hot And Itch

I am 22 and I liked to have a glass of wine once in a while.  However, one day I had about half a glass and started to feel very itchy between my eyebrows.  I chose to ignore it because wine commonly made me go a little rosy and feel hot.  However, the next time I had this same wine (new bottle) I had 2 sips and felt this itching again in the same place.  When I looked in the mirror, my face was becoming red and blotchy, and soon covered my entire face (even my eyelids!).  It felt like it was on fire and was clearly a tad swollen.  It eventually spread to my chest.  I tried to cool the areas with ice and twenty minutes later, my skin was fine. At first I thought this might have been caused by this specific wine since the bottle said it contains sulfites.  I tried to have a glass of wine that boasts absolutely no preservatives, just grapes, but the same thing happened off a couple of sips.  This is not a grape allergy.  I commonly eat grapes and have no problem with them.After a week of avoiding alcohol altogether, which was difficult because it was during the holidays, I wanted to see if beer was also off limits now.  Yes, it is.  I had barely finished the neck when I felt the itching between my eyebrows.  Sure enough, within minutes my face was bright red and hot to the touch.I am not any kind of heavy drinker, but I'm still young and I would like to be able to drink with my friends!  This is very frustrating for me and confusing to say the least.  I'm not sure what to do, and I'm sure a doctor would scoff at me if I came to them with my troubles. I read online that alcohol allergies are rare and rapid onset of any allergy suggests a problem with the adrenals.

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Alcoholism :: Dealing With An Alcoholic Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a few months now, and we are both 18. When we first started dating i knew he had a drinking problem before because he went to rehab. When we first started dating everything was great he didn't drink for the first two months of our relationship. When he did start drinking we drank casually, i thought everything is okay because he would only drink with me. But then he started drinking with old friends that he would drink heavily with. I thought everything would be okay but then he started freaking out on his parents and his anger was out of control. I told him that i don't think i could deal with any of this right now and he said he would stop drinking. which only lasted about a week. he was never mean to me, but he did threaten me saying if i was to break up with him he would kill himself. he just recently went to rehab and said he isn't coming back but he still wants to be together. i love him and care about him alot but not being able to see him kills me and i don't know how to deal with it. when i told him one night that i cant do it, the whole not seeing him thing he got very emotional. This is my first real serious relationship and i just need some advice on what to do. I don't have anyone to talk to because no one understands how i feel.

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Alcoholism :: Sweating All Day Long And Can't Tolerate Heat

I am a 42 yr. old female who started drinking at about 31 yrs. old. I started drinking the 5 litre boxes of wine and by 2 yrs. in I was drinking at least 2 of those boxes of wine a week. Present day I am drinking about 2 bottles of vodka a week for about 2 years now. I do not drink during the day. For awhile now I have had really bad night sweats and now I am sweating all day long and I can't tolerate heat. Would not drinking during the day cause this? Maybe menopause? I have had the basic blood work done recently and for my liver, all came back normal. Is my body trying to get rid of toxins?

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Alcoholism :: Detox At Home? Started Again After 11 Years

I put myself in rehab for 30 days in 2002.  I quit drinking for 11 years.  In August of 2013 I guess I got curious and started again.  First, I used to drink socially, then weekends, then it just picked up after that.  I'm not at the point of blackouts or missing work.  I do not drink in the morning. I do not go to the bar rooms.  I drink approximately 4-6 beer a day.  Each day I say I'm not going to drink but I feel like I need to just to take the edge off.  I thought it's time to do something before it does get out of control like it was in 2002.  I've been calling about detox but my deductible is over $2500.  Is there a safe way that my doctor can help me get through this at home.  There is a time coming up soon that I have 6 days off of work.

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Alcoholism :: Discomfort In Liver Area With Nausea Fatigue And Dry Mouth

I have been a social drinker up until about 3 years ago. I was going thru a bottle of vodka every 2 to 3 days. I started having discomfort in the liver area with nausea fatigue and dry mouth. Had an lft done all normal. Still felt sick and went to the hospital lft normal except elevated bilirubin ultrasound normal. Had another lft couple of weeks after bilrubin down to 1.3. And another normal ultrasound. I still deal with right quadrant pain fatigue and nausea. I have read cirrhosis can be missed on an ultrasound and labs can be in the normal range

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Can I Get Rid Of My Beer Belly By Swimming?

I have a “beer belly”. My wife is teasing me and so do my friends. Sedentary lifestyle and too many beers did their part. I want to lose fat, especially my beer belly. What do you think about shaping stomach by swimming? Can I lose my belly by swimming? I don’t want to get smaller anywhere except in the stomach region.

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Eye Swelling When Drinking Beer?

I was wondering if there was anyway to stop eye swelling when drinking beer? When i drink beer only my right eye will swell, but if i drink enough it will go over to my left eye. When i would drink clear beverages like vodka or Smirnoff nothing would happen. is there any way to stop this?

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Can You Take Beer With Crohn's Disease?

My husband was diagnosed with crohn’s disease some time ago. It seems that he is not allowed to drink beer. I don’t know how he will be able to do this, since he is a great fan of beer. Why isn’t he allowed to take it? Can someone tell me?

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Delirium After Drinking Beer

I need information urgently. My son was on the birthday of his best friend. They have been drinking a lot. He usually drinks beer. But he has drink too much. His friend calls me to say that my son has fallen in delirium after drinking beer. He is hospital now. What will happen?

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Pregnancy :: Drinking Beer

I want to ask something. Most of you will think that I am mad or something. I am pregnant. I have found out that yesterday. I have one habit that is usually associated with men. I like to drink beer or two daily. Often, I drink it after a meal. Can I drink beer in pregnancy? I will not drink every day of course.

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