Allergy :: Eczema After Swimming

Nov 28, 2014

I do a lot of swimming and can't find a decent remedy or barrier for eczema. To be honest I control it pretty well but it flares up to the extent that it is incredibly uncomfortable and it is always the next day after I have been swimming. I then end up taking an antihistamine which makes me drowsy and then has an affect on my training (doing an ironman) for the days that follow. Can anyone recommend anything?

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Dermatitis / Eczema :: Liquid Paraffin Allergy

I have suffered from atopic dermatitis for 27 years now. I am at my wits end and wanting to see what is causing it, i had a allergy test. This came back with many items, water, yeast, lactose, etc etc, But one thing that came up was liquid paraffin. 

All my creams and shower oils have this in, i have looked high and low but cannot find anything as the market seems to favour this in everything they make for eczema sufferers. 

Im wanting to avoid all the necessaries, SLS, fragrance etc but when i can avoid these, i cannot avoid paraffin in these. Can anyone recommend anything, or have they come across the same issue? 

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Eczema :: Atopic Face Eczema - Stress?

I'm 15 and have suddenly started getting eczema on my face its really irritating as the doctors doesnt know whats causing it as i hade lovely smooth skin which everyone just to envy me of as i had no blemishes it was not oily but then this year in may/june i started getting a rash on my face then went to the doctors they have given me so many creams but none of them have worked so im back on the antibiotics (500mg) & another cream i would love to know whats causing this but some doctors say it's down to stress our a reaction to something ?

Just wanted to know if any adults got this at my age and do they still suffer with it now our did you find something that worked.

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Can I Get Rid Of My Beer Belly By Swimming?

I have a “beer belly”. My wife is teasing me and so do my friends. Sedentary lifestyle and too many beers did their part. I want to lose fat, especially my beer belly. What do you think about shaping stomach by swimming? Can I lose my belly by swimming? I don’t want to get smaller anywhere except in the stomach region.

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Angina ? Chest Pains During Swimming

I have chest pain after recently swimming, it's not too painful but i have some symptoms of angina, except for the tightness/squeezing feelings in my arms or legs, I only have it in my chest. I only notice it when i take deep breaths or when I'm standing.

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Reactive Arthritis :: Swimming And Cycling Best Excercises

Like others here, I've had periodic reactive arthritis since the age of 10. I'm now 33. If you're not into swimming then cycling is in my opinion the best alternative exercise for joints, probably because you're not jarring the joint, or causing undue stress, the same as with swimming. I cycle to work every day, ten mins each way, and it really helps the early morning pain in my knee. The docs say to me 'if it's not causing more pain or swelling then do it.'

My left knee has always been the problem joint and the swelling always impresses even the most experienced orthopaedic specialists. In the past I regularly defied doctors advice and played football once the swelling had subsided enough to make movement comfortable, though the knee is always huge again the next day and has taken a week or so to reduce in size.

I'm now in the middle of another bout of Reactive Arthritis (from food poisoning abroad, which is nearly always the trigger for mine). I was on crutches for 2 weeks, though not hospitalised this time and am not going to risk a set back in recovery so am resisting the urge to play football this season. This arthritis started in April and from experience I'm hoping to see the swelling settle down in the Spring. Takes around a year for me each time. For me the key to getting through is to keep as active as I can with a gradual increase in sports until the swelling reduces completely, while not pushing too hard too soon.

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Running/Swimming/Cycling :: Knee Pain - Why?

I have been very active lately. I run, cycle and swim. Although I am not preparing for the triathlon I might as well be one of the competitors since I feel very strong. I feel pain just above knee the morning after my workout. Since I work out every day, I feel pain on a daily basis. What do you think about it?

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Nose Is ALWAYS Red - Allergy?

My nose is ALWAYS red. Some days worse than others but it's always red. There are also very thin, subtle red veins on the bridge of my nose (I have a "hawk" nose), again, some days worse than others.

I also have a lot of allergy problems. Went through a period of time when I had three sinus infections, one after another. I was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma as well although I don't take the montelukast I was prescribed.

Is it possible that my nose shape has anything to do with this? Or is the redness a skin problem and the allergies environmental?

Honestly, the redness bothers me more than the annoying breathing problems.

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Allergy :: Allergic To Lip Products?

I am 18 years old, and I have never been allergic to anything in my life. As part of my nightly routine, I've always put on lip balm before bed. However, late last year, my lips started to get more dry and chapped than usual, even itchy. They felt like sand paper and often developed tiny bumps. If rubbed hard enough, the bumps would produce a clear liquid. The edges of my lips also sometimes felt very raw and red. These symptoms would last around a week.

At the time, I had been using just plain Burt's Bees Lip Balm for many weeks. When I got the symptoms, I used a bit more of the balm than I usually did, thinking it would work for dryness. When nothing seemed to be working, I stopped using it altogether. In time, my lips healed, and I switched to Softlips lipbalm in both vanilla and peppermint flavors. I showed no reaction from their usage for about a month. Then, I started getting the same reaction that I got from the Burt's Bees Lip Balm. That was when I figured I was developing an allergy to lip balm. Over time, I also realized I was getting the same reaction even faster from lipstick and lipgloss. That meant I was allergic to all lip products across the board.

I began researching into the symptoms and the ingredients in lip products, especially ones that commonly produced allergic reactions. With that knowledge in mind, I've tried many other balms these past months, including ones by Blistex and Kiss my Face. I'm even allergic to plain Chapstick. At first, I would not show any symptoms at all, but they would eventually show up within a few weeks, sometimes days. I even tried alternating the balms every night, which worked slightly but I would eventually get the reaction again. Nowadays, I only wear lip balm every few nights because I can't stand having chapped lips, but never multiple nights in a row. Even then, there's always a chance of my reacting to it.

I haven't been able to pinpoint the exact ingredient that I'm allergic to, and I'm hesitant to spend any more money to try more products. I haven't changed anything about my diet, makeup, facewash, mouthwash, or toothpaste, so I am very certain that it's the lip products. After my research I've also found that other people have had the same problem.

Has any product been found that works but doesn't trigger a reaction from people with my allergies?

I've heard that Vaseline is possibly the only solution, but because of my research I've been staying away from products with petroleum and petrolatum in them. Should I try it out anyway?

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Food Allergy Following Virus

Following a throat bug/allergy in the spring, my throat became irritated by certain foods. I also had a bad cough, which turned out to be hay fever, and settled when treated. I was subsequently IGE tested and was diagnosed allergic to all items tested; tomatoes, onion, sweet pepper, lemon, kiwi & strawberries. Symptoms are an unpleasant tingling/burning mouth which can take 24 hours to settle. Antihistamines do not solve the problem. I have been prescribed Zantac/Ranitidine which I don't think helps. During the week I am very strict with my diet, and the symptoms settle. Then at the weekend if I relax and inadvertently eat a small amount of anything unsuitable, and enjoy a glass of wine, the symptoms return. Has anyone else had this? any advice would be great, thanks.

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Severe Allergy From Eggs

I am 20 year old and this problem started when i visited a city in Pakistan (Peshawer), there is a dish called Kabab (Mixture or meat, eggs adn other), I ate that and after that I can't even eat a bit of egg.

I have left eating Backing products, Biscuits, Chocolate and everything that includes a bit of egg.

When I eat even a slice of biscuit, i causes me excessive pain in stomach and I can't eat anything else, i don't digests.

The only solution when I face such a problem is to give me injection to unconscious me for 3 to 4 hours than I feel a bit better.

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Cold Nose And Pit Of Throat - Allergy ?

I've had weird symptoms . When I breath I have a cold nose and pit of throat, sometimes it burns. I find that I find it weird to breath. When I breath in my throat is cold and fluttery and my nose is cold. I also have tinnitus and a headache. Could this be a allergy or deficiency? I am a 46 year old woman.

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Allergy :: Red Pimples On My Penis (due To Masturbation)

I'm having some red dot of pimples on my penis that lasts for months which will replaced by new ones for all the year I go for doctor he made all the tests but seems nothing wrong. And honestly I never had sex . I hope its all due to my musterbation.

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Dealing With Dust Mite Allergy?

Does anyone have any tips with dealing with dust mite allergies? I have done some research, I was wondering about which products to use. Does anyone use any of them and what are your thoughts? Has this helped with your allergy or simply made no difference? I would also love to buy an air cleaner.

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Beer Allergy - Diarrhea For 2-3 Days Afterwards

I never had drinking problems. I drink alcohol rarely, only in special occasions. I was drunk only once in my life, on my brother's wedding. I had started to drink one glass of beer a day. It is my friend recommended me to power up the intake of vitamin B. But every time I drink that glass of beer I have diarrhea for two or three days. Is it possible that I am allergic to beer?

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Alcoholism :: Alcohol Allergy - Hot And Itch

I am 22 and I liked to have a glass of wine once in a while.  However, one day I had about half a glass and started to feel very itchy between my eyebrows.  I chose to ignore it because wine commonly made me go a little rosy and feel hot.  However, the next time I had this same wine (new bottle) I had 2 sips and felt this itching again in the same place.  When I looked in the mirror, my face was becoming red and blotchy, and soon covered my entire face (even my eyelids!).  It felt like it was on fire and was clearly a tad swollen.  It eventually spread to my chest.  I tried to cool the areas with ice and twenty minutes later, my skin was fine. At first I thought this might have been caused by this specific wine since the bottle said it contains sulfites.  I tried to have a glass of wine that boasts absolutely no preservatives, just grapes, but the same thing happened off a couple of sips.  This is not a grape allergy.  I commonly eat grapes and have no problem with them.After a week of avoiding alcohol altogether, which was difficult because it was during the holidays, I wanted to see if beer was also off limits now.  Yes, it is.  I had barely finished the neck when I felt the itching between my eyebrows.  Sure enough, within minutes my face was bright red and hot to the touch.I am not any kind of heavy drinker, but I'm still young and I would like to be able to drink with my friends!  This is very frustrating for me and confusing to say the least.  I'm not sure what to do, and I'm sure a doctor would scoff at me if I came to them with my troubles. I read online that alcohol allergies are rare and rapid onset of any allergy suggests a problem with the adrenals.

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Hives :: No Allergy - Only Appear One Place At A Time

My son is experiencing hives that do not itch and only appear one place at a time on his body. They usually last a day and then a new one will appear and the old one is gone. He says they are tingly and sometimes hurt. This started 2 years ago and lasted for 4 weeks and never appeared again until last week. Both times he had been swimming and was bumped in the face. The welts then appeared a few hours later. He was tested for allergies and found none. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Worried it may be an immune disorder.

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Menopause :: Allergy-like Symptoms During Periods ?

Has anyone experienced allergy-like symptoms during period? Sometimes I sound like my nose is stuffy when I talk although I don't have to blow my nose. I also sometimes sound like my voice is hoarse.

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Acne And Eczema

When I was a baby I suffered with very bad eczema, then when I was approximately 12/13 my eczema came back on my face along with bad acne, to clear up my eczema I used Aqueous Cream as well as Hydrocortisone Cream which worked and I also used Zineryt on my acne which eventually worked and my skin was back clear apart from the occasional hormonal spot every now and then which didn't bother me. 

I am now 17 and towards the end of January this year I noticed my eczema was coming back as well as comedones so I visited the doctor about my eczema and was given Diprobase which I applied to my body and face 1/2 times day. I thought if I continued to use my Zineryt it would eventually clear up the comedones, which it didn't. Eventually the comedones also spread to my cheeks and my chin and now they flare up into painful spots and my face is now covered making me very insecure about my skin!

I re-visited a different doctor around 5 weeks ago and have been put on 1 a day Tetralysal antibiotics which haven't made the slightest improvement and my spots are still continuing to worsen and increase.

I have also been on the Cerazette birth control pill for around a year now I was wondering if this could be causing hormonal changes that have triggered my acne despite being on it so long?

If not I was wondering if the Diprobase/Aqueous cream could be causing my acne? (I stopped using this on my face 2 days ago incase but have still gained more painful spots and my skin is also becoming dry again)

I would like to know your opinion on what is causing my acne? What I can do to treat it? And how long it will it take to get back to a bearable state?

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Pregnancy :: Eczema Or Something Else

I'm 21 weeks now and yesterday my face broke out REALLY BAD! I have red spots all over my right side of my face and it itches TERRIBLY! Kind of scared as to what this can be.

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Allergy :: Redness Itchy Bumps On Scalp

Started three days ago, I can feel that I have several redness bumps with itchy sensation spread around the scalp and majority are at occipital and temporal bone area, and two on the right and left frontal hairline. They stated from inion and back of both ears then go up. These bumps are really itchy and moderately swollen. I never had this kind symptom before. I have dandruff since I was litte until now, sometime it is seasonal. I eat unhealthy sometimes, I live outside so.

My wife and I thought these bumps are allergic reaction for some reason, but we could not figure it out where it come from. I took one pill for allergy last night, and they are smaller when I woke up today. Kind of smaller, but I am not sure will it come back or something else. So, recently I ate a lot healthy food. Oh, I forgot to mentioned that it is all happened after I eat a lot mung bean soup about three days ago. So, we thought it is maybe some metabolic reaction for part of the reasons. But that's weird to me, there must be something wrong.

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