Am I Pregnant? :: Discharge Before I Was Supposed To Remove My Nuvaring

Nov 4, 2015

I think I may be having something similar going on. About five days before I was supposed to remove my nuvaring, I was spotting light brown discharge and now that I have removed it at its right time, I seem to be having my period mixed with the brown discharge on top of a decent amount of clotting. Should I be concerned?

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Birth Control :: Put In Nuvaring Late - When To Remove?

I have been on the Nuvaring for 4 months now and was supposed to put my Nuvaring in on Tuesday but didn't until today (Wednesday). I can't find any information about when I remove this Nuvaring. Do I remove it on Tuesday in 3 weeks time or Wednesday in 3 weeks time?

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Nuvaring Wrapped Around Penis After Sex - Might Be Pregnant?

So my boyfriend and I just had sex (he came inside)and as I got off of him we noticed my Nuvaring wrapped around him. Now I just started on the Nuvaring 2.10.16 and it just happened 2.14.16 I rinsed it and put it back in is there a possibility I might be pregnant?

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Birth Control :: Possible To Be Pregnant While Using Nuvaring?

I've been on the ring since january this year and everything its been fine I take it out every 3weeks dat always ends up being on a Friday and always get my period 2 o 3 days after taking it out it last about 5 days always and I always put it back on a Friday again after a week after taking it out am always exact on my periods always so it freeks me out wen I see o feel something last period was normal like always.....this month of september I need to take the ring out tomarrow Friday the 20th and by Sunday or Monday I should be getting my period but I went to pee an hour ago and am bleeding like a normal period this is not normal to me am not suppost to get my period in another 3days and I starded bleeding with the ring is still inside since I need to removed till tomarrow.....can I be pregnant or it could be something else please help iam freeking out

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Nuvaring Fell Out During Sex - Back In Within 3 Hours, Could I Get Pregnant?

Nuvaring fell out during sex in which he ejaculated inside me. I didn't notice until the next day and re-inserted the Nuvaring about 15 hours after it fell out. I need to know if the sex I had last night could have gotten me pregnant. Do I have to take the morning after pill or will I be fine since I had it in consistently before the sex and put it back in the next day?

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How Long Hemorrhoids Supposed To Last?

I've had internal hemorrhoids for the last few months. It seemed as if they were going down at first, but then they've stayed the same size and keep coming out every bowel movement attempt. The doctor has scheduled a flexible sigmoidoscopy in about 3 weeks and they don't seem to concerned about it, but I am. I'm seeing that most people's hemorrhoids go away in a couple of weeks. What should I do?

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Nuvaring - Chances Of Getting Pregnant Back To Back Packages?

I have been using nuvaring since last may I believe haven't gotten pregnant but recently started doing back to back nuvarings. I am experiencing some symptoms I would if I were to be pregnant but I'm not sure if it's a side effect or what my chances are getting pregnant back to back packages. I do have nuvaring in place right now.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Discharge More Than Normal?

My boyfriend and I had safe sex (condoms) twice two weeks and a half ago. I took the plan b pill a little late around two weeks ago. My period is due in two-four days but I'm experiencing hot flashes, tender breasts, cramping (might be period related) and discharge (more then Normal for me). Could I be pregnant even though my boyfriend and I were as safe as possible?

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Personality Disorders :: Don't Feel Emotions When I Supposed To

I don't if I supposed to feel like this. I feel emotion but i don't feel it when I'm supposed to. I know when i do something it's bad but I usually don't feel bad. i can't relate to people or know I'm hurting someone emotionally. the only time i cry is when i get hurt. Sounds nerdy but the only thing i like is playing video games and riding by myself on my bike. I don't know. Just hope some comments with questions to ask so I know if this is normal or i'm just weird. I don't know. T

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Am I Pregnant? :: Nausea And Watery Discharge

I had my period on the 2nd of August to the 5th of August and today im suppose to start sep. 2 but for the past 2 days i have experienced the normal boobs swelling, cramps, all 9 yards however i have noticed in the morning and night i have constant nausea... but i have started today the day of my period watery discharge... i need some help what have you woman experienced i've been trying with my husband and for 2 years i have never done this...

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Am I Pregnant? :: Watery Discharge Came Out With Red Blood

Ok me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex Tuesday feb9 and he ejaculated in me and as to my calendar I ovulated Friday feb 12 but the Thursday ( feb 11) I was feeling some mild cramps. Then it stopped then on feb16 the cramps came back then I went to pee and after wiping I saw a reali light color pink on the toilet paper then wipe again pink again then 3rd time I got to the hole and wipe and a watery discharge came out with red blood cloth like cams out . Could I be pregnant?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Pink Watery Discharge

So I had my period early on the 3rd till the 7th which I get my period later of a ending month.. Few days later had a small pink watery discharge couldn't really tell what type but it was light pink could I be pregnant my boyfriend and I have been trying to

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Am I Pregnant? :: Clear Watery Discharge

Clear watery discharge is this a sign of pregnancy

I usually get my periods symptoms two weeks before its started.but this month i don't get any periods symptoms.

And now i m 4 days late on my period

And I m having clear watery discharge now for about 2 days.

And its not my ovulation discharge bco its my periods date.

So is this means i m pregnant ??

I m going to have a pregnancy test a week later

Is anyone has this same symptoms?

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Pregnancy :: Green Discharge While Pregnant?

I always got white discharge, but suddenly, i have green .. and when I went to take a test, that was when I know i'm pregnant. I kind of afraid about that green discharge because i read on google, it said "vaginal infection" is it true? i have an appointment with my doctor this friday, but kind of afraid if i do have an infection. Please share with me your experience about pregnancy. Other than that, how do you know if your baby is inactive beside going to doctor, any sample like touching stomach, or signs?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Brown Discharge And I Am In Pain

I have brown discharge in my knickers not much I have pains in my back also and have not had my period yet does this mean it's on its way or could I be pregnant

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Am I Pregnant? :: Thick White Discharge

My date is due on 15th dec .. today i saw a thick white discharge..does dat mean i am pregnant

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Pregnancy :: Glucose Test - How Many Hours Ahead Are You Supposed To Eat

How many hours ahead are you suppose to eat before you take your glucose test and does it matter if you eat 30-40 minutes before you go? Any advice on how to prepare for it? And how much blood do they draw from you?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Egg White Discharge And Now Spotting Pink

Ok so about 3-4 weeks ago i missed a birth control pill and didn't take it till the next day at the time i always take them which is @9:00 pm and 3-4 weeks later ( now ) i've been having stretchy kind of egg white discharge for the past maybe 2 days or more. and today (4-17-16) i've been spotting pink and im waiting to see if it gets any heavier later to see that maybe it may be my period . could i be pregnant???

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Am I Pregnant? :: Watery Discharge And Belly Ache

Im on depo injection been on it for years, recently I have had watery discharge, belly ache and pains in my left rib, what does this mean?

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White, Thick, Sticky Discharge - Pregnant?

I have a white thick sticky discharge. There is a lot of it. I have never seen this before. Me and my husband are trying to conceive and I ovulated last week. could this mean I am pregnant. I start my period on the 9th of every month so I know it is not the beginning of my period I am always on time and never late... I just had my yearly and i have no infections, std's, or problems so I know this is not what is wrong at all.

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Am I Pregnant? :: 10 Days And Have White Thick Discharge

I had me period from the 26/12 to 2/01/14 i had sex on early morning 3rd its been 10 days and i have white thick discharge could i b pregnant ?

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