Personality Disorders :: Don't Feel Emotions When I Supposed To

Mar 9, 2016

I don't if I supposed to feel like this. I feel emotion but i don't feel it when I'm supposed to. I know when i do something it's bad but I usually don't feel bad. i can't relate to people or know I'm hurting someone emotionally. the only time i cry is when i get hurt. Sounds nerdy but the only thing i like is playing video games and riding by myself on my bike. I don't know. Just hope some comments with questions to ask so I know if this is normal or i'm just weird. I don't know. T

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Personality Disorders :: Confused, Paranoid And Dreaming?

Lately I feel like I'm losing my mind. I suffer with bipolar disorder so I'm use to the ups and downs, im use to anxiety and thoughts about hurting myself but there's something new. I always feel like I'm dreaming. I question reality.. Sometimes I feel like I'm not really here and everything just seems like a movie sorta.. I sometimes get dizzy and a lot of headaches and confusion! My thoughts are strange, I get very paranoid but also get what my therapist says is "delusional" 3 days ago I thought me and my friend were dead and we were invisible and no one could see us and I was in shock but then started to panic because I was scared of being stuck in a in-between world. Then today I got a lot of weird thoughts that I kept trying to stop. Things like "God is doing this. This is what it must feel like to be dead if you kill yourself. You're stuck here! He wants me to know!" And I also stared at a piece of squished gum and a face formed and I was like in a trance and couldn't snap out of it. I'm really scared and I think I'm going mad. Anyone going through this?

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Sleep Disorders :: Feel Myself Falling In Dreams

I am not pregnant and I am still single. I am going to be 22 years old this year. I have some nightmare dreams. I am going to tell you one. In this dream I was climbing on a building at first. Then a guy pushed me from behind and I started to fall. I can feel myself falling even though I am on my own bed. Most of the time I am dreaming of me singing on the stage. Other times I become one of the characters in my dream and at the end I get killed. Or I dream nothing at all. What does this mean? Am I seeing the future or Is it just my dreams have gone wild?

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Venlafaxine HCL :: No Emotions And A While To Get To Sleep

My doctor put my on Venlafaxine HCL for depression and i have to say this is the worst medication i ever took! Lately i been getting sleepy in the morning ,this is when i took the pill and i told my doctor and my doctor told me to take it at night ,now sometimes it takes me awhile to get to sleep , i have no emotions anymore ,i always feel hopeless in the morning and suicidal. but later in the morning ,i feel fine ,and sometimes i feel like someone is avoiding me but they are really not ,or they are mad at me but they are really not ,their wave back to me and i waved to him ,can venlafaxine cause thinking things but the things are not really there ?

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Premature Ventricular Contractions Due To Emotions/hormones?

I have had blood work and an EKG that determined I have nothing of concern (spoken to a number of doctors...)

But when I get scared/nervous/highly stressed out, I feel like a fish is flopping in my chest! They don't really last long and they don't occur every single time I am experience high emotions (but often), I get maybe 3-4 in a row at worst (beat, beat, skip, beat, beat, skip, ...etc). I have had a doc listen to it when I was very nervous during an appointment and she blew it off as changes in my blood pressure as I became nervous and adrenalin. When I relax, they go away.

Of course, sometimes the cycle goes: Nervousness, pvcs, more nervous because of pvcs, more pvcs...

I have also noticed during ovulation they occur and during menstruation, particularly when I am resting. I have also found other triggers like drinking alcohol (big huge no-no!), too much caffeine, being overtired, and too much carbs. I also noticed sometimes certain positions can create them (again, sometimes but not always), shifting my position makes them go away during those times.
Side note: I have never felt lightheaded, breathless, or any pain during these occurrences. Also, I do have an anxiety disorder but not on any meds by choice (trying to get pregnant).

My question is, what can I do besides avoiding triggers to ease them? I am afraid that if I get SUPER scared or whatever my heart will just stop (ok, that's exaggerated.. but still they are scary..)!

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How Long Hemorrhoids Supposed To Last?

I've had internal hemorrhoids for the last few months. It seemed as if they were going down at first, but then they've stayed the same size and keep coming out every bowel movement attempt. The doctor has scheduled a flexible sigmoidoscopy in about 3 weeks and they don't seem to concerned about it, but I am. I'm seeing that most people's hemorrhoids go away in a couple of weeks. What should I do?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Discharge Before I Was Supposed To Remove My Nuvaring

I think I may be having something similar going on. About five days before I was supposed to remove my nuvaring, I was spotting light brown discharge and now that I have removed it at its right time, I seem to be having my period mixed with the brown discharge on top of a decent amount of clotting. Should I be concerned?

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Schizophrenia :: Personality And What Is Pathological

Some things that have happened to me (some older, some more recent) which seem like they could fit into schizophrenia. I am going to a psychiatrist soon, so I will also get a professional's opinion.

I am also interested in which ways your thinking is different from those around you.. as I am not sure what is merely my personality and what is 'pathological'

So this is the list;

- Friend was talking, his voice gradiently silenced and a song started playing instead while his lips were still moving

- I was listening to music from another room and a song I vaguely heard maybe 2 times in my life came on, played through (lyrics, everything) and then ended. I wanted to put on another one, only to notice this one never played, in fact there was silence the whole time.

- I hear people calling me by name when they're not

- I hear people near me say things when they're silent (not sure)

- I saw a small object being thrown and disappear when touching the ground, I followed it with my look and my friends were all staring at me, shocked

- I lose vision sometimes

- I saw my room warp and my roommate grow larger

- My mentality is alien and I've been paranoid since ever

- I dropped acid and realized it's how I feel all the time; my thoughts can inflict physical pain/choking/paranoia or a very good trip, I draw same art sober or not

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Pregnancy :: Glucose Test - How Many Hours Ahead Are You Supposed To Eat

How many hours ahead are you suppose to eat before you take your glucose test and does it matter if you eat 30-40 minutes before you go? Any advice on how to prepare for it? And how much blood do they draw from you?

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Anxiety :: Paranoid Personality Disorder

I have a brother with paranoid personality disorder. He was always paranoid as long as I remember. I am 6 years younger then him. Every time when I tried to speak with him he was suspicious about my attentions, it can be rather annoying. But I restrain myself because I am aware of his situation. Since our parents have died he became impossible to talk with. What should I do?

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Diabetes :: Glucophage Can Change Personality ?

almost two weeks ago I was diagnosed with PCOS and the doctor gave me Glucophage and I started it right away

she said that my hormones are normal .. but she tested me the last day of my period (the 8th day)

right after I took Glucophage .. I noticed changes in my personality

I'm not intense as I used to be ... I take things more freely

I also feel sorry for everybody .. not really sorry but mercy? I don't know but I feel I want to help everybody

my sex drive also is up

and some other changes too

and I don't feel like myself .. it feels weird

it feels like there is a difference

I'm wondering can it cause these changes?

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Borderline Personality Disorder :: Keeping A Marriage

23 year old BPD sufferer. I recently got married in August. He's wonderful and willing to weather the storm of my ever changing moods, and awful social skills. My marriage has been so difficult why you might ask? I constantly try to push my husband away. It's pretty much once a month... He has his faults he's been unemployed for eight months. Which causes friction because I'm the sole provider. Also my family thinks he's not contributing enough so they tell me I should leave. As y'all might know we suffer making a decision as it is. So as a result I start stupid fights. Push him to his breaking point, and try to get him back. Which is completely unhealthy. How do I try to keep my emotions in check? Should I get in regular therapy? How do you keep a marriage with constant fear of abandonment?

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Breastfeeding :: Feeds On One Side - Other Side Supposed To Leak Too?

I had my baby girl Friday morning:) she is wonderful! And she and I are learning to breastfeed and it is going great! I have a question tho. When she feeds on one side is the other side supposed to leak to? What can u do to stop it or could I pump one side.? It leaks all over.

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Anxiety :: How Does It Feel Like?

Mine i feel palpitations lightheadedness tingling all over my body. I breath too fast. I feel so space out. This past weeks anxiety has been at its worst. Cant even go out to the store because i feel the need to run.

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Anxiety :: Feel Like I'm Going To Die

Obviously the doctors and hospitals are going to misdiagnose me because I'm only 15 I really feel like I'm going to have a heart attack or something and nobody believes it. I have just about EVERY symptom and I've only had 2 short ECGs which aren't that accurate and a chest X-ray so I don't think I've had enough tests..they're not going to give me anymore then the only time people Will know about it is when it's too late... Also I have school on Monday and I really don't want to go incase I have a heart attack there! The doctors don't know what's wrong with me and why I'm in all of this pain so they tell me to take painkillers which don't work!!

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Hemorrhoids :: I Feel Something Poking Out.

I had a dump last week and it really hurt coming out. It's been 1 week and my anus feels weird. It affects the way i sit and when i go to sit down sometimes i feel something poking out. But the feeling disappears when i resit. What is it. Before when i would clutch my butt it would hurt but not anymore.

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Vaginal Health :: Can't Feel When I Cum

In all honesty I don't know when i'm cumming... should i feel something? Before when I had sex (protected of course) I didn't know if I did and he kept asking me. I just said yes, and choose a random number of times (3).

I later felt the bed, and found it wet, was it from me? Did I cum? Was I supposed to feel it?

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Intercourse :: Can You Feel Precum

My boyfriend and i are sometimes too careful, about pregnancy. We use condoms, but we would like to try having sex without it, with pulling out before ejaculation. We are worried about precum. He claims he can feel anything that comes out, and that he doesn't have precum at all. We never visually notice anything except ejaculation. Is it possible that it doesn't happen to him, or he can't feel it? And can I get pregnant because of precum if he urinated after last ejaculation?

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How To Feel If Your Hymen Is Still Intact

I don't know how to do this

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Pregnancy :: Being Induced - How Does It Feel?

Just left my doctor's office. I was told to come back at 6pm this evening to be induced! Im 38 weeks and he said by feeling my belly it feels like he is at least gonna be around 8 and a half pounds.. im so nervous! Anyone mommies that have been induced? Is it as bad as they say it is??

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Pregnancy :: How Often You Feel The Movements?

How often should you feel your little one move? I'm 25 weeks and my baby moves once a day with at least 5-7 kicks at a time. Should I be worried?

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