How To Feel If Your Hymen Is Still Intact

Feb 10, 2013

I don't know how to do this

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Virgin :: How To Know If My Hymen Is Intact?

I am a female, 22 years old.I never had sex before , i mean I am still a virgin, but I have been masturbating myself for a couple of years.I usually satisfy myself with clitoris simulation ,but i have been playing with my vagina like inserting my finger and board marker and a lipgloss (not excessive stuff). I never bled doing so.I can easily insert a single finger inside my vagina, never inserted two fingers, even if i try to do so,it feels like it's going to hurt.I don't do fingering, as I do not find it enjoyable ,and my vagina is not that loose either.

But I recently got worried about me not having my hymen, and viewed myself in a mirror. From what i saw , i am pretty confused.

I saw  zig-zag chunks of pink flesh in the almost upper half opening of my hole.the down half was like crescent shape,with a little bend in the extreme bottom( 6 o clock position).Also, there is  one small tube 1 cm long dangling in  the upper half of my vagina.

My question is that do I still have an intact hymen? and should I still believe that I will bleed on my first intercourse?

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HRT :: Estrogen With The Intact Uterus Only?

I am receiving conflicting information regarding treatment for hrt. I have a uterus intact I was prescribed combined hrt progesterone and estrogen estalis patches. Then I went to another gyno who said that recent studies have proved that estrogen only with uterus in tact is safer that in fact it's the progesterone that is toxic.

Is anyone receiving the same advice? I am going to another gyno tomorrow to get another opinion

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Does Fingering Break The Hymen?

I'm 19 years old and i'm a virgin. A few days back I tried putting my finger into the vagina just to try how it feels like, I just put one whole finger inside and then took it out that's all, there was no bleeding or anything... I know its not something to be worried about but is there a chance that my hymen is broken?!.. I wanna keep my hymen intact until i'm married.. i just wanna know b/c sometimes when hymen breaks there is no blood so that's why I wanna know if it's broken or not..

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Lost Hymen Due To Rubbing?

My friends girlfriend she was rubbing her's and after few blood come from. Did she lose her Hymen and she was sick also? 

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Sexual Health :: Hymen Not Breaking ?

I've tried having sex with my boyfriend twice now, and my hymen won't break/ tear. Some people have said theirs tear easily. But we've tried to break it a few times now just by penetration and it just hurts. He says we can "keep trying", but I'd rather not. My parents don't know I'm having sex with him, so I don't want to ask my mom to see an OB GYN to have my hymen cut or anything. I don't know what to do...

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Hymen Broke? Bleeding After Fingering

Last week, my boyfriend was fingering me, and I started to bleed a lot for a couple of days. We supposed that the hymen broke. So, I'm wondering if I would bleed again when we have vaginal sex or not.

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How To Break Your Hymen By Fingering Without Pain?

I am 13 and I found that rubbing my clit wasn't pleasing enough. I have always wanted to feel penetration but I am scared to break my hymen cause of pain. Can you tell me how to stick my fingers up there, and how to break my hymen without pain? I don't want to have sex, I don't have access to dildos or anything sexual, just my fingers.

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Abortion :: Cytotec Causes Hymen Rupture?

does cytotec causes hymen rupture ?? 

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Torn The Hymen By Putting A Pen In Vagina?

am i virgin? When i was 5 years old i put a pen in my vagaina/vaginal then i bleed ,now i am 18 years old so am i a virgin ? When i have sex will i bleed again ? Or not

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Virgin :: Fingering Vulva Can Break The Hymen?

I'm just a little worried because i don't know if i have broken my hymen or not. I have never had sex (intercourse) but i had fingered my vagina a couple of times and my whole finger can go inside my vagina. I never moved my finger inside the vagina but i kept putting it in and taking it out slowly (i never did it roughly). It never hurt or bleed or anything. Can anyone please tell me if i still have a hymen or not? And if i don't am i sill a virgin?

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Muslim :: How To Fake Virginity - Hymen Broke

I live in a culture where we are not suppose to have sex until marriage and masturbation is not acceptable and we have arranged marriages.

the Definition of virginity to people here is intact hymen (I don't agree). I think broke my hymen with a water hose that was a long time ago I didn't even know what a hymen is.

I'm not sure if all guys now look to see if she is a virgin but there is still honor crimes. the father or brother would kill the girl.
I want to know if I still have my hymen,

How a guy know that the girl still has her hymen if my hymen was broken how to fake my virginity by the way I live in Saudi arabia in the middle east.

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Women :: How To Masturbate Without Losing Virginity / Hymen Break

I'm 16 year old girl and im really inexperienced :( also i never tried masturbating before. Can someone explain me how to masturbate without losing my virginity / break my hymen. It's really important to be virgin in my culture and also i don't know anything about masturbating. Im really glad if someone explains how to do it detailed.

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Few Blood Stains After Fingering - Broken Hymen Or Pregnant?

On 31st, my boyfriend inserted it a little bit without a condom for just 2-3 seconds. He didn't come though and he hardly put 1-2 cm inside. After that he fingered me and we noticed a few blood stains. Initially I thought I was getting my period but it has never been a week early. The blood was bright red the first day and brown gooey the next day. Now I'm really confused if this could mean that my hymen broke or I'm pregnant.

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Hymen Damaged / Broken ? Bleeding After Clitoral Orgasm

I'm 17 years old and when i orgasm by clitoral stimulation i bleed from my vagina, the blood is bright red in colour. I'm a virgin so i'm worried that my hymen may have gotten damaged or broken.

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Losing Your Virginity? Broken Hymen - Just A Drop Of Blood

I did not bleed I just had a little drop the next day which scared me at first so I went to the doctors and they said I just tore my Hymen so everything was ok

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Sexual Health :: Hymen Broken After That Small Amount Of Bleeding?

I didn't have actual sexual intercourse with my bf, but he rubbed his area on my area, not inside. And it hurt and bled a little when we did this. He is sure that the sperm didn't fall on my vaginal area when he ejaculated.

I had period 5 days after that. But now I am almost 13 days late on my second period. My period is usually 5 to 7 days late most of the time.

Now is it possible that I might be pregnant? and could my hymen be broke after that small amount of bleeding? why could it possibly bleed? I am 22 years old.

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Anxiety :: How Does It Feel Like?

Mine i feel palpitations lightheadedness tingling all over my body. I breath too fast. I feel so space out. This past weeks anxiety has been at its worst. Cant even go out to the store because i feel the need to run.

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Anxiety :: Feel Like I'm Going To Die

Obviously the doctors and hospitals are going to misdiagnose me because I'm only 15 I really feel like I'm going to have a heart attack or something and nobody believes it. I have just about EVERY symptom and I've only had 2 short ECGs which aren't that accurate and a chest X-ray so I don't think I've had enough tests..they're not going to give me anymore then the only time people Will know about it is when it's too late... Also I have school on Monday and I really don't want to go incase I have a heart attack there! The doctors don't know what's wrong with me and why I'm in all of this pain so they tell me to take painkillers which don't work!!

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Hemorrhoids :: I Feel Something Poking Out.

I had a dump last week and it really hurt coming out. It's been 1 week and my anus feels weird. It affects the way i sit and when i go to sit down sometimes i feel something poking out. But the feeling disappears when i resit. What is it. Before when i would clutch my butt it would hurt but not anymore.

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Vaginal Health :: Can't Feel When I Cum

In all honesty I don't know when i'm cumming... should i feel something? Before when I had sex (protected of course) I didn't know if I did and he kept asking me. I just said yes, and choose a random number of times (3).

I later felt the bed, and found it wet, was it from me? Did I cum? Was I supposed to feel it?

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